45 Lovely 1 Year Anniversary Gift For Girlfriend in 2023

1 Year Anniversary Gift For Girlfriend
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So, it has been a whole year since you started dating your girlfriend.

Wonder what to get for your girlfriend on celebrating your first year of being together?

You can never go wrong with a traditional paper gift or a modern clock gift as both are the theme gift of celebrating first year anniversary.

However, let’s not put a limit on what you should get for your loved one.

Check out this list of romantic 1 year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.

Customized Folded Paper anniversary Gift – best 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend (Editor’s Pick)

traditional one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Customized Folded Book

This is a proper traditional one-year paper anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

The folded paper book is a unique gift that can be used as a decoration for a wedding or anniversary party.  It consists of the pages of a book folded into the shape of the initial letters of the lovers.

The letters are capitalized and are separated by a heart shape that makes this present even more meaningful.

Thoughtful Spa Gift Basket

what is a good 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Pampering Relaxing Box

A spa day always means great relaxation and pampering.

While sometimes we might get swamped and not find time to go for a spa treatment, it’s such a great thing for any woman.

That is what makes this first year anniversary gift so special for her. Now, she can have her spa dates right at home.

Love Compass Necklace Gift

1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend ideas

Unique Handcrafted Necklace Gift

One of the best 1 year anniversary gift for a girlfriend.

A compass helps you know the direction at all times.

A good girlfriend steers you in the right direction of life.

That is what this compass necklace symbolizes, which makes it the ideal 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend.

Also, it will go well with any outfit she chooses to accessorize.

Cute Teddy Bear

1 year anniversary gift for your girlfriend

Hollabears Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear

That’s one cute 1 year anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

A teddy bear will always melt a girl’s heart no matter how old she is.

And when it comes with such a sweet message, there is no way it will fail lighting up her face.

Make her feel the jitters and excitement she had the first time you asked her out with this beautiful gift.

She will love cuddling it when you are not together as it will remind her of you.

Sentimental Flower Dome

Enchanted Flower with LED Light

This flower is such a beauty.

Red roses are a universal symbol of love.

No matter the occasion, they will always make a lady feel loved.

The enchanted rose is artificial and thus, it will not wither with time.

It comes in a dome that is lit with beautiful LED light to create that perfect romantic mood.

Romantic Musical Sculpture

1 year anniversary presents for girlfriend

Willow Tree Promise Musical

Lovely musical sculpture that make your girlfriend love you even more.

A willow tree symbolizes protection, emotion, and love .

That is what this gift depicts as the couple embrace in a passionate position.

It will tell your girlfriend that you will always be there loving and protecting her and your love.

Initial Pendant Necklace

1 year anniversary gift to girlfriend

Kate Spade Gold-Tone Alphabet Pendant

How about a pendant with the initial of her name?

Pendants carry a deep meaning when given as a gift.

When personalized with a name’s initial, it shows that a receiver is a special person who deserves something beautiful and worthy of her love.

The necklace will go well with a gold bracelet and a beautiful pair of earrings.

Roses Teddy Bear

1 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

Rose Teddy Bear

This teddy bear made with rose can never go wrong.

Girls love both roses and teddy bears.

When you combine the two together in a single gift, it’s the ultimate 1 year anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

It is one of those gifts that she will treasure for the rest of her life as it oozes love, intimacy, and affection.

You can never go wrong with this.

Personalize Bobblehead Figurine

perfect one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

This custom bobblehead is a perfect one-year anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

Are you looking for a cheesy yet creative gift?

The custom bobblehead figurine might be your best option.

Have her photo turned into a bobblehead that comes with a 90% similarity?

She can place the figurine in her vehicle or display it in the house.

Thoughtful Long Distance Smart Bracelet

Bond Touch

This bracelet will stimulate each other touch.

If you are in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend, this is the perfect gift for your first anniversary.

With the bond touch bracelet, you will never feel apart again.

Whenever you miss her, all you need to do is touch and she will feel it wherever she is.

Once you touch your bracelet, your partner lights up in the color of your choice, sending a message of love and commitment.

Love Necklace in 120 Language

whats a good 1 year anniversary gift for a girlfriend

Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages

Want to tell your girlfriend you love her in 120 language?

There is something romantic about someone being able to speak various languages.

While you may not be able to speak 120 languages, you can tell your girlfriend you love her in all of them thanks to this beautiful necklace.

It comes with the words “I Love You” inscribed in 120 languages.

What a grand way to let your girlfriend know how much you love her?

Cute Cat Music Box

gift ideas for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Cat Music Box

This is the best gift for your girlfriend who loves cat. Is your girlfriend a cat lover?

Then, she will love this cat music box that shows her love for cats while playing some cool tunes for her.

It doesn’t say “the crazy cat lady”, which makes it the perfect 1 year anniversary gift for her.

She will love displaying this music box on her dressing table, and both her and her cat(s) will love it.

Couple Paper Art Print

one year anniversary gift for your girlfriend

Couples Print Art

Let’s get your girlfriend a personalized one-year anniversary gift.

Personalized gifts are always a winner.

Get your girlfriend this beautiful couple’s print art for your first anniversary.

It comes with a heartfelt message that says how you feel about her.

The art will make a perfect hanging for her living room.


cool 1 year anniversary gift for my girlfriend

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is both beautiful and elegant, which makes it a great gift.

She will be able to live a healthier life thanks to this watch that helps her track her health goals.

I will also pair well with any outfit for an everyday look.

Swarovski Ocean Earring

1 year anniversary gift for my girlfriend

Swarovski Women’s Ocean Adventure

This earring is such a beauty.

This earring is the true definition of elegance in one package.

They look majestic and worthy of a queen.

These earrings are bound to make heads turn whenever your girlfriend is wearing them while leaving her friends green with envy.

Cute Figurine

Precious Moments Picture Perfect Couple

Looking for a cute 1 year anniversary for your girlfriend?

Sometimes, it’s not the price tag that makes a gift precious but the thought that went into choosing it.

That is what this precious moment’s gift symbolize.

It’s full of sentimental value, and your girlfriend will love it.

It also comes with a sweet message that says how much your relationship is of importance to you.

Personalize Constellation Map

good one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Personalize Constellation Map

Customize the view of the night sky on the date and location where you first met her.

Do you remember the first time you kissed?

Was the moon shining brightly?

Well, you can immortalize that moment by getting her this constellation map.

It comes with your names and the date you first met or kissed with the same message written on it.

It is an extremely romantic gift for a first Valentine.

Smoothie Blender

great gift ideas for 1 year anniversary for girlfriend

Magic Bullet Blender

Help her enjoy her favorite smoothie every day without any fuss.

With the magic bullet blender, making smoothies has never been easier.

The best part is that this gift comes with a recipe book to help get started even if you have never made a smoothie in your life.

She will love it if you surprise her with breakfast in bed on your first anniversary.

Small Girlfriend Gift

best 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend

My Best Catch

This is such a cute small gift for your girlfriend for the one-year anniversary.

Tiny gifts are super cool. They show the details that went into making it special.

That is what this gift shows.

Your girlfriend will love the tiny bottle that comes with a heartfelt message inside for a romantic feeling.

Message in a Bottle?

whats a good 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Message in a Bottle Gift

Just like people used to send messages in bottles in the past, you can also let your girlfriend know how much you love her in a similar way.

This bottle comes with a laser engraved message that says “I Love You.”

Thre is no better way to let her know that you are thinking of her this special day.

Lighted Mirror

best one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Smart Lighted Makeup Mirror

This lighted mirror will help your girlfriend to apply makeup easily.

Makeup application requires precise strokes that can only be done when you have the right lighting.

If you get your girlfriend this smart lighted makeup mirror, she will always step out full of confidence and look chic with her makeup on spot.

Flower Pressed Necklace

1 year anniversary gift ideas for my girlfriend

Heart Necklace With Real Heather Pressed Flower

Show your love with this unique necklace. Get her favorite flowers pressed on a pendant.

This will make a very special personalized gift for her on this special day.

It will pair well with a nice bracelet for an everyday look.

DIY Hand Casting Kit

one year anniversary homemade gift ideas for girlfriend

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Looking for a gift that can be made by both of you?

Spend the special day together making the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

The keepsake hands casting kit is the right tool to make a long-lasting memory and a beautiful gift that both of you will love forever.

The clasped hands symbolize your unity and how you will do everything to safeguard it.

Smart Mug

unusual gift for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Ember Smart Mug Temperature Control

Keep her drinks warm with this smart mug.

We all love our coffee hot whether it’s in the morning or in the middle of the day.

That is why this gift will make so much difference in your girlfriend’s life.

It will help her always have a hot cup of coffee regardless of where she is as it comes with a rechargeable battery.

Personalized Anniversary Paper Print

great gift for girlfriend 1 year anniversary

Personalized Anniversary Art Print

Remember the first time you got together with this gift.

Do you remember that first kiss that swept you off your feet?

Well, you can remind your girlfriend of that magical moment with this beautiful art print.

It comes with the dates of when you first met/kissed and your names.

Now, that is a romantic first-anniversary gift for your girlfriend.

Portable Coffee Maker

useful 1 year anniversary presents for girlfriend

Wacaco Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker

Looking for something useful for your her?

Who knew it would be possible to make coffee while on the move?

Well, thanks to technology, your girlfriend can now enjoy a mug of perfectly brewed coffee wherever she is whenever she feels like it.

The Wacaco portable coffee maker is a wonderful gift for any coffee lover.

Romantic Night Light

1 year anniversary gift for girl

Customized Moon Night Light Lamp

The moon is a universal symbol of love.

When transformed into a personalized night lamp, it makes for a romantic gift.

With this lamp by her bedside, she will always think and dream of you at night.

DIY Memory Box

1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend diy

Explosion Gift Box Set

Let’s make an explosion box full of memories.

Surprise your girlfriend with layers of memories and mementos.

The explosion gift box also comes with an inner box where you can place your gifts including rings, love notes, or any other gift.

There is no assembly required with this gift, all you need is to copy past her photos.

She will love the explosion! Such a thoughtful and memorable gift for your girlfriend.

Smart Bottle

unique 1 year anniversary gift for my girlfriend

LifeFuels Smart Bottle

This beverage infuser with a tracking app is going to make your girlfriend live healthier

Your girlfriend will love this world’s first smart nutrition bottle.

It turns any ordinary water in a drink full of essential vitamiins, natural flavor, and nutrients.

The bottle can make up to 90 nutrient-packed beverages from the three pods placed in the base

Soundwave Art

what's a good one year anniversary gift for my girlfriend

Custom Artblox Soundwave Art

Let’s turn a song that she love into a gift.

Turn her favorite music into a soundwave art so that she can place it on her favorite shelf or tabletop.

The gift is both thoughtful and beautiful, and it will look great in her house.

Now, every time her favorite song plays on the radio, she will look at the soundwave and a big smile will form on her face.

It is one of those sentimental gifts.

Message in A Bottle

gift ideas for 1 year anniversary for girlfriend

Message In A Bottle

Celebrate your first anniversary with your girlfriend with this touching gift

This message in a bottle gift is the best for your girlfriend on your first Valentine.

It comes with a romantic message stating that love is the beginning of forever, which is the perfect message for your girlfriend on such a special occasion.

You can also personalize it further by including a love note or letter.


good 1 year anniversary gift for my girlfriend

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Glasses bring out a person’s eyes and their unique facial contours.

If you can pick the right frame for your girlfriend, the glasses will bring out her other beautiful attributes.

A nice pair of sunglasses is always handy when the sun is out.

Make her always step out in style with these beautiful glasses from Ray-Ban.

Romantic Sculpture

gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with girlfriend

DreamsEden Affectionate Couple Art Sculpture

Bring out your romantic side by getting your girlfriend this affectionate couple art sculpture.

It shows a couple deeply in love sharing a passionate kiss.

The sculpure symbolizes love, intimacy, protection, and commitment-everything a lady wants from a relationship.

It is the perfect gift for celebrating your first Valentine together.

Spa Gift Box

1 year anniversary present ideas for girlfriend

Rose Spa Gift Set

Bring your girlfriend a piece of heaven on earth with this cool rose spa gift set.

Roses have a nice fragrance and a cooling effect which will leave her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Now, spa days don’t have to be hectic-she can just relax and pamper herself whenever she feels like it.

This is one gift any woman would love to have.

Love You Earring

perfect 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Love You Dainty Sterling Silver Stud Earring

These stud earrings are made of sterling silver. Boasting the words “love you” they make a bold declaration of the giver’s feelings for his girlfriend.

They are the type of gift that combines simplicity and elegance.

You will definitely make an impact by buying these earrings for your girlfriend on your 1st anniversary.

Exquisite Earring

best gift for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Genuine Tanzanite Pear Drop Earrings

Add to her jewelry collection with this exquisite pair of earrings. Made of genuine Tanzanite and with lever back ear gold wire, this set of earrings will look great for formal occasions.

These pear-shaped earrings also feature ruby and opal gems. The mixed colors of the gems create a striking effect.

Personalized Ring

personalized gift for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Personalized Name Ring

A personalised ring that will be a nice gift for a girlfriend on her 1 year anniversary.

Get her a personalized ring for your 1st anniversary. The ring is made of gold plated silver.

It is custom made to feature her name beginning in a capital letter.

The name should not have more than seven characters. In addition, the ring comes in an elegant gift box.

Wooden Travel Map

one year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

Push Pin Wood World Map Wall Art

Start a memorable travel adventure with her.

The wooden world map is a gift that can be hung as wall art. it features countries, states, and movable push pins that are fixed on places you have visited.

Fixing the map will be a fun activity that will also help you learn about places and their locations.

Customize Crystal Cube

one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Personalize Cube Crystal With LED Base

Memories are the cornerstone of relationships. With this gift, you can immortalize those magical moments. Images to treasure are made in 3D by master craftsmen and encased in crystal.

At the base, LED lights provide illumination to provide a magical effect. You can also choose between portrait and landscape crystals.

Handmade Wool Clogs

personalized 1 year anniversary gift for your girlfriend

BureBure Felted Wool Women Clogs

A handmade comfy slip on that made from family owned sheep farm from Lithuana.

Keep her feet snug with the BureBure felt line woolen clogs.

Crafted with attention to detail by master craftsmen, these clogs are designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. They are hand-made in the traditional European/ Lithuanian style.

Sentimental Paper Gift

romantic one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Knock Knock What I Love About You

This romantic one year anniversary gift for girlfriend is going to make her cry.

Romance is one of the glues that keeps a relationship strong.  This booklet gives you a chance to express your feeling for your love in a personal way. It has a statement where you fill in blank spaces with the qualities you like about her. Watch her blush as she reads it.

Tea Gift Set

sweet one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Vahdam Assorted Tea Gift Set

The Vahdam tea gift set is one of Oprah’s favorite. It is for good reason that tea is one of the most popular beverages the world over. This particular package contains six Turmeric Tea Superfoods for health. 1% of the teas’ cost goes towards the education of the tea pickers children.

Wireless Speaker

unique gift for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Heritage Wireless The One II Tabletop Stereo

Love and music are closely intertwined. This is why getting her the Klipsch Heritage The One II Tabletop Stereo is such a great idea. Not only will she listen to her favorite music from a superior machine but also enjoy a vintage piece of décor made with real wood.

Silk Pillowcase

unusual 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Fishers Finery 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

A 100% silk pillowcase that reduces frizz and keeps skin hydrated overnight.

Your girlfriend deserves to be spoilt on your special day. Getting a pillow that is as special as she is, speaks volumes about your love. The Fishers pillowcase is made from 100% Mulberry Silk. It is soft on the skin and easy to clean.

Glass Decor

unique gift ideas for girlfriend on 1 year anniversary

Cohasset Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture

A thing of beauty is something to be treasured. This beautiful Cohasset sculpture is made of wood and glass. Each piece is made from recycled material in a unique way. The gift can be placed on a shelf, desk, or mantel place. It can even be placed in the garden for a stunning effect.

Skincare Kit

useful one year anniversary gift for girlfriend

Foreo Luna 3

Portable skincare that removes dirt, oil and makeup residue that keeps her skin healthy

Keep your beloved looking as fresh as she did on your first date with this device. The FOREO LUNA 3 massage brush gently removes dead skin cells, oily sebum deposits and makeup residues.

This will leave her skin glowing and firmer. It also slows the formation of wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

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