23 Best 11th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him And Her

11th year wedding anniversary gift ideas
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The 11th wedding anniversary gift theme is steel. It’s durable and strong like your relationship.

This is a significant milestone worth celebrating with a champagne toast and beautiful gifts.

Here are some gift ideas to help you choose the right one for your spouse.

This is one cheeky 11th year wedding anniversary gift

11th year wedding anniversary gift

Laser Cut Steel Heart Decor

This steel heart decor gift comes with a pun intended message.

It reminds her or him that they are still your lover of choice in an 11th anniversary theme-steel.

Steel is is a highly corrosive and resistant metal, and thus this gift will last for years shining as it did on the first day.

It can be displayed on any tabletop or shelf to always bring a giggle.

This is such a lovely 11th wedding anniversary gift for him or her

11th wedding anniversary gift

Engraved Steel Wallet Inserts

Wallets have become a part of us even in a cashless society.

We stuff them with all sorts of cards that we need on a daily basis.

Bring some life to his or her wallet by getting them this insert that comes with a sweet message.

Have the message personalized to relay your heartfelt message, and they’ll always find a reason to open their wallets.

Does this make you remember he holds you an umbrella under the rain?

11 year wedding anniversary steel gift

Loving Couple Under Umbrella Sculpture 

This gift has a deeper meaning than just a man holding an umbrella for a woman.

It shows that he will always protect you from any harm, similar to how an umbrella protects from the weather elements.

Displayed on the mantel, tabletop, or shelf, it’ll always remind her that you’ll always shield her from any bad things and protect your love.

Never run out of things to do on date night

11 year anniversary steel gift ideas

11 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice

Date nights can be repetitive and become boring.

If you do the same thing all the time, you’ll stop looking forward to these nights altogether.

However, with this gift, that will be a thing of the past.

All you have to do is roll a dice or two and do what the dice says.

This is such a sentimental 11th year wedding anniversary gift idea

11th year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Infinity Love Symbol Steel Wall Art

Wall art brings a dash of beauty and elegance to any room.

You can hang this infinity love symbol wall art on any wall to display your love and commitment to one another.

The steel wall art will remain sparkling for years to come.

Get a necklace with her initial on

11th year wedding anniversary gift for her

Kate Spade Alphabet Pendant Necklace

A lady can never say no to jewelry.

It’s one accessory that helps her turn any dull outfit into a catwalk-worthy one.

This pendant necklace is particularly special as it comes with an initial of her name.

It shows her that the gift was meant for her and nobody else.

This is such a romantic 11th anniversary gift

11th wedding anniversary gift steel

Couple on a Swing Contemporary Sculpture

Sharing a swing while in each other’s arms is as romantic as a date can get.

This 11th wedding anniversary gift represents intimacy, closeness, and sharing.

It symbolizes how you have grown closer together as a couple, and it’ll always remind you to keep the intimacy going.

This is one unusual 11th anniversary gift

11th wedding anniversary gift traditional

Metal Heart Cloud Wall Art

Handcrafted gifts are special and make the receiver feel loved.

The extra details that go into making them mean they are for special persons.

If you gift her this heart cloud wall art, she will interpret it as a sign of overflowing love.

She will love to display it on her favorite wall.

Your wife would love to have this beautiful pendant

11th wedding anniversary jewellery gifts

Love’s Embrace Pearl & Diamond Necklace

You can never go wrong with a diamond and pearl gift for her.

This beautiful necklace will leave her in tears of joy as it’s a gift that carries a deeper emotional meaning-love.

She can pair it with any outfit on those special occasions.

The necklace is a sure head-turner due to its beauty and elegance.

This bracelet is a nice 11th wedding anniversary gift for him

11th wedding anniversary gift for him

Handmade Personalized Men’s Bracelet

A bracelet symbolizes an infinite relationship with the receiver.

You can go a step further and have it personalized with either family names, his and her name or simply his name.

This bracelet will go well with a nice watch for an everyday look.

Get your wife this beautiful watch

11th wedding anniversary gift for wife

Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel Watch

Watch gifts are not only ideal for men.

You can also get her a nice watch like this stainless steel one on your 11th anniversary.

A nice watch completes the look by complimenting her outfit and other accessories.

Your husband is going to love this beer stain

11th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Stainless Steel Beer Steins

Transform your home bar with these steel beer steins.

They will make him feel like he is at his favorite local pub every time he has his drink.

The set is ideal for when he is hosting friends over for a drink or when he wants to have some quiet time with a cold beer.

Turn his last name into a steel wall art

11th year wedding anniversary gift for him

Custom Metal Name Sign

Capitalize his name initial for wall art. You can hang this art indoors or outdoors on your favorite wall for a bold statement.

It says who the first person in your life is, and you are not afraid to let the whole world know.

The gift can be the focal point of a conversation at the dinner table.

This sculpture is going to look great in your house

11th year marriage anniversary gift

Modern Metal Sculpture

This gift is a piece of fine art with a black line and golden ribbon showing a strong rhythmic beauty.

The sculpture comes in a strong metallic texture, which will not fade over time.

When displayed under light, it’ll form an appealing shimmer, while adding adornment to the room.

That’s one creative steel gift for your wife

11th wedding anniversary gift for her

11 Year Wedding Anniversary Necklace

A steel gift is meant to remind your spouse that marriage is about remaining strong to one another and the bond you share.

This necklace will not only help her remember that but it’s also a tasteful piece of accessory, that she will love to have around her neck.

How about a nice looking watch?

11th wedding anniversary gift for husband

Fossil Men’s Chronograph Quartz Watch

A man’s look is never complete without a nice piece of watch around his wrist.

With this gift, your husband will always have your love with him whenever he goes.

He can comfortably pair it with any other accessory and outfit for all occasions.

Decorate your house with this beautiful wall art

11th anniversary wedding gift idea

Modern Metal Wall Art Sculpture

Go bold with your wall art by getting this metallic sculpture as your 11th wedding anniversary gift.

When displayed in light, it comes to life by shining the whole room.

You can hang it alongside other wall art pr on its own as the centerpiece.

What do you think of this beautiful metal art?

11th wedding anniversary gift guide

Abstract Metal Decor

A ribbon is the symbol of support.

In this case, it signifies the support your spouse is willing to accord you in your marriage.

This metal decor will go well on any tabletop, shelf, or outdoors for a sophisticated look.

It’s sturdy and durable to be enjoyed for years.

Let him drink his favorite beer with this beer stein

11th wedding anniversary gift husband

Beer Stein

A beer stein will be a great addition to his home bar steins collection.

It could also be the first one in his collection.

He doesn’t have to drink his favorite beer in a boring glass.

Get him this magnificent stein and his drinking time will never be the same.

That’s a cute steel anniversary gift for your wife

steel anniversary gift for wife

Couple Art Iron Sculpture

Iron is the most magnetic metal.

An iron gift like this sculpture shows how magnetic your love is.

Your hearts have been pulled together due to your strong love, which you can symbolize in this sculpture.

The couple seems to be deeply in love and they are showcasing it in a passionate kiss.

You can display this gift anywhere in the house.

That’s a beautiful keepsake for your husband

11th year wedding anniversary gift for husband

Forged in Fire Knife

Is your husband a knife collector?

Help him add to his collection by buying him this K17 railroad spike knife as his 11th wedding anniversary gift.

It can be personalized with his name, initials, date, or a special message to make the gift more intimate.

It will be a nice addition to his collection.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

11th year wedding anniversary gift for wife

Stainless Steel Bracelet

This stainless steel bracelet will feel so smooth on her skin.

The best part is that it will not rust or fade with time.

She can, therefore, wear it for years without it losing its luster.

You can complete the look by getting matching earrings for her as your anniversary gift.

Check out this modern 11th wedding anniversary gift

11th wedding anniversary gift modern

Sydney Necklace

You don’t have to go all traditional for your 11th wedding anniversary gift.

You can get her a modern gift like this pearl pendant necklace.

The pendant is mounted on the finest quality silver and suspended on a matching silver chain.

She can pair this necklace with different accessories and outfits for special occasions.

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