18 Unusual 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Or Her

12th wedding anniversary gift
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The 12th wedding anniversary gifts include silk, linen, and pearls.

After more than a decade of being together, It’s only right to celebrate the occasion in style- by getting your loved ones a gift.

Here are some wonderful 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas to choose for your loved one.

I think this is a nice wedding anniversary gift for your wife

12th wedding anniversary gift

12th Wedding Anniversary Cup For Wife

With this mug, your wife will always enjoy her cup of coffee.

You can have the mug personalized with your own message.

It’ll make her feel loved and appreciated on such a momentous occasion.

Remind her how she is loved and how you wish to spend the rest of your life with her by your side.

Let’s personalize this 12th wedding anniversary gift for him

12th wedding anniversary gift for him

Broad Bay Personalized 12th Anniversary Sign 

For a personalized anniversary gift that he will cherish forever, get him this broad bay sign.

It comes with a sweet message for your 12th anniversary and it can be customized to reflect your feelings.

The sign also comes with a countdown of how long you have been together down to seconds.

Hardcover Linen Notebook For Couples

Hardcover Linen Notebook For Couples

Hardcover Linen Notebook For Couples

Words speak louder than actions.

How else can you demonstrate your love for someone if not by words?

Grab this notebook and let your spouse know how you feel about them by writing it down.

They’ll always have this notebook to read whenever they miss you, which makes it the perfect gift.

Perfect 12th wedding anniversary gifts for couples

12th wedding anniversary gifts for couples

Handmade Wedding Champagne Flutes-Bride

Help a couple celebrate every anniversary with a toast of champagne by getting them these elegant flutes.

These flutes will always bring sweet memories of when they were joined as one in holy matrimony.

It’s a gift the couple will treasure forever.

Let your wife decorate her desk with this traditional 12 anniversary gift

12th wedding anniversary gift traditional

Potted Silk Desk Rose

Red roses will always remain to be romantic gifts for any occasion.

Let her always brighten her desk with this potted silk rose that will never wither.

It’s an affirmation of your love for her and she will always be reminded of your feelings.

Let’s get this awesome linen gift

12th wedding anniversary gift ideas

 First Dance Song Print on Linen Fabric

Remember your first dance song as a couple?

Well, you can have it printed in a heart shape on a linen fabric as a gift for your spouse.

It’ll always leave sweet memories flooding in your minds as you reminisce on that magical day and dance.

The gift is further personalized with your name and your wedding date.

That’s one beautiful modern 12th anniversary gift for your wife

12th wedding anniversary gift for wife

White Pearl Pendant Necklace

If you wish to get your wife a modern 12th wedding anniversary gift, this pearl pendant necklace is the perfect piece.

Pearls are precious and gifting someone such a gem shows how precious they are to you.

This is a piece of jewelry that she will hold dear to her heart.

Check out this beautiful wall art

12th year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Handmade Embroidery Red Poppies

This beautiful piece of wall art will make your wall shimmer and glow depending on the time of the day.

It’ll not only brighten your days and nights but also mellow your heart as it carries a deep message of love.

The gift is priceless, which makes it the perfect 12th wedding anniversary piece for your spouse.

Let’s write something in this gift

what is the 12th wedding anniversary gift

Personalize Message In A Bottle

Do you have a sweet message for him or her on this day?

How about you have it delivered to your spouse as a message in a bottle?

It will spark beautiful memories of when lovers would send secret hand-written messages to each other before the invention of smartphones.

Let’s get your wife a beautiful pearl necklace

12th wedding anniversary gift for her

White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

A lady can never have too many beautiful necklaces.

This necklace might look simple but it’s a priceless gift for her.

Similar to how pearls take time to turn into beautiful beads, it symbolizes the journey you have been on together.

You have beaten many odds and emerged stronger as a couple.

Let’s get her a beautiful hand-painted silk kimono

12th wedding anniversary gifts for her

Kim+ONO Women’s Silk Kimono

A kimono is a symbol of good fortune and longevity.

Getting her this gift means that you wish her fortune and long life by your side.

It’ll feel good against her skin, and will always remind her of your love.

She can accessorize the kimono for different occasions.

That’s the cutest 12th year wedding anniversary gift for her

12th year wedding anniversary gift for her

Teddy Bear with Silk Rose

No matter how old a girl is, a cute teddy bear will always melt her heart.

When coupled with a beautiful silk red rose, this gift will impress any woman.

The artificial rose is so realistic she might think it’s a real one.

To complete the gift, the teddy comes with a cute t-shirt with a happy silk anniversary message written on it.

That’s a silk tie with all the signatures Declaration of Independence

12th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Signatures Declaration of Independence Silk Necktie

A tie completes a man’s suit and make him stand out.

Get him this magnificent silk necktie that comes with the most patriotic statement yet as it bears all signatures of the Declaration of Independence.

Make your man feel like a hero by giving him this priceless gift.

Your husband will be delighted to receive this

12th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

You are My Rock Gift Idea

Your man is your rock, and an important piece in the success of your marriage.

Remind him of that fact with this perfect shiny gift that will mean a lot to him.

The gift can be displayed on any shelf or tabletop.

You’ll find a slip inside explaining where the rock came from.

Designer silk and cashmere scarf

12th wedding anniversary gift suggestions

Designer Silk & Cashmere Scarf

Anything made from silk and cashmere will always make a great gift.

Get her this designer cashmere and silk scarf for your 12th wedding anniversary to show her how precious she is to you.

She can pair it with many outfits, and with the numerous way she can wear it, this shawl will never go out of fashion.

Black Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

12th wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife

Black Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

Jewelry gifts will always be any lad’s choice as they can never have enough of them.

Show her you care by getting your spouse this black dyed pearl necklace to celebrate your 12th anniversary.

She can pair it with any outfit for every occasion.

Let’s turn your hand into a meaningful decoration

what is 12th wedding anniversary gift

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Display your strong bond with this hands casting kit.

It’s enough for two adult hands, and so, you can cast your entwined hands on your anniversary.

This is a gift that will last for years, and your grandchildren will also get a feel of how strong your love has been over the years.

Save the date of your 12 anniversary with this personalized gift

12th anniversary gift silk

 Sand Writing Personalized Art Canvas

Art never grows old!

tell your love story using this personalized art canvas that comes with your names and the date of your anniversary.

When hung on your wall, it’ll always remind you how long you have come as a couple.

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