20 Stunning 14th Anniversary Wedding Gift Ideas For Him And Her

14th anniversary wedding gift
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You have been married for more than a decade, which is a big milestone for both of you.

The traditional gift for 14th wedding anniversary gift is ivory while the modern gift is gold jewelry.

But it will be inappropriate to get an ivory gift as we don’t want to harm any animal so let’s replace this gift with a white color theme.

With so many gifts, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at these sentimental 14th anniversary wedding gift.

Check out this unique 14th anniversary wedding gift

14th anniversary wedding gift

Loving Elephants with Heart Sculpture

Elephants are known as highly sociable, emotional, and romantic animals.

this sculpture of elephants with their trunks intertwined to form a heart is the ultimate love gesture.

It symbolizes how your hearts are intertwined in one to make a successful marriage.

Let’s get him a beautiful custom cufflink

14th anniversary gift for husband

Custom Cufflinks

Cufflinks symbolize reputation and power when worn by a man.

Now imagine getting him customized ones as a 14th wedding anniversary gift.

These silver cufflinks are the perfect accessories to customize his shirts.

This elegant accessory is ideal for special occasions and meetings.

Your wife is going to love this 14th year anniversary gift

14th year anniversary gift

Potted Artificial Ivory Desk Rose

Roses are flowers of love, and when you gift your wife a rose that will never wither, she’ll treasure it forever.

The flower will add a dash of elegance to her bedside table, mantel, or any corner in the living room.

Personalize it by including a heartfelt message in a card to let her know how much you love her.

This is such a cool 14th anniversary gift for him

A to Z Alphabet Initial Letter Charm

A to Z Alphabet Initial Letter Charm

If your man loves bling, this 10K gold diamond charm pendant is the ideal 14th wedding anniversary gift for him.

It’s not only stylish but also made of precious metals to show how precious he is to you.

Have it personalized with his first name’s initials to make your gift even perfect.

That’s one beautiful gold gift for your wife

14th anniversary gift ideas

Compass Coin Pendant

Pendants are precious gifts, especially when given by someone you love.

Get your wife this gorgeous gold coin pendant that looks like a compass.

It’ll always remind her where home is- next to her husband.

This elegant pendant can be worn for any occasion or as a daily accessory.

Get your husband an affordable gold watch

14th anniversary gift ideas for husband

Seiko Men’s Gold Solar Watch

Gifts don’t need to be expensive as it’s the thought that counts.

This gold watch may not be overly priced but it’s an elegant piece of accessory that fits the bill.

It’s solar-powered, and thus, it’s never missed a second due to a dead battery.

It can be worn every day to accessorize and make your man stand out from the crowd.

Just how cute is this gift

14th wedding anniversary gifts by year

Loving Elephant Couple Figurine

Just like these elephants are linked together, show your spouse that you wish to spend an eternity with them with this figurine.

The timeless message is perfect for the occasion as it reaffirms your love.

It’ll look perfect on the tabletop or a shelf.

This love knot pendant is one romantic 14th anniversary gift

14th anniversary gift ideas for her

Loves Me Knot Mini Pendant Necklace

You can never go wrong with jewelry gifts.

Women love them and they attach emotions to such.

This knot pendant necklace says “I’ll love you to the end of times.”

A piece of nice jewelry means the man is committed to the relationship and is in it for the long run.

No animal was harmed in the making of this unique gift

14th anniversary gift traditional

Design Toscano Immortals Tusk

This tusk is beauty, elegance, and luxury put together.

It might not be a real tusk but its beauty is enough to mesmerize anyone.

Tusks represent strength and eternity, which makes this gift the perfect one for your 14th anniversary.

It can be displayed anywhere in your home.

Turn her name into an initial necklace

14th year anniversary gift for her

Gold-Tone Alphabet Pendant Necklace

Gold is associated with love, compassion, and passion.

Make it even more personalized by getting her a gold pendant with her name initial.

She’ll love wearing it around her neck at all times as it’ll remind her of your unwavering love.

This is one beautiful decoration

14th anniversary gift for him

Gold Longhorns Faux Longhorn Skull

Transform your parent’s home by gifting them this gold faux longhorn skull gift on their 14th anniversary.

It’ll make a great piece for the study room or living room wall.

It’s hand-painted making it as unique as their love is.

The wall decor comes with a metal keyhole on the back for easy mounting.

That’s one beautiful earring

14th marriage anniversary gift for wife

Swarovski Women’s Iconic Swan Pierced Earring

Just as swan unions are sustained for a lifetime, this pair of earrings comes with the same message.

The gift shows that you wish to be in a union with her all your life.

Each time she wears them, she will be reminded of your true love and care.

This flower is a romantic 14th anniversary gift for her

14th anniversary gift for her

Real Rose 24K Gold Dipped

Roses will never stop being the flowers of love.

Anyone who receives roses from a lover wishes they would remain fresh forever.

Fulfill her wish by getting her this gold-dipped real rose that she’ll have for the rest of her life.

It’s the best symbol of your true love.

What do you think of this animal gift?

14th wedding anniversary gift traditional

Swan Shape Ornaments Sculpture

This 14th wedding anniversary gift will serve two purposes.

Act as a gift and bring a dash of fashion to your home.

When displayed, this elegant sculpture makes any room come to life.

You can display it on any tabletop or shelf.

Turn her name into a necklace

14th wedding anniversary gifts traditional and modern

Personalized Name Necklace

Name necklaces make a bold statement. They are a symbol of a person’s identity.

Such a gift will make her feel loved, special, and valued.

What will make this gift special is that it’s only meant for her and no one else.

Personalized gifts express affection and love.

Your wife is going to be delighted to see this gold roses

14th wedding anniversary gift for her

Gold Roses Bouquet

Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, glamor, love, and compassion.

Gold roses will last a lifetime, which makes them the perfect gift for her.

They are elegant, feminine, and priceless.

Your spouse will hold on to them, displaying them with her heart full of love.

Check out this beautiful wall art

what is 14th wedding anniversary gift

Gloss Lips 3D Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to spruce your home.

Get your parents this wonderful gift so that they can always wake up to a beautiful gloss lips 3D wall art.

It adds a sense of style to a bedroom while symbolizing love and intimacy between the occupants.

Love birds just like the both of you

14th anniversary gift for wife

Bird Sculptures

Remind your spouse how you fell in love with each other with this gift.

The same way lovebirds are extremely affectionate, this gift will always remind you to do the same.

The sculptures will bring love and intimacy to your home, and help you re-ignite your spark.

This is one unusual traditional 14th anniversary gift idea

14th anniversary ideas for him

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Stone Resin Figurine

Go the traditional way and buy your spouse this figurine on your anniversary.

Remind them of how life was when you were still dating.

People met in person and handed each other gifts, unlike today when most things are done over the internet.

Reminisce on the old days and treasure those moments.

You can never go wrong with this classic gift

14th year anniversary gift ideas for him

Personalized Gold Cufflinks & Tie Clip Set

You can never go wrong with cufflinks when it comes to gifting your husband.

Go the extra mile and get them customized.

To complete the set, also get a tie clip to go with the cufflinks.

These will make your man stand out in whatever gathering he attends.

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