21 Best 20th Anniversary Wedding Gift For Him And Her

20th anniversary wedding gift
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20 years of marriage is a fairly long time.

By this time, the children are likely young adults or teenagers. A couple at this time shares an understanding of each other.

Traditionally known as a China anniversary, it is now referred to as a platinum anniversary.

Here are some of the best 20th-anniversary wedding gift ideas for your loved one

This is one of a best 20th anniversary wedding gift

20th anniversary wedding gift

Personalized Bone China Anniversary Plate

Get your favorite couple this commemorative plate on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Made of superior bone china, this beautiful keepsake will look fantastic on the tabletop or mantel.

The details on it include the couple’s names and a pair of red intertwined hearts.

Lastly, it has the occasion they are celebrating.

Check out this beautiful 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

20th wedding anniversary gifts by year

Chinese Eight Horses Painting

This Chinese wall art of eight horses is painted with amazing attention to detail.

So, if both of you enjoy life in the outdoors as well as traveling, this art will remind you of the journeys you have made together.

It also has a message in Chinese celebrating your anniversary.

Let’s enjoy a supreme quality Chinese tea

20th year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Supreme Green Orange 8 Year Ripened Pu’er Tea

For authentic Chinese tea, you cannot go wrong with the Pu-her. 

Cured in Mandarin orange for 8 years so as to absorb the fruity flavor, this vintage drink is treasured for its unique taste.

It also packs a host of health benefits. Order it to appreciate a special couple.

That’s one nice 20th wedding anniversary gift idea

20th wedding anniversary gift for him

Personalized 20th China Anniversary Sundial Gift

Love is ageless and the passage of time only serves to deepen a relationship.

This is what makes a sundial such a thoughtful gift for a 20th wedding anniversary.

This particular one is customized so that the couple can savor the years and memories created in that span of time.

That’s one beautiful gift that you can get for her

ideas for 20th wedding anniversary gift

Hand Painted Folding Wall Fan

This folding bamboo fan is an Asian classic.

It is designed as wall art and will give an authentic orient aura to any room.

It is hand-painted with attention to detail as well as orient themes.

No two fans look alike so you can be sure that your gift is unique.

This platinum gift is made with real roses dipped in pure platinum

20th wedding anniversary gift wife

Dipped Rose and Silver Vase Set

Elegance is what this gift promises.

It is a real rose dipped into platinum for a stunning effect.

It is complemented by a silver vase.

The two items come packaged in an attractive case.it is a wonderful gift to offer a classy couple on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Bring good luck to your husband

20th wedding anniversary gifts for my husband

Feng Shui Mountain Painting

Flowing water symbolizes wealth and health flowing into your home in Feng Shui laws.

When water is positioned correctly in a room, it will aid in the positive flow of energy in your home.

This wall art is therefore a wish for the good health and prosperity of the couple celebrating 20 years together.

This is a lovely 20th wedding anniversary gift for parents

20th wedding anniversary gift for parents

20th Anniversary Love Birds Burlap Print

Love is eternal and even after spending 20 years together, there is still forever to go.

This is the message on this printed burlap fabric.

Mounted on a wooden frame, the message also breaks down the time shared into hours, days, weeks, and months.

Looking for traditional 20th-anniversary gift?

20th anniversary wedding gifts for wife

Luxtea Chinese Tea

The tea from the goddess of mercy was given as a gift to a poor farmer for his devotion to her.

And you can now share in the richness of this gift courtesy of Luxtea.

Filled with many health benefits and with a unique flavor, this is a practical gift with a special taste.

That’s a beautiful statue

20th wedding anniversary gift him

Feng Shui Statues

This is a Chinese mythical creature that fights evil by sucking the blood and life force of demons.

In this statuette, it represents the force that repels evil and attracts wealth.

The statuette is made of glass and decorated in spectacular colors drawn from the elements in Feng Shui.

This is a great 20th wedding anniversary gift for couples

20th wedding anniversary gifts for couples

Personalized 20th Wedding Anniversary Plate

Made of Cherry wood, this plate commemorates 20 years of marriage.

It is personalized with the name of the loving couple engraved on it.

It comes with a stand so that it can be displayed on a tabletop or mantel. It is a great gift idea.

This brings good luck and wealth according to Chinese feng shui

20th anniversary wedding gift ideas

Golden Brass Good Luck Gourd

The Chinese believe that this traditional golden brass gourd brings good luck.

Its small mouth and big belly symbolize health, happiness, and longevity.

This is why you should consider getting it for your favorite couple or your parents on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Bless your marriage with this gift

what is 20th wedding anniversary gift

Personalized Cherry Wood Wall Cross

The cross has for a long time been associated with love and sacrifice.

These are key ingredients in a successful marriage.

This Cherry wood cross is a personalized gift item that is ideal for a 20th wedding anniversary.

Engraved on it are the names of the loving couple as well as a romantic verse.

It can be hung on the wall.

Lucky Bamboo and Money Frog Statue 

20th wedding anniversary gift traditional

Lucky Bamboo and Money Frog Statue

This statue of bamboo shoots sprouting is a thoughtful gift for celebrating a 20th anniversary wedding.

It wishes the couple continued growth in their relationship.

It also has a slot at the back to hold coins.

These coins symbolize a prayer for prosperity.

For this reason, it acts as a lucky charm.

Check out this beautiful traditional sculpture

20th wedding anniversary china gift ideas

Hand Carved Traditional Chinese Cork Sculpture

Traditional Chinese cork art comes to life in this sculpture.

Made with attention to minute detail, it features a peaceful scene in the Chinese countryside.

For lovers of orient art, this piece will look great displayed on a desk, table, or shelf.

It also features glass protection on both sides.

Let’s get a good quality teapot

ideas for 20th wedding anniversary presents

Genuine Black Sand Heijingan Tea Xishi Pots

This traditional Chinese teapot stands out for its workmanship.

Made of special black clay, it is a beautiful gift that has practical use.

It can also be used to store tea leaves or ferment them for traditional Chinese tea.  

It is packaged securely to prevent damage.

This is such an exquisite gift

20th wedding anniversary gift husband

Jade Sculpture Carved Dragon Boat Statue

This exquisite jade sculpture features a Chinese sailing junk from the Song dynasty.

Carved in the shape of a dragon and with a wooden base, this sculpture will look awesome on your office desk or shelf.

It is made with great attention to detail and will make a great 20th wedding anniversary gift.

This wall art comes with a calming presence

best 20th wedding anniversary gift

Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting

This painting of a tranquil landscape is a lovely gift. 

Consisting of a wooden frame and canvas, the painting is painted by a professional artist.

It features mist-covered mountains and fishermen plying their trade in calm water.

The painting would look great in the living room.

Let your husband bring this gift wherever he goes

20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

20 Down Forever To Go Key Chain

Because keys are always carried around, a key chain is a wonderful gift.

However, a personalized one is a constant reminder of the giver.

This is what makes this 20th wedding anniversary key chain appropriate.

It bears the romantic message’20 down Forever to go’

This incense burner is such a unique 20th-anniversary gift

20th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Dragon Incense Burner Holder

Awaken the senses with this incense burner. 

Crafted to look like a dragon breathing fire and smoke, this piece can add character to any room.

It can be considered as a decoration or an air freshener.

It is a worthy gift to a couple that is celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

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