30 Best 21st Birthday Gift For Guys That He Appreciate

21st birthday gift for guy
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What’s a proper 21st birthday gift for guys that he won’t secretly throw away?

Turning 21 is a very important moment for guys.

It is a birthday that means that a boy is now a man and that enjoying life can begin.

It is at the same time sweet and scary, but it is always one big celebration.

Here are a few gifts that we believe are the best choice.

This is a nice 21st birthday gift for guys

21st birthday gift for guys

Bevel Shave Kit

If someone you love is turning 21, a shaving kit with high-quality products may be the best choice. 

It contains a safety razor designed to provide safe shaving, a brush, oil, shave cream, and restoring balm. 

It does not contain alcohol, which means that doesn’t cause irritation of the young skin.

This waffle maker is one unique 21st birthday gift for him

unique 21st birthday gift for him

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

It is a known fact that young guys love to spend a lot of time in front of their computers. 

If your boyfriend or a brother simply cannot live without his computer, he will love this present. 

It is a keyboard waffle iron. 

It is a pretty awesome gift to give.

That’s a Bluetooth speaker?!

21st birthday gift for him

Bulldog Speaker Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Listening to music and having parties is probably the most enjoyable activity for young people. 

If your boyfriend loves to organize parties, he needs speakers, right? 

Well, this is a speaker that will be in the center of attention, for sure. 

It is in the shape of a bulldog head!

That’s something I’ve never seen before

21st birthday gifts for him

ICE Orb Floating Wireless Speaker

This is the coolest wireless Bluetooth speaker you will ever see. 

It is so nicely made but it looks like it’s from another planet. 

It is a levitating orb and besides fulfilling its function of providing great sound, it also looks amazing. 

It is a great gift for a 21 years old who loves music.

How about premium jerky in an ammo can?

21st birthday gift baskets for him

Man Crates Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Guys are usually thrilled about meat and simply enjoy trying out various flavors.

This Jerky Ammo Can contain a few beef jerky flavors, corn nuggets, gourmet almonds and so much more.

It comes packed in practically indestructible steel ammo. 

If your friend’s birthday is coming up, this may be just the gift you were looking for.

This air sofa even floats on water

21st birthday gift for boyfriend

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Going on camping trips often requires having lots of equipment. 

If your boyfriend loves to go hiking or camping, surprise him with this inflatable air sofa. 

It is waterproof and very comfortable. 

Inflation is very simple and easy. 

It is lightweight and portable making it very convenient for carrying.

It also looks great.

This mug warmer/cooler is a phone charger as well

21st birthday presents for guys

Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler With Charger

Nobody likes to drink cold coffee unless it is an iced coffee. 

If your friend keeps forgetting his coffee, then it’s time for an upgrade. 

Surprise him with this cool gadget that can keep drinks warm or cold, but also charge a phone wirelessly. 

It is a really useful thing to have.

That’s one beautiful speaker for him

21st birthday ideas for guys who don't drink

Mooni Mini Speaker Color Changing LED

This is a really breathtaking speaker. 

The design is flawless and can make any bedroom a romantic cocoon. 

The music can be connected wirelessly and it can be used indoors and outdoors. 

It has USB charging and remote control. 

Give it to someone you love and you won’t go wrong for sure.

Let him make his favorite coffee everywhere with this coffee maker

ideas for 21st birthday gifts for him

Handpresso Outdoor Complete French Press

Coffee lovers are a special kind of people – they love to enjoy their favorite beverage no matter where they are.

If someone you love is a coffee lover, he will be thrilled about this gift. 

It is a Handpresso Outdoor French Press that can be used anywhere for making a perfect coffee.

That’s a unique mug for the 21 years old

21st birthday gifts for boyfriend ideas

Goat Story Mug

Coffee is a universal symbol of adulthood. 

If your brother or friend is turning 21, think about getting him this Goat Story Mug.

It is very nicely made. 

It can hold up to 16 oz. and has two straps for carrying it everywhere. 

It truly looks amazing and it is fully leakproof.

This is a nice 21st birthday gift idea for your boyfriend

21st birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend

The Original BenShot Shot Glass

It is now official – your boyfriend can enjoy his drinks! 

Well, help him celebrate with style. 

This shot glass looks cool and it can be used for drinking. 

The coolest thing about it is that it has a bullet in it. 

How amazing is that? 

Pretty amazing, if you ask us.

This wallet is a useful 21st birthday gift idea for guys from parents

21st birthday ideas for guys from parents

Montblanc Meisterstuck Men Black Wallet

This wallet is a perfect choice if your son is turning 21. 

He is becoming a man now, so you will need an elegant wallet to keep his money in. 

It is made of leather and it has many sections for keeping credit cards and money.

It is very durable and practical.

Check out this beautiful vertical turntable

birthday gift for boyfriend turning 21

Fuse Vert Vertical Vinyl Record Player

This vinyl record player looks very interesting. 

It has an FM radio, Bluetooth and an alarm. 

The design is very beautiful and colorful, so it can truly brighten up the day. 

It is a wonderful present for a person who enjoys listening to music and a retro vibe, so it can be nice decoration as well.

Inspire him to travel with this gift idea

21st birthday gift ideas for guys

Floating Geographic Globes

What could be better to give to someone who is just starting to live his life than a globe? 

Well, perhaps a floating and rotating gold globe!

It is breathtakingly beautiful and very inspiring. 

It is a wonderful decoration that will attract the looks of everyone who walk into the room.

Have you seen such a unique speaker before?

guys 21st birthday gift ideas

Bose Wearable Wireless Speaker

Listening to music while working or doing something else can be pretty relaxing, especially if you don’t have to worry about the headphones slipping from your ears. 

If your dear friend likes music gadgets, he will be thrilled about this one.

It can be used for making phone calls and using Siri as well.

Let’s get your boyfriend a nice looking sunglasses

good 21st birthday gifts for boyfriend

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses are very fashionable and stylish. 

Give these sunglasses to your boyfriend for his birthday and see his happy face when he puts them on. 

It is a gift that you won’t go wrong with because these sunglasses will never go out of fashion.

They come packed in a protective case.

You will never go wrong with this cologne

good 21st birthday gifts for guys

Dolce and Gabbana The One

Perfume is the main seductive tool besides the irresistible personality.

It is what every man needs to have.

Dolce and Gabbana The One is a men scent captured in a bottle.

It is a great gift for your boyfriend.

It will complement his style and be a part of his grooming.

He is going to love this beanie

unique 21st birthday gifts for him

Bluetooth Speaker Beanie

Instead of using headphones during running, it is better to use this beannie instead.

If your boyfriend loves to listen to music, this is the perfect solution.

It has Bluetooth headphones and will keep his head warm during winter months.

It is a truly interesting gift that any music lover will appreciate. 

Train his abs with this birthday gift

great 21st birthday gifts for him

Ab Carver Pro Roller

If your friend wants to chisel his muscles, help him out with this gift.

It is a Fitness Ab Carver and it is very easy to use.

It is great for training the core muscles and muscles of the arms.

Besides, it comes with a workout plan for 21 days period.

Let him charge his gadget with this gift

21st birthday presents for your boyfriend

Deszon Wireless Charger

Apple products have won over the market.

If your boyfriend loves to have his iPhone near always, he will love this gadget.

It is a wireless charger that can be used for charging an Apple Watch, AirPod, and iPhone.

It can be easily used and charges the phone very fast.

Let’s personalize this mug as 21st birthday gift for him

personalize 21st birthday gifts for him

Ice Cream Bowl with Personalized Message

There is probably no person in the world who doesn’t love ice cream.

A 21st birthday is a perfect opportunity to give someone you love this personalized ice cream bowl with his name on it.

It looks like a coffee cup, but it is larger.

It can be washed in the dishwasher.

This backpack is one of the best 21st birthday gifts for a boyfriend

best 21st birthday gift for boyfriend

Berliner Bags Leeds

Give a laptop rucksack to someone who is turning 21 because this is something that everyone needs.

This rucksack is very stylish and made of leather, so it is also durable.

It is very spacious and functional, so there is no way that your loved one won’t like it.

It is a great present.

Track his health with this smartwatch

unusual 21st birthday gifts for him

TicWatch Pro Smartwatch

Technology has progressed significantly lately and this smartwatch is one of the great gadgets that everyone should have.

It is very stylish and it is water-resistant.

The battery life is long and it has a GPS built-in.

If your loved one is committed to exercising, he will love this watch.

Having a drink can never be boring again

21st birthday gift ideas for my boyfriend

The Mug With A Hoop

If your boyfriend is a passionate basketball player, he is probably playing all day long.

Well, with this interesting mug he will be shooting hoops even when having cocoa, ice cream, or soup.

It is a truly interesting gift that will be his favorite for sure.

It can be washed in the dishwasher.

Let him have fun with Spikeball

21st birthday theme ideas for guys

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball is a fun game that can be played indoors and outdoors – just about anywhere with a little room.

Give it to your brother or a friend for his birthday and let him have a little fun.

The net is adjustable and it is really easy to learn all the rules.

Looking for a funny 21st birthday gift for guys?

funny 21st birthday gifts for guys

Just Turned 21 T-shirt

If someone you love is turning 21 and likes to joke around, then you may have found the gift you were looking for!

This T-shirt says “Just turned 21”, but 21 is a little edgy and controversial.

It is great for parties.

It is truly comfortable and it looks great.

Let him box on desktop

21st birthday gag gifts for him

Desktop Boxing

Becoming an adult comes with a certain level of stress, so give your loved one this desktop boxing, so he can fight all the stress that builds up during the day.

It is sweet and small, it can be placed on any desk, he will even get two boxing gloves that match the punching bag.

This water flosser is going to be a very useful present for him

21st birthday presents for my boyfriend

Professional Water Flosser

Oral hygiene is very important not just because of the esthetics, but because of the overall health as well.

Give this wonderful gift to your loved one for his birthday and help him protect his teeth by cleaning them thoroughly.

It can last up to 10 days on a single charge.

That’s a nice 21st birthday gift for your son

21st birthday gift for son

StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner

Mont Blanc pens are known for their quality.

Give it to your son for his 21st birthday to show him how much you care about him.

It will be a great inspiration for him to pursue his career and do everything he can to succeed.

Give it with lots of love.

Let him feel the grass with every step

21st birthday gift for man

GFF Grass Flip Flops

Feeling the grass under the feet may be the best feeling there is.

Surprise your friend with this unusual gift for his birthday and help him enjoy this relaxing feeling.

These flip flops are truly amazing and like nothing else he has seen before.

He will be surprised, that is for sure.

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