25 Unusual 2nd Anniversary Wedding Gift For Him And Her

2nd anniversary wedding gift ideas
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The second anniversary is one of the sweetest.

It should be celebrated with a proper 2nd anniversary wedding gift.

Cotton gift is known as a themed gift for second anniversary gift as it represents a strong bond just like cotton gets woven together.

We have selected some gifts that we believe are the most appropriate.

Take a look and get inspired!

Personalize Cotton Wall Art

ideas for 2nd anniversary gift

Personalized 2nd Year Anniversary Cotton Gift

I think this is a nice 2nd anniversary wedding gift for him or her.

Print out your favorite song in the shape of a heart and surprise your loved one with it.

It comes framed and you can customize it with your name and the date of your wedding day.

It will be a constant reminder of the love you share and the life you are building together.

2nd Anniversary pillow

2nd anniversary wedding gift

2nd Anniversary Cotton Pillow

Give your darling a soft pillow with an even softer and sweeter note on it.

It says “Married 730 days but I loved you since day 1.”

It will be a reminder of all the days that you’ve shared and that is yet to come.

It is made of cotton duck fabric.

Personalize Men’s Boxer

2nd anniversary gift for him

Custom Name Mens Boxers

This is a funny Personalized 2nd-anniversary gift for your husband.

Being in love means that sharing your darling with others is not an option.

Give your husband these sweat underwear that makes it clear who is the owner and the ultimate master of anything under it!

It will make your husband laugh and a little bit proud that you don’t want to share him with anyone.

Personalize Mens Underwear

2nd year anniversary gift for him

Personalized Wife Face On Men’s Underwear

You don’t want other ladies to be near your husband?

Well, give him this underwear with your picture on it!

You can be sure that they won’t stand a chance, everyone will know that he is your guy.

Of course, it is a great joke and this gift will make your husband laugh.

Personalize Women Panties

Funny Face Custom Briefs Underpants

One of the best 2nd-anniversary gifts for your wife.

Give your wife these panties with your face on them.

Tell her that you will keep her from temptations and all the looks from other men.

Show her that you love her and that you simply want to spend every minute of the day with her.

You will put a smile on her face for sure.

I promise this is the last underwear gift Ideas

personalize 2nd wedding anniversary gift husband

Custom Men’s Boxer Briefs

Joking around with your husband will surely bring more positive energy into your marriage and more love.

This underwear is so funny that your husband will laugh for sure when he sees it.

Just make sure you give it to him in private, so you can both laugh at your private joke.

Crystal Tree

2nd anniversary gift modern

Natural Rose Gemstone Crystal Tree

Looking for a modern 2nd anniversary gift?

Natural gemstones are known for their numerous healing properties.

This Bonsai Feng Shui Money Tree is like a charm for love, care, and financial success.

It is everything you wish to say to your loved one.

It looks really sweet and can be a wonderful decoration in your home or the office.

Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket

gift for 2nd anniversary wedding

Cotton Tapestry Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is magical and brings positive energy.

It is full of optimistic messages of love and hope, so if you want to remind your wife of your love, care, and devotion, this gift will help you do just that.

It is wonderfully made and it is a great anniversary gift.

2nd anniversary gift ideas

Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel

I think this love towel is a useful 2nd anniversary gift. Being intimate is fun and can never get boring.

But, what can be a little unpleasant?

Well, cleaning up after.

Surprise your loved one with this Love Mop, because it is just the right size for performing the job right.

painting Of Love

2nd anniversary wedding gift ideas

Chinese Couple Koi Fish Ink Painting Canvas

Fish is a symbol of creativity, feelings, fertility, transformation, health, intelligence, endurance, and happiness.

Give your loved one this painting with two fish on it who swim together.

It will remind your loved one of your love and companionship at all times.

It is a great decoration for the home. Besides, this is a modern gift idea for the 2nd year anniversary.

weighted blanket

2nd year anniversary gift cotton

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Being overwhelmed by the obligations all day can truly contribute to having lots of sleepless nights.

If your darling keeps tossing and turning, then it is high time to give him this weighted blanket.

He will sleep like a baby with it for sure.

It is made for deep rest.

Cotton Longitude Latitude Sign Print

personalize anniversary 2nd year gift

Cotton Longitude Latitude Sign Print

If your loved one works with coordinates, then this may be just the best gift you could give him.

The frame is sweet and you can pick the coordinates that you would like.

It is very beautiful and it will help you properly surprise him and let him know just how much you love him.

Sentimental blanket

2nd anniversary gift for wife

Sentiments Soft Plush Throw

Having a soft blanket to snuggle with your loved one is the best feeling ever, especially if you surprise your loved one with this special blanket.

It has a sweet note on it that says “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite”.

It will put a smile on your wife’s face for sure.

Patterned scarf

2nd anniversary gift cotton for her

Gustav Klimt’s Famous Painting Scarf

Every woman loves to have a scarf to complement her outfit, especially if it’s made of silk.

It is very luxurious and it will truly contribute to her style.

It will remind her of your love even when you are not together.

The dyes are eco-friendly and the colors are vivid.

Cotton Photo Album

2nd year anniversary gift traditional

Cotton Anniversary Photo Album

Give your darling a photo album and put the happiest pictures inside.

Make sure that the best memories will not be forgotten, but saved in one place to remind you of all the special things you have been through together.

There is even plenty of space for writing about your favorite memories.

electric heated blanket

2nd anniversary gifts for wife

Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Women often feel cold even if it’s not so chilly outside.

If your wife complains often that she is cold, she will love this blanket that has three heat settings.

This way she will be warm even when you are working.

It will be like you are hugging her and holding her.

Embroided wall Art

2nd anniversary gift theme

Handmade Chinese Embroidery Wall Decor

If you would like to surprise your loved one with something nice that is done with great care, then you should absolutely consider this wonderful Asian Feng Shui Wall Art.

The colors are vivid and the silk colors discretely shine in the dark areas.

It is perfect for the living room.

Cute pillowcase

2nd anniversary gift cotton

Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases

If you wish to give your loved one something romantic, these cute pillowcases may be just what you need.

It shows a couple in love sending love messages, so every time you go to bed, you will be reminded of the fact that you are truly blessed to have your loved one beside you.

Cute cotton rose

Potted Silk Desk Rose with Cotton

Rose will always be a special gift for couples in love.

If you wish to give your wife a rose that won’t fade away or dry out, this may be just right.

It looks just like the real one, but it will remind her of your love for a long time.

King and Queen T-Shirt

2nd anniversary gift tradition

Matching Couples T-Shirts

Couples who are passionate about playing cards find these T-shirts hilarious!

There is one for him with the image of the King, and the second one for her showing the image of the Queen.

Who knows, maybe that will spark up poker night or something else.

It is just important to enjoy the fun together.

personalized night light

2nd wedding anniversary gift for him

Customized Moon Night Light Lamp

Moon Night Lamp is truly a wonderful gift, especially because it can have a photo engraved.

It is 3D printed, there are touch and remote control which is awesome.

It is a great anniversary gift for your wife for sure.

There are two brightness levels to choose from, so it is truly easy to adjust it.

cute couple t-shirt

2nd anniversary gifts for couple

Silk Road Tees Couple Matching T-Shirt

These matching T-shirts look amazing!

When they are next to each other, it becomes clear what they say “Nothing makes sense when we’re apart”.

However, when you look at just one T-shirt, the quote won’t mean much to you.

There is one more reason to be together as much as possible!

cotton Bathrobes

2nd anniversary gift traditional

Luxor Linens – Terry Cloth Bathrobes

Nothing is better than having a soft bathrobe after a shower and just enjoying Sunday morning without any stress at all.

This is a gift that contains two bathrobes for him and her, so both of you will have a matching one.

It is a perfect choice for the anniversary present.

cotton wall art?

what is 2nd anniversary gift

Cotton Bouquet by Julia Purinton

The second anniversary is called the cotton anniversary because of the specific material.

Cotton is soft but durable.

It represents strength and comfort, and it shows how the married couple will get interconnected over the years.

This wall art shows cotton and it can be a wonderful decoration for a living room.

beautiful cotton tote bag

2nd anniversary gift for her

Tory Burch Tote Handbag

Every woman needs good handbags that can be easily combined with various outfits.

Give your wife this nice bag and you can be sure that she will like it.

The colors are beautiful – the combination of nude and beige.

It is gentle but durable and spacious at the same time.

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