20 Best 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband (Coral & Jade)

35th anniversary gift ideas for husband
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Finding the love of your life is not easy nor is managing to stay together for 35 years.

If you have been blessed to spend your life with the person you love, then every anniversary should be an opportunity to celebrate the love you share and make your days even merrier.

35th wedding anniversary is often celebrated with jade (Modern) or coral (Traditional) gift.

Let’s check out these 35th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband that you can get him.

Best traditional 35 wedding anniversary gift for husband

traditional 35 wedding anniversary gift for husband

Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift

The time goes by quickly and can seem that life has gone by in the blink of an eye.

If you want to remind your darling of all the happy moments you’ve had with him, this lovely sundial may be just what you need.

It can be customized as you wish.

Let’s get him this personalized 35th-anniversary gift

35 wedding anniversary gift for husband

Carved Heart Tree Personalized Print

Romantic gestures should never stop no matter how old we are.

If you used to carve your names on the trees and hold hands in the park, then surprise your spouse with this lovely print and make your home even cozier.

You can customize it as you wish and don’t forget to give it with lots of love.

Tell your husband he is the best with this beer chiller

35th wedding anniversary gift for husband

Brew House Beer Chillers

If your husband likes to enjoy a cold beer after dinner, then you can surprise him with these lovely stainless steel chiller sticks.

This beer chiller is going to make sure that it will put a smile on his face.

This coral tie pin is going to add a touch of suave on him

coral gifts for him

Rhodium Enamel Coral Tie Pin

A suit can look much better with a special detail from you.

Give your husband this enamel coral tie pin.

The fact that coral is a symbol of wisdom, modesty, immortality, and happiness says a lot about the gift you want to give to someone you are spending your life with.

That’s one unique 35th anniversary gift for your husband

35th anniversary gift for husband

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Freezing a moment in time has never been easier.

Give your loved one this casting kit and make a statue of your hands holding.

Not only it is a sweet and thoughtful gift, but it will also be a great memory one day for your kids.

There can never be too much of loving memories.

This necklace is one nice jade gift for your husband

jade gifts for husband

Jade Artisan Hand Made Fang Pendant

If your husband likes to wear jewelry, then you can surprise him with this nice sterling silver handmade pendant necklace.

Giving jewelry is always a good choice because it gives a special note to anniversaries and other occasions.

A nice piece of jewelry can say to your loved one how much you care.

Looking for a funny anniversary gift for your husband?

35th anniversary gifts for husband

Funny Husband and Wife T-Shirt

Having fun and laughing about the various everyday things is a special spice to every marriage.

It is necessary to keep humor high on your priority list.

It can make every day better – that is for sure.

If you wish to put a smile on your husband’s face, then give him this fun t-shirt!

This will be the sweetest gift he will ever receive

35th anniversary gifts for husband

Knock Knock What I Love about You

Marriage is full of ups and downs, there is no doubt about that.

If you wish to tell your husband just how much he means to you, fill out this wonderful journal and write about all the things that you cherish in your relationship.

It will surely make him proud.

This beautiful jade bracelet is a nice gift for him

jade gifts for him

Jade Pendant Leather Bracelet

Jade is a symbol of purification.

It is a stone that can protect the person who wears it but also symbolizes nourishment and gentleness.

Show your husband just how much he means to you by giving him this wonderful jade bracelet and he will feel that you are thereby his side even when you are not together.

How about a jade ring

35 year anniversary gift for husband

Natural Jade Modern Men’s Ring

Jade is a symbol of balance and harmony, so it can be the perfect choice for a gift for your husband.

Tell him that you love him with a gift that will be a reminder of your love and care.

It is mesmerizing, so you can be sure that he will love it.

This night light is such a romantic anniversary gift for him

35th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Engraved 3D Moon Lamp for Husband

Saying those magic words “I love you” truly have the power to change the day.

If you wish to remind your husband of your love every minute of every day even when you are not physically there, then this moon lamp is a perfect choice.

Every time he turns it on he will see your love note.

Wonder what to get for your husband for 35th anniversary?

what do i get my husband for our 35th wedding anniversary?

Romantic Couple Figurines in Love

Romantic gifts help the love fire in marriage burn, so never stop showing your husband how much you care.

This lovely sculpture of a couple in love kissing will remind him of the days when you just started seeing each other.

It will be a great reminder of your beginnings.

Looking for a jade gift for your husband?

jade gifts for men

Jade Coral Green Cufflinks

If your husband wears suits often, then you should get him special cufflinks that will remind him of your love even when you are not together.

These jade cufflinks will give him the support he needs and will bring balance and calmness, as well as inspiration in a very simple way.

He is going to keep this for a long time

35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

5th Anniversary Heart Burlap Print Decorations

Thirty-five years is a long time.

They are filled with many hours of love, days, and years of family time.

If you wish to tell your husband just how much you care and appreciate all the time you spent together give him this lovely Heart Burlap Print.

It is a heartwarming gift for sure.

This coral sculpture is captivating

35th wedding anniversary gift for him

Luxe Coral Crystal Cube Sculpture

Loving someone and sharing life means that you want all the best for your spouse.

Show him how much you care for him by giving him this lovely Coral crystal cube sculpture.

Coral is a symbol of wisdom, immortality, and happiness so make sure you show him just how much you appreciate him.

Bless him with this jade cross pendant

35th wedding anniversary gifts for my husband

Natural Jade Cross Necklace Charm

Being religious can help one marriage through ups and downs since it brings the serenity and the piece that we all need in our lives.

If your husband deeply cherishes his bond with God, then he will love this mesmerizing pendant necklace with a jade cross.

It comes packed in a luxury gift box.

Let’s make his favorite music into a sound wave

35th wedding anniversary present for husband

Personalised Voice Poster

Music has a special role in our lives.

It can bring us back to the happiest times in our lives and remind us of the saddest moments.

Turn the most favorite song of your husband into a soundwave print and put a smile on his face.

He will be able to keep it on the wall.

Let’s get him a nice bracelet

35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

Jade Bracelet

Give your husband a lovely bracelet and remind him of your love no matter where he is.

It is black with a jade detail.

You can be sure that he will wear it proudly.

The length can be adjusted just the way he wants it.

It comes packed in a lovely gift box.

Let him keep this memorable bracelet

35th wedding anniversary presents for him

Indian Jade Gradation Stone Bracelet

Gemstones have a special meaning and can help the person find the necessary balance during stressful times.

Jade is especially powerful and can enhance brain activity.

It can be kept as a souvenir or be worn during stressful times.

Give it to your darling and share positive vibes in a very simple way.

It is believed that this statue can bring luck for your husband

35th wedding anniversary gifts for him uk

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo and Money Frog Statue

The lucky bamboo can bring luck, wealth, and love to the person who owns it according to Feng Shui.

It helps the person to grow strong and prosper.

This lovely gift can bring positive energy and wealth to your husband, so give it to him with lots of love.

It is a stunning decoration as well.

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