25 Unique 3rd Anniversary Wedding Gift That Makes Stronger Relationship

3rd anniversary wedding gift ideas
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Celebrating the 3rd anniversary is truly special and it is often complemented with a leather gift that represents durability as well as flexibility in your relationship.

Give your spouse something romantic to show your appreciation for all the love and support you feel.

Take a look at our selection of 3rd anniversary wedding gift and discover something that your darling would like!

Personalize Leather Wall Decor

3rd anniversary wedding gift

Personalize 3rd Anniversary Gifts

I think this is one of the best 3rd anniversary wedding gifts.

Find one of the cutest pictures you have with your loved one and have it engraved on real leather.

It will be a perfect surprise for your anniversary for sure.

It is unique, and like nothing else that your significant other has seen before.

It will be a nice decoration for your home.

Personalize Wall Art

Personalized Leather 3rd Anniversary Gift

If you have a special song that you and your loved one love to listen to, have it engraved in the shape of a heart.

It comes with a frame, and you can personalize it with your name and the date of your wedding day.

It will remind your spouse how fortunate you both are.

Couple Glass Gift Set

what is a 3rd anniversary gift

Love Me Tender Couple Drinking Glasses

Check out this modern 3rd anniversary gift.

These cute glasses will surprise your husband and make him smile every time he pours a drink.

They are adorable since there are two glasses – one with a girl, the other with a boy.

Both are singing and enjoying being in love.

It will bring even more joy into your days!

Leather Rose

3rd year anniversary wedding gift

Potted Leather Desk Rose

I think this is a nice 3rd wedding anniversary gift idea for your wife.

If you wish to give something romantic to your wife, but you are not sure what would be the best choice, this rose may be just what you need.

It is a potted desk rose that looks very authentic and genuine.

It is made of real leather and comes with a tag.

Glass & Wood Sculpture

what is 3rd wedding anniversary gift

Cohasset Glass Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture

Finding a good anniversary gift can be challenging.

If you don’t want to give your wife something ordinary, then this unusual sculpture may be just right.

It can be placed anywhere in the home or the office.

It will bring peaceful energy into the room and remind your spouse of your love.

Eternal Rose

3rd anniversary gifts for her

Real Eternal Rose in Glass Dome

Your wife is going to love this glass gift on her 3rd wedding anniversary.

Surprise your darling with this charming rose.

It will take her breath away for sure with its beauty.

It is a fresh rose gone through the preservation method, so it looks pretty vivid.

It has a wooden base, and it comes with an elegant gift box.

All in all, it is a stunning gift.

Personalize Shot Glass

Personalized Shot Glasses

Let’s get a nice shot glass for your husband.

Give your husband this personalized shot glass that can be used for scotch, bourbon, or whiskey.

It is carved with a sand carving technique, which means that the result is flawless.

Customize it with your husband’s name and help him enjoy his favorite drink at the end of the day.

Crystal Figurine

modern 3rd anniversary gift ideas

Swarovski Crystal Love Couple Figurine

This is such a sweet modern 3rd-anniversary gift idea for your wife.

If your wife is a fan of Swarovski crystals, she will love this figurine for sure.

It is a cute couple in love dancing together.

Just by looking at them, she will be reminded of the first moments you’ve had together.

It is a wonderful, heartwarming gift – perfect for the anniversary.

Unique Necklace

3rd anniversary gift ideas

I Love You Necklace

Get her a necklace with 120 languages of “I love you” inscribed.

It is made of silver, and it has a gemstone pendant that has written “I love you” in 120 languages.

There is truly no better way to tell your wife just how much she means to you!

It will enrich her outfits and make her beauty stand out.

Crystal Flower

3rd year anniversary gift for her

Crystal Glass Flowers

How about a bouquet of crystal flowers?

Flowers are the best gift you can give to your wife to show her just how special she is to you.

However, if you don’t want to give her fresh flowers because they will dry out fast, you can opt for the crystal bouquet that will be sparkly for many years.


3rd anniversary gift for him

Flasks For Liquor for Men

That’s a nice 3rd-anniversary gift for him.

Men usually like to have a drink or two before the important events to take the edge off.

Surprise him with this elegant flask that comes in a leather case and a stunning gift box.

He will be able to take it anywhere he wants and enjoys his favorite drink.

Enchanted Rose

3rd year anniversary gift traditional

Swarovski Enchanted Rose

This is a good traditional 3rd-year anniversary gift for your wife.

The enchanted rose was the symbol of love in Beauty and the Beast.

If your wife believes in overcoming obstacles and romantic gestures, she will love this gift for sure.

The rose is made of Swarovski crystals.

It is a great anniversary gift because it will remind your wife of your love.

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

3rd wedding anniversary gift traditional

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set

Every man needs a good shaving set to keep his beard under control.

Surprise your husband with this nice set in the wooden box.

It contains stainless steel shaving stand, organic pre-shave oil, organic aftershave, shaving soap, and everything else that he will need to have the perfect facial care.

Murano Glass Sculpture

3rd anniversary gift modern

Hand Blown Murano Glass Art

That’s one modern 3rd-anniversary gift made from Murano glass.

In case you want to give something nice to your wife, surprise her with this stunning Murano Glass Sculpture.

It is modern and very appealing.

It will become her favorite decoration for sure!

She can place it in the bedroom or anywhere else she believes would be the best spot.

Swarovski Earring

3rd anniversary gift for her

Swarovski Crystal Vintage Pink Drop Earrings

These earrings are going to look good on her.

Giving jewelry as an anniversary gift is one of the best choices you can make because it will make your wife’s beauty stand out.

It truly showcases the pure vintage elegance that will enrich her every look and outfit.

It is perfect for the days when she wants to look feminine.

Sentimental Compass

3rd year anniversary gift for him

Grow Old with me Engraved Compass

Give your husband this compass, so every time he loses his way, he will be able to find it.

It is a romantic gift that will mean a lot to your husband since the marriage consists of numerous moments that can be both heartwarming and challenging.

It comes engraved with a powerful quote.

Leather Valet

3rd anniversary gift for him leather

Distressed Leather Valet with Heart

That’s a nice leather gift for your husband.

We all have a favorite place to put our keys.

If your husband keeps misplacing them, it is high time to give him this cute leather tray.

It is not an ordinary tray, but a very romantic one with the heart in the middle saying “You + me”.

It is very nice!

Swarovski Bangle

3rd anniversary gift traditional

SWAROVSKI Women’s Infinity Heart Bangle

There is no better way to show your wife just how special she is to you than giving her this bangle with the symbols of infinity and the heart.

It has Swarovski crystals on it, and it is breathtaking.

Since it is very gentle, it can be a part of any outfit.

Leather Picture Frame

3rd anniversary gift ideas for couple

Engraved Leather Picture Frame

Pictures help us preserve our memories and be reminded of everything we love about our spouse.

This picture frame shows how many months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes you have been together.

Make sure you choose the one that you like the most and surprise your loved one for your anniversary.

Cigar Whiskey Glass

3rd wedding anniversary gift for him

Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass 

If your husband loves to enjoy his cigar and have a drink after a long day at work, then he will be absolutely thrilled about this extraordinary glass.

Besides looking awesome, it is also very practical since he won’t have to worry about where to put the cigar – it will be well kept.

Leather Cologne

3rd anniversary gift ideas for him

English Leather Cologne By Dana For Men

Help your darling experiment with a new fragrance by giving him this lovely cologne.

It will be great refreshment for him, and it will help him to change his routine a little bit.

He will love it for sure.

It comes packed in a nice box making it perfect for an anniversary.

Modern Earring

3rd wedding anniversary gift for her

SWAROVSKI Women’s Fit Pierced Earrings

Surprise your darling with these stunning earrings.

They are shaped in the form of a sparkling triangle, and they look very feminine.

The quality is extraordinary, and they will surely make any outfit better.

They consist of numerous Swarovski crystals so they will point out your wife’s beauty even more.

Personalized Leather Bracelet

3rd anniversary gift for husband

Personalized Secret Message Leather Bracelet

Give your husband this lovely bracelet with a personalized message.

It looks cool and discrete, so even if your husband doesn’t like wearing any jewelry he will love this gift.

It is made of leather and can be your secret way of being close to each other.

Choose the note you want to be engraved.

Portable Mug

3rd year anniversary gift leather

Goat Story Mug

This goat mug is very unusual and interesting, so you can be sure that your husband will be thrilled to see it.

It is a practical gift as well, since he will be able to take it anywhere he wants and drink his coffee warm.

It comes with two straps to choose from.


3rd anniversary gift husband

Fossil Men’s Nate Watch

Fossil watch is a synonym for quality.

This is a great choice for your husband because it can go with any outfit.

The band is made of leather, and it has many functions.

He can choose to have a timer activated, as well as the stopwatch, and to set the date.

Check out this Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him Or Her for more traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas.

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