Best 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Sound For Him That He Will Love

5 senses gift ideas for sound for him
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Looking for 5 senses sound gift ideas for him? Love overwhelms the senses, especially when you’re in love with the man who is the love of your life.

Love gives you the tingles and goosebumps. It makes you see the world as a place of beauty and wonder. Love also lets you hear the world around you as an array of musical harmony.

Green grass, birds chirping, fresh mountain air and cool flow of water in the stream. When love is in the air, the senses receive them, gets stimulated by them, and then gives love back to another.

So, when there is a man that you love, why not stimulate his five senses with these gift ideas.

Music Concert

5 senses gift for sound for him

Music is the food of the soul, and by giving your man a chance to immerse in the music that the both of you love, it speaks volumes of your passion and understanding.

A music concert is indeed an immersive experience of the sights, sounds, scent, vibrations, and taste of music.

What you would normally feel only in the form of sound when you play music, is enhanced even more when watching the music performed live.

Portable Wireless Speaker

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Bang & Olufsen Portable Wireless Speaker

Remember the time when teens use to walk around carrying boom box stereos and hi-fi speakers, and boys and girls would bust open a dance move in the parks, sidewalks, and those open spaces in shopping mall?

Heck, some of you might have met that special someone in your life in a scene just like that.

Stereos and speakers have come a long way since then, now you can walk around with a smaller sized portable wireless speaker that carries just as much sonic punch to get your man dancing to the groove himself. Absolutely fire!

Wearable Speaker

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker

There’s earbuds, there’s earphones and there’s headphones. But have you ever heard of a wearable speaker? Well, now you have. If your man loves his music, take into consideration this scenario.

He wants to be able to move about and listen to music but just can’t afford to lug around a portable speaker everywhere.

In addition to that, he’s also the type that’s not into having his ears compounded by sounds coming straight out of earbuds, earphones, and headphones.

If he fits that description, he definitely needs a wearable speaker. Now that you know he needs one, go get him one.

Audio Sunglasses

5 senses gift ideas for sound for best friend

Bose Frames – Audio Sunglasses

Mankind has dreamt of many things and this has driven them to make many things. Mankind dreamt of how to listen to music on the go, so they made headphones.

Mankind wanted to look cool. So, they made sunglasses. But then, mankind wanted to listen to music on the go…and look cool! So, mankind made the audio sunglasses.

The name speaks for itself. Get this sound gift for him. He may think he doesn’t want it, but isn’t that what mankind would want? So, for the sake of all mankind, get him one.

QR Code Soundwave Art

what do you put in the 5 senses gift for him

Custom Sound Wave Print

If you ever wondered what music would look like as an image on a wall, then this is the answer. The QR code soundwave art marries visual artistry with audio artistry.

Look at the piece of artwork or image on the wall, then scan it with your smartphone to hear the music that it is paired with. Then you’ll have the perfect soundtrack to the piece of art you are looking at.

Contemplating on the philosophy of this pairing of sight and sound, by giving this as gift for your man, the philosophy transcends into a metaphor of the pairing of lovers.

Two people who are different, but are together. Definitely a romantic sound senses gift ideas for him.

Calm Subscription

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The excess of stimulation can overwhelm and overpower the senses and that can be tiring, stressful, and puts a strain on a person. Calmness is also a stimulation, but one without excess.

It channels relaxation and serenity to the mind, body, and soul of your loved one. If you see your man tired, fatigued or just in need of a little escape, then he definitely needs that little bit of relaxation and calm.

He will sleep better, live better and as a result, he will love you better. Win-win, right?

Birdhouse Wind Chime

5 senses gift ideas for sound man

Zaer Ltd. Hanging Birdhouse Wind Chime

Sometimes, all it takes is a focal point to add meaning to something. In a relationship, the focal point is each other.

But on a porch that gives you a view of a vast world, sometimes it is the little things that grab your attention and gives you that feeling of warmth inside.

A birdhouse wind chime can be such a focal point. Sitting on your porch or staring out your window, the melodic chimes of the birdhouse as it sways elegantly in the wind while the birds that call it home fly around it, is a reminder of how a house is only a home when you are with the family and the one you love. This sound gift can be a reminder of that love for him.

Music Instrument

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It’s nicknamed the thumb piano. It’s small, it’s subtle, but it is the instrument for the romantic. Don’t be deceived by its stature and diminutive physique because the kalimba can still melt hearts.

The tone and resonance that emits itself when thumbs pluck through its tines make even the simplest of songs carry the weight of love.

As a gift for a man you love, especially if he has a knack for playing music, you may be surprised that you will in turn receive a gift from your man and the kalimba that carries that weight of love.

Smart Sleep Machine

5 senses gift ideas for sound for him cheap

Hatch Restore

It would seem trivial to include a bedside alarm clock a something that would be a gift for your man. but this is no ordinary alarm clock. This smart device is also a night light, whereby the light’s colours can be matched together with a library of sound to set the night-time mood.

Its integrated with an app that a user can mix and match the mood and preference. There can be a setting just for sleeping, reading for those nights when love just fills the air.

This is just one of those things where you can give as a gift for him, but at the same time, is a gift for you.

Spotify Premium Plan

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Spotify Premium

If your man loves his music, a gift like this, is a no-brainer. He gets to download music, listen to it on any device with unlimited skips. But probably the best part is that it is all add free.

That means the music doesn’t stop unless he stops it. Talk about taking his manliness to the next level. What more can a man ask for when it comes to streaming his favourite tunes?

Personalized Video From Celebrities

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You know your man loves listening to some good old fashion instrumental jazz saxophone. He gets all excited like a little kid every time when he listens to it at home or in the car. He also keeps describing how he just loves Kenny G. and adores the musician.

But what would really blow his mind is if you actually got Kenny G. to send your man a personalized video message.

It would send him to the moon! It might be for a special occasion or it might just be for the memory of catching him in a reaction video, but regardless a cameo from a celebrity that he loves is an extraordinary gift for the man in your life.

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