20 Best $500 gift ideas for him That They Find Amazing

$500 Gift Ideas For Him
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Looking for a $500 gift ideas for him?

Those important men in your life deserve high-quality gifts.

It could be your husband, dad, grandpa, brother, boyfriend, or even your brother-in-law.

It is nice to buy them wonderful gifts from time to time.

Here is a list of gift ideas for him all under $500.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

gift ideas for him under 500

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless speaker is one of a best under $500 gift ideas for him.

This is the ideal Christmas gift for that music-loving man in your life.

With this present, he can enjoy his favorite songs even while on the move as the speaker is wireless and connects through bluetooth.

Treat him with this gift on his birthday, and he will sing your praises all year long.

Fountain Pen

$500 gift ideas for husband

MontBlanc Meisterstuck Classique 145 Fountain Pen

When you give someone an elegant writing instrument, like this classic fountain pen, symbolizes personal and academic appreciation.

This is the perfect pen for that special man.

It will help him sign important contracts, close deals, write exams, as well as write important notes at the office or at school.

He will have the perfect pen for a lifetime if you give him this pen.


$500 birthday gift ideas for him

OLMA Majestic Caviar Gift Set

For the perfect meal fit for a king, this OLMA majestic caviar gift set will fit the bill.

While you can only find this kind of delicacy in fancy restaurants, you can make sure your loved one enjoys it at the comfort of their home.

What could be a better wedding birthday anniversary gift than this?

It is time to turn his dinner time into a fancy dinner date at home.

Whisky Subscription

birthday gift ideas for him under 500

Craft Whiskey Club

Ever heard of a craft whiskey subscription club?

Well, it’s a real thing out here.

Now, you gift your man to the craft whiskey club where he will discover the new classics.

The subscription covers the finest and artisan whiskeys for him to enjoy.

He will also enjoy engaging with fellow members of their online club community. I think this is a nice subscription gift for him.

Levitating Sneaker Stand

unique $500 gift ideas for him

Astrobox Levitating Sneaker Stand

The Astrobox levitating sneaker stand is the ideal gift for your brother or boyfriend who loves sneakers.

With it, he can display his exclusive kick.

The stand uses electromagnetic power to help suspend any kind of sneaker in mid-air.

It also features a built-in fan that helps rotate the sneaker in mid-air creating a wonderful illusion.

Your brother is bound to become the apple of the eye among his peers whenever they visit his room.

Wireless Keyboard

unusual $500 gift ideas for him

Qwerkywriter Typewriter Inspired Wireless Keyboard + Tablet Stand

This keyboard is such a unique gift for him under $500.

This will remind him of the good old days when he used a typewriter by buying him this Qwerkywriter wireless keyboard that comes with a table stand.

The integrated tablet stand is 12 inches tall, and it also comes with a macro programmable return bar.

The chassis is made of scratch-resistant aluminum and the keycaps are round typewriter.

Levitating Plant Pot

unique $500 gift ideas for husband

Flyte Lyfe Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot

Here is another great levitating gift for that special man in your life.

It makes for the perfect office plant.

The levitating mechanism is so captivating that people will always want to touch the pot to confirm it’s real.

Now, they will have something that makes their office space stand out.

Wireless Headphones

unique gift ideas for boyfriend under 500

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Give your brother or husband this cool noise-cancelling wireless headphones as their birthday gift and they will sing your praises always.

It is one of the best under $500 gift for him who loves music.

Now, they can enjoy listening to their favorite music wherever and whenever and look cool while at it.

Smart Moon Globe

good $500 gift ideas for him

AstroReality: Smart Moon Globe + Augmented Reality App

The moon globe gift is the ideal one for your husband as the moon is considered an universal symbol of love.

This one goes an extra mile and comes with augmented reality interactive, which helps you scan the globe using an interactive app.

The AR features unlock the history and the beauty of the moon.

Your man can now see the exact location of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing.

Latest Smartphone

good gift ideas for him under 500

Check out the latest smartphone

Nowadays, you can use your smartphone to do almost everything.

Whether it is accessing your bank accounts, holding virtual meetings, checking your email, playing your favorite game, listening to music or watching videos, you can do all these things on top of making calls and sending texts.

That is why the latest smartphone will come as a fabulous gift for that special man in your life.

It will help make their life easier, and they will love the gift.


good $500 gift ideas for husband

CREED Aventus

A great smelling man is very romantic.

No one wants to be near a foul-smelling person.

With this cologne, your man will always stand out and smell fresh throughout the day.

You will love how good he smells even in the evening after work.

Wireless Vertical Turntable

good gift ideas for boyfriend under 500

Pro-Ject Wireless Turntable

We are used for the traditional horizontal turntables.

However, there are also vertical ones for the more sophisticated people who love some flair.

This turntable is the perfect $500 gift for him who loves music in your life.

It is both stylish and functional as it comes with a threaded clamp that secures your record to the vertical platter.

Men’s Watch

unusual $500 gift ideas for husband

Movado Evolution Blue Pvd Watch

A man’s outfit is not complete without an elegant watch.

It’s what makes him look sharp, stylish, and neat.

The Movado evolution blue Pvd watch is one of a kind for those who love making a statement.

It oozes style and elegance, and any man would love to have it around their wrists.

Coffee Maker

unusual gift ideas for boyfriend under 500

Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker

If you know a man who loves coffee but cannot enjoy it due to its acidity, the Yama glass cold brew maker will help solve the problem.

It comes with an intuitive and controlled drip cold brew which will help him get a smooth acidic-free cup of coffee.

The system uses ice to ensue that the coffee is extracted with cold temperatures for smooth coffee.

This is a must-have tool in the kitchen.

Harman Kardon Wireless Speaker

unusual gift ideas for him under 500

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3

If you are looking for a multipurpose inexpensive gift for your loved one, this Harman Kardon aura studio speaker fits the bill.

It comes in an elegant, distinctive design and 360-degree sound to create the perfect booming sound.

Additionally, the speaker offers you ambient lighting for your house.

You can use it to stream your favorite music wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Levitating Light Bulb

unique gift ideas for him under 500

Flyte Buckminster Levitating LED Light Bulb

Help that special man in your life bring some style to his house using this levitating LED light bulb.

The bulb will not only add light to his house but it will also bring some sense of style and elegance.

It is bound to be a conversation starter whenever people visit his home.

This is one of the best $500 gifts you can get a man.

Latest Apple Watch

christmas gift ideas for boyfriend under 500

Apple Watch

This Apple watch is the perfect gift for a health-conscious man in your life.

It not only acts as a watch but also the perfect gadget to monitor heart rate, track fitness, and his activity.

With this gadget, he will be able to track his health goals and follow a regimen.

It is one of the best gifts you can get a special person in your life.

Stormbreaker Replica

$500 christmas gift ideas for husband

Odinson Thor Axe Storm Breaker

Is your man into cosplay?

If so, get him this replica of stormbreaker.

The Thor’s hammer is lightweight despite its appearance.

It is sturdy for laying down, placement, and stand alone position.

The hammer will make the best decoration for his home.

Ergonomic Chair

christmas gift ideas for him under 500

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

An ergonomic chair is the perfect gift for someone who suffers from back pains.

It helps you align your spinal cord and relieve it of any further strain.

Whether he will use it at work or at his home office, it will help him deal with lumbar pains.

This isone of the best gifts you can get a loved one.

Globe Bar

$500 christmas gift ideas for him

Da Vinci Blue Dust Bar Globe Made in Italy

Your man’s home bar doesn’t have to be the same old.

You can help him bring some life and spruce it by buying him this bar globe

It is stylish and functional for any beer or wine lover.

The bar comes with sturdy wooden legs that are strong enough to hold his drinks and glasses.

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