27 Awesome 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For a Man That He Secretly Love

gifts for 50 years old man
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Looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for a man?

Turning 50 is a pretty big deal and most men see it as a turning point in their life.

If your husband’s, dad’s, brother’s, or friend’s birthday is coming up, choose some nice gift that he will love.

If you are not sure what you could give him, we have made a selection of gifts we believe would be a great choice.

This nostalgic candy is a nice 50th birthday gift idea for men

50th birthday gift ideas for men

50th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box

The flavor of candies that your husband loved growing up will surely bring him back to the days when he was without a care in the world.

There is nothing like it.

Give him this present with lots of love and let him enjoy this trip down the memory lane.

We are sure he will be thrilled!

Make him look cool with these sunglasses

50th birthday gift ideas for a man

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban glasses are a synonym for style and class.

They will never go out of fashion.

If your husband loves sunglasses, then this will be a perfect choice.

Not only they look great, but they will also protect his eyes because they have complete UV protection.

It is a practical and fashionable gift.

This cologne is going to suit him very much

50th birthday gift ideas for man

John Varvatos Vintage Men’s Cologne Spray

Every man must have a signature fragrance that he will be known for.

It should completely reflect his personality and show off his character.

If he hasn’t found his perfect fragrance yet, you can help him out and give him this cologne spray for his birthday.

Woody notes are dominant, but there are many other mixed making it very unique.

That’s a cool 50th birthday gift ideas for him

50th birthday gift ideas for him

Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

A good watch is something that every man needs.

Besides the practical side of knowing the time, it also significantly impacts the overall impression that he leaves.

This watch is very beautiful.

It has a calendar, it is driven by the energy of light, so it is eco- friendly, and also water-resistant.

That’s one unique birthday gift for him

50th birthday present for a man

Industrial Retro Robot Table Lamp

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, but this is the lamp that is so unique that you probably haven’t seen anything like it before.

It is a robot with a light bulb on his head.

It is very unique, so it can be used as a decoration, but also as a regular lamp.

This will help him keep his drinks cold when going hunting

50th birthday gift ideas for male friend

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

Hunting can be pretty challenging physically, so having cold drinks to quench the thirst is essential.

Give this portable cooler to your loved one for his birthday.

He will be grateful for sure.

Show him how much you care for him and help him out to enjoy his hunting trip as much as possible.

This travel wallet can fit a passport

50th birthday gift ideas for male boss

Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet

Fitting all the documents, money, and credit cards can be challenging sometimes.

If your husband is having issues with having everything in one place, he will love this wallet.

It has sections for cards, tickets, passport, and money.

What is great is that it has one section for the money hidden, so that the money can’t be stolen.

This table is also a speaker!

50th birthday gag gift ideas for him

Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand

If your friend or a husband is into technology, he will absolutely adore this table.

It looks pretty great, but it has a Bluetooth speaker, so he can listen to music while drinking coffee in the morning without the need to move from his couch.

It is a great invention and a very useful item.

This is a nice 50th birthday gift idea for your son

50th birthday gift ideas for son

Victrola Full Size Retro Jukebox

Giving something to your son that is valuable and meaningful can be challenging.

However, this is a pretty amazing gift.

It is a retro jukebox with a turntable, radio, CD player, and Bluetooth.

What more could anyone ask for? Perhaps retro colors that look great?

Well, this jukebox has it all. 

You can never go wrong with this gift

50th birthday gift ideas for male

Genuine Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Is your friend into watching Vikings TV show?

If he is, he would probably like to have this Ox horn to drink from.

It is made with great care.

It can even be customized, so you can choose the size you think is the best.

The packaging is suitable as well – it is a sack.

This is the best 50th birthday gift ideas for the man who has everything

50th birthday gift ideas for the man who has everything

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt is known for its beneficial effects, but a lamp made of Himalayan salt is even better – it can cleanse the air, help with allergies, improve energy in the home, and the overall mood.

It is very effective in numerous ways, but it also looks very nice.

Give it to someone you love for his birthday.

Make his favorite coffee everywhere with this birthday present

birthday gift for a 50 year old man

Portable Espresso Machine

Being able to enjoy a cup of strong espresso is truly a privilege and a pure joy for most coffee lovers.

However, usually, people make it at home or buy it in the city.

This portable espresso machine is a great gift for a true coffee lover, so he can enjoy his favorite beverage anywhere he wants.

That’s a proper 50th birthday present for a male friend

50th birthday present for male friend

Fossil Gen 5 Touchscreen Smartwatch

Men are fascinated by technology and smart devices.

If your friend likes to have gadgets and enjoy their numerous options, then you may have found the best gift.

It is a Fossil watch with activity tracking, GPS, Google assistant, and the option to receive notifications from the smartphone.

It is truly one great gift.

He is going to love this Bluetooth speaker

50th birthday present ideas for a man

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Music can help us deal with stress, relax, simply enjoy some beautiful memories and spend some quality time with the people we love.

If your husband enjoys listening to music and relaxing in the afternoon, this Bluetooth speaker may help him to immerse in the music and enjoy it to the fullest.

That’s one creative 50th birthday gift idea for him

creative 50th birthday gift ideas for him

Magnetic Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb

Challenge your friend with this creative gift and let him decorate his office with it.

It is a light bulb that levitates because of the magnetic field.

Pretty cool, right?

We think so.

It is truly interesting and is a great choice for people who are curious to always find out more about new things and keep learning.

That’s one cool gift for him

unique birthday gift for 50 year old man

Victrola Gramophone Symphony Bluetooth Speakers

This elegant and beautiful Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for people who like to combine retro with modern elements.

This speaker is just that.

It looks like an old gramophone, but it is actually a very modern item that tech lover would like to have in his home. It is a great gift for someone you love.

That’s one funny gift for him

funny birthday gift for 50 year old man

49 + One Middle Finger Mug Tumbler

Have some fun with your husband and give him this mug that will make him smile for sure.

Not only it will keep his coffee warm and his drinks cold, but it will also chase away those people who are asking too much about his age, which may become uncomfortable sometimes.

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Erm….blow me?

gag birthday gift for 50 year old man

Funny Offensive Inappropriate Joke T-Shirt

This is a funny T-shirt with a very tricky quote on it.

It is sarcastic and funny at the same time.

It s definitely a good joke, especially for a 50th birthday party.

Give it to your friend who will enjoy it endlessly.

His birthday should be all about fun, after all!

That’s a pretty whiskey glass

50th birthday gift ideas for man who has everything

Pewter Whisky Rocks Glass

We have all heard that whiskey is better with age.

Well, this glass says “Aged to PERFECTION” and it is a great gift to give to your husband.

It is a classy gift that he will love if he likes to enjoy a glass of whiskey from time to time.

Let’s get him a personalized gift

50th birthday present for the man who has everything

Custom Engraved Premium Oak Aging Barrel

Give your friend a personalized barrel where he will be able to store his favorite spirit.

It can be used for storing tequila, beer, or whiskey.

Giving someone you care about personalized items is truly something.

It shows how much you care and it is a pretty nice surprise, in our opinion.

I am going to get this beanie with a wireless speaker for myself

50th birthday gift ideas for self

Wireless Music Beanie with Headphone

If your husband enjoys listening to music while running, but struggles with his phone, think about getting him this beanie.

Not only it will keep him warm, but he will also enjoy a clear sound and high performance.

It can be easily washed without any risk to be damaged in any way.

This table lamp is very useful for him

50th birthday gift ideas for best male friend

Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

The tree of life is a symbol of prosperity and an optimistic future, but this lamp is much more than that.

It is modern, very unique and it resembles the tree of life with its form.

It has also a wireless phone charger and a Bluetooth speaker, so it is a pretty impressive item that can complement any room.

Make dessert with this awesome birthday gift

50th birthday present ideas for male friend

Sharper Image Electric S’Mores Maker

Marshmallow is for many people a taste of childhood and nice memories.

People usually eat it on camping trips, but if your friend often talks about it, then surprise him with this electric heater.

It can be used at home for easy preparation of deserts.

It is safe for use since there are no open flames.

Let him grill his favorite food with this tabletop grill

50th birthday present for man who has everything

NOTO DIA Table-Top Charcoal Grill

This table-top grill is pretty practical for family gatherings and for days when your husband wants to prepare a meal for the kids.

It looks great and can be easily set up in the yard.

It has a wooden base and it requires using charcoal.

This type of charcoal doesn’t produce any smoke when burning.

Let him plant a beautiful bonsai

50th birthday gift ideas for a guy

Grow Your Own Bonsai kit

Growing bonsai can be a pretty enjoyable and relaxing hobby.

This kit includes all the things necessary for growing four breathtaking bonsai trees.

It is ideal for beginners, so if your husband never tried it before this will attract his attention for sure.

The kit also includes one beautiful pot and an e-book.

Let him build something nice in his free time

best gift for 50 year old man birthday

French Cathedral Architecture Model Craft Kits

Give your husband this stunning puzzle with Notre Dame on it.

It is a 3D puzzle with 293 pieces, so it will be a great hobby that will take hours of his time.

If he has been talking about wanting to find a hobby – help him out and give him a gift he will enjoy.

Now he can hold cold drinks comfortably

funny 50th birthday gift ideas for him

The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

This prank gift is a great choice for your friend’s 50th birthday.

You can hold a drink with it and then give it as a gift.

It will make him laugh for sure.

It is perfect for parties and family gatherings.

It is funny, and it will attract the attention of everyone in the room.

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