20 Best 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him and Her

60th wedding anniversary gift
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Spending 60 years with someone is truly admiring and very rare these days.

Diamond gift is the traditional 60th anniversary gift. It is said inside the diamond symbolises the constant flame of love.

If you are not sure what could you buy for someone who is celebrating this important anniversary, take a look at these 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

This is one of the best 60th wedding anniversary gifts

60th wedding anniversary gift

Personalized Wall Art

If you wish to buy something unusual for your grandparents who are celebrating their 60th anniversary, this clock may be just what you need.

It has a small tree where the images can be placed to show your loving family.

Every time they take a look at it, they will smile.

I think this is a nice 60th-anniversary gift idea for your parents

60th wedding anniversary gift for parents

60th Wedding Anniversary Sofa Throw

Spending practically a whole life with someone can just be a matter of destiny and the fact that it is true love.

Surprise the loving couple with this sofa throw that has a lovely note on it.

It is made of cotton and the design is truly inspiring and beautiful!

This necklace is one mesmerizing 60th wedding anniversary gift for wife

60th wedding anniversary gift for wife

Love’s Embrace Pearl & Diamond Necklace

Women love jewelry – that is a known fact.

This necklace is stunning.

The pendant is mesmerizing since the ribbons are made of gold and diamonds.

Six diamonds for six wonderful decades will help her beauty stand out, while the pearl symbolizes her inner beauty.

It is a great gift for sure.

Anniversary Sundial Gift

60th wedding anniversary gifts for grandparents

Anniversary Sundial Gift

While the sundial tells the time, the gift will make a loving couple happy with a personalized note on it.

The craftsmanship and the quality are outstanding, so it will be a wonderful decoration for years to come.

They are fully lacquered so they have additional protection against all damages.

That’s one funny 60th anniversary gift for the couple

funny 60th wedding anniversary gifts

Funny 60th Wedding Anniversary

These funny mugs will make any couple laugh.

It is a known fact that women are in charge and that men follow the instructions well.

If your grandparents love to make jokes, they will be thrilled about these mugs.

It will become their favorite ones for sure.

They are perfect for having coffee in the morning.

I am loving this t-shirt

60th wedding anniversary t shirt ideas

Gag 60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Romantic gifts and laughing together should never stop no matter how many years the couple spends together.

This t-shirt is hilarious!

It says “Just married 60 years ago”.

It is made of cotton and can be a perfect outfit for the anniversary party.

It will make people smile for sure!

This frame is going to be a sentimental gift for both of them

60th wedding anniversary gifts

Personally Yours Diamond Picture Frame

Give the lovely couple this great frame that has a poem on it and a place where you can insert their best image.

It is perfect as the 60th-anniversary gift.

It will make them happy for sure and remind them of the things that they have been through and managed to stay together.

60 years of hug is a lot

unique 60th wedding anniversary gifts

Wall Plaque Gifts for Couple

Marriage consists of a lot of nice things, hugs and kisses, but also the days when the weather is not so sunny.

Managing to stay together despite the obstacles is truly worth admiring and this gift will help them realize how blessed they are.

It shows the lovely count that will make them smile.

Check out this gift for your parents

60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Silverplated Diamond Anniversary Photo Frame

Surprise your parents with this heartwarming frame where they can put the image from their wedding day and then the one from the anniversary.

It is a lovely thing to see that someone managed to nurture a marriage for so long.

It will make them happy, there is no doubt about that.

That’s a sweet 60th wedding anniversary gift for your grandparents

60th wedding anniversary gift for grandparents

Personalized Willow Tree Figurine

Nurturing intimacy in marriage is the most important.

It consists of small acts of love and kindness.

This figurine shows the simplicity of a hug and all the emotions that can fit at that moment.

It is so simple and so powerful indeed.

Your grandparents will love it for sure!

These earrings are such a pretty gift

60th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Diamond Earrings

Choosing a piece of nice jewelry as an anniversary gift is always a good surprise.

These earrings are made of gold and they have a diamond inside, so you can be sure that they will sparkle and make any woman beautiful.

They come packed in a beautiful box making the overall impression breathtaking!

Decorate their house with this personalized gift

60th wedding anniversary gift idea

Personalized Anniversary Family Tree Artwork

True love never ends, that is the universal truth.

The fact that someone is celebrating 60th anniversary says a lot about their commitment and the love that they share.

This canvas shows two birds on a tree symbolizing the couple in love.

This is a truly nice decoration and a reminder that love is eternal.

Check out this anniversary plate

what is the 60th wedding anniversary gift

60 Years Married Together Porcelain Plate

This porcelain plate has gold rims on it saying “60th Anniversary”.

It is a truly stunning gift for someone who accomplished that much in life.

Keeping the family together for so many years is worth admiring, so this gift will remind them of the love that everyone has for them.

I think this is a great personalized 60th wedding anniversary gift for parents

60th wedding anniversary gifts parents

Personalized Religious Gift

Having an example of a good and loving marriage in your family is worth its weight in gold.

It is inspiring and uplifting, so make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their efforts and all the love they gave you.

This gift will tell them all of that in a very simple way.

This is a nice gift for your friend

ideas for 60th wedding anniversary gift

Personalized Commemorative Plate

A personalized plate is a great way to give your best regards to your friends for celebrating their anniversary.

It is a great decoration, and it will make their home even more beautiful.

It has two wedding bells with silver bands and they will love it, we are certain of that.

For Mr right and Mrs always right

60th wedding anniversary gift traditional

Ivory 60th Anniversary Mug Gift Set

Sixty years is a very long period, and it consists of many different moments, some that are good, some that are not that bright.

Well, thanks to being Mr. Right to the Mrs. Always right, all of those moments make this beautiful masterpiece called a loving marriage.

These mugs will just confirm that!

This is a nice gift for the religious couple

what is 60th wedding anniversary gift

Cherry Wood Wall Cross Gift

Without faith, there is no loving marriage.

Only through the belief that you will make it through the hard times, you can deal with all the hardships easily.

This gift will remind them of that with this gentle note on it that says “Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my favorite”.

That’s a sweet personalized gift for them

60th wedding anniversary gifts grandparents

Personalized Night Light

Endless love is the goal of every person in love.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary is the best proof that pure love exists. This infinity sign is a great reminder of that.

It can be customized with the names of the spouses.

It has an LED night light, so it can be perfect for their celebration.

Pavilion Gift Elements Angels 

Elements Angels

Saying that you wish all the best to the couple who is celebrating the 60th anniversary can be told in a pretty simple way with this angel.

It is a perfect gift to show your support and wish all the best to someone you care about.

It comes packed in a beautiful box.

How about a DIY gift?

60th wedding anniversary ideas grandparents

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

A casting kit is the best way to preserve a moment in time in a very simple way.

The use is pretty easy and it can be used for making a sculpture of the loving couple holding hands.

It will be a wonderful decoration but also a reminder of happy times.

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