20 Clever 6th Anniversary Wedding Gift For Him And Her

6th anniversary wedding gift ideas
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The 6th wedding anniversary is also known as the iron wedding anniversary.

This makes ironwork the ideal 6th-anniversary wedding gift.

The iron represents the strong will of the couple to make their marriage work.

Usually, the couple has a young family but has weathered the first storm of living together. Let’s see these clever anniversary gift ideas that we handpicked just for you.

Iron Couple Sculpture

6th anniversary wedding gift

Park Bench Sweethearts

I think this is a nice 6th-anniversary wedding gift.

Iron symbolizes strength and longevity.

This iron sculpture of a couple on a park bench is a classic.

The park bench is a meeting place for many couples and is usually the first place where a relationship blossoms into something beautiful.

Giving this gift is sure to bring back sweet memories.

Iron Lamp

iron anniversary gift for husband

Iron Water Pipe Desk Table Lamp

That’s a unique iron anniversary gift for your husband.

Men are generally expected to handle the handiwork and minor repairs around the house.

To recognize this important role, get your husband this metal pipe desktop lamp for your 6th wedding anniversary.

Apart from being unique, this lamp also celebrates his masculinity.

It will make a great gift.

Romantic Iron Sculpture

Couple Embracing Cast Iron Handcrafted Sculpture

This cast-iron sculpture is an awesome 6th wedding anniversary gift.

It features a seated couple.

However, what is most striking is the warmth and closeness exhibited in the posture of the couple.

Your favorite couple will treasure this sculpture that can be placed on a shelf, desktop, or tabletop.

Iron Roses

anniversary 6th year gift

Iron Forged Iron Roses

That’s a beautiful 6th iron anniversary gift for your wife. Roses shrivel and wither with time.

Although they symbolize love, they have to be re-sent every so often.

However, with these iron forged roses, their freshness remains forever just like your feelings for your beloved.

This makes them an ideal 6th wedding anniversary gift.

Their intertwined stems are a super sweet statement.

Cute Teddy Bear

6th anniversary candy gift ideas

Anniversary Teddy Bear with Candy Rose Gift

A gift of candy tells your lover that you consider them a sweetheart.

So, this candy rose is appropriate when you want to make a romantic statement.

The addition of the teddy bear tells them that they are cute and cuddly too. Your wife of 6 years will love this gift.

Iron Waffle Maker

6th anniversary gift for wife

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

This waffle maker makes an interesting gift, especially for a worker with computers.

This is because it is designed to look like a computer keyboard.

It can be used to make pancakes, hash browns, and of course waffles.  

You can connect it to the mains or heat it on a stove.

iron decor

6th anniversary gifts traditional

Handcrafted Iron Rose Masterpiece

Giving a handcrafted gift always show thoughtfulness in choosing a gift.

This particular romantic masterpiece features an iron-crafted rose, the number 6, and a heart-shaped base.

It is definitely a unique gift for a unique couple on their 6th wedding anniversary.

Iron Interlocking Horseshoe

6th anniversary gift traditional

Intertwined Horseshoe Hearts

What do you think of this traditional iron anniversary gift?

Horseshoes are a traditional item associated with good luck.

So, a pair of them means double luck.

This must be what a loving couple would feel to have been together for 6 years and looking forward to many more.

That is why the horseshoes are intertwined and for heart shapes.

Wall Art Iron Sculpture

6th anniversary gift ideas

Wall Art Iron Sculpture

For a unique gift, this iron wall art is a winner.

Featuring a couple in a romantic posture, this piece of art captures the closeness and warmth of a successful marriage.

It can be a focal point for conversations as well as a constant reminder that intimacy is the hallmark of marriage.

cast iron tea kettle

6th wedding anniversary gift iron

TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle

A shared cup of tea is a great way to show hospitality and companionship.

This is why a teapot is such a great gift.

This particular Japanese teapot stands out for its beauty.

It features a traditional Tesubin design and its cast-iron body means it will give service for a long time.

Hand Forged Heart Ring Dish

6th anniversary gift ideas iron

Hand Forged Heart Ring Dish

Iron represents durability in a marriage.

This makes this dish quite appropriate for a 6th wedding anniversary gift.

Hand-forged in the shape of a heart, this gift can be personalized with a romantic message or the names of the couple whose anniversary is being celebrated.

Abstract Iron Couple Art

6th anniversary gift for him

Affectionate Couple Art Iron Sculpture

This iron sculpture features a couple holding hands, heads bending forward, and maybe getting ready to kiss.

It is no doubt a reminder of the many intimate moments shared as a couple gets ready to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary.

The iron represents the durability and resolves in the marriage.

Wall Cross Decor

Entwined Hearts Wall Cross

Metal is forged in fire and marriage is forged by love.

When a marriage has lasted for 6 years, what better way to express this than to give a gift of metal hearts? 

This particular wall art features intertwined hearts on a cross.

It has a hook at the back for secure mounting.

vintge coffee grinder

wedding anniversary 6th year gift

Manual Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean

A cup of coffee is always welcome after a hard day’s work. 

If you grind it yourself, it becomes a treat.  

This antique coffee grinder makes for a personalized gift.

Not only does it look charming, but it can also be adjusted to various levels of manual grinding.

Handmade iron rose

ideas for 6th anniversary gift

Hand Forged Iron Rose

That’s one passionate 6th-anniversary gift for your wife.

Roses are universal symbols of beauty, love, and romance.

It is such a pity that they wither so fast.

You can beat this problem by giving a rose that is beautiful but does not wither.

This hand-painted forged iron rose is a splendid gift idea for a 6th wedding anniversary.


6th year anniversary gift iron

Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift

A gift of a sundial is one that will never age.

Since it represents the passage of time, it can be used for a very long time.

However, the beauty of sundials is that they represent the memories shared over time.

This one bears a personalized message to the lovebirds.

Love Horseshoe

6th anniversary gift iron

6th anniversary Horseshoe

Horseshoes portray luck and getting someone special to love you is pretty lucky!

This is why this pair of hearts at the center of this horseshoe makes such a thoughtful gift.

It can be personalized with the names of the lucky couple and the anniversary they are celebrating.

Personalize Iron Knife

6th year anniversary gift for him

Railroad Spike Knife

For the man in your life, this ornately crafted spike knife is a great gift.

It can be personalized with a name and a short romantic message on its side.

The gift also comes in an attractive wooden box that also bears a message.

It makes a unique 6th wedding anniversary gift for him.

Anniversary Necklace

6th anniversary iron gift for her

6th Wedding Anniversary Necklace

Make your wife feel special on her special day.

On her 6th wedding anniversary, you can give her this personalized metal necklace.

It bears the message, “I love you to the moon and back” as well as the occasion that you are celebrating.

Iron Wall Art

6th anniversary gift for husband

Personalize Wall Art

If you have a young family, this personalized wall art gift will make sense on your 6th wedding anniversary.

It features four figures seated under a night sky.

Two are adults and two are children.

It also has a family tree with spaces in which to put up pictures of members of the family.

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