22 Fun Bachelor Party Gifts That Make The Night Unforgettable

bachelor party gifts
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Do you have a male friend with upcoming nuptials? Perhaps you are about to tie the knot yourself and you want to get your husband-to-be a special gift before his last hurrah as a bachelor? We have selected a list of bachelor party gifts for a man who is soon to be wed.

Custom Whiskey Glass – Best bachelor party gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Weddingstar Custom Square Whiskey Glass

We’ve all seen bachelors and their drunken groomsmen stumbling from bar to bar, wearing matching tee-shirts and draped in other party paraphernalia. It seems to be a prerequisite for most bachelor parties that all of the men do shots throughout the night.

That’s why we absolutely love these thoughtful and touching personalized shot glasses. Not only are they handy for getting drunk at the bachelor party, but they serve as a fun memento of the occasion years later.

Bachelor Party Hats

Bachelor Party Hats

If your fiancé is heading out for a wild night on the town for his bachelor party, perhaps it is a good idea to remind him, and let everyone else know that strippers are not pre-approved by the wife to be.

These funny hats are the perfect light-hearted way to make sure that your man and his drunken buddies behave themselves.

Personalized Baseball Bat

Engraved Baseball Bat

This is a perfect groom and groomsman gift for all of the baseball fans out there. If sports are a big part of the soon-to-be-married couple’s lives, then you should definitely consider treating the groom and his men to these awesome, personalized baseball bats.

They will serve as a great memory of a very special day, and they can also be used for an impromptu baseball game after the reception!

Gauge Shell Shot Glasses

Gauge Shot Glasses

If you’re looking for a more epic kind of present, then this awesome 12 gauge shot glasses are perfect! They are the ideal balance of all of the most macho things- guns, tuxedos, and hard-core alcohol!

Glasses come in a set of four, so you could choose to get a set for each groomsman, or to share a set amongst them. Either way, these will be a welcome addition to their man caves.

Wedding Party Boxer Brief

Wedding Party Boxer Brief

This gag gift is a funny one because hopefully, most people will not be seeing the grooms and groomsmen in their underpants, though with bachelor parties you never can tell what is going to happen.

Prepare for absolute debauchery with these hilarious custom boxer shorts.

Bachelor Party Hat and Veil

Bachelor Party Hat and Veil

Remind the groom just how lucky he is to be marrying the one-of-a-kind woman of his dreams with this fun spin on a bridal veil.

Lots of crude men will make jokes about how marriage is a shackle, but why not put a twist on this tired adage by buying the lucky husband-to-be this celebratory hat so that he and everyone else at the bachelor party can worship the bride as they should?

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

Custom bachelor party gifts are a great keepsake for each man who attends. If your fiancé and his golfing buddies are super close and most of them are his groomsmen, then these personalized golf balls will go down a treat!

Each set includes a sleeve of three customized Wilson golf balls that can be used as decorations, or in a game of golf.

Best Man Bottle Opener

Best Man Bottle Opener

Once again, we have that winning manly combination of guns, tuxedos, and alcohol. What’s not to love? These used-bullet shot glasses come packaged within a sleek black gift box ready to present to your Best Man on his special day!

Plus, you have the perfect excuse to have a shot of liquid courage to get you up the aisle on your big day.

Personalized Groomsman Whisky

English Pewter Company – Personalised Groomsman Whisky

If you are looking for a truly special gift to give each of your groomsmen that is useful but also sophisticated and thoughtful, then why not opt for these terrific whisky glasses?

Each tumbler is supplied in an elegantly branded gift box and comes complete with a luxurious velvet bag to add a quality feel.

Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

Socks are a great gift any time of the year! But these customizable face socks are a whole new level of cool. If you are the best man for your friend’s special day, you could make him laugh with a gag gift of socks with your face on them!

Or, if you are the groom, why not get each of your groomsmen some socks with your face on them, so they don’t forget that you are the star of the show.

Groomsmen Gifts Set

Groomsmen Gifts Set

Get your groomsmen pumped for your big day! This awesome set includes a stylish hip flask, a tuxedo koozy, 80s-style groomsman sunglasses, and a stainless steel straw all packaged in one magnificent tuxedo gift bag.

Your best boys will be well kitted out with all of this fantastic groomsman gear.

Personalized Leather Bracelet

Personalised Leather Bracelet

If you are looking for a subtle and elegant gift to mark the occasion of a wonderful wedding, we highly recommend these stunning yet simple leather bracelets.

Customize these cool accessories in any way that you like! Either with each of your friends’ names, the date of the wedding, or a small symbol that is important and meaningful to everyone at the groom’s party.

Groomsmen Necktie Beer Holder

Groomsmen Necktie Beer Holder

Being asked to be someone’s best man is a big deal! You agree to take on additional stress and responsibility to ensure that your best friend’s special day runs smoothly. You will certainly have your hands full!

This is why these hilarious neckties are the perfect solution! Keep your hands free to perform your duties while making sure that a drink is never far from your hand.

Personalized Pocket watch

Personalised Pocket Watch

Nothing speaks of the old-school class quite like a pocket watch. There is something beautifully nostalgic and epic about watching a man reach into his pocket to draw out an exquisite timepiece at the end of a fancy chain.

Take this gift to the next level by personalizing each watch to give to all of your groomsmen.

Groomsman Kit

Kate Aspen Groomsman Kit

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to ask your best friends to be at your wedding? Call off the search, because we’ve found it.

Your friends will love being presented with these elegant gift boxes filled with everything they need to attend your bachelor party and wedding.

Personalized Groomsmen Wallets

Personalised Groomsmen Wallets

These elegant and unique groomsmen gifts are the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication and class to an otherwise messy bachelor party!

Write out a personalized message to all of your friends and brothers to treasure for years to come. Though these money clips look slim, they are incredibly durable and can hold up to 12 cards as well as notes.

Personalized Baseball Gift

Personalised Baseball Gift

This awesome sporty gift is perfect for the more active groom and groomsmen. Each baseball can be totally customized to show the name, role, wedding date, or whatever you want it to say!

Whilst these balls are designed to be displayed in a cabinet or office, they are fully functional and can be used in a real game.

Personalized M Tech Knife

Personalized M Tech Knife

These personalised pocket knives feature a sleek and unique design. Each stainless steel blade and beautifully crafted wooden handle are checked for quality before they are sent out.

When they are not being used, the blade can easily fold up before being put into a pocket or belt, keeping it handy for many purposes on a daily basis.

Funny Bachelor Gifts

Funny Bachelor Gifts

If your soon-to-be-married friend is insisting on a night of debauchery and ribaldry, and that includes a photo booth, then these crass blow-up ball-and-chains will be the perfect prop.

Printed clearly in hot pink, the message will stand out from a mile away, letting everyone know exactly what kind of bachelor he is.

Personalize Wooden Pen

Custom Engraved Wooden Pen

For a fun twist on the classic steel roller balls that are so popular amongst business people the world over, these wooden pens are a unique and thoughtful gift.

Add custom engraving to both the maple and rosewood box and pen for an extra special gift.

Personalized Money Clips

SOTANIA – Personalized 24K Gold Leather Money Clips

These stunning money clips are a sophisticated gift to give to each of your treasured groomsmen. Each wallet is made of real leather with space for cards, notes, and coins, and the engraved clips are made of 24K gold.

Write up to three lines of a personalized message on each money clip.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Chouggo – Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Nobody likes a warm or diluted whiskey, and these awesome-looking bullet-shaped cooling cubes are the perfect solution!

Each set of gleaming chilling bullets comes in a mini revolver barrel box. This novelty gift set is perfect for you and all of your alcohol loving bachelors.

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