47 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Secretly Wants

Best Gift For Boyfriend On Christmas
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Looking for the best gift for your boyfriend on Christmas? We have an excellent selection of premium, hand-picked gifts for you to peruse to ensure that you find the perfect gift to make your boyfriend smile this festive season.

Romantic Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Do you want a gift that is sweet and sentimental at the same time? These gifts are so romantic that they will make your boyfriend feel weak at the knees this Christmas.

Love Note Messenger

Lovebox Color & Photo

This gift is absolutely perfect for long-distance lovers! Treat your boyfriend to this thoughtful and meaningful gift that will allow the two of you to show each other how much you love one another.

This device is intuitive and easy to use! Send your wonderful man any message, quote, photo, illustration, or animation, which he will view as soon as he opens the lid!

An exciting and modern take on the classical and romantic love letters of old.

Long Distance Connection Bracelets

thoughtful christmas present for boyfriend

Bond Touch – Long Distance Connection Bracelets

One of the best gift for boyfriend on christmas for long-distance lovers this Christmas. The Bond Touch bracelets are the perfect and most romantic way for you and your partner to stay connected, even when you are far apart.

Sync up your bracelets to an app to send messages, pictures, or a vibration “touch” that will light up your partners’ bracelet with a color of your choice whenever you want your partner to know that you are thinking about them.

These bracelets are customizable, and you can order from a range of different wrist straps so that you and your partner can match the bracelets with your outfit each day. Also, you never have to take them off or miss a message because these bracelets are waterproof and extremely durable.

Prompt Journal

what to get boyfriend for first christmas

Knock Knock – Fill in the Love Book

This personal and sentimental gift will have your boyfriend glowing with pleasure this Christmas! The whole book is customizable, so you can fill it with beautiful and sentimental letters, hilarious jokes and shared memories, or anything that is in your heart!

Watch as he smiles in glee with each turn of the page, as he sees how much effort you put into making the perfect, meaningful gift for him.

Message In A Bottle

best gift for first christmas with boyfriend

Message In A Bottle

What could be more romantic than receiving a message in a bottle that is just for you? Well, now your husband can have this special moment for himself!

This Christmas, personalize your gift so that your boyfriend receives something truly meaningful, and feels loved and appreciated just as he should.

Write a letter from the heart and you can’t go wrong with this beautiful gift.

Couple Art Sculpture

the best gift for him for christmas

DreamsEden Affectionate Couple Art Resin Sculpture

Give your boyfriend the gift of a romantic Christmas this year with a stylish and classy sculpture that emanates love and warmth.

This antique-inspired resin statue represents the infinite love between two people and is a perfect way for you to express your feelings for your partner.

This gorgeous little statue will look great in any room of the house so that your boyfriend can see it often and be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

Wish Jar

best gift to give your boyfriend on christmas

Wishes Jar

Surprise your beloved boyfriend with this sweet token of your affection and commitment.

This tiny little jar represents one wish that your partner can use at any time. It is a thoughtful Christmas gift that shows that you want the world for your boyfriend and that you hope that all of his dreams come true.

Choose from different packaging options to make this the perfect unique and special gift to spread the joy to your boyfriend this holiday.

Funny Christmas Gift For Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend have a great sense of humor? If you two are always laughing together, and enjoy having a good time, then these are the gifts for you! Your boyfriend will really get a kick out of these great novelty Christmas gifts.

Funny Mug

funny christmas gift for boyfriend

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug

Any man would love to get cozy and sip out of this funny and thoughtful coffee mug gift.

If your boyfriend loves to drink coffee then this is a great gift for him! He’ll love to drink cups and cups of delicious warm beverages out of this sweet mug, which will forever remind him of you and all of the great laughs that the two of you have shared.

This mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe, which makes it perfect and easy to use any time, anywhere!

Handmade Knit Helmet and Removable Beard

funny christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Beard Head Barbarian Dwarf Warrior

Does your boyfriend have the strength and confidence of a Viking? Tell him you think so this Christmas with this great knitted helmet with a removable beard.

Not only is it hilarious, but it is super cozy and warm, too! Choose from a range of different beard types and colors that your boyfriend will love!

Easy to adjust beard straps and buttons mean that this beard and helmet will fit any boyfriend’s face snugly, keeping him warm and happy this festive season.

Funny Scented Candles

gag christmas gift for boyfriend

GSPY Scented Candles

Feel like being a little naughty this Christmas/ Watch your boyfriend’s face light up in delight when he unwraps this hilarious and risqué little Christmas gift.

Create a romantic space for a special date night for the two of you by lighting up this novelty candle, laying out a nice meal, and getting cozy together.

The floral scent will fill the air with a feeling of love, romance, and endless possibilities!

Back Scratcher

funny christmas present for boyfriend

Redneck Backscratcher– The Biggest Back Scratcher

Say hello to the best back scratcher in the world! (after you of course). This is the best gag gift for your boyfriend this Christmas.

Even when you are away your boyfriend can enjoy 15 perfectly-shaped scratchers gliding up and down his back and easing his discomfort.

Perfect for the boyfriend with an itchy back and a funny bone.

Funny Aprons

gag christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Miracu Funny Aprons

Does your boyfriend have a sense of humor with a dirty streak? Does he spend a lot of his time stoking up the fire of his grill? Then look no further! This is the perfect gift for him.

Not only will it make people laugh at his barbeque parties, but it is also functional and easy to wash. 3 deep pockets make this apron super handy, leaving your boyfriend’s hands free to grill to his heart’s content.

Made from heavy-duty cotton. Hang to dry to ensure that the funny message stays crisp and clear for years to come.

Funny Bullet Opener

gag gift for him for christmas

Funny 50 Cal Bottle Opener

Just like a bullet, this funny novelty gift will go straight to your boyfriend’s heart! Your boyfriend will be so happy to have this funny and useful bullet bottle opener as he pops bottles all festive season long.

This is a great Christmas gift if your boyfriend loves a good, cold brew every now and again. Watch as he opens his bottles with ease before kicking back to relax.

Comes with an adjustable neck strap for ease of use.

Funny Fish Sandals

funny christmas present for your boyfriend

Creative Fish Slippers

Watch as your boyfriend turns heads and gets the whole room in hysterics with these hilarious fish slippers.

This Christmas, if you are looking for a gift that your boyfriend will love, and will make him laugh too, then this is the perfect gift for you.

Not only are these slippers light-weight, soft, waterproof, and hilarious, but they are super comfortable and durable, too!

Sushi Socks

funny christmas present for my boyfriend

Rainbow Socks – Sushi Socks Box

Does your boyfriend love his sushi and wasabi? Maybe you two love to eat sushi together on your date nights? Either way, your boyfriend will love these cute and funny sushi socks.

The sushi sock box is the perfect gift set to get some laughs out of your boyfriend this Christmas.

These sushi socks are top quality and will keep your boyfriend so comfy and cozy this Christmas. Choose from a range of Japanese sushi: salmon, tuna, octopus nigiri, omelet, or butterfish, as well as maki with cucumber, turnip, and tuna.

Mini Pong

gag christmas gift for my boyfriend

Mini Pong – Bring The Party Anywhere Game

Is your boyfriend the life and soul of the party? Now he really can bring the party with him wherever he goes!

Suprise and delight him with this amazing and fun gift this Christmas. Play with 2-4 players at any pre-games, after-work drinks, parties, or just a fun Friday feeling!

No more spills and fuss! This game board comes with everything you need to have a perfect party every time. Each set includes 25 mini cups, 2 launches, a tethered ball, and a beautifully-crafted wooden game board.

Funny T-Shirt

gag christmas gift for your boyfriend

Disney Dwarfs Grumpy Graphic T-Shirt

Do you and your boyfriend like to tease each other? Now you can choose from a huge range of Disney novelty joke teeshirts to make him smile.

Made from cotton, these teeshirts are not just funny, but comfy too, and totally machine-washable!

Customize the size and color to make this the perfect gift for your loving boyfriend.

Unique and Unsual Christmas Gift For Boyfriend

Looking for something unique and exciting gift to give your boyfriend this Christmas? Here is a range of unusual gifts that he would never think to get for himself, but which we know he will absolutely love! Enjoy browsing this list of one-of-a-kind gifts that show your boyfriend how well you know him, and how much you love him, and cherish your relationship.

Audio Sunglasses

unique christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Bose Frames Tenor – Audio Bluetooth Sunglasses

These Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect gift for the modern man who loves technology. Redesigned to be ultra-chic and luxurious, these sleek-looking sunglasses play perfect sound whilst looking great!

Using modern materials, these sunglasses are super lightweight, block out 99% of the sun’s rays, are shatter- and scratch-resistant, and are finished in a stylish glossy black. They’ll allow your boyfriend to go about his busy day taking calls or listening to music, whilst also keeping his hands free for other important business.

Your boyfriend will love this gift!

Whiskey Drink Coolers

best gift for boyfriend on christmas day

Balls of Steel – Whiskey Drink Coolers

What could be a cooler Christmas gift than these funny whiskey coolers? If your boyfriend loves a good whiskey, this is the perfect gift for him.

Arctic core technology ensures that your boyfriend’s drinks will stay cool all night, without diluting his whiskey at all.

Just pop these steel balls into the freezer for 90 minutes and they’re ready to go! Your boyfriend will love and appreciate you for choosing such a unique and funny gift for him this Christmas.

A Watch That Gives Back

best gift for my boyfriend on christmas

Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian Watch

If your boyfriend cares about others just as much as you care for him, then you don’t need to look any further for the perfect gift.

Because you can choose a charity to donate to with every watch that is purchased, this gift perfectly encapsulates the Christmas spirit of giving.

Make your boyfriend look and feel good this Christmas, knowing that he has made a positive difference in the world, whilst looking stylish and remaining punctual at the same time!

Limited Edition Gun Decanter Set

the best gift for boyfriend for christmas

Gun Decanter and Bullet Glasses Set

Drinking whiskey will never be the same again! An elegant update to the classic whiskey decanter, this rifle decanter represents the strength and courage of your boyfriend, making it the perfect gift for him this Christmas.

This awesome gift will make any bar look amazing, and your boyfriend’s friends will love coming over to his place for drinks.

The decanter comes with 4 hand-crafted whiskey glasses, customized to look as though they have been shot with bullets to create an interesting and unique effect.

Fill up the decanter with your boyfriend’s favorite whiskey and make this his favorite Christmas gift of all time!

Beef Jerky

perfect christmas gift for boyfriend

Jerky Heart Beef Jerky

A play on the classic box of chocolates, this unique and funny gift comes with 10 mouth-watering flavors of jerky to surprise and delight your man. Just like Forrest Gump says; “you never know what you’re gonna get!”

Watch your man smile as he opens up this box expecting to see the cliched heart-shaped chocolates, but then feeling joy and excitement when he realizes that Christmas just got a whole lot tastier!

Jerky Bouquet

best gift ideas for boyfriend on christmas

Carnivore Club Exotic Jerky Bouquet

Join the Carnivore Club this Christmas and indulge your boyfriend with this fun twist on a romantic tradition. This jerky bouquet is the perfect gift!

This exotic jerky bouquet comes with twenty strips of jerky in four tantalizing flavors, so your boyfriend can choose to share with his friends, or keep it all to himself!

He’ll definitely be the most popular guest at your Christmas party once he opens up this bad boy!

Portable Espresso Maker

what is the best gift for boyfriend on christmas

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

What a great gift for the coffee-lover who already has it all! Allow your boyfriend to be his own barista with this awesome travel espresso-maker mug.

This great gift is perfect if you and your boyfriend enjoy outdoor adventuring around Christmas time. Bring your WACACO espresso maker up the mountain and take a break from the slopes with a steaming mug of delicious coffee as you marvel at the splendor of your view.

WACACOs come in Autumn, Winter, and Spring colors, are easy to clean, and come with their own beautifully-designed cases.

Floating Speaker

christmas presents for your boyfriend

Arc Star Floating Speaker

If your boyfriend is a sci-fi fan then boy, have we got the perfect gift for you!

This amazing floating speaker easily connects to WiFi, and music can be controlled through any smartphone. Green lights emanate from the base to achieve that perfect, eerie effect, but that’s not all! The funky base also acts as a charger for the speaker and for your phone, for seamless, easy listening without interruption.

Play some Christmas tunes to get into the spirit this festive season.

Personalized Christmas Gift For Boyfriend

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift that tells your boyfriend how much you love and admire him? Here is a range of thoughtful, customizable gifts that you can edit so that they are perfectly special just for him! Find him a gift that he will cherish for years to come.

Custom Spotify Plaque Art Night Light

good personalized christmas gift for boyfriend

Personalized Scannable Spotify Code Photo

Do you and your boyfriend have a special song that holds sentimental meaning to the two of you? If you have a cherished memory that you would like to preserve forever, then this may be just what you are looking for this Christmas.

Easily customizable, all you have to do is choose a text color, add a song and artist name, add a photo, and then upload the Spotify code to your special song, and voila! You now have the perfect sentimental gift for your boyfriend this Christmas.

Not only does this stylish gift have sentimental value, but it also acts as a night light with a range of colors for each LED lamp.

Custom Photo Lamp

romantic personalized christmas gift for boyfriend

Magic Lunar Romantic Custom 3D Photo Lamp

This Christmas gift perfectly expresses how much you love your wonderful boyfriend, and intend to cherish him for a long time to come.

Simply upload any photograph of the two of you, along with a personal message to be printed on the base, and soon you will have a gorgeous memory drawn by hand and then etched into glass so that you can both smile every time you see it for years to come.

This lamp is lit with soft lighting, so it is perfect for the bedroom, where you can both look at it every night before you fall asleep.

Custom Star Map

thoughtful personalize gift for boyfriend

BigCraftt – Custom Star Map

This unique and personal star map will make gift-giving extra special this year. This truly meaningful gift can be customized with the star alignment of the exact moment that you and your partner met- he’ll love it!

You can also choose the size of your poster, as well as the caption, and the frame.

Top-quality paper and printing means that this poster will look great in any room of the house, and proves to your boyfriend that the love you two share is totally out of this world!

Personalize Underwear

personalize gift for boyfriend on christmas

Personalized Wife/Girlfriend Face On Men’s Underwear

Let your boyfriend know that you’re absolutely crazy about him with these hilarious novelty boxer shorts.

Easy to design, just click the “Customize Now” button and upload your image- we’ll do the rest!

Give your boyfriend a laugh this Christmas with these comfortable, machine-washable, and funny underwear.

Personalize Lookalike Bobblehead

personalized christmas gift for boyfriend

HEYSEE Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Your boyfriend will love opening up this hilarious and fun gift this Christmas! It is guaranteed to make the whole family smile!

These custom bobbleheads are modeled from photographs that you submit, so you can give your boyfriend a mini replica of yourself so that he feels that you are always near him.

Your boyfriend will love being reminded of you whenever he watches your sweet little head bobble on the dashboard as he goes about his day.

Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

unique personalize gift for boyfriend

Personalized 3D Crystal Keepsake

Do you find yourself taking tons of cute couple photos, but then never looking at them again because they are lost amongst all the others in your photo folder? Well, with this magical 3D Crystal photo, you have the perfect way to proudly display all of your most special moments.

Choose a sentimental photograph from a wonderful day that you and your boyfriend spent together, then immortalize it in sparkling crystal that will stand out in any room! Choose your LED light color settings and watch your boyfriend’s joyous face light up every time he spots your thoughtful Christmas gift.

Crystal Keychain Photo

unusual personalize gift for boyfriend

Personalise Crystal Keychain Photo

This excellent crystal keychain is the perfect sentimental gift for your lovely boyfriend this Christmas.

Upload a special photograph of the two of you, and then choose the shape of your keyring- from round, heart-shaped or rectangular.

Each keychain has a light that is easily activated so that all of the finer details in your picture will be illuminated for everyone to see.

Film Roll Customized Keychain

best personalize gift for boyfriend

Film Roll Keychain with Personalized Picture

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend this Christmas, look no further! This customizable photo reel key chain is the perfect gift for the sentimental men out there. Now, wherever he goes, he can bring his most cherished memories with him.

Choose the size and number of pictures to display and then add a special message for your man to look at whenever she misses you.

Useful and Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

What to get the boyfriend who has everything? These practical and meaningful gifts don’t only look great, but are super useful, too! This Christmas, choose from some of the wonderful gifts showcased below to ensure that your lovely boyfriend is grinning from ear to ear as he unwraps his precious and thoughtful present.

Electric Heated Jacket

useful gift for boyfriend on christmas

ORORO Men’s Heated Jacket

This premium jacket is the ultimate gift for the adventurous soul this Christmas.

Imagine enjoying a day on the slopes during a perfect snowy Christmas, and being kept warm for 10 hours straight without a worry in the world. Plus, it’s machine-washable! It doesn’t get much better than that!

This jacket is powered by a battery that makes heating quick and easy. It is also super convenient, as it has an easily accessible USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices. Your boyfriend will love it!

Beer Dispenser

the best gift for a boyfriend on christmas

FIZZICS DraftPour Beer Dispenser

This amazing gift can be used with any beer! It works with any size bottle or can, and ensures perfect micro-foam bubbles in a rich and creamy head. If your boyfriend is a beer fan then this is the ideal gift for him this Christmas.

This latest product from Fizzics has USB power, fast pours, and is extremely durable, so you and your boyfriend can bring it along to any party or picnic.

The Fizzics is very easy to clean by hand, and must never be put in the dishwasher.

Multi-Function Night Light

EZVALO – 4 in 1 Touch Table Lamp

This is an amazingly functional gift to give your boyfriend this Christmas.

First up, it is a great nightlight with adjustable brightness to exactly match your mood every evening. Next, put your smartphone on the lamp base to get charged wirelessly (if your phone model supports it) how cool is that?

Thirdly, this amazing little device can also be linked up to your phone via Bluetooth to play some soothing tunes as you slip off to sleep. And last but not least, this nifty gadget has a swivel bar to place your phone at any angle for your supreme viewing pleasure.

DIY Whisky Maker

best gift for him on christmasDO YOUR WHISKY Infusion


This right here is the ultimate gift for the whiskey snob. Use a whiskey that you have at home (or any neutral alcohol) as the base which your boyfriend will infuse.

Your boyfriend can have hours of fun experimenting with three types of oak and six herbs & spices to give his mixes a truly personal touch. He’ll be the life and soul of any Christmas party, and all the year through!

The set comes with flavors, two mixing bottles, and 6 steel whisky cubes, ensuring that your boyfriend’s whiskey will remain cold all night, without losing any of that flavor by dilution.

Bath and Body Gift Set

christmas gift basket for boyfriend

The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set

Gone are the days when women were the only ones who could have a healthy skin care routine. Now your boyfriend can get that fresh glow every day with this amazing Man Can body gift set.

This manly washroom set in a paint can includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mist to keep your boyfriend smelling sweet and feeling great!

Bringing your boyfriend home to meet the family for Christmas? This is the perfect gift to get him prepared and smelling fantastic.

German Beer Stein

best gift for him for christmas

German Beer Stein Deutschland Shield Stein

Everybody loves a beer fest! This gift is the ideal Christmas present for any man because it can be used for beer, or anything else that he’d like to put inside it!

Get that authentic beer-swilling feel with this amazing 0.6 liter tankard, which will make your boyfriend feel like a Viking this Christmas.

Dishwasher friendly for ease and convenience.

Unscented Shaving Kit

The Art of Shaving – Unscented Shaving Kit for Men

If your boyfriend is a suave and sophisticated man, then he will love this excellent gift.

The Art of Shaving gift comes with everything your boyfriend could possibly need for his morning ablutions. You can ensure that he gets the perfect shave with shaving cream, shaving brush, after-shave balm, and a pre-shave oil.

The whole kit is unscented, so it won’t overpower the cologne that your boyfriend likes to wear.

Laptop Backpack

last minute christmas gift for boyfriend

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

You can’t go wrong with Herschel! The excellent design of a timeless silhouette inspired by the classic mountaineering style backpacks is the perfect trendy carrier for your boyfriend’s laptop and other documents.

The backpack is durable and made for any occasion, and is also super comfortable to carry! It has awesome shoulder straps that don’t rub or make you sweat and has back padding for extra comfort.

The tech-safe sleeve is padded and lined with fleece, and fits laptops up to 15”. An internal media pocket is the ideal fit for your smartphone, and the additional headphone port is perfect for an on-the-go playlist. Your boyfriend will absolutely love this thoughtful Christmas gift!

Unique Mug

best gift for boyfriend for christmas


Does your boyfriend love to watch the show ‘Vikings’? Well, now he can become one himself!

This amazing faux-leather drinking horn is the perfect accessory for any night out. And don’t worry about that curved bottom- the holder can easily transform into a stand, which enables placing the mug onto any flat surface.

This amazing mug is BPA free and 100% leak-proof, and it comes with a set of 2 straps so carrying your coffee mug around is a blast.

Spoil your boyfriend this Christmas, by indulging his manly urges with this amazing drinking horn.

Small Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Are you looking for something small yet meaningful to give your boyfriend this Christmas? We have a range of suggestions for you of products that don’t take up too much space and won’t clutter his apartment, but which will remind him of you and make him smile every day.

Meaningful Prompts

Party Bloom – Journal Prompt

Show your boyfriend how special he is to you by giving him a meaningful gift that will surely touch his heart!

This gift is sure to do that. It is a completely customizable gift that allows you to tell your lovely boyfriend all of the wonderful reasons you love him so much.

 Not only does this small gift help you express your love, but it also includes a sticker sheet full of popular emojis to bring an extra smile as your boyfriend reads through.

Your loved one can read it for years to come and remember that special moment you shared when they first read your sentiments in this amazing Christmas book.

Wireless Earphone

good christmas gift for boyfriend

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

These headphones are an amazing gift for a boyfriend who is tech-savvy, or who loves listening to music whilst driving, running, working, or sitting on the train.

These totally wireless, high-performance earphones can provide up to 9 hours of listening time, leaving your boyfriend free to continue on with his day without his music being interrupted.

The headphones are reinforced to avoid sweat or shock damage, and additionally, you can protect your Beats with AppleCare+. They are compatible with Android and iPhone and have a vast Bluetooth range to ensure that your boyfriend never drops a call from you.

Hand Casting Kit Couples

small christmas  gift for boyfriend

Hand Casting Kit Couples

Do you and your boyfriend love to do fun activities together? Perhaps you both love being creative and getting a little dirty? This gift is the perfect thing for the two of you to do together!

This kit comes with step-by-step instructions that anyone could follow, so even if you have never worked with plaster molds before, this gift is for you! The kit comes with everything you will need from start to finish, including skin-safe materials and a fancy black stand to proudly display your completed project on.

This is an excellent activity for the two of you to do together this Christmas!

Slim Leather Wallet

small christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Nothing beats the classic gift of a classy, environmentally certified, leather wallet. This Christmas your boyfriend will love opening up his gift and seeing this amazing wallet.

This wallet fits 5-12 cards, coins, and flat bills, and also has an extra secret compartment for storing away a secret emergency stash of cash.


small christmas  present for boyfriend

Carolina Herrara CH Prive Men’s Spray Eau de Toilette

Does your man love being well-groomed and looking after himself so that he always looks and feels his best? Then he’ll love this thoughtful gift of Eau de Toilette.

Every time he spritzes some onto his skin, or catches a whiff of it as he is going about his day, he will think of you and all of the beautiful memories that the two of you cherish.

This is an excellent and useful Christmas gift to show your boyfriend that you love and care for him.

Phone Sanitizer

useful small christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer and Phone Charger

First seen on Shark Tank, this revolutionary germ zapper is the ultimate Christmas gift for boyfriends who love being neat and clean.

The unit contains two scientifically-proven, germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your boyfriend’s entire phone. Using this phone cleaner on a daily basis will ensure that germs and illnesses are kept at bay. It charges his phone, too!

The PhoneSoap 3 was created with smartphones in mind, but will sanitize anything that fits inside – pacifiers, smartwatches, headphones, keys – you name it!

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