25 Cool Birthday Gifts For Male Friends That Are Not Socks

Birthday gift for male friend
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Men often complain that no one ever knows what to get them for their birthday, so they end up with mountains of socks and cologne.

We are here to help! We have compiled a great list of funny, thoughtful, and unique birthday gifts for male friends for their birthday, or any time of year!

Custom Bobbleheads Figures – Best Birthday Gift For Male Friend (Editor’s Pick)

Custom Bobbleheads Figures

These awesome, customizable Bobbleheads are a great, unique gift to get your male friends giggling in glee. Find your favorite picture of the birthday boy to send in, and within two weeks, he will be unwrapping this hilarious little “Mini-Me”.

Perfect for perching on a dashboard, this funny Bobblehead will nod and shake along with you wherever you go! The detail is fantastic, and no one will have any doubt about who this sweet toy is supposed to be representing.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

We absolutely love this awesome three-in-one gift! Not only will your friend be getting a kickass beanie in his favorite color, but it contains earbuds with excellent sound quality and volume. On top of this, each purchase comes with a free set of warm winter gloves to keep your man cozy!

Perfect for active men who hate when their earbuds fall out during a run or cycle, or even for men who have sensitive ears and find over-ear headphones to be uncomfortable. This cool beanie keeps your earbuds in place with very gentle pressure and can be worn for long stretches of time with no discomfort.

Horn Drinking Mug

Thor Drinking Horn Mug

Help your male friends to feel like the majestic Vikings that they are, with this magnificent drinking horn! Each mug is made by hand while the designers listen to singing praises to Thor. They are all unique in color and shape with a sleek natural finish for maximum authenticity. They are one of a kind, just like the birthday boy!

The Man Can Gift Basket

The Man Can Gift Basket

If you know a man celebrating an important birthday, like the big five-oh, we have just the thing. The Man Can’s masculine presentation and quality skin care products make this a fantastic gift for the special guy in your life.

Created by soap-making specialists of the Plum Island Soap Company in Massachusetts, these spa products are designed to soothe and rejuvenate the manliest skin. The Man Can include Licorice Fisherman’s Scrub Soap, heavy-duty hand butter, Spicy Shave Gel, Bay Rum Oil Aftershave, and a body-scrubbing sponge.

Futuristic Levitating Pen

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Luxury Levitating Pen

As your man celebrates another rotation around the sun, why not take him right into the future with this awesome, levitating pen. Perfect for an office desk, this pen will have every guest absolutely captivated.

Crafted over 103 unique processes with aircraft-grade aluminum and enduring zinc alloy, this luxury levitating pen will long outlive the birthday boy.

It is a nice birthday gift for male friend under 200.

Men’s Watch

Fossil Men’s Chronograph Watch

This stunning watch would make a great gift for a 40th birthday party, symbolizing the time when you truly throw up and become a man. Perfect for every and any man, the Grant collection is always in style thanks to its time-honoured, classic design. 

To make this an extra special gift, you can take your purchase along to any Fossil outlet to get engraved with your man’s initials or a secret, meaningful message.

Tech Kit Organizer

Bellroy Tech Kit Organiser Pouch

This awesome organizer pouch is the stylish solution to the birthday boy’s tech clutter! No more sloppy loose wires getting tangled up in the “man drawer” or tripped over by unwitting guests.

This sleek folio design allows the pouch to be opened out flat on any surface, making it quick and easy to locate whatever it is that you need to retrieve.

The magnetic slip pocket fits a power bank, stretch mesh pockets store bits and pieces, and the floating wall has an elastic cable organizer inside it to make your man’s life easy.

Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet

This is the perfect gift for the global man who is always on the go. With space for cards, cash, a passport, and a pen, you can ensure that your male friend has everything he needs in one handy, stylish spot. Say goodbye to last-minute panicking trying to get all of the important documents together.

Each wallet is made from environmentally certified leather and is stamped with the Bellroy logo to ensure authenticity. This wallet can hold all standard-size passports, though Irish and German passports are too big.

Beer Dispenser

FIZZICS DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Looking for a great 60th birthday gift for a male friend? Have no fear, we have just the thing!

Fizzics DraftPour promises to “convert any beer’s natural carbonation into micro-foam; a rich and creamy head that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor, and mouth-feel”, and we can guarantee that this machine truly is magnificent! Turn any can of beer into a sophisticated and delicious draft.

Portable Carbonated Growler

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

This is a great birthday gift because it would be absolutely perfect to whip out right at the birthday party!

This sophisticated-looking GrowlerWerks Carbonated Growler will keep any fizzy beverage cool and carbonated all day long. Whether you fill it with Kombucha, soda, beer, cider, or cocktails, this awesome piece of machinery has got you covered. Simply change the level of carbonation to fit the drink and you’re good to go! Carbon chargers are sold separately.

Funny Alien Figurine

Funny Alien Figurine

What do you get the man who has everything? Something he doesn’t need of course! These hilarious alien sculptures, named Flirty and Rude, are the perfect addition to any garden or porch, or mantlepiece.

If you’re having a great day, put Flirty out on the porch to blow kisses at passers-by, but if things are not going so great, maybe you want Rude to flip off your neighbors and their yappy dogs all day. Guests will laugh themselves silly at these funny little aliens.

Knighwhatt Pen Holder

Amoysanli Knight Pen Holder

Looking for a good birthday gift for the perfect gentleman? This awesome knight pen holder is a great home office or work desk accessory. Not only does it look totally awesome, but it’s practical, too!

The pen is mightier than the sword! And this knight gently yields to a superior man so he can put his thoughts down on paper in the most elegant and classy way. Anyone who comes to visit the birthday boy at work will love this fun bit of decor.

Pistol Whiskey Decanter

Pistol Whiskey Decanter

If you want a cool birthday gift for a male friend, then why not go for this awesomely-detailed pistol whisky decanter? Nobody loves a real gun at a party, but everybody loves a whisky gun!

The beautifully crafted decanter fitted onto a mahogany-stained display stand certainly makes a bold impression and will act as an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. Enhance your drinking experience by shooting for the stars with this cool birthday gift.

Pint Glass With Real Golf Ball

BenShot Pint Glass With Real Golf Ball

This one is for all of the avid golfers out there who can’t bear to tear themselves away from the green. At the end of a long day on the links, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as kicking back with some friends and slurping down a couple of cold ones.

Each glass is hand-sculpted around a real golf ball to ensure a unique and elegant product. Totally freezer safe, so you can leave the glass chilling overnight before filling it with your favorite beer for a crisp, frosty effect.

Jerky Ammo Can

Premium Jerky Ammo Can

We just love these Man Crate creations! Filled to the brim with delicious jerky in three different flavors, as well as an assortment of meat sticks, your unique Man Crates gift comes inside a steel, NATO-spec ammo can that’s air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

The Ammo Can is great for storing valuables, organizing equipment, or just leaving around for decoration. Your male friend will love gorging himself on succulent, tender meat sticks on his birthday.

Trucker Jacket

Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket

You can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. They look good on absolutely everyone, and they go with everything! This is the perfect birthday surprise for your man and he will be wearing it for years and years to come.

Choose a tight fit for a more sleek and refined look, or go up a size or two for relaxed, over-the-hoodie fashion. These jackets will keep the birthday boy cozy and warm, and ultra-comfortable, too.

Funny Garden Figurines

Lhocm Funny Garden Figurines

This mind-bending little duck banana sculpture will entertain strollers and joggers alike as they explore the neighborhood.

Each Banana Duck Garden Gnome Statue is hand-painted with vibrant colors, and is made from durable resin and hand-painted with UV-resistant paint. Leave it outside rain or shine, and it will still look magnificent for the next few birthdays that roll around.

Portable Cooler Bag

StowCo – Portable Cooler Bag

If your favorite man friend is often seen struggling to cart a giant cooler box full of beers to picnics and parties, then he’ll love receiving this thoughtful and highly useful gift!

The StowCo portable cooler bag has a hard outer shell to protect its contents from being crushed or dented, while also keeping everything cold and crisp all day long. You don’t need to add any ice or ice packs, simply load your beers from the fridge to the bag and you’re good to go!

Knife Making Kit

Knife Making Kit

This is the ultimate gift for a man who likes to work with his hands. It’s such a fun gift because it keeps on giving! This awesome kit will teach your man a new skill that he can use for the rest of his life to create awesome projects for years to come.

DIY Gin Making Kit

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

This is a great gift for the more sophisticated gentlemen out there, and perfect for a sunset birthday party. Everyone will love sipping on delicious GnTs while celebrating the birthday man as the sun goes down and illuminates the sky in brilliant golds and oranges.

Thi skit includes everything that your best make friend needs to make three bottles of small-batch craft-gin at home, and it’s easy enough for anyone to learn in an evening.

Funny Pole Dancing Gnome Statue

Funny Pole Dancing Gnome Statue

This is a fun tongue-in-cheek twist on the classic garden gnome and is the perfect birthday gift for the eternal bachelor. Guests will giggle as they spot this cheeky pole dancer strutting her stuff among the geraniums.

This naughty little gnome is made of extremely durable resin, so it’s perfect for keeping outside in the garden, and she won’t be bothered by rain, wind, sun, or whatever else nature throws at her.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

We love these mini Beats from the kings of wireless headphones! They are the perfect birthday gift for any man on the go who likes to listen to music while he is out and about being active.

Not only is the quality and volume of sound excellent, but these nifty little buds also act as noise cancellers. The soft tips mold perfectly to your ears to ensure comfortable and stylish listening. Compatible with Apple and Android.

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Desktop Finger Boxing

Desktop Finger Boxing

If your man loves quirky little distractions to help ease stress or take his mind off of serious matters for a minute, then we suggest treating him on his birthday to these funny little finger boxers!

Instead of taking out his frustrations on his coworkers, your male friend can now box it out with this cute mini boxing bag that sticks onto any hard, smooth surface. The kit includes two tiny boxing gloves for his pointer fingers and an adorable little book filled with boxing manoeuvers and trivia.

Laptop Backpack

TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack

This is a great, practical birthday present for working men who have a commute into the office every day.

The interior pocket fits most laptops and also contains an internal organiser for pens, phones, and other small bits and pieces. The large main compartment is perfect for books, a jacket, and other carry-on essentials, plus, the side pocket can stretch to fit any water bottle.

Slim Metal Wallet

Dango M1 Maverick Rail EDC Wallet

This unique and eye-catching wallet is the perfect birthday present for a man who loves to stand out in a crowd. No one else will have a wallet like this amazing futuristic-looking wallet.

We love the sleek design that helps to keep all of your man’s cards neat and organized while looking super cool! He’ll love casually sliding out his ID to a chorus of admiring noises the next time he’s out drinking with his buddies.

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