33 Unusual Birthday Gifts For 21 Year Old Male That They Love

Birthday Gifts For 21 Year Old Male
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Go shawty… it’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday… and if not, the best we can do is come up with a fresh and totally sick gift for this special day.

There hasn’t been as much hype about any age than about this one… not even the infamous 40s. 21 is the threshold for everything – responsibilities, careers, but also uncorrected and experienced-to-the-fullest FUN. So sit back, relax, and get ready for our birthday gifts for 21 year old male!

Floating Sneaker Stand

birthday gifts for a 21 year old male

X-Float Levitating Shoe Display

Now how in God’s creation does this work? Looks like a tech piece someone smuggled out of Area 51. But no, it’s just good ol’ magnets. One that gets easily inserted inside the heel and the others installed in the stand.

That’s how this neat souvenir functions in order to satisfy the gaze of any Hypebeast or sneaker lover. If you know someone who worships trendy footwear and treats shoes like trophies, this is a perfect match for him. 

Personalized Bobblehead Figurine

creative 21st birthday gifts for him

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Bobby, bobby, bobblehead, we meet again Bobbleheads are a timeless gift that has managed to stay afloat ever since 90s movies popularised the figurine.

To get your birthday boy one you should, first, provide a portrait photo of him to the craftspeople, specify his eye colour and choose a hair colour from the available palette.

Once they’re finished with the hard part, the head, the torso of your choosing is applied directly. You can have yours in less than 10 days! 

21st Birthday Gift Box For Him

birthday ideas for 21 year old male

Vintage Candy Co. 21st Birthday Childhood Gift Box

We’ve already praised the finger-licking and honey-sweet side of life when one gets his hands on this box. A gift box packed to the brim with goodies for 21 years old man’s sweet tooth is an excellent and also zero-sweat choice.

Inside you’ll uncover the most nostalgic of candies that once sugared the days of youth. For anyone who wishes to start his day with a glucose injection, a box like this is a dream come true. 

Audio Sunglasses

unique 21st birthday gifts for him

Bose Frames – Audio Sunglasses

We ask you to go outside and take a look around yourself. The majority of youths today rock a sweet pair of wireless headphones and create a private bubble for just their music and themselves!  

The Bose brand has been a beacon of exceptional sound quality and no audiophile will put money on another opinion. Now they’re bringing their A-game to the world of eyewear by crossing state-of-the-art tech with designer glasses. 

The open-ear headphones allow you to enjoy music while staying aware of your surroundings; battery lasts for 3 and a half hours of uninterrupted streaming; and, most of all, they come with a built-in mic!

This is definitely a unique gift for the 21 years old man.

Bath Gift Set for Men

birthday gift ideas for 21 year old man

The Man Can All Natural Bath

Shortly after featuring the jerky ammo pack, we have another survival kit for males to keep at back of their minds. If you weren’t convinced by my words about the toiletry bag, then you can’t resist the rustic appeal of this set.

The Man Can gives you an all-in-one experience: body mitt, hand butter, bay rum oil, shave gel, and soap. 

Smart Watch

birthday present ideas for 21 year old male

Apple Watch

Getting a watch for your birthday is quite the… timely gift. (I’ll show myself out) But bad puns aside, owning a watch is pretty cool and neat, and shows to the world that you mean business. To set the record straight, smart watches in particular have caught the eyes of many smartphone users who love the have all their tech items synced.

Apple’s watches in particular are an integral part of the Apple Eco system and allows you to check notifications, messages, updates, set alarms, track your health metrics and much more all from your wrist! 

Viking Drinking Horn

male 21st birthday present ideas

Norse Tradesman Genuine Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Though it’s been long disproved that Vikings didn’t don horned helmets, the mythology behind the lie is too powerful to be slain in one swing. Not to discourage the Viking fan in you, horned helmets were probably worn for cultic purposes, so the purchase is still justified!

Vikings are as fascinating as enigmatic, and never left the stage of the most interesting cultures in world history. If your gift recipient loves reading sagas, has Ice Land or Norway in his country bucket list, and can’t shut up about Marvel’s inconsistent representation of Thor, consider a horn! 

This is definitely an unusual gift for the 21 years old brother or boyfriend.

Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

what do you get a man for his 21st birthday

Nostalgia Pop-Up 4 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Design is retro but the tech inside ain’t retrofitted. The first hot-dog toaster came around in the 90s, not too long before your 21-year-old appeared on Earth. Hot-dogs have been a lunch menu for many kids around the world.

They were the treat our moms would then and now reward us with. But you’re an adult now, and adulthood means hot-dogs whenever you feel like. This one can cook up to 4 hot-dogs at a time, and it comes with a removable cage to allow you to safely remove them!

Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

what to get a 21 year old male for his birthday

Anker Nebula Capsule – Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Remember when the only time you could immerse in motion-picture entertainment was by visiting the cinema, and buying a projector was just out of the question!

It comes to the minds of few that tech has probably made the latter available for us. Meet the Anker Nebula Capsule, a wi-fi mini projector with 360-degree speaker audio. Connect it via HDMI and on screen stretching up to 100 inches! 

Retro Wireless Keyboard With Tablet Stand

21st birthday gifts for boyfriend

Qwerkywriter Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard with Tablet Stand

The tablet market may give off weird vibes at first but with the implementation of sophisticated pen support and third-party add-ons like this one, many students who don’t need that much horsepower gravitate towards tablets.

For keyboard enthusiasts especially, this typewriter operates with mechanical switches and emulates actual typewriter experience. The latch on the left is programmable to your taste and the knob on the left lets you control your volume and page scroll. Go wireless or USB to connect, just don’t take it to the library! He is going to find this gift so useful.

Personalized Distressed Leather Toiletry Bag

personalized 21st birthday gifts for him

Monogrammed Rustic Leather Dopp Kit

At a certain age boys learn that toiletry essentials like soaps and shampoos will be the most likely Christmas or Birthday gift for the rest of their lives.

So why not carry them around in a fancy, tanned leather toiletry bag.You can choose between Chestnut, Mahogany, Rock, and Charcoal colours! It’s an awesome for an awesome young adult! 

Funny Just Turned 21 T-shirt

funny 21st birthday gifts for him

Just Turned 21 T-shirt

If you were younger, I would’ve lectured you on obscenity but now it’s all about making your own rules! Rudeness is an inevitable part of life – you’ll either take it or give it, but it’s best to contain it to an edgy shirt stating one’s birthday.

To potential buyers, we’ll let them know this is only for the occasion… in case the gift’s recipient likes deceiving people on the streets. In that case… weird. 

Scandinavian Watch

luxury 21st birthday gifts for him

Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian Watch

Pretty much the whole of Western Society began organising itself by the model of the watch. Solar systems suddenly obtained new shapes based on the circular form of clocks, and there wasn’t a faction of public society that didn’t adhere to the conception of linear time.

A classic like watch like this one ought to give a more respectable look when meeting friends and, most importantly, future business partners! 

Whiskey Drink Coolers

best birthday gifts for 21 year old male

Balls of Steel – Whiskey Drink Coolers

Let’s face, you’ve been drinking way before you hit the 21st number. Sippin’ beers with your dad, maybe gunning down shots with your friends. No more hiding now, you’re an adult and you’re gonna drink like one! If you like your whiskey cold but not diluted, then bid adieu to traditional ice cubes.

These Balls of Steel will keep your beverage cool without messing up the taste. And if it couldn’t get cooler, part of the sales’ money goes to funding testicular cancer research. How cool is that! 

Wireless Beard Trimmer

awesome 21st birthday gifts for guys

Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Razors sure do the job but are they easy on your skin while shaving? And how alert should you be while shaving? If you have to think twice about these questions, then a traditional razor may not be your best bet.

The electric beard trimmer offers you not only a comfortable grip, but incomparable 360degree control. There are no removable parts but a dial to change the sharpness levels. Super easy to clean and super easy to use. What a better way to enter manhood. 

Engraved Keepsake

keepsake 21st birthday gifts for him

3D Engraved – Tower Crystal

3D crystal images have taken our world, and Quokkadot’s website, by storm. As we’ve encountered many other memorable amulets across our lists, none has remained so firmly attached to our wide roster of gifts.

The 3D Crystal Frameworks by taking an image you’ve provided to the craftsman and then laser sculpting it inside the block. It is a nice gift of keeping your 21 years old boyfriend close to mind when you’re away. 

Jerky Ammo Can

21st birthday gift baskets for him

Mancrates – Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Hunter, fisherman, or simply a meat lover: the Premium Jerky Ammo Can has stored all the meat essentials you’ll need when being on the road, having a bad day hunting, or surviving a zombie apocalypse.

In case of emergency, you’ll be guaranteed the delectable taste of lean Red Pepper, Candy Sweet Picante, and Original Flavour beef jerky. Feast both your eyes and tastebuds on this galore of pure meat. 

Wireless Gramophone Speakers

cool birthday gifts for 21 year old male

Victrola Gramophone Symphony Bluetooth Speakers

Alright, it’s time we drag the 1920s to the 2020s! For lovers of the roaring 20s and retro memorabilia, we suggest the Victrola Bluetooth Gramophone speaker.

It acts just like your regular Bluetooth speaker – a rechargeable battery lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge. Choose between Oak and Walnut colour and get jammin’! 

Handmade Slim Leather Wallet

21st birthday gifts ideas for guys

Mr. Lentz – Handmade Slim Leather Wallet

What is a man without his wallet? Today’s wallet are following the trend of getting slimmer, ultimately abandoning the bulky wallet format of yesteryear. The more optimised stores become, the less cash you have to carry.

That is way a truly modern wallet is designed to fit only the essentials – 6 cards and some cash! Personalise it by engraving your name and choosing amongst a handsome selection of keychains! 

Portable Espresso Maker

what is the best gift for a 21 year old man

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Whether it’s for a girl (link) or a boy, the portable espresso maker has been a favourite of our audience since we first introduced it. This time around, this handy tool comes with a twist.

Choose between 4 fresh colours to match your style and personality. It works just like any other espresso maker though – ground coffee on one side, hot water on the other. Wait for 5 mins and press the button in the middle. 

Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

special 21st birthday gifts for him

Hide & Drink – Cruzy Leather Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

Drink and drive shouldn’t be the moto of just alcohol drinkers. Now coffee and tea lovers can enjoy an insulated bike handlebar cup holder that keeps your beverage insulated as you cycle.

It accommodates coffee cups, soda cans, 12 oz (355ml) bottles, and flasks. It’s pretty much a must for any bike commuter (not to mention it looks super fly on fixed-gear bikes)! 

Ergonomic Mouse

thoughtful 21st birthday gifts for him

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

It’s true that mouses come in all shape and sizes, but have you had the chance to feel the outer-worldly grip of a 57-degree mouse. Its cutting-edge design by Logitech provides gamers and those with too much screen time with an excellent handle to hold onto during intense computer sessions.

And if you worry that you’ll have keep buying new batteries every 3 weeks, it comes with rechargeable ones that will keep you going for 4 months on an end! 


best 21st birthday gifts for guys

THE ONE By Dolce And Gabbana

It doesn’t matter who you are – gamer, jock, geek, bookworm. Women go nuts over nice scents. It’s a bit primitive, we know, but who isn’t taken by fragrances.

Our brain is somehow preprogramme to fall pay rigid attention to nice-smelling people. If you want to be a leader, fit in the crowd with minimal effort, and, hopefully, attract your crush – two to three sprays  on the neck will do the trick! 

Hoodie That Turn into Backpack

cool 21st birthday gifts for guys

Quikflip 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie

We all see those DIY fashion reel on Instagram, but rarely there are any targeted at a male audience. What if you have to pick your gear from soccer practice but forgot your gym bag? No fear, the 2-in-1 is here.

No fancy talk on this one. Some simple folding and getting-used-to are needed to get the hang of it, but once you master it, it will be an indispensable part of your everyday carry! 

Virtual Reality Headset

what do you get someone turning 21

Oculus Quest 2 – Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Back in the 90s Nintendo tried to reshape the landscape of home entertainment by launching the Virtual Boy – the forefather of present-day VR headsets. It was clunky, gave you eye strain in no time, and to top it all off – it enjoyed a poor library of games.

Fast forward 30 years, we have big companies like Valve putting their most famous titles on the VR ring. The Oculus Quest 2 will help you connect to any console you wish and immerse you full 360 in a world of ones and zeros. 

Electric Skateboard

what do you get a 21 year old male for his birthday

CAROMA Electric Skateboard

Is pushing a skateboard with your leg too analogue for you? Or you simply get tired after hours of cruising around town and need a little boost? Ever since Casey Neistat started rocking an electric board all eyes turned away from the classic skateboard industry.

Skateboards from Caroma don’t differ much from regular pro skateboards in terms of price. You’ll be speeding up at a maximum of 12.4 mph thanks to the intuitive remote control which also controls your breaks!

Denim Jacket

ideas for 21st birthday gifts for him

Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket Outerwear

If you’ve attended Style 101 in school, you’ll now that Denim and Leather never go out of fashion. Even more so, Levi’s branding has been a hallmark of supreme Denim quality for decades. It’s time you gain some fashion consciousness and choose close for yourself! 

Mini Cryptex + Rings Inside

21st birthday present for guys

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

This one deserves a special type of person and, moreover, an ultra-special occasion. People familiar with Da Vinci’s inventions or who are coming from the popular TV show Da Vinci’s Demons will know of the fabled cryptex which Leonardo once used to send secret messages to his friends.

Just like a real cryptext, this one requires a password you can set yourself. However, on the inside you’ll find in a ring holder two Lord of the Rings-themed rings which you can, of course, swap with an engagement or any other ring! 

Salt Gun Fly Killer

good 21st birthday gifts for guys

BUG-A-SALT Ultimate Grilling Bundle

Summer’s here which means we take grills out in the sun and join the company of flies and other icky bugs. You try fly ribbons, old-school bug splatters, but nothing will match the joy zapping pests with a gun! While BBQ-ing, have your gun at hand to scare away intruders and send them a warning to not cross your territory! 

Men’s Skincare Facial Kit

WOLF PROJECT | Men’s Skincare Facial Kit

We’re getting down with male cosmetics! Similarly to the Man Can boxset, this kit contains 1 box of 5 hydrating face mask sheets, 1 hydrating aqua gel, and 1 face foaming cleanser. No matter your age, acne can stay for longer than expected.

Boys especially suffer the detriments of acne quite severely and must resort to a robust skin routine. If you know someone who’s already following a regiment, this would be a perfect addition! 

Home Decor Keepsake

memorable 21st birthday gifts for him

Toperkin The Kiss Bronze Statues Sculptures

At just 5.5 inches tall, this charming statuette of two lovers celebrates the joy of love and human connection. A sensitive gift for the sensitive kinds, this sculpture will ornate the desk, bookshelf, or coffee table of someone who appreciates love and may cherish his own romantic entanglement. 

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

what to get a 21 year old man for his birthday

Logitech Ergo Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

What a better way to bundle the Logitech mouse than with a Logitech ergonomic keyboard. To improve your writing posture, this specific keyboard gymnastically bends and makes its keys look as if they’re collapsing on the very surface. This allows you to reach commands and hotkeys quickly and with minimal effort.

The keys themselves are inwardly scooped to spare your fingerprints and protect you from numbness after long typing sessions. At last, you have the wrist rest pillow that offers 54% more support and reduces carpal tunnel. Programmers, writers, and anyone who relies on computers for work will be thankful to you for the rest of his days! 

Found something interesting with our list? We put in tons of hours of research into gift ideas and what gives people that hit of dopamine when receiving something new.

Check out this post for more gift ideas for a 21 years old man.

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