25 Good Birthday Gifts For Coworkers That You Don’t Hate

birthday gifts for coworkers
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Your colleague’s birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get for them. We have scoured the internet for a range of birthday gifts for coworkers.

We have something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s funny, useful, unique, elegant, or sentimental, you’ll find something perfect in this list.

Futuristic Luxury Levitating Pen – Best birthday gifts for coworkers (Editor’s Pick)

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Luxury Pen

As your coworker celebrates another revolution around the sun, why not catapult them into the future with this fantastic hovering luxury pen?

This is an excellent birthday gift for coworkers who love gadgets and technology. It’s incredibly durable; this pen will probably outlive you! When they feel distracted or fidgety, they can spin the pen on the pedestal and let it boost their focus and creativity.

Or watch, sit back, and relax. Your coworker will love grabbing the pen hovering at the perfect angle in thin air.

Wine Chiller

Huski Wine Cooler

Thank Goodness It’s Friday! That’s right, now TGIF is any day of the week with this awesome wine cooler birthday gift for a coworker.

This iceless cooler will keep your drinks cold for up to six hours. Put your favorite wine in during lunch break, and by the end of the working day, you will be cracking open the perfectly chilled bottle with your coworkers.

Edible Fruit Tea

Capuli Edible Fruit Tea

This amazing edible tea will deliver a whole new world of flavor to your aging coworker. This perfect birthday gift can be re-used and then chewed to make sure that every single drop of yumminess is enjoyed and savored.

This is a great birthday gift for coworkers who are health conscious and take note of the things that they are putting in their bodies. All of the top-quality fruits are ethically sourced from small farms in the USA and Colombia. They are naturally dehydrated for 12-14 hours in ovens without preservatives.

Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw

JoGo – Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Straw

Do you have a colleague who always seems to be in a hurry because they’re late? Why not give them the gift of time with this awesome JoGo? They’ll be able to brew coffee and tea on the go, making up for any precious minutes they lost in the morning traffic.

This brewing straw provides the delicious and robust flavor of French-press style coffee but with the ease and convenience of instant.

Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem! The JoGo can also be used to filter other beverages such as loose-leaf tea, or fruity cocktails. Or, remove the filter and use it as a regular reusable straw!

Funny Mug

MAX’IS Creations Mug With A Basketball Hoop Mug

This is a really fun birthday gift for coworkers who like to procrastinate and often find themselves distracted from work. To make this the perfect gift, pair it with an instant hot cocoa mix, and some mini marshmallows.

Your coworker will love taking shots with the marshmallows; each basket he scores will be rewarded with the gooey sweetness of a melted mellow. Perfect for those days that drag on and on.

Music Player

Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player

Do you ever feel nostalgic for the old iPod Shuffles that could clip onto your clothes and would play you perfect sound for hours and hours? Well, now you can have the new and improved version!

This is an excellent gift for coworkers who often forget their phones at home, or don’t have any service. The mighty Vibe will play your coworker’s Spotify and Amazon Music playlists and podcasts offline without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.

Magnetic Air Bonsai Planter

Authentic Levitating Floating Plant Pot

Take desk plants to the next level with this incredible, gravity-defying floating plant pot! This amazing design blends nature and technology in the most magical way. This is an awesome birthday gift to let your coworker know that you care!

It is designed to rotate smoothly while suspended in the air, allowing for your precious plant to get a sweet 360 degrees of sunlight exposure.

Under Desk Organizer/Charger

Under Desk Organizer/Charger

This amazing under-desk organizer will be a perfect birthday gift for any coworkers who crave order and tidiness at all times. This is a great solution that keeps everything tucked away out of sight, convenient, and useful, all in one satisfying little package.

The amazing Smart technology of the USB charging ports will instantly recognize any product you plug in and regulate the charge to be the most effective.

Desktop Boxing

Desktop Boxing

This fun little game will keep the more distracted coworkers entertained for hours. This is a fantastic birthday gift for coworkers who need to channel a bit of pent-up energy.

All your coworker needs to do for some much-needed relaxation, is stick the mini boxing bag onto their desk, slip the two mini boxing gloves onto their fingers, and have at it! This set also comes with a mini-book detailing some awesome boxing moves and trivia for inspiration.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This is a wonderfully appropriate birthday gift for a coworker who makes a cup of tea, gets totally caught up in work, and then realizes that their tea is icy cold before they’ve even taken two sips.

The Ember temperature control mug can be connected to your smartphone and programmed to save your preferred temperature and timing settings. It will keep your drink at the perfect temperature for up to six hours!

Hot Dog Stapler

ELIKAI Hot Dog Stapler

This is a really fun birthday gift for coworkers; just hope they don’t accidentally take a bite! This hilarious hot dog stapler will add a bright pop of color to your coworker’s office cubicle, and get everyone who comes to talk to them cracking up, or running outside to find a hot dog stand!

The ergonomic shape of the hot dog means you can comfortably staple important documents together for hours without feeling any cramps or fatigue in your hands. Your coworker will love it!

Table Top Mini Bowling Game Set

Table Top Mini Bowling Game Set

This is another perfect little game for all of the fidgeters out there! This will keep your coworker occupied while they think about particularly troublesome work problems, reward them during their work break intervals, and add a little fun to their office decor.

This miniature bowling pin is super easy to set up and use. Position the skittles, place the ball in its groove, and take your best shot! Start a tournament with your colleagues and perhaps even start a league!

Mova Constellations Globe

Mova Constellations Globe

This is a perfect birthday gift for coworkers who love to have their heads in the clouds all day and are always studying the stars at night.

The MOVA globe features eighty-eight constellations and the Milky Way. We love this fun twist on the classic Earth globe that many people like to feature in their office space. The MOVA Globe uses solar energy to rotate silently on its own in any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, with no batteries or wires required. 

Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

This is a really thoughtful birthday gift for coworkers who are always on the move. The WACACO Nanopress Portable Espresso Maker is a sight for sore eyes in those early Monday morning meetings!

Now you and your coworkers can keep sipping on hot, freshly brewed coffee throughout your day (and even during those pesky meetings that definitely could have been an email!)

Custom Face Socks

ShineSand Custom Face Socks

This is a really fun gift for a coworker who has a sense of humor. This unique gift is totally customizable, simply upload a photo to the site, and they will print it on some brightly colored socks.

If you want to really blow your colleague‘s socks off, why not prank them by printing your boss’s face on the socks? Even if your coworker gets a bit of a fright, we guarantee the rest of the office will get a kick out of it.

Novelty Message Stamp

Self-Inking Novelty Message Stamp

This is an excellent birthday gift for coworkers who are feeling particularly feisty! Whenever someone puts documents on their desk that they don’t want to deal with, they can simply give them the “Not my job” stamp and move on to more pleasurable activities- like celebrating their birthday with all of you, their beloved coworkers!

Neck Massager With Heat

Neck Massager With Heat

This is a particularly great gift for coworkers who spend hours every day craning their necks in front of a computer.

This futuristic neck massager is voice-prompted, so your stressed-out coworker can shuffle through three modes and fifteen different intensities hands-free! Soon your coworker will feel like a totally new person, and they’ll probably be in a much better mood throughout the working week!

Cell Phone Sanitizer & Charger

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitiser & Charger

Looking for simple birthday gifts for coworkers that’ll suit just about anyone? We love this cool phone sanitizer and charger. Everybody has a phone, so it’s sure to go down a treat.

This unit houses two germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your coworker’s entire phone, killing bacteria and germs. In addition, the PhoneSoap 3 offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging.

Assorted Tea Bag Gift Set

VAHDAM – Assorted Tea Bag Sampler Gift Set

Making a pot of tea is an excellent way to procrastinate at the office, so your coworker will appreciate receiving this amazing gift set for their birthday.

This lovely assortment contains forty tea bags with eight different flavors, including Himalayan Green Tea, chamomile mint tea, India’s original Chai, Hibiscus, and more! Each day you and your coworker can share an exotic new taste to get the day started.

Birthstones Healing Crystals Gift Set

Birthstones Healing Crystals Gift Set

This constellation crystal set is perfect for beginners and coworkers looking to expand their crystal collection. They will absolutely love this fun and beautiful birthday gift!

Specially selected natural stones are chosen according to each sign of the Zodiac, so you can get your coworker a perfect personalized gift that gives them everything they need to move forward in this next phase of their lives with happiness, grace, and health.

Kinetic Energy Sculpture

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

This is a really fun birthday gift that moves at random, so you get new designs and patterns each moment! Your coworker will be confused when they first unwrap this tricky sculpture- “what on Earth is it?” but soon, they will be awestruck as they watch the beams move and sway.

The double pendulum creates a fluid, relaxing rotation designed to change speeds and direction for no apparent reason. Perfect for whiling away the hours at the office on a Friday afternoon.

Unique Pen Holder

CYXStar Soldier Executive Pen Holder

You’ve heard the saying- the pen is mightier than the sword. We love this mini-knight pen holder for adding a touch of glamour and gravity to the proceedings. The knight makes a perfect little birthday gift for coworkers who prefer to write their notes by hand.

This is a great gift for a desktop at work or in the home office, and everyone who comes in is sure to comment on and admire it.

Moving Sand Art

SNNplapla Moving Sand Art

This gorgeous sand art is a fluid and ever-changing work of art. One minute it looks like a starry sky, the next, it’s misty, mystical mountains.

Get this birthday gift for a coworker who values a high aesthetic quality in their office decor, and is always on the lookout for a fun new piece of art for their workspace. They will be hypnotized by the colorful shapes as they move around the disc.

Floating Night Lamp

VGAzer Levitating Floating Night Lamp

For another excellent gravity-defying desk decoration, why not get this sweet birthday gift for your coworker? They’ll love it!

Because the lamp uses magnets to levitate, it does not require any batteries or messy wires to produce this fantastic illusion. The light turns on through the air using induction when your coworker presses the on/off button on the base of the lamp.

Stress Release Toy

ONO – Stress Release Toy

This small and compact roller rotates effortlessly in your hand and engages your fingers in full motion, making it the perfect gift for a coworker who is especially fidgety or anxious.

The soothing, satisfying feel and near-thoughtless motion combine to help your coworker calm their mind and stay on task while keeping their fidgeting under control.

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