20 Simple Birthday Party Ideas For Adults That Is Memorable

birthday party ideas for adults
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Looking for birthday party ideas for adults?

Do you remember all those great, fun, and colorful parties you used to have when you were little? Can you remember all those precious moments spent with friends, the laughs you shared, and the games you played?

These moments don’t need to be simply a nostalgic piece of the past you reminisce about. Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your birthday, as it remains your special day. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate your birthday as an adult.

Backyard birthday party

Bust out the party decorations, we’re doing it classic style! Invite your friends and family to your balloon-decorated backyard and treat them to a round of piping-hot pizza and cocktails from your makeshift bar. Set up speakers and blast music that everyone could enjoy (if your neighbors have been adequately notified, of course).

Setting up a makeshift bar is central to this party, as this is where everyone will be getting their drinks from – be it beer, ciders, punch, cocktails, or something harder.

Providing your guests with decent drinks, food, and a relaxed atmosphere will ensure that everyone will be more than satisfied.

An at-home birthday party

House parties are simply fabulous. The possibilities of what you can do at a house party are pretty much endless. From simply celebrating your birthday at home to turning your house into a disco, you just need to use your imagination.

House parties are a favorite of college students, especially when their houses are rented, and they have total control over what happens at their place.

Great things that could be done at a house party are playing drinking games, playing co-op video games, having dance battles, having everyone get a taste of your stunning cooking skills, or watching movies together.

Outdoors birthday party

What’s greater than the endless expanses of the wilderness? What’s better than building a camp in a local forest, gathering wood with friends, cooking food inside a campfire, telling stories, or relaxing and stargazing? Doing all this with the people closest to you, on your birthday, that’s what’s better!

What’s that beautiful smell? Ah, it’s the campfire. Bring a guitar and turns into karaoke night!

Looking at the hypnotic fire, listening to live melodies, and enjoying juicy and freshly cooked food under the night sky makes for an unforgettable birthday experience.

Barbeque birthday party

Another spin on the backyard birthday party is the BBQ party. This one is especially fitting for men above 30 years of age. It is a perfect birthday party ideas for adults.

Gather your friends and family, fire up that BBQ, and let your roasting skills shine!

Manly birthday party

Gather up the guys, take your tools and rifles, stock up on beer and meat, and head for the mountains. This is the extreme version of the outdoors birthday party. What’s more manly than chopping up wood, starting a fire, hunting down and cooking elks, and sharing a buttload of beer, than doing all of that but with all of your best bros on your birthday?

Pool birthday party

If you have a pool, that’s fantastic – we’re going swimming, and we’re getting soaking wet.

Set up some nice hammocks, loungers, and parasols, and get everyone settled down and relaxed. Pull out that speaker and put on some good relaxing summer tunes, and invite everyone to a magical cocktail.

If you don’t have a pool – if the weather is good and it’s the right season- you can always find and reserve a pool near you. It’s your birthday, and nothing is going to stop you!

Spa birthday party

This one is for the ladies. It’s your birthday, so you deserve to treat yourself to a spa day. Bring all your girlfriends with you and have a rejuvenating experience together.

If you’re a straight guy with a significant other, that’s also an idea for you – treat her to a full day of blissful relaxation.

Pink birthday party

Color it pink! The fact that you’re an adult shouldn’t prevent you from decorating everything in your favorite color.

Surprise birthday party

Shh, you don’t want to ruin the fun, do you? Delete your browsing history, or they might find out you’re throwing a surprise birthday party!

If it’s not your birthday, and you’re positive the person you want to organize a party for isn’t doing anything for their birthday, then this is your chance to make their day. Literally.

Western birthday party

If you want to come up with a unique theme for your special day, one of the best ones you can go for is a Western birthday party. It’s so good because it’s simple. Nobody is going to wonder what it is or how to dress up for it.

The décor is also easy to come up with – cactuses, hay bales, wanted posters, wagon wheels, horseshoes, and so on. You can transform your backyard into a Western movie set and your house into a saloon or an inn.

Fun games you could play at such a party are horseshoes and saloon casino games. Another fun idea is to set up a “Wanted” photo booth, where guests can take their photos, leaving them with memorabilia and a party they’ll remember forever.

20s birthday party

Keeping up with the themed parties – let’s revisit the “Roaring 20s”!

Design unique invitations that are golden or silver color on black. Set up round tables for 6-8 guests each, with a fishbowl containing a single goldfish in the middle of every table. Place a deck of cards and set of chips, so your guests can play poker.

Another central element is setting up a bar, which offers a large variety of liquors, wines, and beers. You can hire a bartender for this, sparing you from having to work at your own party.

70s birthday party

Another great decade you can do is the 70s. Fill your home with lava lamps, hang a couple of disco balls, put up beaded curtains, and fire up a smoke machine. All of these scream the 70s!

Dress code – whatever the word “hippie” brings to mind. It’s simple, yet you can get creative and go all out!

Casino party

If you love blackjack, roulettes, and the shine of Vegas, then this is the perfect party for you!

You can transform your house and backyard into a casino – flashing lights, music, pool, roulette tables, cards, dice games, and poker. You can use fake money if the guests aren’t fond of the idea of gambling using their real money.

Of course, cocktails and hard liquor should be widely available for everyone, and finger food and snacks like chips and nuts are also a great addition.

Nightclub party

A great idea for something that you can always do is throwing a birthday party at a nightclub. This has the added benefit of a bar being already there, so you won’t need to worry about that. You can reserve a VIP booth and enjoy the music.

Spring birthday party

If your birthday lands in spring, some of the best ways to celebrate it are to go mountaineering with friends, go camping, have a backyard BBQ, attend an outdoor festival, or go to an authentic wine tasting.

Summer birthday party

If your birthday is in summer, the answer is obvious – go to the beach! Enjoy the sand, waves, and beach cocktails with your friends. You can also play beach volleyball, surf, or simply relax with summer tunes.

Fall birthday party

If your birthday falls in fall (pun intended), one of the most fantastic things you could do is to get the gang together for a trip to a local Oktoberfest celebration. If there aren’t any festivities around you, just create your own Oktoberfest at home.

Pitch a large zelt (tent) in your backyard, set up picnic tables, stock up on some great German beers like Weihenstephan, Paulaner, and Augustiner, and provide your guests with sausages, roast chicken, and pretzels.

Winter birthday party

If your birthday is in winter – go skiing or snowboarding! Gather everyone, go to a local mountain, and rent a lodge. After skiing and snowboarding, go back to the lodge and cozy up with some delicious hot chocolate.

Inexpensive birthday party

If all of these ideas seem too expensive to you, or you’re unwilling to spend that much, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered as well.

Your house and backyard are the best locations to celebrate an inexpensive birthday. You can go for potluck catering and tell your guests that everyone should bring food themselves. The drinks can be BYOB as well. Most guests wouldn’t mind bringing a little bit of food and a bottle themselves. This bolsters the cozy and communal spirit.

Having a BBQ party in your backyard is also a pretty inexpensive idea.

Virtual birthday party

You’re sick on your birthday? It’s 2022, don’t let that stop you! There are tons of great options for throwing an awesome virtual birthday party, from games to virtual reality.


Don’t let limitations stop you. There are so many fantastic ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Stay tuned for even more superb party ideas, which are to be posted on our website in the near future!

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