41 Useful Camping Gifts For Him, Her And Kids Who Love Adventure

camping gifts
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Looking for camping gifts for your loved one? People joke that camping used to be every family tradition until we invented houses.

Yet some of us are still crazy enough to hike out into nature and spend some time away from our creature comforts and technology.

If this sounds like too much for you, and you would prefer to make your camping trip a little more comfortable, why not treat yourself to one of the awesome camping gifts we have collected below?

Camping Gifts For Anyone

You may think that camping is not for you. Insects, strange noises, no WiFi signal- does this sound like a nightmare? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up some top items that will make camping seem like a dream to anyone and everyone.

Solar Inflatable Lanterns – Best Camping Gifts (Editor’s Pick)

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns

This amazing little gadget ticks all of the right boxes; it is compact, useful, and doesn’t require batteries or an internet connection. These amazing little solar lanterns fold up really tiny so you can pop them in your backpack and take them on a hike, or light up a small tent at night.

They charge directly from the sun, so make sure that you leave them outside to soak up some of those energizing rays!

Outdoor Themed Funny Socks

Outdoor Themed Funny Socks

Everybody loves a good punny pair of socks, and you’re sure to smile at this cute, colorful, and comfortable set. Visible from the bottom of the feet only, everyone will get the joke once you take off your hiking boots for the day and settle down in front of the campfire.

These are excellent socks to take camping as they protect a good portion of your legs from scrapes and insect bites. Make sure to cold wash them so that the colors stay vibrant, just like new ones!

Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

It’s a camping nightmare to get caught in the rain with all of your clothes, bedding, food, and valuables. There’s nothing worse than getting drenched and having nothing dry to change into. Well, now this is no longer going to be your problem!

This amazing, large-capacity dry bag will keep everything inside totally dry, even if you fall out of your canoe and into a lake! Each pack also comes with a special phone case so that you can safely take pictures and read messages even in splashy situations.

Portable Camping Folding Picnic Tables

Portable Camping Folding Picnic Tables

Nobody likes preparing dinner in shaky and unreliable light, down on the floor, desperately trying not to get dirt on the utensils, and there is absolutely no reason to be so uncivilized.

This awesome fold-out table is compact enough to fit in the back seat yet still sturdy enough to hold your dishes and drinks while providing a steady surface to prepare food on. Handy cup holders ensure that you don’t spill!

Multi-Function Water Filter System

LifeStraw Flex Multi-Function Water Filter System

This versatile water filter can be attached inline to hydration pack bladders and gravity filters, or simply screwed onto a water bottle.

The personal filter can be used directly as a straw that removes waterborne bacteria, or it can be attached to a soft touch water bottle.

Make sure to stock up on some filters if you are about to take a long trip in a country that is not guaranteed to have clean and drinkable water. Drink straight out of any stream or tap with complete peace of mind!

Portable Espresso Maker

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

This is for the really active and outdoorsy campers. These are not the campers toasting marshmallows late at night by the fire, these are the “eager beavers” who wake everyone up at the crack of dawn to join them for a bracing sunrise hike.

Now, being woken up won’t be quite so awful, because you can brew yourself a fresh pot of espresso wherever you are! No batteries or electrical outlets are required! Each espresso machine is hand-operated.

This is such a useful camping gift for outdoorsy people.

Inflatable Couch

Chillbo Shwaggins – Inflatable Couch

Chillbo’s blow-up couch makes the perfect addition to your camping gear, tailgating supplies, and beach accessories. This awesome and super comfortable couch requires no electricity or air pump- simply swoop it back and forth to fill it with air, making sure to close the mouth at the end of each swoop to trap all of that gloriously cushiony oxygen.

Chillbo Shwaggins couches come in 13 funky color patterns, so there’s something for everyone!

Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station

If you really can’t bear to be without electricity on your camping trip, have no fear! The Yeti 150 Power Station is a compact portable power station designed to charge phones, tablets, cameras, run lights, and more! Plus, if you pair it with a Rugged Solar Panel you can have power wherever you go.

If you choose the solar option, make sure to leave the plates out in the sun for at least a few hours until they are fully charged. 

Small Portable Telescoping Table

Small Portable Telescoping Table

The awesome and unique fish scale design and modified plastic material give this camping table remarkable strength and rigidity, as well as a funky look! The center load capacity is about 396 lbs!

Despite being super strong, this table folds up into a tiny little box that can easily be tucked away when you’re finished with it. Reassembly is a two-step process; simply screw in the base and extend it! You’ll love this handy camping aid.

Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Bose – Wireless Waterproof Speaker

From the kings of sound, an amazing new waterproof speaker to bring all your favorite beats to your campsite, loud and clear. This excellent product from Bose will soon be your favorite new camping buddy!

The top-tier speaker produces crisp sound with shockingly deep bass and unbelievable volume and is fitted with an anti-tear silicone strap to make sure you never lose it, and can easily attach it to your backpack or belt loop. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and waterproof, so it’s perfect for any occasion.

It is a great gift for someone who loves camping.

Camping Cooking Utensil Set

11 Piece Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

This handy utensil set comes with everything you need to cook a campfire meal. The useful handle at the top of the case allows you to hang it up on a tree or a tent pole for easy accessibility and loops holding the utensils make cooking even easier.

This set is made from sturdy cotton that separates each utensil to avoid scratching and will last you for years to come. Each bag contains a chopping board and knives, as well as barbeque tools, scissors, and salt and pepper containers.

Survival Shovel Multitool 

Pudhoms Survival Shovel Multitool 

Take Swiss Army Knives to the next level! The Pudhoms Survival Shovel is the ultimate multitool to take on your next camping trip.

Whatever you need, it’s sure to come in this box. This set has you covered if you need to dig, saw, cut, peel, open a can, chop vegetables, scale fish, or hammer a tent pole into the ground.

Attachments include a pickaxe, flashlight, rescue whistle, cutter, saw, hoe, bottle opener, knife, fork, compass, fire starter, and wrench, just to name a few!

Camping Gifts For Men

Boys love their toys, and they seem to especially enjoy proving themselves in the great outdoors. The following camping gifts are perfect for your boyfriend, dad or your husband.

Camping Gift Box

Camping Gift Box

Father’s Day is coming up and any dad will delight in this magnificently manly “Man Box”. This gift box is filled with fun camping gifts that will make your dad or husband feel extra special and keep him entertained!

Inside, your man will find a Ferro Rod with a tinder rope to start fires the fun, old-fashioned way. His inner Rambo will emerge to play with the Rambo knife and sheath.

The all-natural coffee grit soap has a refreshing and exhilarating aroma and the sandalwood candle will relax him at the end of a long, active day. Finally, the double-insulated mug with a lid -is not just great for camping, but for every day at work, too!

Multitool Hatchet

Multitool Hatchet

If the multi-tool shovel is not quite your style, how about a hatchet? This tool is even more compact and expands just like an original Swiss Army Knife.

The hatchet contains fourteen different tools including a hammer, axe, pliers, knife blade, saw, assorted hex wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, file, fish descaler, and a bottle opener to crack open an ice-cold beer after a satisfying hike. Make sure to latch the safety lock when not using the hatchet.

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

If you have a friend who has recently taken up van life and is looking for fun activities to enjoy while on the road, then this might be the perfect solution.

This is a properly kitted-out van with eleven windows, and a totally refitted interior, including a swivel table that can double as a bed. On rainy days, display the fun beachy scene in the windows to remind yourself of summer.

Jerky Box

Jerky Box

Jerky is an excellent and unique camping gift for husband because it does not need to be refrigerated to stay fresh and safe to eat. This amazing selection has got all sorts of delightful surprises inside!

People’s Choice has filled this box with crowd-pleasing flavors from Old Fashioned Original, to the Cowboy Peppered, Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Sticks, and more! Your man will love cracking open this treasure chest and sharing his exciting booty with all of his friends.

Watertight Jacket

Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Jacket

This stylish lightweight jacket is perfect for camping because it completely protects you from the rain and the wind, and it folds up into a tiny ball for easy carrying and storage.

Choose from a dizzying range of colors and sizes to find the perfect, breathable rain jacket for you. To pack it up once it’s dry, simply stuff the jacket into its own pocket and you’re good to go.

Campfire Hoodie

Campfire Hoodie

Wear your love of camping right in your heart with this fun camper’s hoodie. Though there is a selection of colors, we recommend the black hoodie as it better hides any spills or stains, and doesn’t show up grey from campfire smoke.

Though this hoodie is machine-washable, make sure that you select a quick, cold wash to keep the print bright and colorful.

Custom Engraved Pocket Knife

Froolu Custom Engraved Pocket Knife

If you’re looking for a truly cool camping gift for your boyfriend that demonstrates just how much you care about your favorite happy camper, then you should consider this personalizable pocket knife!

This knife is incredibly sharp and sturdy and is perfect to cut or saw into almost anything. The beautiful wooden handles are all unique, and your knife will be one-of-a-kind! Each handle is laser-engraved to ensure clean lines and smooth edges.

Camping Gifts For Women

If your wife, girlfriend or mom is not so happy with you for booking the two of you a camping trip out in nature, we suggest sweetening the deal with one of these awesome camping gifts for her.

Funny Camping Women Hoodie

Funny Camping Gift Women Hoodie

Everybody knows that women love new accessories, and your wife will love this awesome hoodie to wear only on your couples’ camping trip!

Choose from a range of colors or cuts, but we adore the wide-necked hoods for maximum comfort and warmth on chilly nights outside. Cuddle up under the stars next to your lady-love in her cozy new top!

Camping Hair Cap

Camping Hair Cap

No matter how much dry shampoo she uses, every woman with longer locks will find them becoming tangled and greasy after a couple of days of camping. This cute cap is the perfect solution.

The adjustable size makes it perfect for anyone, and the loop is perfect for holding up a ponytail if your lady has forgotten her hair ties. This cap is machine-washable, so you can throw it in with all of your sweaty camping clothes at the end of your trip.

Enamel Campfire Coffee Mug

Enamel Campfire Coffee Mug

We love the gorgeous design on this camping cup, and a couple of them would look great lined up next to the campfire, preferably full of gin and tonic (to ward off mosquitos, of course).

This enamel cup is super sturdy and can take being bashed around a bit on hikes. You can also crack raw eggs inside it with some bread and vegetables, then boil the whole thing in a pot of water for the perfect non-greasy campfire breakfast. Just ensure that the water in the pot is lower than the lip of the mug.

Campfire Earrings 

Campfire Earrings 

Are you surprising your blushing bride with a camping honeymoon? Why not sell her the idea with these stunning little silver campfire earrings? Even in nature, she’ll want to look cute!

These adorable earrings come in a gorgeous gift box so they are ready to give right away! Watch as her face breaks into a wide grin when she works out the clue and guesses where you will be taking her on your surprise honeymoon.

Camping Charm Necklace

Camping Charm Necklace

If your girlfriend or wife doesn’t have pierced ears but still wants some campfire bling, she’ll love this gorgeous camping pendant.

Made from Sterling silver, this pendant won’t tarnish her skin or turn green after swims or showers, so she can wear it all year round if she likes! A perfect camping gift for your wife or boyfriend to remember your awesome camping holiday!

Mountain Earrings

Mountain Earrings

Looking for something a little funkier? These super cool earrings will bedazzle anyone who lays eyes on your lovely lady. She will light up the room!

If your girlfriend is always dreaming of when her next outdoor adventure will be, she’ll love these beautiful forest mountain earrings that whisper a promise of future camping trips to look forward to.

Camping Gifts For Kids

Kids these days are often glued to their cell phones or other devices, and it can be difficult to persuade them to fully embrace life out in nature. These fun gifts will help any child feel delighted by nature and want to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful camping experience provided them by their tireless and loving parents!

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Jolly Green Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Camping under the stars with kids is an exciting and exhilarating experience. They will soon learn that they love hearing spooky stories around the fire while they toast marshmallows to assemble the perfect s’more.

Elevate the experience for them by treating your kids to one of these awesome Marshmellow roasting kits, complete with five roasting forks with long handles to ensure no one gets burned by getting too close.

Interactive Kids Camping Journal

Interactive Kids Camping Journal

It’s so magical to share your love of camping with your children and grandchildren, especially when you get to write down all those memories in a super fun way (and keep it forever!)

Help your child take note of all of the fun things that you do on your camping trip in this fun, interactive journal. Each journal holds a ton of activities, prompts, games, instructions and more. Note down your favorite hikes, activities, camping foods, and swimming holes. Draw pictures together of the trees ad birds that you see, and take rubbings of cool leaves that you find. Fun for the whole family!

Frog Headlamp Flashlight

DYY Toy Frog Headlamp Flashlight

Headlamps come in really handy on camping trips, as anyone who has ever had to go pee in the bush in the middle of the night will tell you!

Kids will love this super fun frog headlamp, and it will never slip down over their little faces with the extra top strap holding it in place. Froggy has four light modes, including a funny frog sound that activates with the strobe lights. Kids will love it!

LEGO City Holiday Camper Van

LEGO City Holiday Camper Van

This is a gift that’s fun for the whole family! Keep the kids entertained while you’re driving to your next destination, or sit around the table in the camper as a family to build this awesome Lego Camper Van!

The holiday camper van has a furnished interior, which includes a table, kitchenette and sleeping area, plus, an opening side panel and removable roof so that tiny fingers can reach in and play with the characters inside.

Kids Teepee Tent

Kids Teepee Tent

Who says you need to leave your house to go on a camping trip? Fire up your child’s imagination with this awesome indoor teepee!

This easy-to-assemble teepee is made from all-natural canvas and wood that is not varnished with any harmful or toxic chemicals- it’s totally safe for your child to play in and around. Customize your kid’s teepee with fun accessories like fairy lights, fabric paint, or flags. You’ll have so much fun imagining that you are camping in a new exciting destination each day.

Kids Camping Set

Meland Kids Camping Set

Taking your kid camping for the first time, and feeling nervous they may not love it as much as you do? This awesome and nifty kit has everything your little darling needs to get absolutely hooked on the great outdoors!

Show them how it’s done with your real-life versions while they play along beside you! This kit has forty-two fun pieces of equipment to teach your rugrat all about camping. The baby tent can house one or two toddlers and the mesh sides allow you to keep an eye on them while they play, read, or relax. We also love the two-in-one lantern and torch that really work!

Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger Hunt Game

Kids with an active imagination will love these super cool walkie-talkies. Whether they’re outdoors in nature or stuck inside on a rainy day, watch your kids as they play pretend and transform into shrewd detectives and mysterious spies.

They’ll be delighted to learn secret handshakes, become Spy Master, Mission, and Base Leaders, learn how to write codes and decode secret messages, as well as how to communicate over Walkie Talkies.

It is a fun camping gifts for kids.

Happy Camper Keychain

Happy Camper Keychain

With great camping comes great responsibility! Keep all of your keys as well as a handy Swiss Army Knife on this neat little Happy Camper keychain! This is a great gift to give to the camping enthusiast in your life to wish them safe, joyful travels…or to treat yourself!

The lovely pewter pendant will sparkle in the sunlight, while the silver charms jangle happily on your drive to your next camping spot.

Wool Blanket

Pendleton – National Parks Blanket

These awesome Pendleton National Parks blankets are not only stunning, but also super comfortable, handy, and warm!

Each blanket comes with a badge of authenticity showing the park, and an important landmark feature of that park. Choose your favorite colors, or start collecting a blanket for each park that you visit. We love the gorgeous deep red of the Zion National Park blanket and how it represents the awe-inspiring red rocks of Utah.

Electric Heated Jacket

ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

This jacket is perfect for any occasion. You can choose between wearing it as a plain, fleece jacket, or setting the heating to low, medium, or high. It’s great to bring with you on a camping trip, wear to work, or enjoy on a cuddly movie night. Each charge lasts up to ten hours and heats up in seconds.

We especially love the wide, high neck that keeps every little bit of you super toasty! Black is great for camping because it’ll hide any spills and stains.

Camping Gifts For Couples

Do you know a crazy, adrenaline junkie couple who is always out looking for their next outdoor thrill? We have the perfect couple camping gifts to make those happy campers even happier!

Double Sleeping Bag

IFORREST Double Sleeping Bag

What could be cuter and more romantic than a snuggly double sleeping bag? We can’t think of anything!

This extra-wide sleeping bag is waterproof, so can keep you cozy even in the middle of a rain storm. It’s designed to protect you from temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

So you can be sure that you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night with cold feet. For extra warmth, we suggest sleeping on top of a mat or sleeping pad as an extra layer of insulation.

Couple Camping Mug

Couple Camping Mug

Enamel mugs are an absolute must-have on any and all camping adventures. They are super versatile and can be used for cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, or a cup of campfire tea.

Any camping couple will love these matching mugs. Their handles make them easy to hang anywhere around the campsite for quick and easy access. Pair this gift with a bag of your partner’s favorite tea for an extra sweet surprise.

The Ultimate Game For Couples

The Ultimate Game For Couples

Whether it’s just the two of you on a date night, or you’re taking on another couple, this game will be hilarious to bring with you on your next camping trip.

Connect with each other as you dive into meaningful conversations and perform funny challenges to see who knows their partner the best. With 200 cards in the deck, you’ll never run out of fun games to play, and there will always be a new combination of dares and truths.

Personalized Camper Doormat

Personalised Camper Doormat

If you’re looking for a unique and quirky gift for a family of campers, you couldn’t find anything better! This lovely, personalized doormat is perfect!

While on the road in a camper, it can be difficult to feel settled in any one place. Therefore, it is important to make your camper feel like home. This adorable doormat for a camper is a fun gift that will instantly make campers feel comfortable and relaxed in their space.

Personalized First Christmas Ornament

Personalized First Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a beautiful time to celebrate family traditions, or to create new ones with a new family! If you know a pair of happy campers who have recently tied the knot and are spending their first Christmas together with the same last name, then this sweet ornament will make their day!

 Every order will come with a special, environmentally friendly gift box so it is ready to give! If your friends love camping, they will adore this thoughtful, personalized gift from you.

USA Photo Map

USA Photo Map

There are so many incredible road trips to do around the US. From the long, meandering beaches on the east coast, to the incredible red arches of Utah, to the deserts of Nevada, and the towering Redwoods in California. Campers who are spending some time on the road visiting all the States would love this awesome photo map as a keepsake and reminder of all of their beautiful adventures together.

This map is super easy to hang and comes with everything you need (including an online photo sizer!) to start decorating your home.

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