23 Unique Car Gifts For Boyfriend That He Never Saw It Coming

car gifts for boyfriend
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Looking for car gifts for your boyfriend on his birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day?

Does your boyfriend get Car Magazine delivered to his house every month? Or wear a Ferrari jacket? Perhaps he has to stop at every luxury car that he sees on the street, to take a picture?

If your man is motor-mad, we have an excellent selection of unique car gifts that he will love.

Ford 1965 Mustang V8 Engine Model Kit – Best Car Gifts For Boyfriend (Editor’s Pick)

Ford 1965 Mustang V8 Engine Model Kit

This is such a fun and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend who knows how engines work.

This no-glue engine set is a transparent model, so you can see through it to watch the moving parts, spinning fan, and light-up sparkplugs!

Your boyfriend will love assembling, and then watching all the parts of this scale model motor move, while listening to the original Ford Mustang engine sound recording from an actual First-generation Ford Mustang Engine.

Personalized Name Art

Personalized Automobile Cars Mechanic Name Art

Create a fun and personal gift for your favorite man with this awesome mechanical name art.

Each letter has 3-11 options, so even Abdullah, Bennet, and Wallace wouldn’t get any repeats.

Perfect for hanging up in a garage, or home bar, to show that a car lover lives here!

Car Buidling Kit

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Race Car Building Kit

LEGO is the best gift for car-lovers of all ages! This amazing build kit will provide endless hours of amusement for your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend will love to build and experience a quintessential collectible sports car – the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron!

The Bugatti advanced model car build is created with a whopping 3599 pieces and features a classic blue color scheme. This set is the perfect addition to any adult or teen’s car collection and can either be played with or used for display.

Porche Softshell Jacket

Porsche Motorsport Team Softshell Jacket

This officially-licensed Porsche jacket will be your boyfriend’s new favorite article of clothing before too long!

This smart and sleek design is a slim fit, highlighting all of your man’s best features and keeping him looking sharp.

This is a great gift for any Porsche fans who just love expressing how much they admire the perfect craftsmanship of a beautiful engine.

Vintage Car Model

Maisto – 1936 M-B 500 K Type Specialroadster

This is a gift for the avid collectors out there! This highly detailed little model has opening doors, hood, and trunk, as well as full-function steering, and four-wheel suspension!

This elegant white model will make any desk or display cabinet look classy as hell!

Scuderia Ferrari Watch

Scuderia Ferrari Watch

The Pilota Evo collection elevates the design and functionality of the original Pilota, enhancing and refining the sophisticated character and unique, sporty style of this line of watches.

Your boyfriend will go absolutely crazy when he opens the box and sees the special treat that you have gotten for him!

This could be a last-minute car gift for your boyfriend that will never go wrong.

Tire Mug


This is such a cool gift for any mechanics, engineers, or anyone who is just cuckoo about cars!

This novelty, ceramic mug is cleverly made to represent a pile of tires and a wrench, two staples in any car lover’s tool case!

Plus, cool and unique gift wrapping will make the recipient gasp in admiration!

Porsche Key Ring

Porsche Crest Key Ring

If you wish you could buy your guy a Ferrari but don’t quite have the budget for it, this key ring is the next best thing, and a promise of great things to come.

Watch your man grin with pride as he casually places his Ferrari keys down on the table at the next Guys’ Night!

BMW Engine Model Kit

BMW R/90-S Flat Twin Engine Model Kit

This is an official BMW-approved model kit, perfect for any aficionados!

Another transparent model, this engine has the cool bonus of being able to see all of the moving parts and lights after you have finished assembling it.

Learn more about all of the intricacies of a BMW car engine, and then have a gorgeous project to display afterward!

Automotive Shirt

Subie Fifth Generation Blue T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love an awesome, graphic tee? This stunning design will look great on your boyfriend and has the added advantage of being printed on dark material, so it will cover up any sneaky oil stains that your man might come into contact with in his garage.

This teeshirt is machine washable, but you should avoid ironing directly over the printed image.

Handmade Antique Car

Handmade Antique Car Model

Made of high-quality, cold-rolled steel, this hand-made antique car is not only gorgeous to look at, but also incredibly durable.

Choose from red, brown, or black to find the perfect car model for your home. This will look great in a home office, or even in your bedroom! Classic cars never go out of style, after all.

Mercedes-Benz Fragrance

Mercedes-Benz – Irresistible Fragrance For Men

The emerging scents of pink pepper, Italian bergamot, and Cascalone transition into an intense aroma of saffron and patchouli for an absolutely intoxicating scent.

You will not be able to resist your boyfriend when he arrives smelling delicious and looking like a million bucks!

Tyre Water Bottle

Tyre Water Bottle

This funny novelty gift is great for any beverage or even some secret stash that you would like to hideaway. The rubber outside will protect the water bottle if your man has a clumsy streak sometimes!

This teacup is made from food-grade materials, is BPA-free and tasteless, and 100% safe!

Personalized Garage Sign

Personalized Vintage Garage Tin Sign

This fun and funky personalized garage signs are a great gift if your boyfriend is always tinkering with some new engineering project.

This vintage sign is perfect for your boyfriend’s shop, garage, or man cave. Each sign looks and feels just like the original, nostalgic signs of years past.

Handmade Classic Car Sculpture

Handmade Classic Car Sculpture

This beautifully-crafted model car is an eye-catching addition to any room, and is sure to be a great conversation starter!

Watch your boyfriend’s eyes light up as he tears the wrapping away from this sweet and thoughtful gift from you his beloved girlfriend.

Ferrari Cap

Ferrari Black Quilt Stitch Cap Formula 1

If your boyfriend likes to “talk the talk” perhaps now it is time for him to “walk the walk”! He will absolutely love this chic Formula 1 racing car cap.

Each special Ferrari cap has the signature prancing horse woven logo on the front. Now that is just pure class!

Wooden Model Car Kit

Wooden Model Car Kit

This is a fun and interesting twist on the usual model car projects!

Give your boyfriend this unique and fun gift for his next birthday, or Christmas. he will have a gas assembling this stunningly detailed model.

Once it is all assembled, the car is operated by a unique, eco-friendly rubber band motor. The Hot Rod scale model car should be able to drive straight ahead for up to 30 ft before rolling to a standstill.

Porsche Thermal Tumbler

Genuine Porsche Crest Thermal Tumbler

This sleek and elegant thermal tumbler is the perfect gift for that suave gentleman, your boyfriend.

He will love putting his favorite beverages in his new favorite travel mug! He can bring it with him when he takes his car or bike out for a spin, and allow the wind to rush through his hair for the full Porsche effect.

Retro Model Car Kit

Time For Machine – Vintage Car Model Kit

This awesome retro car kit isn’t only about the looks! Your boyfriend will love assembling this gift and then proudly displaying it for all of his friends to see his handiwork.

Once assembled, this awesome, sleek vintage car has fully-operational doors, hood, trunk, for the perfect, authentic experience.

Bentley Eau de Parfum

Bentley Intense Eau de Parfum

Bentley for men is for the sophisticated, yet edgy and idiosyncratic car lovers out there. Is your boyfriend a Bentley Boy? We’ll soon find out.

This heady aroma will certainly turn some heads as he enters the room. Your boyfriend will love all of the attention and realize how lucky he is to have a wonderful girlfriend like you!

Initial D Toyota Trueno AE86 Car Model

Mzexoma – Initial D Toyota Trueno AE86 Car Model

This cute little Toyota model car is perfect for being displayed, or to use as a toy.

It has opening doors, hood, and trunk, and the wheels operate on a pull-back system. Simply run the car backwards and it will shoot forward of its own accord. Watch as your boyfriend and his friends transform into little boys once more while they play with this dinky car.

Scuderia Ferrari Ballpoint Pen

Scuderia Ferrari Ballpoint Pen

This pen is an elegant and subtle gift, that shows that your man is a car lover, but he doesn’t need to flaunt it.

Choose the perfect power colour for your boyfriend, and he will be delighted with his authentic, classy new pen. Perhaps he will use it to write you a love letter!


Ray-Ban Men’s Scuderia Ferrari Collection Sunglasses

Of course you need to get your man the Ferrari sunglasses to complete his look! Once he is looking at the world through Ferrari-tinted glasses, every day will be a good day.

Choose from a selection of colour palettes to suit your man and the clothes he normally likes to wear. Each pair of shades has double UV protection to keep your boyfriend’s eyes safe.

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