30 Comforting Cardinal Gifts For Someone Who Lost Their Loved One

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Losing somebody important is never easy. A person goes through a long and painful process of grief which can be stressful and emotionally draining. Knowing that these people are going through a very difficult period in their lives makes you think of what you can do to show your love and support for them.

If this is your case, giving them cardinal gifts can be a good idea. These gifts are forms of encouragement. It could also be used as a way to offer comfort and good luck. These come in many different forms. But, regardless of what form it is, its symbolism is always consistent.

However, with plenty of cardinal gifts ideas out there, finding the best one for someone who lost their loved one can be challenging. But, worry not, we have shortlisted a list of cardinal gifts that might just be the right fit for the person you have in mind.


The nice thing about cardinal gifts that are decoration is that they can be displayed where it can be easily seen.

This means that the receiver can be constantly reminded of the sincere message behind the gift. These are also a pretty safe gift option that most receivers would appreciate regardless of your relationship with each other.

Here are some Cardinal decoration gift ideas that you might want to consider:

Memorial Cardinal Glitter Globe – Best cardinal gifts (Editor’s Pick)

The Bradford Exchange – Memorial Cardinal Globe

Globes are a classic cardinal gift that can be made more special with heartwarming engravings and a Cardinal bird focal point.

Angel With Sculpted Cardinal

Hamilton Collection – Angel with Sculpted Cardinal

Angels symbolize guidance and comfort, which is something that many people who are grieving badly need.

Hand Painted Cardinal Family Figurines

Lola Bella – Hand Painted Cardinal Family Figurines

Here’s a good reminder to a relative who lost their loved one that their family is here to support them through the difficult time.

Cardinal Remembrance Figurine

Hamilton Collection – Cardinal Remembrance Figurine

You could never go wrong with a straightforward gift such as this. A remembrance figurine saying that the loved ones may have departed from earth, but the memories with them are here to stay.

Engraved Cardinal Crystal

VG – Engraved Cardinal Crystal

This is a low-key sympathy gift but still holds a strong message using the symbolic Cardinal bird.

Cardinals Lantern Snow Globe

Cardinals Antique Lantern Snow Globe

If you want a more unique-looking snow globe as a sympathy gift, this might be a good option for you.

Cardinal Condolence Sympathy Gift

Cardinal Condolence Sympathy Frame

Here’s a gift that you can personalize by using the photo of the departed loved one. It’s a sweet but straightforward gesture to remember the person who left the world.

Snowman With Cardinal Figurine

Enesco – Heartwood Snowman With Cardinal Scene Figurine

This gift symbolizes warmth and comfort despite the cold winter. These are some of the things that many grieving people need the most.

Cardinal Memory Plaque

Cardinal Memory Plaque 

This simple gift holds a very endearing message that can help an individual grieving feel comforted.

Cardinal Christmas Collectible Figurine

Fitz and Floyd Cardinal Christmas Collectible Figurine

Losing someone dear can be hard, especially during the Christmas season. But, you can make their space look more festive with this sympathy gift.

Cardinals in Winter Painting

Renditions Gallery Cardinals in Winter Painting

Cardinals also symbolize hope and joy, which you can mostly see from this painting.

Cardinal Ornament

Precious Moments – Cardinal Ornament

This unique piece is perfect for those who appreciate quirky gifts with comforting meanings.

Cardinal Suncatcher

Cardinal Suncatcher

The bold red color of this suncatcher will help remind someone who is grieving that they can get through the pain and sadness that they are feeling.

Angel Sympathy Figurine

Angel Sympathy Figurine

Here’s a gift that you can personalize by using the photo of the departed loved one. It’s a sweet but straightforward gesture to remember the person who left the world.

Metal Cardinal Garden Decor

Metal Cardinal Garden Decor

This is perfect for those who spend plenty of time in the garden or like plants and trees.

Cardinals Memorial Flower Vase

Lola Bella Gifts and Ganz – Cardinals Memorial Flower Vase

It’s common to prepare flowers for people who have passed away. Your receiver would appreciate the fact that they can put their flower offerings in a meaningful vase.

Cardinals Springtime Wall Decor

The Bradford Exchange – Cardinals Springtime Wall Sculpture

This beautiful cardinal gift is perfect as a spring decoration with its bright colors and use of flowers.

Cardinal Snow Frosted Ornament

Cardinal Snow Frosted Ornament

The cardinal snow-frosted ornament is a great addition to a Christmas tree. It also comes with a comforting and encouraging message.

Cardinal Wind Spinner

Cardinal Wind Spinner

This gift can be hung on the door or window frame as a reminder of comfort and encouragement.

Cardinal Stepping Stone

Cardinal Stepping Stone

Every time a person goes in and out of the house, the Cardinal stepping stone can serve as a reminder of encouragement and comfort for those who lost their loved ones.

Cardinal Canvas Print

Cardinal Canvas Print

A simple yet meaningful gift, this can be hung in any part of the house.


Cardinal gift accessories are also excellent options. The fact that they are wearable makes them a good idea because the receiver can wear it anywhere and any time and be reminded of the message behind the gift. It’s also a good option if you are thinking of a sympathy gift for someone who you are close with.

Cardinal Bangle

Luca + Danni | Cardinal Bangle

This is a low-key accessory that can be worn on a daily basis.

Red Cardinal Bracelet

 Red Cardinal Bracelet

The simple design will go well with any outfit, but the meaningful charms will never lose their meaning.

Cardinal Necklace

Cardinal Necklace

A piece of accessory that can help bring someone comfort in knowing that angels surround them.

Practical Gifts

Suppose the receiver you have in mind is not a fan of decoration or accessories. In that case, you should think about practical cardinal gifts. These are items that they can use on a day-to-day basis. Some of these include the following:

Cardinal Table Lamp

Tiffany Style Glass Cardinal Accent Table Lamp

The warm light emitting from this accent table lamp can help make the receiver feel relaxed and comfortable. Such a unique cardinal gift for someone who lost a loved one.

Cardinal Porcelain Music Box

Bradford Exchange Joe Hautman Cardinal Porcelain Music Box

Listening to serene music while grieving can help lighten up a person’s mood.

LED Tabletop Cardinal Snow Globe

Roman – LED Tabletop Cardinal Snow Globe

This snow globe can help lighten up your tabletop while serving as a reminder of encouragement.

Cardinal Blanket

Cardinal Blanket

Using a blanket is like getting a warm hug. Add some Cardinal prints on it, and it will become more meaningful.

Cardinal Quilt

Cardinal Quilt

Sometimes, blankets are not enough, especially during the cold season. In that case, you can feel a sense of comfort with a Cardinal quilt.

Cardinal Tumbler

Cardinal Tumbler

This cardinal tumblr will remind the receiver to stay hydrated. At the same time, the inspirational quote can serve as an encouragement for them to go through their day.

Final Thoughts

Giving gifts to people who just lost somebody they loved is never been easy. It is best to get something comforting for them. Luckily, you now have several cardinal gift ideas, thanks to the information provided above.

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