26 Nice Christmas Gifts For Brother in Law For This Joyous Holiday

christmas gifts for brother in law
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Christmas is all about sharing blessings, and one of the best ways to show this is by giving gifts. However, since there are plenty of possible options, choosing Christmas gifts for your brother-in-law can be a little challenging.

Luckily, we have handpicked a list of Christmas gift ideas that your brother-in-law will love and appreciate.

Floating Shoe Display – Best Christmas Gifts For Brother In Law (Editor’s Pick)

Floating Shoe Display

There’s a high chance that your brother-in-law’s beloved sneakers are just stuck in a box somewhere in a corner or shoe rack.

This is why unique Christmas gifts for a brother-in-law, such as a floating shoe display, are a good idea. It allows him to display his favorite shoes without consuming a lot of valuable space.

Audio Sunglasses

Bose Frames Tenor – Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

If you are looking for cool Christmas gifts for your brother in law, this might just be it. It’s a fusion of headphones and sunglasses, made in a cool design.

Monogram Initial Whiskey Glass

English Pewter Company – Whiskey Glass With Monogram Initial

Here’s a classy Christmas gift idea for your brother-in-law. It might look like a simple whiskey glass, but it it’s actually a personalized Christmas gift for my brother-in-law. You can add the name initial of your brother-in-law to make the gift more thoughtful.

Levitating Moon Lamp

VGAzer Levitating Moon Lamp

This can be a good Christmas gift for your brother-in-law because it’s an interesting piece. The moon theme will also easily fit in a man’s aesthetics. Plus, it is very functional too.

Handmade Viking Drinking Horn

Authentic Handmade Viking Drinking Horn

This gift is an excellent option for someone who appreciates craftsmanship and liquor. It’s a liquor container shaped like a horn. It can be used as a display item. But, if your brother-in-law wants to be cool by bringing it around, then that could also be a good idea.

Jerky in Ammo Can

Premium Jerky in Ammo Can

If your brother-in-law loves camping or hiking, then he’ll appreciate these premium jerkies. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and every single one is tasty.

Hollow Book With Hidden Flask Diversion

SneakyBooks Hollow Book With Hidden Flask Diversion

It’s cool to have something that only you know exactly what it is, which is something this gift will offer your brother-in-law. This is a flask with book packaging, making it easy to hide a stash of alcoholic beverages in plain sight. There’s also a high chance that this is one of the most memorable gifts for your brother in law that you’ll ever give.

Men’s Watch

Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian Silver Watch

A watch is one of those timeless gift ideas that can hold a lot of meaning. This watch, in particular, is a great option because of its classic and elegant design.

Middle Finger Decanter

Middle Finger Decanter

Here’s a funny Christmas gift for your brother in law. It’s a decanter shaped like a middle finger. What makes it an excellent gift idea is that not only is it funny, but it is also functional.

Exotic Meats Crate

Exotic Meats Crate

This would probably be the best gift for your brother-in-law, who loves to grill on weekends. The best thing about this gift is that you might taste some of the delicious meat too.

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Arc Star Floating Speaker

This might be an unusual Christmas gift idea for your brother in law. However, you can’t deny that it’s really cool because it’s literally floating. Aside from its cool design, the speaker quality of this gift is also excellent.

Laptop Backpack

TIMBUK2 – Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack

This gift does not only look good, but it is also very functional. Your brother-in-law can use it for school or even for the office. It has a large capacity, and the inside has several compartments that will keep his things tidy and organized.

Wireless Keyboard with Tablet Stand

Qwerkywriter – Wireless Keyboard with Tablet Stand

At first glance, it looks like a typewriter, but it’s actually a wireless keyboard. It would definitely be perfect if your brother-in-law is into retro items but has modern functionality. The keyboard performance is also excellent, so your brother-in-law can use it for school or work.

Ceramic Beer Stein

Ceramic Beer Stein

If you are not familiar with what a stein is, it’s a big earthenware beer mug. It’s quite unique because it cannot be easily mass-produced because of its intricate design. This particular stein is made with ceramic and has the cityscape of Germany embellishing its sides.

Shaving Kit for Men

Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel

Shaving is a huge part of a man’s life. However, only a few invest in improving their shaving experience. Giving these as a Christmas gift will bring a whole new experience for your brother-in-law.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

This gift is a more traditional option, but even if it’s common, your brother-in-law will surely appreciate it because it has top-tier sound quality. Besides, Sony is one of the top brands of headphones because of their quality and durability.

Whiskey Drink Coolers

Balls of Steel – Whiskey Drink Coolers

If your brother-in-law likes whiskey on the rocks, then he knows how annoying it is when the taste of whiskey changes as the ice dilutes. Luckily, this gift idea is the perfect solution for that. It chills whiskey without diluting it because it doesn’t melt.

Funny Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug

Want a gift that will remind your brother-in-law that he is cool every time he drinks something? Then, this is the perfect gift.

Skull Bluetooth Speakers

Skull Bluetooth Speakers

This speaker is more than just a paperweight. It actually sounds good, which is why it’s worth considering as Christmas gifts for brother in law who is an audiophile. Plus, although it has a skull design, the speaker does not look freak or scary at all, which is a huge plus.


Carhartt Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

This jacket will keep your brother-in-law warm and cozy when the weather starts getting cold. Its design is classic and super stylish, so it’s easy to pair whatever clothing items they already have in their wardrobe.

Men’s Wallet

TUMI Men’s Delta – Global Center Flip ID Passcase

This elegant-looking wallet will make your brother-in-law look professional. This wallet also comes from TUMI, which is well known for its durability and quality.

Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

Here’s another watch gift option for Christmas. This one is more modern in terms of the features and the overall design.

Cap Guns Beer Bottle Opener

Cap Guns Beer Bottle Opener

This gift will make drinking extra beer fun for your brother-in-law and his friends. It also comes with several target markings in case they need to practice their aim.

Desktop Boxing

Desktop Boxing

If your brother-in-law is the type of person who needs something with his hands all the time, this is a perfect gift. It’s a punching bag for your fingers. It lets a person relieve stress while sitting in front of a computer.

Did I Just Shit My Pants Wipes

Did I Just Shit My Pants Wipes

If you want an affordable and humorous gift for your brother-in-law, then this might be just what you are looking for.

Pepperoni Pizza Blanket

Pepperoni Pizza Blanket

Just by looking at this blanket, you might start craving pizza. But this blanket is not only funny and cute, but it’s also warm and cozy.

Final Thoughts

Some of the gifts mentioned above might be too unique for your brother-in-law’s taste. However, there are also many safe gift ideas that anyone will surely appreciate. This is why, when in doubt, choose those instead. 

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