25 Unique Christmas gifts For Female Friends That Pamper Her

christmas gifts for female friends
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Getting Christmas gifts for female friends is something we can do to celebrate a friendship.

Christmas time can get pretty chaotic, and it is always stressful hitting the malls in December with all of the other last-minute shoppers.

To save you from this nightmare, we’ve compiled a list of unique, personal, and fun Christmas gifts perfect for your female friend that you can purchase right now from the comfort of your armchair.

Kris Bears Best Friends Figurine – Best Christmas Gifts For Female Friends (Editor’s Pick)

Swarovski – Kris Bears Best Friends Figurine

If you’re looking out for cute stocking stuffers, these adorable little best friend bears from Swarovski is one of the best gifts for your female friend on Christmas! They are small enough for a stocking, but still elegant and classy.

We all have that person in our lives who feels impossible to shop for. You know she’ll appreciate whatever you give her, but when it comes to finding a good Christmas gift for her, you want to make sure that she is truly dazzled. She’s sure to adore these cute crystal bears and will think of you whenever she sees them.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

Somehow, it seems that women are always accumulating tiny trinkets and small keepsakes that are scattered around their dressing tables, bedside shelves, and bathroom cabinets. This lovely little carved box is the perfect solution for neatening up the house and ensuring that none of those beautiful little trinkets is lost.

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, and there is a special secret message of friendship engraved on the inside lid. Your friend will treasure this box of treasures this Christmas.

Keepsake Box

Primitives by Kathy Classic Wood Box

As we grow older and busier, we don’t always get to see our friends with the frequency that we’d like. If you feel like you and your bestie have been drifting apart recently, this sweet and thoughtful trinket box is an adorable reminder that you are always thinking of her and you will treasure her forever.

To make this Christmas gift extra special, you can slip a sweet note or a small, meaningful piece of jewellery inside so that your female friend gets two surprises when she unwraps her gift.

Personalised Best Friend Print Art

Personalized Best Friend Print Art

The pandemic has kept lots of people separated on opposite ends of the earth, and it is not always possible to be with your best female friend in person. This customizable gift is the good Christmas gift to let your pal know that you love her and cherish her, and that you are just a phone call away if she ever needs you.

Make sure to put in your name and your friend’s name when you place the order for this gorgeous sentiment, and the rest will be taken care of for you.

Dress Watch

Kate Spade New York Holland Dress Watch

This fun, sparkly watch from Kate Spade is a stunning Christmas gift that your girlfriend will wear for years to come. Women love their accessories! And this watch will level up any outfit, whether it’s a tee and jeans, or a little black dress.

Choose from a range of gorgeous colors to find the perfect one for your friend. She will love the thought and consideration that you have put into making her smile this Christmas.

Deer Snow Globe

MacKenzie-Childs Deer Snow Globe

Christmas just got funky! This fun snow globe doubles as a music box and will get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Even if you live in a tropical, snowless country, there is something so peaceful about shaking this globe and watching the white flakes settle around the magnificently groovy reindeer.

Each MacKenzie-Childs snowglobe features the signature MC black and white checkers that fans adore. This lovely little globe will add a pop of color to any room, and will delight young and old recipients alike!

Awakened Eyes Collection

Clé de Peau Beauté – Awakened Eyes Gift Set Collection

If you want to spoil your female friend this Christmas, this set is the ultimate self-care gift! The Awakened Eyes set contains the essentials for treating and preventing signs of aging around the eyes for a radiant, youthful look.

This is not just a gift, it is your gal pal’s new beauty routine! She can start with the large Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme, which recontours the eye area for supple skin and fewer wrinkles. Then, the Softening Cleansing Foam, followed by The Serum, Hydro-Softening Lotion, Intensive Fortifying Cream, and Vitality Enhancing Eye Mask Supreme. Christmas just got luxurious!

Personalized Sunflower Tumbler

Personalized Sunflower Tumbler

If you know a woman who is the embodiment of a sunflower, always looking on the bright side and spending time in the sunshine, then this sweet and personal gift may suit her! Not only does it look great, but it’s great for the planet, too! Help to eliminate single-use coffee cups by gifting your friend this useful gift this Christmas.

Though this is a larger tumbler, it is designed to fit in the cupholder of most cars, so not only will your friend get more out of her cup, but she’ll avoid spills even on super bumpy roads.

Convertible Crossbody Handbag

Kate Spade Carson Convertible Crossbody Handbag

Kate Spade sure knows how to charm a lady at Christmas time! This gorgeous crossbody satchel is vivid and bright, just like your best female friend. Made from Saffiano leather with a magnetic snap flap closure, this bag is durable and perfect for on-the-go girls who have important places to be.

We just love the adjustable strap that allows women of all shapes and sizes to find the right fit while looking dazzlingly stylish at the same time.

Swarovski Annual Limited Edition Ornament

Swarovski Annual Limited Edition Ornament

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family or the friends who become our family! This thoughtful gift will let your best female friend know that you cherish her and her presence in your life.

This gorgeous, limited edition Swarovski ornament will twinkle and shine on your friend’s Christmas tree, and she will be reminded every time that she looks at it that she is loved and cared for. Why not start a new Christmas tradition and buy her the new limited edition ornament every year until her whole tree is sparkling with the joy of your friendship?

Assorted Tea Gift Set

VAHDAM – Assorted Tea Private Reserve Gift Set

This is an especially great gift if you live in a country where Christmas is the coldest time of year. This stunning tea collection will keep your friend cosy and full of sweet, warm tea all winter long.

This set comes with 24 tins of loose tea leaves, so you could use it like a tea-themed advent calender to count you all the way down to Christmas! One exciting and delicious pot of tea every day until it is time to open all of the presents under the tree.

Friendship Necklace

Friendship Necklace

There is absolutely nothing cuter than getting matching friendship jewelry with your best gal pal. She’ll love it!

Opal friendship necklaces express the love you have for your best friend. Opal represents all of the best quality traits that you love about your friendship and lets your friend know that she is your confidante, your rock, and your most fun companion. True soul sisters wear their friendship necklaces every day so that even when they are apart, they are never far from each other’s thoughts.

Willow Tree My Sister

Willow Tree My Sister

These gorgeous, carved sisters are perfect for biological sisters, or friends who are just like sisters. This gift is ready to give, and comes with a sweet card bearing the message; “Walk with me. And along the way, we’ll share… everything”. We love this sentiment of sharing and supporting each other because it perfectly captures the giving spirit of Christmas.

This miniature sculpture would look great in your Christmas display, or on the mantlepiece with all of your Christmas cards.

Tree of Life Necklace

TOUPOP Tree of Life Necklace

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift for your best girlfriend this Christmas, then look o further! This is the perfect Christmas gift because the tree of life symbolises positive energy, growth and strength, rebirth, a bright future, longevity, good health, and a fresh start in life. What more could you ask for as the year draws to a close and you prepare for whatever next year will throw at you?

This necklace is made from plated silver, so it won’t rust or tarnish, or turn your skin green if you wear it in the shower or while swimming.

Teeth Whitener

vVARDIS – Teeth Whitener White Enamel Set

The holiday season is a time for photographs! And your lovely female friend will want to look her brightest and best!

This incredible set from vVardis takes teeth whitening to the next level! Not only will it have your friend’s teeth gleaming after the first use, but it also works to strengthen tooth enamel to prevent cavities. It’ll also make their teeth more resistant to stains in the future. All products are strictly vegan and cruelty-free.

Unbiological Sister Necklace

Unbiological Sister Necklace

This sweet necklace proves that even if you are not related to your best friend by blood, your love for her is eternal and will never fade.

The sleek design and neutral silver make this necklace super versatile. Dress up a casual outfit, or add a subtle sparkle to your fanciest night look.

This fashionable piece is the unique Christmas gift for your best female friends who don’t get to see each other as often as they would like, but who are always thinking of one another and want them to remember that they are loved and cherished.

Kurt Adler Nutcracker

Kurt Adler Nutcracker

We love this fun spin on a Christmas classic. This special edition from Kurt Adler features ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and includes sweet little mice climbing all over the Nutcracker. They are also helping to decorate the Christmas tree on his hat. Children will absolutely love the glittery detail and the cute helper mice.

Perfect to display with your other Christmas decorations and nutcrackers, or it will add a bright pop of colour to any empty mantlepiece, too!

Raw Aquamarine and Pearl Gold Necklace

Raw Aquamarine and Pearl Gold Necklace

This is a cool gift for your female friend who loves the seaside! Inspired by the ocean, the delicate pearls represent the foam of the waves, and the aquamarine creates a soothing effect just like clear blue waters.

Each necklace is totally one of a kind, just like your best female friend! And they are specially designed to be reversible, so it doesn’t matter which way you clap it, it’s going to look great! Plus, the chain is gold-plated and hypoallergenic, so it won’t rust or turn your skin green, even if you decide to wear it in the real ocean!

Symbolic Evil Eye Crystal Bracelet

Swarovski Symbolic Evil Eye Crystal

Swarovski truly is the King of Crystals! And we adore the stunning contrast of the rose gold, the dazzling crystals, and the bright blue of the Evil Eye. Perfect as a statement piece, or to stack with other jewelry, this bangle suits any occasion!

Turkish Evil Eyes traditionally ward off evil by protecting the wearer with a charm. This beautiful bangle is the perfect way to wish your friend wealth, health, and happiness for the upcoming year. Why not treat yourself to one, too, and wear them as friendship bangles?

Face Massager

FOREO UFO 2 Face Massager

This amazing gadget works wonders on your skin- you’ll look fresh out of the facialist 24/7! This little product sure packs a punch! The UFO 2 deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin while refining and cloaking imperfections. The temperature controls allow you to customize your experience. The heat activation will improve the absorption of your favorite facial skin care products.

The UFO 2 is fairly simple to use; pair your UFO 2 with the FOREO app, choose the ‘UFO Mask’, and attach it to the device. Then, you’re ready to start the treatment!

Funny Scented Candle

Funny Scented Candle

This candle is a really fun and intense way to get the message across that you would do anything for your BFF! Even if you had to shank someone right in the kidney!

Each candle is handcrafted and “infused with love and good vibes”. The pleasing apple and caramel aroma fills the whole room with warmth and Christmas spirit. The natural essential oils provide a clean burn for up to 55 hours, so you will be able to light up your bestie’s house for many happy occasions to come.

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

This sweet and simple friendship bracelet can be worn year-round, and with any outfit! We especially love the secret message on the inside of the cuff, so that your BFF can smile and think of you every time she remembers it’s there.

This lovely Christmas gift comes ready to give in a sweet box with a card letting your friend know that she is one of the people who are included in your chosen family.

Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This is an awesome gift to give a female friend during the holiday season, and will certainly help everyone to feel much more festive! Your friend will soon become the “hostess with the mostest” when she hosts parties and effortlessly creates artisanal signature cocktails for all of her guests within minutes.

There’s no need to measure or pour; just insert a cocktail capsule into your Bartesian drink mixer machine, select your preferred strength, press mix, et voila!

Willow Tree Friendship

Willow Tree Friendship

Friendship surely is the sweetest gift, but this gorgeous Willow Tree sculpture is a close contender!

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, and then this piece is cast from her original carving and painted by hand to ensure the best quality. This little sculpture would look great on a bedside table, mantlepiece, or bookshelf, where she can watch over your friend and remind her how much you love her.

Live Bonsai Tree

Live Bonsai Tree

Just as your friendship grows and weathers storms through twists and turns, so does the Bonsai Tree! This gift is so fun and unique, and can represent the growth of your beautiful relationship with your best female friend!

This Golden Gate Ficus grows best indoors, so your friend can keep it with her all the time! In the office or in her home. She’ll love receiving this thoughtful gift from you this Christmas.

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