30 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents (For Daughter And Son)

college graduation gifts from parents
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Yes, college graduation gifts from parents can be hard to choose.

Not everyone can afford to buy their children a car or a trip overseas when they graduate. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not give them a memorable graduation gift.

Here are college graduation gifts that parents can give their children. These gifts are affordable, and they will remember this special day for the rest of their lives.

College Graduation Gift Ideas For Daughter

These are the college graduation gifts for her. Some are sentimental, while others are just fun gifts that will remind them on this important day

Let’s check out what you can get for your daughter.

Custom Bobblehead Graduation Figurine

Custom Bobblehead Graduation Figurine

This is so much better than getting them a normal bobblehead. This is a personalized bobblehead that will be custom-made according to their faces.

If your child likes bobbleheads or something unique, then this is a gift to consider. Always giving them a memorable gift to remember them on the day when their adulthood started.

Personalized Skinny Tumbler

Personalized Skinny Tumbler

The personalized skinny tumbler is a useful graduation gift when they found a new job later on. A tumbler that is personalized with its features.

You can choose everything on the tumbler, from the hairstyle, the hood, and skin color. Maybe you just want to write a unique message.

Inspirational Bracelets

Inspirational Bracelets

If your daughter likes bracelets, this might be the right graduation gift for her. An inspirational bracelet that she can wear and be reminded of every day.

It comes with a box that she can keep safely. There can be messages engraved on to ensure that she remembers how proud you are of her, graduating and starting her adult life.

Scandinavian Watch

Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian Silver Watch

The Scandinavian watch is a gift from parents that have a higher budget to spend on a gift. This is one of the best watches on the market. With a variety of different straps, this is making a great gift that she can wear every day.

And, you can get it engraved on the inside of the watch, with a special message or the date of the graduation.

Graduation Gift Box

Graduation Gift Box

You can get a graduation gift box with all her favorites in it. This is a gift that shows that you took the time to find all her favorites to put into a gift box.

Or, you can purchase a gift box that is already made up. Ensuring that you are giving her a special gift that she can use every day. Something that will fit most parents’ budgets.

Graduation Girl Figurine

Precious Moments – Graduation Girl Figurine

A graduation girl figurine that is made from Bisque porcelain. Something special, especially if she is a collector of porcelain figurines. The girl figurine is proudly holding her diploma and graduation cap.

Showing that she is proud of herself. Just as proud as you as her parents are to her. This is a small figurine that she can take with her as a good luck charm on job interviews.

Pandora Graduation Charm

Pandora Jewelry Graduation Sterling Silver Charm

A charm that she can add with her other charms. Many women have a charm bracelet with all their favorite items or memories that they don’t want to forget.

This pandora graduation charm will be a great addition to her charms of the things she achieved throughout her life. If she doesn’t have a charm bracelet, you can start one for her, with her graduation charm as the first one.

Graduation Figurine

Foundations Graduation Figurine

Another graduation figurine that you can buy for her is a stone resin figurine. This is a 7,68-inch figurine of a girl that graduated. There are some crystals added to the stone as well.

A great figurine that is made from something else than porcelain. On the figurine, there is a message that says, “Reach for your dreams, follow your heart.”

Willow Tree Love of Learning

Willow Tree Love of Learning

The willow tree’s love of learning is more than just another figurine. This is a traditional figurine from the willow tree that is the symbol of learning and succeeding with hard work.

This is a standing figure in a cream dress, holding an open book close to her chest. Cherishing what she has learned. It will make a great graduation gift for your daughter who loves learning.

Personalized College Graduation Plaque

Personalized Crystal College Graduation Gift Plaque

The personalized college graduation plaque is another great graduation gift for your daughter or granddaughter.

You can send your requested name and text with the payment, and they will design the plaque according to your specifications. Making this something to keep forever.

Graduation Compass Necklace

Graduation Compass Necklace

The compass of life. This is what the graduation compass necklace means. To make sure that your daughter always remembers to follow her heart and to remember her direction to success.

This isn’t just another cheap necklace that she can only wear once or twice. It is made from sterling silver and can be near her heart for the rest of her life.

Graduation Mug For Her

Graduation Mug For Her

Your daughter isn’t really a sentimental person, but you want to give her something on graduation day. Then, this graduation mug is the perfect give.

On the mug, it reads, “She believed she could, so she studied her ass off, and she did.” Something to laugh about, but still, something that she can keep and use at her new office. You can choose between the pink or silver mug.

Personalized Graduation Jewelry Box

Personalized Graduation Jewelry Box

Something that she can use every day to keep her jewelry in. A glass jewelry box with a personalized message written on it.

There are three colors you can choose the jewelry box in. Not only is this a special gift, but this is something practical that she can use every day.

Wisdom Owl Graduation Necklace

Wisdom Owl Graduation Necklace

We associate an owl with wisdom and knowledge. And this is what this necklace is all about. A beautiful symbol that she has now all the wisdom of an owl.

This necklace comes with a congratulations card and a jewelry box. A special item for a special lady that deserves something special.

Graduation Lock Necklace

Graduation Lock Necklace

This gift is a message to start unlocking their future. A gold-plated graduation locks. The message behind the lock is that you have the lock now to unlock your future.

Now, you just need to go out and find the key. Start your adult life and reach your dreams. Unlocking your future.

Graduation Diamond Heart Necklace

Graduation Diamond Heart Necklace

If this is a more expensive and valuable gift you are looking for, then you need to consider the Graduation diamond heart necklace.

This is a necklace that is made from white gold. And, there are real diamonds mounted on the necklace. It has a graduation hat and the year of graduation on the heart. A great gift for someone really special.

Graduation Diploma Pendant Necklace

Graduation Diploma Pendant Necklace

If you still want to give something special to your daughter, but money is limited, then you can consider the Graduation diploma pendant necklace.

This is a cheaper option than the diamond heart necklace, but just as beautiful. The necklace is to say that you are proud of your girl.

Facial Cleansing Brush

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

This is a completely different gift than other graduation gifts. However, this is something that every woman needs.

The facial cleansing brush ensures that her beauty routine will be faster and easier in the morning. There are different colors available, and they will make a great to someone that isn’t sentimental.

Graduation Snow Globe

Precious Moments Believe in Possibility Snow Globe

For snow globe lovers, this is the ideal gift for their graduation. This is something different than the normal snow gloves because it is all about a girl graduating and starting their career.

A great collector’s item that is also a congratulation on her special day.

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College Ggraduation Gift Ideas For Son

If you are looking for college graduation gifts for your son, then you jump to the right section. Let’s check out what you can get for your son on his coming gradation.

Futuristic Floating Pen

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Luxury Pen

Finding a graduation gift for your son isn’t as easy as for a daughter. But the Futuristic floating pen is unique and ideal for a son.

Ideal for his new work at the office, to have a modern pen ready on his desk. Not the cheapest gift for him, but one that he can use forever.

Graduation Wallet For Him

Graduation Wallet For Him

Another good gift for him is a graduation wallet. This is if he likes a genuine leather wallet with a personalized message on it.

Reminding him every day that he can become anything he wants to be. Especially after graduating after years of studying.

Classic Watch

Movado Classic Museum Black Dial Watch

You can never go wrong with a classic men’s watch. Something that shows that you are professional and that will ensure that he is always on time. It is an ideal graduation gift for someone that is starting a professional career.

Inspirational Compass

Inspirational Compass

Give your boy the compass of life after graduating. There isn’t anything more special than the inspirational compass.

In a wooden or leather case, this is a great gift for someone who is just starting his career. Reminding him that he needs to follow his dreams but to remember where he came from.

Floating Speaker

Arc Star Floating Speaker

For someone that isn’t sentimental or for a unique gift, this is something to consider. The floating speaker.

This will also make a great graduation gift for someone that loves music and that wants to have the latest technology. The speaker can also be used as a smartphone charger when your charger isn’t available.

Personalized Braided Bracelet

Personalized Braided Bracelet

A men’s braided bracelet with a dog tag message on. Something that can become a favorite item can be great for a son that likes wearing men’s bracelets.

A cheaper option, but one that your son can keep with him forever. This is a great way to express your love and pride to your son.

Inspirational Camping Telescope

Inspirational Camping Telescope

For a person that loves camping, this can become his favorite item. The inspirational camping telescope has a special message on the telescope and the case where the telescope fits in.

However, the telescope is a 100% working telescope.

Wireless Neckband Speaker

Sony Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

This isn’t just another wireless neckband Bluetooth speaker. This is a personalized home theater audio, built-in mic speaker.

Splash resistant and great for listening while the graduate relaxed after graduation. The speaker can be used on any device and will give you relaxation.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Which graduate won’t like an Apple watch? Especially one that will fit with his Apple phone. Most graduates can’t afford something like the apple watch, so why don’t you buy one for him as your parent.

This might not be a sentimental gift, but the perfect gift for someone that likes the latest gadgets.

Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

The ergonomic mouse is ideal for the person who is working on or with computers throughout the day. Making it more comfortable to use a mouse every day.

Most graduates that will be working on computers for the rest of their lives would love a mouse like the ergonomic mouse.

Personalized Leather Keychain

Personalized Leather Loop Keychain

This is an ideal gift for someone that is plain and doesn’t like fancy gifts. The normal personalized leather-look keychain. Made from real leather and with a personalized message on it. Plain and simple, but special because it can be worn every single day.

To graduate isn’t just special for your child; it is special for you as a parent as well. And, you want to make sure that you are giving the perfect gift. These are 30 different graduation gifts you can give to your son or daughter

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