25 Constellation Gifts For Someone Who Loves Space and Astronomy

Constellation Gifts
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Looking for constellation gifts for someone who loves space and stars on their birthday or coming Christmas? Always dreaming of distant stars, wondering what lies on the planets beyond our reach?

We have selected some truly out of this world gifts for those starry-eyed dreamers. Brighten up their day with one of the fabulous gifts below.

Name A Star Custom Star Kit – Best Constellation Gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Star Registry Name A Star Custom Star Kit

Of all of the billions of people on this planet, you and your friend found each other! Want a way to tell them that you are grateful for their friendship? What could be more special than naming a star after them?

Celebrate your special relationship with this incredibly meaningful gift. Each set comes with a parchment certificate with your friend’s name alongside the new star name!

You will also receive a sky chart with the star name, its telescopic coordinates, and your star is shown in red.

Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Kanguru Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Is your relationship truly unique? Why not let them know with this incredible, glow-in-the-dark, machine-washable blanket!

The luminous blanket will get lit up in the dark and create a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom. Cuddle up together under this cosy blanket, and explore the stars together.

Constellation Necklace

Satya Jewelry Zodiac Gold-Plated Constellation Necklace

Does your girlfriend or wife love to read their horoscope every morning? Perhaps they like to tell you that the reason they are always late, is because of the moon. Boy do we have the gift for them!

These gorgeous, gold-plated necklaces will certainly turn some heads when you walk into the room. Each zodiac sign is paired with a matching gem, creating a stunning, sparkling pendant.

Constellations Whiskey Glasses

Greenline Goods Constellations Whiskey Glasses

This gift is for the sophisticated philosopher, who loves to stay up late at night, a glass of whisky in hand, contemplating the heavens and beyond.

Each whisky glass is etched by a skilled artisan, and features a hand-drawn map of the constellations found in the northern hemisphere’s summer sky!

Each set includes the constellations; Orion, Aries, Leo, and more!


Gskyer Telescope

This telescope is quick and easy to set up, even for the novice! Encourage your kids to love learning about space! Or learn to love it yourself. Look up and see what else is out there.

This would make a cool space gift for kids or anyone who loves science and astronomy. Every telescope comes with 3 different magnification lenses and an adjustable tripod.

Constellations Music Box

Constellations Music Box

Fill the room with the heavenly tones of “Castle in the Sky” with a few easy twists of a handle, and watch as the room fills with the twinkling lights of the 12 Zodiac signs.

This gorgeous music box is a timeless gift that will be treasured for many years. Every time your partner opens their box and hears that familiar tune, they will be filled with warmth and love for you.

Constellation Diary Gift Set

Constellation Diary Gift Set

Does your lover believe that our fate is written in the stars? Do they love to read fairytales, adventures, and star-crossed lovers? They are sure to love this gorgeous gift set!

This lock journal will keep all of your thoughts and secrets safe, and look amazing while it does! Each of the 12 available journal sets comes with a great constellation pen, and five super fun Washi tapes to decorate your pages.

Constellations Tapestry

Constellations Black and White Tapestry

A tapestry is such a fun and easy way to brighten up a large space in your home. Have fun finding your sign amongst the 12 different constellations on this stylish tapestry.

Every tapestry comes with four hanging clips, and four non-trace hooks, and is very easy to hang. Transform your room into a celestial den in minutes!

Crystals Constellation Figurine

Crystals Constellation Figurine

Find your partners’ star sign and surprise them with this eye-catching engraving.

Each lamp has six different lighting modes, with a variety of speeds and colours, so you can set the mood to whatever you like.

This gift is perfect to brighten up any occasion, and to tell your girlfriend that you think they are out of this world!

Custom Constellation Map

Custom Constellation Map

This is an incredibly cute and special gift to get for a loved one on their birthday, or on an anniversary.

Each wood print is totally customisable- send in your names, the location that you would memorialise, and a special phrase for the two of you. Perhaps you’d like to show your first kiss, the moment you met, or your birthday!

Whatever you choose, it will be written in the stars!

Constellations Hour Glass

Black Antique Hourglass Sand Timer

This is the perfect gift for the sophisticated star-gazer! Gorgeously engraved with the 12 Zodiac signs, each stunning sand timer is perfect for desktops, libraries, or bedside tables.

Each hourglass measures exactly 30 minutes, perfect for keeping yourself focused and motivated for short periods and tasks throughout the day.

Floating Globe with Constellation Lamps

Floating Globe With Constellation Lamps

Bring science to life with this mind-boggling globe contraption! Perfect for any geologists and astronomers out there, this awesome floating globe is also a great conversation starter!

Gently touch the light-up globe and watch as it spins on its orbit, floating in space, just like us.

Constellation Neon Light

Constellation Neon Light

There’s nothing cooler than your very own neon light sign! And how perfectly personalised! Choose your star sign to light up any room in your home.

These lovely, luminous signs are more environmentally friendly, with sturdier glass tubes. They also come with pre-drilled holes in the backing, which makes them very easy to assemble.

Wrist Watch

Constellation Wrist Watch

This beautiful moon watch is the perfect gift for a special man in your life who has you star struck.

With a suave leather strap, this elegant watch is perfect for any look, formal or casual. Meticulously engraved with brushed sand texture, the unique beauty of this watch will take your man’s breath away.

Zodiac Sign Stones

Zodiac Sign Stones

If you have a friend who loves everything to do with myths and magic, then this will be the perfect gift for them.

Whether you are hoping to welcome more positive emotions into your life or need an energising crystal to eliminate negativity, these magical zodiac collections will bring you peace and healing.

Each collection includes the 6 best stones to compliment you based on your star sign.

Constellations Charm

Pandora Constellations Charm

This is the perfect gift for your lovely lady to add to her Pandora collection. This 14K rose gold charm is sure to be cherished by her for the rest of her life.

A charm is a good constellation gift to mark a special occasion or to remember a significant moment in your relationship together. Spoil your loved one with this sweet gift.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This mug is perfect for tea, espresso, hot chocolate, and anything else the star watcher in you desires.

Pour in hot liquid and the constellations magically appear. These mugs include some lesser-known constellations like Cassiopeia, Perseus, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, and Gemini.

3D Laser Constellation Crystal Ball

3D Laser Constellation Crystal Ball

These breathtaking stereoscopic crystal balls are a unique constellation gift for any astrologists and astronomers out there.

Each crystal ball is checked for clarity and quality before leaving the shop, so you are guaranteed to get a beautiful, mystical-looking crystal ball with your Zodiac sign engraved inside.

Constellation Ceramic Mug

Tilany Ceramic Coffee Mug With Constellation Design

Turn tea time into a ceremony again with this fairytale mug and spoon set. Perfect for your first cup of joe in the morning, or a cosy hot chocolate before you go to bed.

Each mug set comes with an adorable gold “tea house”, which you can fill with your favourite flavour of tea then dangle in hot water to allow your drink to steep.

Zodiac Blankets

Zodiac Astrology Sign Blankets

These cute, cosy blankets are the perfect gift for cold holidays. Spoil your loved one with this soft, flannel and fleece blanket.

Choose whichever Zodiac sign you would like, and get ready to be super warm and comfy. A neutral colour tone helps these blankets to fit in perfectly with whatever decor you already have.

Constellation Vintage Wall Poster

Constellation Vintage Wall Poster

These trendy art prints are a must-have for any astrologer’s home. Perfect for home or business decor, this piece adds a pop of colour and character to any room.

This stylish, and chic home decor wall art print is printed on premium archival linen paper for an extra-sophisticated look.

Constellation Ornament

Constellation Ornament

This amazing sculpture is a great small gift for an avid stargazer. Choose your star sign in either silver or gold, which both offset the crystals magnificently.

Each crystal is perfectly chosen for you, and will bring you whatever you need in life.

This is an extremely thoughtful gift that your friend is sure to love and cherish!

Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

Each of these glorious gift sets of gems includes the highest-quality stones that have been ethically-sourced. Some of the stones you might receive are Botswana agate, Dalmatian Jasper, Apatite, Orange Calcite and many more!

Each set also contains a stunning Zodiac necklace, a some Palo Santo, a special star wish, and a cute succulent candle. Light the candle, burn the smudge stick, and let all the negative energy go up and away to the heavens.

Zodiac Sign Bracelet

Lokai Zodiac Sign Bracelet

This beaded jewellery features a white bead which is infused with water from Mt. Everest, and the black bead is composed of mud from the Dead Sea, as a reminder to the wearer to stay hopeful and humble during the highs and lows of life

For the other silicon beads, you can choose your star sign, which will be printed in beautiful gold on the blue beads.

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Glow in The Dark Star Map Poster

Equatorial Star Map Poster

This gorgeous constellation map shows most of the major constellations that we can see on most nights.

Enjoy spending hours poring over all of these detailed images, learning more about the mysteries of space and the stars around us.

Perfect for decorating your kids’ bedrooms, classrooms, or even your living room!

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