Discover Cool Stuff To Buy Around The Web In 2022

Welcome to our weekly discovery of cool stuff to buy around the web. We will keep you posted with unique and unusual stuff to buy for your room, birthday, Christmas, or just on random occasions.

Check out this beautiful whiskey glass handmade in England

The next level to display your favourite sneaker 

Beautiful decanter that vintage lover will absolutely love!

Probably one of a best things to buy for a Batman fans

I think this skull in one weird thing that you can add to your collection

Magnificent decor that bring your room to another level

Dragon Ball fans is going to get excited seeing this

Check out this skull carved from natural gemstone

A beautiful gift of faith for the person who believes in God

Add a touch of uniqueness to your room with this vinyl player

7 piece gold collectible coin of United States of America Leaders

This mail post in going to be a good conversation starter

Such an unique speaker to listen to your favourite music.

A durable speaker that is perfect for hiking and traveling 

Keyboard with a typing sound that creates ASMR sensation

Audio Sunglasses

Listen to their favorite song while wearing this cool sunglass

Film Reel Converter

Convert your old film into digital videos so you can share the old film for future generation

Wireless Wearable Speaker

A speaker that let you comfortably wear on your shoulder listening to your favourite song or podcast

Long Distance Connection Bracelets

Keeps you connected and always stay in touch with your loved ones while apart by mimicking the natural vibration of their touch.

Digital Love Note Messenger

Send a message, a photo, a drawing or an animation to your love one

Rifle Decanter Set

Perfect decanter for a man cave

Shoot a fly with this salt gun

Perfect toy to shoot down an annoying fly and add salt on food better than salt bae 

450 Million Years Of Real Trilobite Fossil

Check out this authentic fossil from 450 million years ago!

A floating plant pot powered by magnetic field

Kinetic Sculpture that featured in Iron Man Movie!

A beautiful skull carving made from natural stone

Fossil found near Khourigba, Morocco.

I don’t think this bat will bring any disease

Perfect decoration for any home to start a conversation

I am going to get this for myself!

Beautiful beer stein to drink beer in style

Egyptian deity considered to be the mother of all Egyptian pharaohs

A unique conversation piece

Translate a name or initials into ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Light up your garden with this funny lights

That’s one exquisite carving on this skull

Never seen such a beautiful chess set in my life!

You got to choose what this unusual pen to be made of from meteorite to gold

Turn your shoe into a cool display

A beautiful 25 layer wall art that any football fan will appreciate

Did you know a percentage of each sale goes toward testicular cancer research?