30 Adorable Corgi Gifts That is Too Cute To Handle

corgi gifts
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It’s no secret that corgis are the darlings of the British Royal family. If they are fit for a queen then they will certainly brighten up your life.

Everybody loves an adorable little pooch, and we have chosen a selection of the best corgi gifts that represent the loveliest of our furry little friends- the corgi.

Custom Pet Portrait – Best Corgi Gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Custom Pet Portrait

We just can’t think of anything more spectacular than capturing your corgi’s unique personality and facial expression and creating an incredible one-of-a-kind portrait, ready to show off in your home.

These fully-customized pet portraits make thoughtful corgi gifts to pet owners and corgi lovers everywhere.

Corgi Pendant Necklace

Scamper & Co Sterling Silver Corgi Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous sterling silver corgi pendant will be adored by animal lovers everywhere. Who could resist that sweet little face?

Plus, whenever your friend wears this token of your affection close to their heart, they will think of you and your bond will continue to grow ever stronger. This is a nice corgi gift for your wife or even mother.

Corgi Mug

Matte Black Corgi Mug

Corgi parents, this mug is for you! These adorable, sleepy, little corgi pups will make you smile as you sip on your first cup of coffee in the morning, and when you cradle your warm cocoa before bed.

The gorgeous matte ceramic suits the bamboo lid perfectly, making this not only a useful but also an eye-catching ensemble. Fill this up with your favourite hot cuppa for an excellent start to the day.

Corgi Slippers

AnimalSlippers – Corgi Slippers

Have you always wanted to walk on air? These delightfully fluffy corgi slippers will engulf your feet in cuddly, fuzzy slippers, keeping you cosy and warm.

With distinctive pointed ears, short paws, and the tan and white markings of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, these slippers capture the spirit of this intelligent breed. An adorable pink tongue and warm brown eyes make them especially life-like!

Welsh Corgi Trinket Box

Minihouse Welsh Corgi Trinket Box

This elegant, enamelled trinket box is perfect for storing your jewellery, like rings, earrings, and necklaces. The corgi has stunning, sparkling bedazzled ears and collar for a touch of added glamour.

Each trinket box is eco-friendly, nickel and lead-free, and completely non-toxic for any families who have toddlers.

Corgi Sherpa Blanket

Corgi Palaze – Corgi Sherpa Blanket

These cosy, one-of-a-kind blankets are a perfect Christmas gift to suppose a corgi lover with! The bright colours against a white background are perfectly suited to fit in with any decor or aesthetic.

Plan a perfect movie night and cuddle under this adorable and fuzzy blanket as you munch on popcorn

Christmas Corgi T-Shirt

These adorable Christmas Corgi designs are too cute for words! Who needs the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend when you can have a Cute Corgi tee instead?

Machine-washable, breathable, and light, these cotton tees will have the whole family smiling, and you’ll look great in those Christmas card photographs!

Corgi Crossbag

Chala – Corgi Crossbag

This corgi crossbag is the good gift for corgi lovers who wants to become more organised, but would like to look cute while they do it!

The bags are perfectly-sized to carry all of your essentials; keys, purse, phone, mints, and doggy treats for your cutie corgi of course!

Corgi Motivational Water Bottle

Corgi Motivational Water Bottle

In theory, we all know that we need to drink an adequate amount of water each day, but in practice we don’t always manage it. Well, not any more!

This adorable little corgi waterbottle will help you to keep track of how much water you have had, and it will motivate you to keep drinking throughout the day, just to see those cute little fluffy faces.

Corgi Charm

Corgi Charm

This tiny, sterling silver, 18k rose gold-plated dog breed charm shows an adorable little corgi puppy! It fits perfectly on a Pandora charm bracelet, but can be added to any chain or cord that you please!

Show off your love of the Queen’s favourite pooches and dress up any outfit with this dazzling ruby-bejewelled charm.

Corgi Keychain

Corgi Keychain

Wise words! Need we say anymore? Not only is this token of your affection hilarious, but functional,

too! As any corgi owner could tell you, the utter joy that these cute pups can bring is strong enough to overcome any hardship or sadness.

Give your dearest friend a happily ever after today.

Funny Corgi Butt Mug

Corgi Palace – Funny Corgi Butt Mug

Bottom’s up! These adorable little mugs are sure to give everyone a good chuckle, so long as they don’t snort out their morning coffee in fits of laughter!

Don’t let on the secret as you bring your friend a brimming mug of delicious tea, then watch and laugh as they slowly sip their way down to reveal the cheeky little corgi butt!

Funny Corgi Wall Decor

Honey Dew Gifts – Funny Corgi Wall Decor

Displaying one of these funny dog decorative signs adds a hilarious home accent. This dog-themed wall decor makes a perfect gag gift for family, friends, and coworkers who are pet parents to a Corgi.

Perfect for a home bar, bedroom door, or quirky kitchen sign. Made of durable wood and rope so can be hung up outside, too.

Reversible Corgi Plushie

TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Corgi Plushie

Kids and adults alike will love the supersoft fabric and portable size of these cute corgi plushies. Not to mention, they flip inside out! How cool is that!

Use your corgi plushie as a kind of mood ring, and display your mood as the outside dog so your family or coworkers know when not to bother you.

Christmas Corgi Sweater

Christmas Corgi Sweater

Merry Corgmas! These warm and cosy sweaters are the nice gift to give a corgi parent this festive season.

The cute little face of the Christmas corgi is sure to brighten up any room, and will certainly be a great conversation over Christmas lunch before you pull the crackers.

Corgi Slip On

Posee – Corgi Slip On

Not a fun of the cutesy corgies on the end of your feet? Not to worry, we have a more elegant and sleek look available for you.

These fluffly, subtle corgi bottom slippers are reinforced on the soles so that you can take them outside into the garden or down the path to fetch your mail. Your feet will be on cloud 9 with these beyond-fluffy slippers cradling them.

Corgi Momo Butt Mug

Corgi Palace – Corgi Momo Butt Mug

If you like big (corgi) butts and you cannot lie, then this is the perfect mug for you. This hilarious mug with its protruding corgi bottom is sure to garner a few smiles early in the morning as you break into your first cup of Joe.

Fill this funny mug with your favourite hot beverage and prepare for the laughs to strat rolling in as you go about your day.

Corgi In Pocket T-Shirt

Corgi In Pocket T-Shirt

Ever looked at a little corgi and thought that it was so sweet you just wanted to put it in your pocket and take it home with you? Well, now you can!

This fun and funny shirt depicts the cutest little corgi poking his head out from a fake pocket on the front of your tee. Make sure to wash in cold water to preserve the intense colours of the print.

Denim Corgi Cap

Denim Corgi Cap

You surely can’t go wrong with a classic denim cap. The stonewash faded colour goes well with any outfit, and any animal lovers or dog owners will love this sweet little corgi cap.

Protect your skin and your eyes from harsh sunlight with this stylish and cool-looking cap- perfect for any occassion!

Corgi Succulent Planters

Corgi Succulent Planters

Home succulents are all the rage these days, and for good reason! They’re easy to look after and don’t really need special conditions to survive. Plus, they fill your home with delicious, life-giving oxygen!

Now, you can proudly and prettily display your new succulents with these adorable little corgi planters.

Corgi 3D Butt Socks

Nayo The Corgi – Corgi 3D Butt Socks

Now who doesn’t love a fluffy little bubble butt? These adorable corgi socks would make a funny gift for any corgi mom or dad who has a sense of humour.

These super comfy and cosy socks will keep you comfortable and warm, and adorable at the same time! Machine-washable, and tumble-drier friendly.

Corgi One Piece Pajama

Nayo The Corgi – Soft Flannel Corgi One Piece Pajama

No one is ever too old for a onesie! And children and their parents alike will both love this fluffy, cosy, giant onesie.

The soft flannel will feel silky smooth against your skin, and this cute corgi onesie is perfect for lounging around the house, wearing to themed-parties, or rocking out at a festival when it starts to get cold at night.

Women’s Pajama Pants

Women’s Pajama Pants

Speaking of comfy lounging clothes, these corgi pajamas are absolutely adorable, and will keep you snuggly all night long!

Sjow off your love of pooches and pups with these cosy pajama bottoms that keep you warm all the way down to your ankles. To complete the look, why not pair these with a pair of the corgi slippers that are featured above.

Corgi Sign Decor

Venicor Corgi Sign Decor

Another funny bit of a decor for a home bar, bedroom, or kitchen. Anyone who owns corgis will absolutely love this hilarious novelty sign.

Now, if anyone gets pawed by your pets, they can’t say that you didn’t warn them!

Personalized Dog’s Name Doormat

Personalized Dog’s Name Doormat

This funny, 3D doormat is a fun spin on the classic welcome mat. Anyone who owns a corgi knows that they can sniff out visitors from miles away, and as soon as they do, they sure let you know about it!

Also, this mat is a nice warning for anyone who might be scared of or allergic to dogs.

Corgi Blankets

Corgi Blankets

This corgi blanket is perfect for anyone whose love of corgies is bordering on addiction! When you just can’t have too many corgies dotted around your room, why not treat yourself to this warm, cosy blanket and pretend that you are absolutely drowning in adorable little puppies.

This blanket is the perfect size to be shared by two, so why not plan a romantic date and then suprise your partner at the end by getting cuddly under this cute corgi blanket.

Corgi Keychain Buddy

Nayothecorgi – Corgi Keychain Buddy

This fun little twist on the Monster’s Inc. movie is an adorable reminder that we can master our monsters and overcome anything that we put our mind to. Plus, it will help you organise your keys so that you don’t lose them.

Easy to clean, this flexible little corgi playing dress-up is a great stocking-filler gift this Christmas.

Realistic Corgi Dog Statue

Realistic Corgi Dog Statue

Instead of a welcome mat outside your door, why not get yourself a welcome corgi? Your visitors will love walking up your front path and being greeted by this sweet little face. And, it lets them know that a dog lover lives here!

Simply place this sweet little guy in an area where he is most likely to get all of the admiring looks, and he will continue to delight your house guests for years to come.

Corgi Riding Dinosaur T-Shirt

Corgi Riding Dinosaur T-Shirt

This one is for all of the tough-guy corgi parents out there who love to live by their own rules. This dinosaur-riding corgi doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and even though we don’t know where he’s going, we just know it’s going to be someplace awesome!

Perfect attire for fun parties, barbeques, or casual hangs around the house.

Small Corgi Plushy

Nayothecorgi – Small Corgi Plushy

Last but certainly not least is this super soft and squishy little corgi plushie. This little guy will make the comfortable gift for anyone who loves a good cuddle. His silky, fluffy fur will feel so good against your skin, that soon you will be drifting off to LaLa land on a soft cloud of pleasant dreams.

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