21 Unique Easter Gifts for families That Will Leave No Tastebud Unsatisfied!

Easter gifts for families
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Easter day is shared between all sectors of Christianity. And while most have their differences, we all, regardless of faith, can’t resist the appeal of Easter-day gifts!

Each item being thematically drafted, our list of seasonal presents will amplify this month’s festive ambiance! So hurry up before the craze expires and grab your basket packed with treats from our Easter gifts for families list.

Brunch Easter Gift Basket

good Easter gifts for families

Golden State – Family Brunch Easter Basket

What’s a better start than a woven basket stuffed to the brim with healthy, but also guilty, pleasures!

This basked gives a full-blown “Easter breakfast”, comprised of fresh, crispy fruit like juicy pears, navel oranges, but also heartfelt chocolate eggs and hand dipped chocolate pretzels! The perfect Easter gift idea has arrived, and we’re only at the number one spot.  

Easter Gift Basket

cool Easter gifts for families

Eva Gift Universe Easter Gift Basket

A proper way to express your love to your significant comes in the form of this ribboned stylish box containing 1kg of mouth-watering chocolate. Inside you’ll uncover a sizeable chocolate bunny guarding over its wrapped Lindor chocolate eggs. Easter is the perfect excuse to drool on creamy milk chocolates and surprise your most favorite people! 

Chocolate Basket Tower

Easter gift basket for families

Godiva – Chocolate Gift Tower

Since its inception in 1926, Godiva chocolates have gained world-wide fame as a leader in premium chocolate making. Out of their countless products, we’ve thought you’d love to set your heart on this exquisite Chocolate Gift Tower.

A literal skyscraper of chocolate goodness, on every floor you’ll stumble upon a unique type of chocolate – dark, milk, white, Creme Brulee, and other assorted Truffles. No need to call the elevator, ascend the tower one bite at a time! 

Assorted Gift Basket

what is the best easter gifts for families

Wine Country Abundant Gift Baskets

Feast your eyes on this surplus basket of the finest snacks your tastebuds will have the privilege of sensing. Wine Country has taken gift presentation to an astronomical level, by furnishing a top-quality bag with too many treats to count.

In spite of us categorizing it as an Easter gift, this basket suits any occasion – graduation, St. Valentines, retirement, or simple acts of kindness! 

Cheese Gift Basket

good Easter gift ideas for families

Igourmet Store – Gourmet Cheese Lover’s Gift Basket

Cheese, cheese, cheese. In our attempts to create lists catered to any taste, we’ve made a brief mentioning of a home cheese making kit.

This time, we remove the excruciating maturing process and jump straight into munching on nine different types of cheese. Encased in a rustic, rigid wooden box, this gift expects a cheese connoisseur to appreciate its contents to the fullest! 

Fruit Gift Basket

unique Easter gift ideas for families

Harry & David Signature Fruit Basket

In contrast to Godiva’s tower of sugar shockers, we have a more nutritious alternative that is still just as tasty!

Inside their wooden crate, eight Verano pears, two seasonal apples, cheddar and gouda cheese accompanied by cashews, almonds, walnuts, honey, pecans, pretzels and many more goodies are all cozing up! This box is perfect for those looking after their diet and is a spot-on incentive to take up a healthier lifestyle! 

Luxury Truffle Chocolate Box

traditional Easter gift ideas for families

Ethel M Chocolate Truffle Collection

Ethel M has has been featured before in our lists of the best easter gift ideas for families. Another master chocolatier that doesn’t get the due recognition! Within the box are hidden 24 pieces of delicious, hand-brushed truffles.

Designed with ultra-care, Ethel chocolates are crafted in an environmentally friendly solar panel factory with no added preservatives! As this lifts all moral obligations off you as a consumer, you get to freely indulge in the velvety taste of Desert Honey, KONA Espresso, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Dark & Milk Chocolate.

Gift Basket For All Ages

unusual Easter gift ideas for families

Family Easter Gift Basket

A basket fluffed with stuff! An understated, but classic design.

What separates this seemingly average basket is its bubbly contents cradling jelly-beans, marshmallow Peeps, cotton candy, peanut butter cups, caramel popcorn, and, last but not least, a chocolate bunny.

If your recipient isn’t too picky and likes a to taste a bit of everything, this not-so-pretentious woven basket will be the ideal present for a pupil or student! 

Easter Candy Gift Basket

cute Easter gifts for families

Tower Snack Box Variety Pack

The best of the savoury and sweet world! Just like Godiva’s chocolate tower, this one stashes a different flavour on each floor. Cheez-it snacks, chocolate chip cookies, twizzlers, oatmeal breakfast bars, bubble gum, and much more!

Create a true gift-giving suspense as your recipient takes down the tower by looting whatever crosses his or her sight! For those who need to balance between the two flavours, this tower supplies whatever craving they may have at any hour! 

Keep reading for more Easter gifts for families, friends, and colleagues!

Gourmet Gift Basket

useful Easter gifts for families

Dan the Sausageman’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket

Good heavens gracious! If this box isn’t a mouthful, I don’t know what is.

At hand we have an assortment of fine and most delectable appetisers to garnish any table and plate. Steaming fresh and unapologetically splendid, Dan’s pine wood box “gurgles” with Garlic Red Pepper Sausage, Alder Smoked Salmon, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Chocolate Cherries, Elki Crackers, Honey Roasted peanuts, some dressing, and, finally, cocoa-rich truffles.

It’s more than enough to make the heart of a true appreciator of fine living melt! 

Deluxe Cookie Gift Basket

best Easter gifts for families

Pick and Chews Deluxe Cookie Gift Basket

Keeping up with deluxe boxsets, the “Pick and Chews” (pun very much intended) promises a delicious experience for even the fussiest of eaters.

A box jam-packing too many gifts to count, you’ll find a wide range of sweet cookie dough – from shortbread, Dolcetto Waffers, Brownie crisps, chocolate cream puffs to Milano choc biscotti!  

The sheer number of cookies included makes this a surprisingly long-term gift, no matter how sweet your recipient’s tooth is! 


what is the best easter gift ideas for families

OLMA Beluga Hybrid Caviar

Now we’re getting really deep into the luxuriant trenches of our list. Caviar has been the mainstay of every opulent and upper-class platter.

Every catering team that knows how to serve a venue will make sure to place caviar at the core of their menu. OLMA’s caviar store gives you the chance to adorn your table with a gourmet jewel.

Marketed as a cross between Huso Huso and Acipenser Baerli, your pearly beads of caviar are treated with pure sea salt that gives them a buttery and nutty taste. 

Irish Gift Box

unusual Easter gifts for families

A Little Bit of Ireland in Gift Box

A gift for any devoted Irishman or fan of the mesmerising culture.

Described as ‘a connoisseur’s guide to Ireland’, this box features Ireland’s finest cheeses followed by crackers, Follain jam, shortbread Petticoat Tails, Bewley’s Crème Coffee, and traditional Gab tea.

If you have trouble imagining what the perfect afternoon breakfast looks like, here’s a hint. 

Premium Jerky Ammo Can

traditional Easter gifts for families

Man Crates – Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Amongst our snazzy “easter gifts for families” list, this box stands out with a hardcore militaristic style that’s catered specifically for meat lovers! And it awaits to have its rich bounty discovered.

You’ll unbox red pepper beef, original sweet-picante beef, and original flavour jerky. Each item has been meticulously cured until it has reached the ultimate tender and succulent texture.

It comes inside a NATO-spec, air-tight ammo can that not only preserves your meat candy fresh but adds a utilitarian look that will leave your recipient puzzled and hyped until the very end.

Grilling Gift Basket

useful Easter gift ideas for families

The Grill-Master Gift Basket

If you know an avid grill master who only needs a slight sunray to hit his backyard in order to set up a venue of steaming meat, then this is it!

Gift Basket Village’s credo entails the idea that the beast meals are the grilled one. And while the guests wait for their juicy steak, why not trat them with a plate of gourmet cookies, soft cheese, and tender sausage?

Alongside the appetizers comes a wide array of sauces that go well with both your starting and main course! 

English Tea Gift Basket

best Easter gift ideas for families

Wine Country English Tea Gift Basket

Another entry by Wine Country but this time with a flavour coming from the British Isles. If the Irish basket was the perfect savoury afternoon snack, then this is for anyone looking to indulge in the optimal sweet afternoon lunch.

The box’ trump card is its original English tea which is followed by an abundance of treats like Lindor chocolates, lemon cakes, fudge, and much more! It’s time to recreate that world-known English snacking experience! 

Bunny Gift Box

Easter gift basket ideas for families

Easter Gift- The Easter Bunny Candy Gift Tower

A tested classic is Easter’s famous mascot itself! Wish your recipient a “hoppy” Easter holiday by handing them a gift tower filled with M&Ms, Jelly Belly jelly beans, butterfingers, and other candy brands that feel like a blast from the past.

Although such a gift is ready to enter the life of any recipient, we recommend you give it to a friend who’s been out of touch with his or her juvenile side. It’s time to rejuvenate the power of youth! 

Cookies in a Crate

cute Easter gift ideas for families

Mrs. Fields Cookies Cookie Crate

Save yourself the hassle of scouting for cookies and picking the perfect crate. Mrs. Fields industrial wooden box hosts 40 unique, Kosher-certified cookies.

Coming in chocolate chip, oatmeal raising walnut, cinnamon sugar, triple chocolate, and white chocolate Macadamia Nut, the box celebrates everything great about cookies. Serve with a warm glass of milk for an extra tinge of deliciousness! 

Premium Fried Fruits Gift Box

Easter gift ideas for families

Laumière Gourmet Fruits

Let’s cut down on the added sugar and see what Laumiere has in store for us! They have devised a nutritious package that contains all the vitamins and minerals you would need in a day which come in the form of dried apricots, chia, almonds, pine seeds, and much more.

Suitable for any sort of diet – vegan or vegetarian – this powerhouse of snacks is proud to be free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, honey, or salt! Give someone a tasty supplement by choosing Laumiere Gourmet Fruits.

Gluten Free Gift Basket

cool Easter gift ideas for families

Deluxe Snacks Care Package

And since we’ve jumped on the healthy bandwagon let’s continue with this one-of-a-kind gluten free snack box.

If you happen to know someone with a disagreeable stomach, then chances are they will love this assortment of gluten free and kosher snacks which range from cookies to crackers and nuts!

Every piece is handpicked and selected the minute you purchase, so there’s a 100% freshness guarantee. 

Rabbit Figurine

unique Easter gifts for families

Fitz and Floyd Parker Woven Pattern Rabbit Figurine

Our next basket is marvellously cra… wait.. no basket?! If none of our 21 baskets haven’t convinced you that a basket is the one gift to get your friends or family this Easter, then here’s an alternative – something that will last.

No matter how beautifully ornamented the basket is, sooner or later it will run out of snacks. Our solution is a glossy figurine that doesn’t scream “Easter” but only hints at the occasion.

You can have it on your shelf all year round and when the day comes we can bet it’s going to bring a new flavour to your festive living space! 

An intense list for sure! Congratulations, you pulled through! And if something has managed to capture your eye, even better!

But in case you’re still tentative regarding this whole gift-giving fiasco, we, at Quokkadot, diagnose and devise lists of what consumer most need! 

Have a look at any of our lists For Her, For Him, or By Occasion, and you’re bound to find the perfect present!  

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