20 Beautiful Egyptian Gifts That Won’t Get Cursed

egyptian gifts
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Looking for Egyptian gifts? Egyptian culture is a very interesting one. Known mostly for Pyramids and pharaohs, it is quite rich and beautiful.

If you’re looking for something interesting to give to your friend who loves Egyptian culture, you have come to the right place.

We have chosen the most interesting gifts inspired by Egypt.

Let’s translate their name into hieroglyphs

egyptian gifts

Personalized Cartouche

Nothing reflects the ancient culture of Egypt more as Hieroglyphs do. Translate your friend’s name into Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Each piece is handmade so you can be sure that it is fully customized for you specifically.

You can also choose gift wrapping with gold pyramid packaging for a complete unique Egyptian gift.

That’s a nice Egyptian jewellery for the lady

egyptian jewelry and gifts

Egyptian Queen Pendant Necklace

Egyptian queen Nefertiti was a very powerful woman. This pendant necklace is a stunning gift perfect form anniversary or Mother’s Day.

Give it to someone you love because it is a truly valuable and unique gift.

It is a great accessory for various occasions.

With all the perfect details, it is the gift that your loved one will cherish.

I think that’s a nice Egyptian pyramid gifts

Egyptian Ankh Crosses Fine

Egyptian culture is full of interesting symbols and if you wish to give something valuable and interesting to a friend, you will love this Gold Eye of Horus Pyramid Charm Pendant.

Not only it looks beautiful, but it is believed that it is a symbol of health, power, protection, and enlightenment.

Get this as a Egyptian souvenir gifts for them

egyptian souvenir gifts

Egyptian Dagger with Sheath

Finding a suitable gift for a male friend is sometimes challenging. However, this blade is awesome and very detailed.

It is a great souvenir this can be used as decoration anywhere in the house or in the office.

It is not sharp, so it cannot be used, but it is a stunning decoration.

This decor is a beauty

egyptian themed gifts

Gods of Ancient Egypt Statues

If any of your friends are in love with the Egyptian culture, their house is probably full of interesting details from this era.

However, these bust statues are unique and rare, so you won’t go wrong with them for sure.

They are made of quality materials so it will be a wonderful decoration for a long time. 

That’s one unusual Egyptian gifts

unique egyptian gifts

Egyptian Queen Statue

Cleopatra was known for her seductive skills, gorgeous body, and rich love life.

This sculpture shows her mesmerizing beauty in every way possible celebrating it with every detail.

Each piece is hand-painted, so you can be sure that you will have one magnificent, stunning, unique, and exotic gift to give to someone you love. 

That’s a nice Egyptian style gifts

egyptian style gifts

Goddess Isis Egyptian Decor Sculptural Table Lamp

Give this unique lamp to someone who means a lot to you, because the Egyptian goddess Isis is a symbol of medicine, marriage, magic, motherhood, and fertility.

It is believed that it brings good luck and it is also a wonderful lamp that will contribute to the overall home decor with its interesting details.

This hourglass gift is a nice Christmas gift for him

egyptian christmas gifts

Egyptian Decor Statue Hourglass Sand Timer

Egyptian decor statue hourglass is a great gift for your dad, brother, or husband if they like Egyptian art.

The hourglass empties in 5-minutes and it is wonderfully decorated so it can be placed in an office or anywhere in the house.

It is a very nice gift for people who love Egyptian culture.  

Get this small Egyptian gift for them

egyptian tourist gifts

Egyptian Pharaoh Pen Vessel

Egyptian Pharaoh Pen Vessel is a very unusual gift. It has a pharaoh on it and hieroglyphs making it a perfect gift for Egypt lovers.

It is nicely made and heavy, so it can hold various pans in it.

It is hand-painted which means that each detail is made with great care.

Get them this Queen

gifts for egyptian goddess

Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Statue

Queen Nefertiti was a very powerful woman who was King Akhenaten’s wife.

The meaning of her name is very interesting ”a beautiful woman has come”, so if you wish to give something beautiful to the woman you love, this statue would be a perfect choice.

It is a very detailed item.

Get them this Egyptian wine rack

egyptian inspired gifts

Egyptian Deity Bastet Wine Bottle Stand

Cat lovers will love this item. It is a wine bottle holder that can be used for dinners and parties, or as a regular decoration at a restaurant.

Cats used to be perceived as magical beings that bring luck to the people who had them as pets. Every detail is done with great care.

Check out thtis beautiful art print

gifts for egyptian man

Pharaoh Ancient Egypt Art Prints

Give this inspirational piece to someone who is on their way to succeed.

Considering that Nefertiti was a very powerful woman, she can be a perfect way to inspire someone who is struggling and push them in the right direction.

It is also very decorative, so it can be a part of the home decor.

Decorate their house with this beautiful candle holder

authentic egyptian gifts

Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Sconces

Considering that cobras used to hold a very special place in the Egyptian culture, it can often be seen in items that reflect this period.

They were considered protectors of the pharaohs.

Give this to someone who likes candles and the Egyptian culture, so they can enjoy having it in their home.

Decorate their wall with this gift

traditional egyptian gifts

Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall Art

Ankh Symbol is the symbol of life.

It is a great present for people who like to decorate their walls and are very appreciative of the Egyptian culture.

It is beautifully made and every detail is stunning.

It is a gift that carries positive energy and your friends will love it for sure.

Check out this detailed figurines

ancient egyptian gifts

Egyptian God Anubis Statue

God Anubis was the guide in the afterlife who would decide if the soul of the person who died was light as a feather or heavy.

This figurine shows that moment of making that decision and weighing the heart.

The base is made of skulls. It is a decor that the lovers of mythology will appreciate.

Decorate their house with this gift

egyptian culture gifts

Egyptian Temple Steles Tutankhamen Sculpture

Tutankhamen, Isis, and Horus Wall Sculpture Plaques depict a few of the unique Egyptian symbols.

Isis is the symbol or marriage and fertility, while Horus is a symbol of hunting and war.

It is a gift that will make your friend think that he walked into an Egyptian pyramid collection tomb.

That’s a beautiful gift for their desk

traditional egyptian wedding gifts

Meditation Pyramid Prism

The pyramids are the masterpieces of ancient architecture and the great mystery even today.

Many people are fascinated by the way pyramids were made and even though science and technology have progressed so much there are things that can’t be explained.

This gift celebrates the beauty of the pyramids with every detail.

How about this gift?

egyptian mythology gifts

Egyptian Canopic Jar Set of 4

Give these jars to someone who is especially fond of small items with Egyptian details.

Every jar has a different top, so there is a jackal, falcon, human, and lion head.

They can be used for decoration in any room of the house and would be a great surprise to anyone who adores this type of gift.

Their house is going to look so pretty with this present

gifts for egyptian family

Egyptian Sphinx Glass Topped Sculptural Table

Looking for a gift that will be equally striking, beautiful and quality made can be challenging.

However, this table has all that and more. It cannot go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

It is very appealing and unusual, so give it to your friends who like furniture that makes a very clear statement.

Check out this wall plaque

best egyptian gifts

Bastet Mask Egyptian Wall Plaque

Bastet was the protector against evil spirits and contagious diseases, but also the cat protector.

This wall plaque sculpture is the perfect present to give to people who appreciate the symbolic and mythology.

It looks very nice and can complement the overall style in your friend’s home. It is made of bronze.

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