42 Amazing first valentine gift for boyfriend That He Love

first valentine gift ideas for boyfriend
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Valentine’s Day is meant for exchanging love tokens and affection among people who love each other. While people have always viewed it as a day for spoiling women, it’s also a chance to appreciate the important men in our society.

Getting the perfect gift for your boyfriend can be a daunting task. That is why we have come up with an awesome list of first Valentine gift for your boyfriend that he will appreciate.

This is a nice first valentine gift for your boyfriend in high school

first valentine gift for boyfriend high school

Knock Knock What I Love about Us

For a romantic keepsake gift, get your boyfriend this love journal.

It comes with blank lines where you fill in what you love about him.

He will love going through your sweet words, and will keep the journal as a memento.

Written words are stronger than spoken ones as you can always refer to them.

This is one perfect first long distance valentines presents for your boyfriend

first valentines presents for boyfriend long distance

Capsule Message in a Bottle

Are you in a long distance relationship?

Remind your boyfriend of your love with this gift of capsule message in a bottle.

The same way people take medicines every day, he will enjoy getting a love ‘dose’ every day from the love capsules.

Let him bring this personalised Valentines gift everywhere

first valentines presents for new boyfriend

Personalized Crystal Key Chain

 Do you have a favorite photo of the two of you?

Why not let him carry it with him around in this crystal key chain?

The key chain is unique as it not only helps you keep your memory but it also light up.

The crystals will help you illuminate your favorite memory as you keep your keys safe.

Rings in a heartbeat!

gift for new boyfriend

Rings for Couples

Rings symbolize love and commitment in a relationship.

The endless circle of a ring reflects a couple’s union and the open center represents the unexplored life they have together as a couple.

These gifts come with a heartfelt message engraved inside and a heartbeat on the outside.

 They are the perfect Valentine gift for your boyfriend.

There is a ring inside this Cryptex

first valentine gift for boyfriend ideas

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

If your boyfriend loves solving puzzles, this is the perfect Valentine present for him.

It will also add a hint of suspense, personalization, and thoughtfulness.

The mini cryptex has a ring inside which reaffirms your love for him.

Your boyfriend will love displaying this gift and cherish it all his life.

You can have the password changed to his or your choice.

This valentines gift is going to remind him of you every time he make coffee using this mug

first valentine gift for new boyfriend

Catch My Heart His and Hers Coffee Mugs

Make your boyfriend go fishing for your love from your mug everytime he enjoys a cup of tea or coffee.

It is a gift he will always love using as it will remind him of your love every day.

Morning coffee has never tasted this good before!

When you are around, you can both use the twin mugs as you relish in your love.

Get to know him on a deeper level

valentines gift for him new relationship

Love Language: The Card Game 

Transform game nights with this love language card game.

The game covers five categories, including family, intimacy, past & future, couple, and individual.

It is high time you accelerated intimacy between you by asking each other personal questions.

The questions are designed to bring out fun and powerful conversations with your loved ones.

Pick a card, ask the question, and rediscover your better half.

Record his favourite song in this acrylic box

best gift for boyfriend on first valentine's day

Soundwave Art Custom Gifts

For a more personalized gift, turn your boyfriend’s favorite song into a soundwave art in an acrylic box.

It is not only a thoughtful gift but also a keepsake.

The art will make great art for the house and your boyfriend will love having it around.

It will show him how much you know about him as your lover and his interests.

Travel around with him, try different beer and collect the cap as a memory

first valentines presents for boyfriend diy

Beer Caps Holder Wall Decor

If your boyfriend is a beer lover who likes collecting bottle caps, help him display them in the house with this gift.

The beer caps holder wall decor comes in all letters.

Just order his name’s initial so that he can stick the beer caps from his collection.

It’ll come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting and he will not need any adhesives to stick the caps.

This jerky in a heart box is a unique first valentine gift for your boyfriend

unique first valentine gift for boyfriend

Jerky Heart

For your first Valentine together, get him this gift of beef jerky that comes in a heart-shaped box.

You can carry it as a snack while going for a picnic together.

The jerky comes in ten tantalizing flavors, including honey bourbon and whiskey maple. It is full of juicy deliciousness for the perfect Valentine date.

This is such a sweet valentines day present for your boyfriend

first valentines presents for boyfriend ideas

Personalised Folded Book Art

If you are looking for a unique gift, this one is a winner.

The personalized folded book art can come with your names’ initials.

The individual pages in each book are folded to spell your special personalized word.

Being a hand-made gift makes it even more special.

This is the best DIY Valentines gift for your first time boyfriend

DIY first valentine gift for boyfriend

DIY Explosion Box

If you aren’t sure what to get your boyfriend for your fist Valentine together, this is a perfect option.

The explosive box comes with five stensils to help you create beautiful memories as a gift for your loved one.

In the box, there are 12 photo cards and more than eight various paper cutouts, including a heart.

You can decorate them with text, photos, or any other thing you can think of.

When he opens it, it will explode to display all the beautiful pieces.

This night lamp is going to make him of you every night

first valentine's day present for boyfriend

Galaxy Moon Lamp

This galaxy moon lamp is a one-of-a-kind gift.

It oozes beauty and elegance.

As the moon is a symbol of love, this light will not only light his room but also his heart with love and affection.

It is the perfect gift for a couple in a long-distance relationship.

Every night, as the lamp lights up his room, he will be reminded of you.

Remember the first kiss?

cute gift for new boyfriend

Couple Passionate Kiss Iron Sculpture

Remember how he sweeped you off your feet with your first kiss?

You can now reminisce on that beautiful memory with this iron couple passionate kiss iron sculpture.

It captures the emotional beautiful moment of a couple deep in love kissing passionately.

Having it in his house will have him always yearning to be with you.

How about a personalized Valentines gift for your boyfriend?

personalized first valentine gift for boyfriend funny

Personalized Star Map

This personalized star map makes the perfect first anniversary for your boyfriend.

It is personalized with both your names and coordinates.

These coordinates could be where you first met or the location of your first date.

The gift also comes with a sweet message for lovers.

This is such a lovely decoration for him

new relationship gift ideas for him

Loving Couple Under Umbrella Bronze Sculpture

Show your boyfriend that you appreciate how much he is commited to your relationship with this gift.

The sculpture symbolizes a couple that is willing to protect their relationship from the outsiders and work towards a happy life.

It will look great on a tabletop or mantel, and it will always remind your boyfriend of your commitment and affection.

This is such a cute Valentines gift for your boyfriend

good gift for new boyfriend

Custom Portrait Of Couple In Love

Handmade gifts make great mementos.

They show the hardwork and attention to detail that went into getting them.

That is what this custom portrait depicts when given as a gift.

Get your favorite photo of you two and have it made into a custom portrait.

it is a great first Valentine gift for boyfriend.

This will be a one and only wallet for him

best gift for new boyfriend

Personalized Mens Wallet

Wallets are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.

They not only keep his valuables safe and organized but also complete his look.

Go the extra mile and get him a customized wallet that comes with his initials.

Every time he gets it out to fish something, he will see the initials and remember that it is from a special person.

No way he is ever going to lose it.

How about a personalized spoon?

valentines gift for new boyfriend

Personalized Spoon

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Well, he will enjoy all his meals more with this gift.

The personalized spoon comes with a sweet message that your boyfriend will love reading everytime he is having his meals.

Looking for an affordable Valentines day gift for your boyfriend?

first valentine gift for boyfriend cheap

Engraved I Love You Tagua Nut

What makes tagua nuts special is the work that goes into processing them into beautiful pieces.

The vegetable ivory feels and looks like real ivory when polished.

That is one reason this gift is so special.

The other reason is that it comes with a heartfelt message that will leave a smile on your boyfriend’s face.

This is going to be a memorable first Valentines gift for your boyfriend

memorable gift for boyfriend on first valentine's day

Funny Face Valentine’s Day Boxer

This is a perfect first Valentine gift for your boyfriend.

Printing your face on his underwear will remind him that you own his heart, and you are the only woman who should see him in his boxers.

If anything, it will keep him faithful.

It is such a romantic gift for a boyfriend.

Personalize date, names or even the coordinate of the place of your first met

best first valentine gift for boyfriend

Custom Bracelet For Men

For a sentimental gift, this one takes the lead.

Get your boyfriend this customized bracelet that comes with your names, dates, and coordinates of where and when you met the first time.

It is a great reminder of the journey you have been on since you met and fell in love.

Does both of you loves traveling? Pin the place you have travel together on this pin map

Dreams and Memories World Push Pin Travel Map

Do you two love traveling?

How about you get him this travel map and every time you visit a certain place, you put a pin on it.

You can also use different colored pins with some indicating the destinations you wish to travel together.

It is one of those gifts you two will love using from time to time.

He is going to smell so good on the next date with you

best valentine's gift for new boyfriend

Valentino Uomo Intense

There is something intoxicating and attractive about a good-smelling man.

When a man wears the perfect scent, his girlfriend will always feel attracted to him in a sensual way.

Get him this scent so that he can wear it on your next night out for that perfect date.

It is bound to help you end the night in an intimate mood.

Geeky boyfriend will love this t-shirt

best first valentine gift for him

Creative Valentine’s T-Shirt

Send him a love message using this special t-shirt.

You can have the message personalized to tell him what you feel about him and your relationship.

As a first Valentine gift for your boyfriend, it will help cement your relationship and tell him that you are looking for many years together.

Tell him his love shoot through your heart just like this shot glass

creative first valentine gift for boyfriend

The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

This is the best way to tell your boyfriend how you feel about your love.

He has shot you with love and now all you can do is drink from the overflowing cup that is full of his affection, love, and commitment.

The bullet is lead-free and thus it’s not harmful to his health.

Enjoy his favourite song in the shower with this waterproof speaker

gift ideas for new boyfriend on valentine's day

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Transform his bathroom karaoke moments with this water-proof speaker.

Now, he can listen and sing along to his favorite music while taking a shower.

You can also join him and dance to his favorite music while taking a shower together.

It is the best gift to set a romantic mood in the shower.

Looking for a first DIY valentine gift for your boyfriend

DIY gift for new boyfriend

DIY Hands Casting Kit

Your first Valentine gift for your boyfriend doesn’t have to be his alone.

You can also do something together worth remembering for years to come.

Get this hands casting kit and make a cast of your intertwined hands.

It is the perfect gift to show that you in that relationship for the long run.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Let him use this toiletries bag every time he visit you

first valentine gift for boyfriend long distance

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit

Being in a long-distance relationship can be straining, especially when he has to carry his toiletries every time he comes to visit you.

You can help him with that by buying him this toiletries bag.

That way, he can always have some when he comes over.

This will help him always feel at home whenever he is at your house.

Keep memorable moment in this box

first valentine's day gift for boyfriend

Love Never Ends Wooden Keepsake Box

Whether your boyfriend is religious or not, this keepsake box will make for a great gift.

It comes with a bible verse to remind him that love is never ending.

He will love keeping all his mementos in this box and every time he misses you, he can grab something from the box to feel close to you.

Personalize a lovely art print for your boyfriend

first valentine's day ideas for boyfriend

Our Corner in Paris Street Sign Art Print

A street sign art symbolizes when your hearts crossed paths.

Instead of continuing on their way, they merged to form a beautiful relationship which you are celebrating today.

The sign comes with the dates you fell in love with each other.

It is the perfect gift for your first Valentine or as an anniversary gift.

Customise something funny in this candle label

Personalize Candle Gift

Let him know the extent of your love with this personalized candle.

Have it personalized to have a message of one thing you love very much and tell him that you love him more than it.

It is not only sweet but cheeky, and it will definitely leave a smile on his face.

Step up his grooming routine with this valentines gift

valentines gift for a new boyfriend

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit

Sometimes men are too buy to shop for even the essentials.

That is where you get an idea of an ideal gift.

Make his grooming seamless by buying him this shaving kit and he will never leave the house unshaved again.

It is one of those gifts he will love using every day.

What about a personalize necklace?

first valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriend

Personalized Rustic Heart Necklace

Who said that it’s only women who love jewelry?

If he loves wearing necklaces, get him this rustic one that comes personalized with your names and the dates you first met.

Every time he has it around his neck he will remember how much you love him and the ups and downs you have conquered together as a couple.

It is one of the sweetest gifts you can get for your boyfriend.

How about a couple T-Shirt

first valentine's day gift for him

King & Queen Matching Couple T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with matching couple’s t-shirts.

You can have them personalized to read king and queen or any other title you feel like using for the both of you.

Now, weekends’ outings will never be the same.

The tites will not fade with time and hopefully so is your love.

Check out this cute decanter

perfect gift for new boyfriend

Whiskey Decanter Set

Make his whiskey time a grand affair by buying him this artistic decanter.

It will be a great addition to his bar, and he will love having some whiskey in there.

Whenever his friends come over, he will love serving them a drink from this beautiful decater.

Now, that is a gift any man would appreciate.

This travel map photo will be a memorable gift for both of you

meaningful gift for new boyfriend

50 States USA Photo Map

While a 50 USA States map may not mean much as a gift, there is something special about this one.

You can stick photos on it from all your travel expenditions.

Every time you come from a vacation, stick your favorite photo to the corresponding state.

You can use it as a guide on where to go next.

Use the map to display the beautiful memories shared together.

This is one romantic gift for your new boyfriend

romantic gift for new boyfriend

Handmade Eternal Love Sculpture Statue

Love is one of the strongest forces in the universe.

Demonstrate you love with this beautiful love sculpture of a couple locked in a deep kiss.

It symbolizes affection and love, which is the binding force of your relationship.

The gift has been meticulously crafted to make the perfect carving, which he can display on any shelf or the mantel.

What better way to say “I love you?”

The rock that meant a lot to him

gift for boyfriend 1 year anniversary

Engraved Love Rock

Tell him he is your rock literally using this engraved love rock.

It comes with a heartfelt message that tells him how much he means to you.

This is one of those gifts that come with great sentimental value.

It is a great way to remind him how happy you are to have him in your life.

Enjoy cold brew coffee everywhere he go

gift ideas for new boyfriend valentines day

Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Not everyone loves their cup of coffee smoking hot.

Some prefer to have it cold.

If your boyfriend is one of them, get him this portable coffee makes that ensures that he can enjoy a mug of cold coffee wherever he is.

Coffee now doesn’t have to be brewed at home as technology has made it otherwise possible.

As a coffee lover, he will always sing your praises for getting him this gift.

I am loving this personalize gift

thoughtful gift for new boyfriend

Personalize 3D Crystal

This gift is both delicate and elegant.

Crystals are a symbol of pure, eternal love.

The gift is personalized by mounting your favorite photo to make it even more special.

He will definitely love having this on his bedside table and every time he goes to sleep, it will be the last thing he sees.

It’ll also be the first thing he sees in the morning.

Keep his beer fresh with this growler

unusual first valentine gift for boyfriend

GrowlerWerks uKeg

Make sure that he always has his beer fresh with this growler.

He will feel like a beer master everytime he makes a fresh pint.

His friends will always want to have some beer in his house after you get him this gift.

This is one of the most valuable gifts you can ever get for a man.

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