25 Fabulous Flamingo Gift For Her On Any Occasion

flamingo gift for her
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Flamingos have long been popular in design for their quirky stance, vivid colours, and incredible form. They bring a fun and tropical vibe to any room or event, and anyone wearing flamingos is bound to be the coolest-looking person at the party.

If your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend loves flamingos, we have rounded up the perfect flamingo gift for her on this coming Christmas, birthday or Mother’s Day.

Flamingo Crystal – Best Flamingo Gift For Her (Editor’s Pick)

Swarovski Crystal “Flamingo Figurine”

Swarovski is the perfect, elegant gift to add some chic and style to any room. This delicate figurine shows off the grace and poise of the flamingo and it would make an excellent addition to any collection.

Place this crystal figurine in a sunny area of the room to get the maximum effect of hundreds of little rainbows dancing around the room.

Flamingo Crossbody Handbag

Mary Frances Ruffle My Feathers Flamingo Crossbody Handbag

This stunning Mary Frances Flamingo handbag will add instant glamour to any outfit.

The delicately beaded wings will elicit gasps of envy from all of your friends and this statement piece is sure to be a real crowd pleaser anywhere you go!

Handmade Wooded Flamingo Eyeglasses Holder

Handmade Wood Carving Eyeglasses Holder

Are you always putting down your glasses somewhere and then forgetting and not being able to see anything for the rest of the day? Well, fear not, we have a trendy solution for you!

This brightly-coloured flamingo glasses holder is the perfect place to put your specs. First of all, they will never be lost against the vivid pink, and secondly, when they’re on the flamingo they look absolutely hilarious.

Flamingo Charms

GNOCE Flamingo Charms

This stunning little jewel fits perfectly onto Pandora bracelets but doesn’t let that hold you back! Feel free to add this charm to any chain, necklace, or cord that you like!

Anyone who loves flamingos will love this tiny, trendy charm with its gorgeous pink jewels and glinting winking eye.

Wearable Flamingo Hooded Blanket

Wearable Flamingo Hooded Blanket

Giving this blanket to a flamingo-loving friend is like giving them a hug! This snuggly hoodie blanket can be worn around the house and will keep you warm and cosy all day and all night.

The fuzzy fur on the hood feels silky soft against your skin and each touch is like a gentle caress on the cheek lulling you into sleep and sweet dreams.

Flamingo Wind Chimes

Flamingo Wind Chimes

If you live in a windy area and love gentle music, then these flamingo chimes will be the perfect purchase for you! Each delicately-crafted bird dangles at a different height causing varying tones, and when they all sway and clang in unison they create sounds that are very pleasing to the ears.

Let a loved one know that you care about them with this kind and thoughtful flamingo gift.

Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket

Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket

If you live in a cold place but still want to create a warm, tropical aesthetic in your home, then you should definitely treat yourself to this snuggly, fuzzy, flamingo blanket.

Each blanket is wrinkle and fade resistant, but make sure that you set your washing machine to cold wash to ensure that it stays up to the highest quality.

Flamingo Cup

Flamingo Cup

Everybody loves a good novelty mug, and you definitely can’t go wrong with this adorable and sassy little queen flamingo. Her shiny golden crown will let everyone know that the person drinking this cup of tea deserves royal treatment at all times.

Pair this mug with a bag of your friend or girlfriend’s favourite roasted coffee for the perfect birthday gift.

Flamingo Wine Holder

Too-arts Flamingo Wine Holder

This is for the wine lovers out there! This fun and colourful flamingo is perfect for displaying your wine when on girls’ night! The ladies will love this quirky little holder!

The pretty, cute, and functional metal flamingo sits on the ground, legs crossed and holds your fine wine tightly and ready to be poured.

Pink Flamingo Table Lamp

DUDIU Pink Flamingo Neon Sign

Nothing screams class and style like a bright pink neon sign! Turn your dreams of a fashionable and funky boutique-looking room into a reality with this awesome sign!

The comfortable pink light adds warmth and artistic flair, as well as creating a warm atmosphere for your home.

Hand Painted Leather Wallet

Anna by Anuschka – Hand Painted Leather Wallet

This unique flamingo gift is a fun way to tell your favourite lady that she means the world to you and makes you feel all warm inside.

The bright colours are exciting and eye-catching and all of her friends will be jealous that they don’t have one too.

Perfectly-sized to store all of your money, cards, and receipts.

Flamingo Charm Pendant

Flamingo Charm Pendant

This shiny gold pendant is a fabulous gift to give a flamingo-loving gal with a heart of gold. Let her know that you cherish her with this beautiful pendant. It is a good flamingo gift for your wife or mother on Mother’s Day.

Each time that she places this stunning pendant around her neck, she will think of you and smile as she remembers all of the two beautiful memories that the two of you share.

Flamingo Body Bag

Lug – Scoop Flamingo Cross Body Bag

This gift is not only gorgeous, but it is highly practical, too! It has multiple compartments that can be used to organise and store all of your necessary and needed items.

Perfect for packing up with a picnic for the beach or park on a beautiful sunny day.

Flamingo Ring Holder

Flamingo Ring Holder

This delicate and elegant ring holder would make the perfect addition to any lovely lady’s dressing table or bedside table. She will love the fine gold lines and the gentle curve of this elegant flamingo’s graceful neck.

Perfect for keeping all of your rings in one safe place, ready to be worn whenever you need them!

Flamingo in Boots Wall Art

Kate and Laurel Sylvie Flamingo in Boots Wall Art

This fun and quirky painting will add some funk to any room. It’s sure to start a conversation and all of your guests will love it! They will certainly envy you and your stylish new art.

Conveniently framed and ready to hang, this is the perfect gift for anyone who has just moved into a new home or is starting an exciting new phase of their life.

Flamingo Keychain

Flamingo Keychain

A pun on a keychain? And it’s complimentary? You won’t find a better gift than that! Treat your gorgeous girl with a spontaneous little gift that will definitely brighten her day (and help her not to lose her keys anymore!)

Let her know that you think she is absolutely flamazing, and that you were thinking of her when you decided to surprise her with this thoughtful gift.

Flamingo Snoozies

Flamingo Snoozies

These little love flamingos are a great gift for your wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s day. They are perfectly fluffy and soft on the inside and when you wear them you will think that you are floating on air.

Make sure that your beloved has warm, snuggly feet around the clock by surprising her with this adorable pair of flamingo slippers.

Pink Flamingo Santa Ornament

Pink Flamingo Santa Ornament

Add some pizazz to your Christmas tree this year with some bright pink, fluffy flamingo feathers! His dangling legs end in adorable, sparkly red boots that knock together in a charming way that will endear him to anyone who lays eyes on him.

Hang this funky flamingo on your tree to add some brightness to the festivities.

Flamingo Dress

Flamingo Dress

What better way to flaunt your love of flamingos than with this bright, eye-catching dress? Your girlfriend is sure to look super adorable in this flared summer dress.

All eyes will certainly be on her as she walks into any room or pool party, and you will get to be the proud partner on her arm!

Flamingo Tumbler

Onebttl Flamingo Tumbler

These stunningly-designed tumblers are a perfect gift for a colleague or partner who is always on the go. She will love the delicate paintings that decorate the tumbler and she will love to fill it up with all of her favourite beverages throughout the day.

This gift is ready to give and comes already gift wrapped in an elegant gift box and with a greeting card. Add any heartfelt message you want to make this present more meaningful and memorable.

Flamingo Solar Pathway Lights

BOAER Flamingo Solar Pathway Lights

These gorgeous solar-powered path lights are a fun and colourful addition to any home. And you don’t just have to use them to light your garden path!

These lovely lights would also look great hanging around your bed frame, on your Christmas tree, or draped around your vanity mirror.

Make sure that the solar panel is exposed to the sunlight during the day to ensure vivid light all night long.

Kircust Flamingo Garden Sculpture

Kircust Flamingo Garden Sculpture

These garden sculptures are a modern and elegant twist on the classic garden flamingo. They will let anyone know that the person who lives here is a whole lot of fun!

Add a bright pop of colour to your lawn with these beautiful sculptures, and create your very own little Wonderland to come home to each day.

Flamingos Planter

Set of Flamingos Planter

These adorable planters have a clever design that enables you to turn your flamingos not just pink, but any colour that you like! Simply plant your favourite blooms and watch as they blossom and transform your favourite new flamingos.

Perfect for dotting around your garden to create little pops of colour, or placing outside your front door to welcome all of your guests.

Flamingo Wine Bottle Holder

Flamingo Polyresin Wine Bottle Holder

This drunken flamingo is a hilarious novelty gift to give to any avid bird lovers and wine lovers alike. It creates the perfect storage place to keep your wine whilst also providing a fun and colourful art piece that will draw all eyes in the room.

Simply slide in your girlfriend’s favourite bottle of wine and present her with this thoughtful, funky, flamingo gift.

Flamingo Luggage

Betsey Johnson – Flamingo Luggage

You’ll never lose your luggage again with this gorgeous and fashionable flamingo wheel bag. Watch as everyone’s faces light up with envy as your bag swings round the conveyor belt towards you at the airport, and enjoy the sensation of all eyes on you as you wheel your bags through the arrivals lounge.

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