20 Gag Gifts For Men That Makes Grumpy Man Laugh

gag gift ideas for men
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Looking for a gag gift for men?

We all need a good joke from time to time.

If you have a friend that you like to laugh with and you are simply out of ideas about what to get him, take a look at the gifts we have selected.

We are sure you will find something that you will like!

Let’s start this post with a nice pun

gag gifts for men

Sarcastic Gag Gift Pun Joke T-Shirt

Playing with words and hidden meanings has never been more interesting.

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Give it to your friend and have a laugh together.

It is made of cotton and it is truly comfortable and nice.

It is a fun gift that your friend will love.

Get a funny pizza box for him

funny gifts for your guy best friend

Pizza Box Socks

If you often order a pizza when you spend time with your best friend, then this may be a perfect surprise.

When he takes a slice he will realize that it is a pair of colorful socks.

The socks come in a pizza box, so it is a truly original and fun gift.

Let them keep their balls in this sack

gag gifts for retired man

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

This is true literally and figuratively.

It also comes with two golf balls, but up to 6 can be put inside.

It is a truly great gift for people who simply refuse to grow old and always make jokes whenever the occasion presents itself.

It is a very unusual and unique present.

For the man who loves to cook

gag gifts for mens 40th birthday

Funny Black Aprons for Men

If your husband likes to cook often for his friends, but constantly complains about something, this apron will suit him perfectly.

It has a funny note, but it is also a very functional item.

It is made of cotton and it can be used for preparing a barbeque or dinner.

Keep them warm with this burrito blanket

gag gifts for mens 50th birthday

Burritos Blanket

Burritos are a favorite meal for many.

If your kids like it so much that they want it daily, why don’t you give them this burrito blanket?

It is warm and fuzzy, but with the burrito design.

Give it to them and let them be human, warm burritos with this unique and interesting gift.

Have a nice day

gag gifts for man's 40th birthday

Unique Coffee Mugs

Drinking coffee from a favorite mug is a favorite ritual for many.

However, this isn’t an ordinary mug.

It comes with a twist.

The bottom of the mug shows a middle finger, so it is perfect for days when a compromise is not an option.

Give it to your friend who could use a little optimism.

Looking for funny Christmas gift for him?

funny christmas gift for him

Ugly Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt

Getting ugly sweaters for Christmas is a kind of unofficial tradition.

Why don’t you take it to the next level?

This is a really ugly sweater, but with a nice Christmas tree decoration.

It will be a great prank for sure.

Just make sure you dare your friend to wear it proudly!

Pooping is never boring again for a 30 years old man

gag gifts for mens 30th birthday

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

This gag gift is truly special.

It is perfect for men from 3-93 years old.

It is a fishing game that can be played in the bathroom.

It even has a special “Do not disturb” sign that says “Fishing Game in Progress, TOILET FISHING”.

It is a lot of fun!

That must’ve hurt

funny gift for men

The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

If your friend is not a fan of Donal Trump, give him this present.

It is a very unusual pen holder with a sensitive place for a pen.

Every detail is very well made.

It is a funny and interesting gift that your friend will love for sure, we can bet on it.

Let him shoot a rubber band

gag gifts for mens 65th birthday

Rubber Band Guns

A rubber band gun is great fun and it is a perfect answer to the question “what can we do today to get entertained?”

Well, with this gun, fun is guaranteed.

There is no way to get hurt because it is a wooden gun.

It is a party starter for sure.

That’s a nice pun

funny gifts for manly man

Comical Boxers for Men

Joking around with friends in never-ending.

Give this humorous underwear to your friend and he will smile for sure.

It is made of premium cotton, so comfort is guaranteed.

The waistband is elastic and they are machine washable, so it is a practical, funny and quite nice gift to give.

For the man who retired

funny gifts for man's retirement party

Retired Business Cards

Retiring is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Give these business cards for retired people, so they can give them to someone with pleasure when asked to do some task.

It is a fun way to say “Your problem is not mine anymore”.

It comes in a wonderful case.

Make them feel sexy with this rompers

gag gifts for mens 50th

Men’s Rompers

If there is a home party coming up and your husband doesn’t know what to wear, give this to him as a surprise gift.

Tell him that you will give him the sexiest gift ever.

When he sees it, the laughter will surely be on the menu.

Imagine the reaction of guests – priceless!

He is going to find this very useful

funny gift for 50 year old man

Funny Beach Towel Gag Gift

This may be the best prank gift ever!

Just a look at it will tell you why.

It is silly, but it is also made of quality cotton, so it is practical too.

Give it to your friend who is constantly comparing sizes, so he can finally win!

You will not regret it for sure.

Coffee taste better with this mug

funny gift for 40 year old man

BigMouth Inc Golden Toilet Mug

Drinking coffee is relaxing and is truly necessary for a perfect beginning of the day.

However, if you want to also spice it up a little, give this unusual mug to the person who is especially fond of their morning coffee.

It can also be a dish for candies or ice cream.

That’s a shocking potato

funny gift for male friend

Shocktato Party Game

This shocktato is a fun upgrade of hot potato game.

It has three game modes and it will make anyone move and have a great time.

Give it to someone who often organizes parties, so there is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy.

We warn you – laughter is a frequent side-effect!

I think the officer will have a lot of question for him

funny gift for 60 year old man

You Drunk?

Bear parties often go out of hand.

Remind your friends not to drive after.

However, that doesn’t stop you from giving them this T-shirt.

There is “Are you drunk” written on it with Yes and No box below.

It is made of soft fabrics, so it is very comfortable and nice.

That’s a fancy name for a heat resistance glove

funny gifts for single man

932 Degrees Heat Resistant Glove

A fire condom glove can be used for taking logs, to grill meat, open oven and take any warm things that you cannot handle with bare hands.

It has a hilarious note on the box and it is truly funny.

However, we must warn you, despite the name, it won’t be of much use in the bedroom.

Wrap your gift with this prank box

funny gift for old man

The Original Prank Gift Box

This prank box will help you to pull a perfect prank on someone you love.

The images on the box are hilarious, so you can expect some serious confusion.

Put the real gift inside and watch how the reactions of the person change from being disappointed to laughing out loud.

Never knew this can be a thing

funny gift for man in hospital

Nature’s D’ck Pics Wall Calendar

If you want to have something to laugh at, give this unusual calendar to your colleagues to put in their office.

Come by every month to see how nature played with the shapes.

It will be a natural antidepressant that will help everyone relieve some stress.

It will be the prank of the year!

That’s the only Christmas tree that will be useful after Christmas

funny gift for best friend male

Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree

Who says that the Christmas tree has to be the classic one?

Give this special “tree” to someone you love and talk about all the decorations they can hang.

When they see that is is a plunger, it will be a great surprise for sure.

It even has a red bow.

Let him smell his own “nuts” with this scented candle

funny gift for husband

Bofa Deez Nutz

Give this candle to someone who loves to laugh.

The wording is truly fun, but the smell of a candle will probably be the best you’ve ever smelled!

It is a gorgeous gift for sure.

It is also packaged wonderfully.

The burn time is 40 hours, so it won’t burn out fast.

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