40 Best Gift For 30 Year Old Man That He Don’t Expect

gift for 30 year old man
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Looking for best gift for 30 year old man?

Being young is fun and exciting, there is no doubt about that.

If your boyfriend is turning 30, get creative, and find the gift that he will love.

Show him how much you care about him and how important he is to you.

We have selected the gifts that we believe are the best ones.

Make sure he uses it correctly

gift for 30 year old man

Wine Condoms | Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper

Wine condoms are completely innovative and add a completely new meaning to the use of condoms.

They are made of rubber latex and can be used to protect the remaining wine from spilling. 

Just make sure your boyfriend doesn’t use it in a wrong occasion!

They are black and come in an elegant box that he will love.

Keep his drinks cold with this insulator

present for 30 year old man

BrüMate Double-walled Insulated Bottle Cooler

Give this insulator to your boyfriend and let him enjoy having his drinks cold.

The fit is universal and its use cannot be simpler.

He simply needs to put the bottle inside and enjoy each sip of his cool drink.

It is a great gift for a person who likes to organize parties.

Charge phone with this drink cooler/warmer

gift ideas for 30 year old male

Wireless Fast Charger With Drink Cooler/Warmer

Working and drinking coffee goes hand in hand, but forgetting about the coffee results in drinking it cold.

This is certainly not pleasant.

If your brother or a friend complains about it, surprise him with this wonderful item.

The beauty of it is that it can be used for charging a phone as well.

Keep his phone clean with this smartphone sanitizer

gift ideas for 30 year old man

Smartphone Sanitizer

There was a research that the smartphone has more bacteria on it than the toilet seat.

No wonder since we use it all day long and often forget to clean it.

This UV light disinfector kills more than 99% of bacteria and it can be used as a phone charger.

This is a nice housewarming gift for 30 year old man

housewarming gift for 30 year old man

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Give this interesting Bluetooth speaker to your boyfriend and help him enjoy his favorite songs.

The sphere floats over the base and looks truly elegant.

It can play music up to eight hours on a single charge.

It is not only functional, but it is a great decoration as well.

This music beanie is one unique gift for 30 year old man

unique gift for 30 year old man

Bluetooth Beanie

Music lovers will love this beanie.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, your boyfriend will be able to listen to music when he goes to a run or while going to the office.

It will keep him warm and entertained at the same time.

It is functional and stylish.

The maintenance is a breeze.

That’s a nice gift basket for 30 year old man

gift basket for 30 year old man

The Man Can Gift Basket

The Man Can is a truly unique gift that contains scrub soap, shave gel, aftershave, and a sponge.

It is a great set that is very nourishing and perfect for a skincare routine.

Besides, it looks pretty great.

Each product is made with great care and with the most quality ingredients.

Play music and charge their phone with this side table

best christmas gift for 30 year old man

Portable Smart Side Table (Wireless)

Portable Smart Table is a perfect piece of furniture that can truly contribute to the beauty of your boyfriend’s home.

It looks pretty modern, but it has a surprise built-in – a Bluetooth speaker.

It can be used inside and outside thanks to the rechargeable battery, so it is pretty convenient and practical.

Your 30 years old boyfriend is going to love this present

gift for 30 year old boyfriend

Moon Ambient Light

Being in the arms of the person you love while there is moonlight shining is perhaps the most romantic thing for the couples in love.

This Moonlight Shadows Lamp is a wonderful decoration, but it is the ultimate romantic gift that you can give to someone you care deeply about.

This is one of a best gift for 30 year old man

best gift for 30 year old man

Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb

This wonderful lamp looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

It is a floating bulb that is fully functional.

It definitely looks interesting.

It is energy efficient and decorative.

Perfect decor for parties – it will surely spike the conversation among the guests.

Give it to your friend with lots of love.

Looking for a practical gift for 30 year old man?

practical gift for 30 year old man

Wireless Sleeping Eye Mask

A wireless sleeping eye mask is perfect for travel.

It can be used just for sleeping or for resting and listening to music.

The sound quality is amazing and it is very durable.

It can work up to ten hours on a single charge.

This is a perfect gift for technology enthusiasts.

That’s one cool Christmas present for the 30 years old man

cool gift for 30 year old man

Levitating Mini Plant Pot

This levitating Mini Plant looks incredible and it defies the logic.

It is a wonderful gift and a unique decor for any room.

Give it to someone you love.

It will be an exciting gift for sure.

The Japanese style artwork is hand-painted and it contributes to the serenity in the home.

Keep his drinks cold with these whiskey stones

birthday gift for 30 year old man

Bullet Shaped Metal Whiskey Stones 

Have you ever seen bullet-shaped metal ice cubes?

Well, it is certainly an unusual and very cool invention.

It will be a guarantee that your boyfriend will be the coolest person in the room for sure.

It comes in a pack of 6 pieces and it ensures that his drink is cold.

Let him massage deep tissue with this massage gun

christmas gift for 30 year old man

Pulse Deep Tissue Massage Gun 

Intense workouts mean that the muscles get pretty sore after.

If your boyfriend is having pain issues and doesn’t know how to decrease it, give him this deep tissue massage gun, so he can tackle the issue on a regular basis.

It is a useful gift for sure.

Besides, it is very easy to use.

Enjoy a glass of beer with golf ball stuck on the side

good gift for 30 year old man

Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

Golf lovers will surely love this unique glass.

It has a gold ball stack on its side, but the most interesting part of it is that it cannot be removed because of clear epoxy.

This means that there is no way to lose it.

It can be used for drinking or for decoration.

I think this is a nice housewarming gift for the 30 years old man

great gift for 30 year old man

Floating Geographic Globes

This floating globe is a great decoration for the people who like to travel.

It is mesmerizing and truly inspiring.

It can be placed in an office or the study room.

Give it to your boyfriend if he constantly plans new travels.

The globe will give him new ideas for sure.

He is going to find this desk lamp very useful

cool gift ideas for 30 year old man

Ampulla Desk Lamp + Wireless Charger + Speaker

This lamp is multifunctional – it has a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, phone stand, and a lamp.

It has 4 modes for setting up the light and is truly great for a nightstand.

The wireless charger is compatible with numerous phone models and the lamp arm is flexible.

What more could you ask from a device?

It’s perfect.

Let him release stress with this gift

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Kinetic Energy Sculptures are great and are gaining popularity lately because of their calming effect.

They are great as a gift for the person you love.

It can be a decoration in the office or the home.

The design is minimalistic and beautiful.

Looking at it is really soothing and relaxing. 

Let’s get him something nice to eat

best birthday gift for 30 year old man

Dan the Sausageman’s Gourmet Gift Basket

If your boyfriend is a meat lover, he will be thrilled about this gift basket.

It contains various types of cheese and meat as well as the Pistachio Cranberry Mix.

It can be given for any occasion, whether it’s his birthday or any other celebration.

It comes packed in a beautiful wooden box.

Wonder what is the best gift for a 30 year old man? Check out this one

what is the best gift for a 30 year old man

Levitating Moon Light Lamp

This 3D magnetic levitating moon lamp looks amazing and has 3 modes to choose from – white, yellow, or gradient change.

Give it to someone you love and help him enjoy his evenings even more with this relaxing lamp.

It spins automatically imitating the Moon’s circulation.

It will make his smile for sure.

How about jerky in an ammo can?

the best gift for a 30 year old man

Man Crates Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Meat lover will be thrilled about this gift – it is full of the flavors he will enjoy.

It contains beef jerky, snacks and it comes in a great ammo can.

It is a genuine gift for men who know what they want and want it now.

The quality is undeniable.

Looking for a gag gift for 30 year old man?

gag gift for 30 year old man

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

If your boyfriend loves wine so much that he just can’t get enough of it, this is the gift that you should get him.

It is a glass that is part of the bottle, so he can drink directly from it without pouring.

It is a very interesting design indeed. You might want to check out this funny gift ideas for men

He loves BBQ? This crates is a nice present for him

perfect gift for 30 year old man

Man Crates Pit Master Barbecue Crate

Barbeque does not just refer to grilling the meat.

It is an art and the combination of the preparation, the spices, sauces, and the overall enjoyment.

If he loves barbeque, he will be thrilled about this gift for sure.

It comes packed in a nice wooden box, so he can carry everything easily.

Does he love something quirky?

christmas presents for 30 year old man

Magnetic 3D Skull LED Night Light

This interesting decoration is truly unique.

It is like nothing else you’ve seen before.

It is a levitating skull with a LED light that just adds up to the overall impression.

If your friend enjoys collecting skulls, he will be over the Moon about this gift. It also smoothly rotates.

Bring wine to picnic with this wine carrier that keeps wine cool

best present for 30 year old man

Tilvini Wine Carrier Bag

Going to picnics has never been easier.

This leader wine carrier is a great gift that your boyfriend will love.

It will help him to carry the bottle and not worry about breaking it.

The wine bottle bag will keep the bottles cool.

Besides, it contains a set of two tumblers.

That’s one beautiful glass for succulent

gift guide for 30 year old man

Cohasset Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture

Finding a great decorative gift can sometimes be a challenge.

However, this may be just the thing that you are looking for.

It is handcrafted and can be placed anywhere in the home.

Give it to your friend who enjoys having unique items in his home that can’t be seen anywhere else.

How about a jerky bouquet?

gift ideas for a 30 year old man for christmas

Carnivore Club Exotic Jerky Bouquet

What is better than a bouquet for your friend’s birthday?

Well, a Jerky Bouquet! It contains 20 meat sticks in four flavors, so it can be a great item for parties, family gatherings, or barbeques.

It looks really cool and it is something that any meat lover will appreciate for sure.

Improve his posture with this gadget

good presents for 30 year old man

UpRight Go Original Posture Trainer

Poor posture is a problem for many people, especially when working on a computer.

This item is great because it shows the person on the smartphone how curved are his back.

It vibrates whenever there is a slouching.

It is discrete and can do wonders for your boyfriend’s back and overall health.

He is going to love an apple watch

xmas presents for 30 year old man

Apple Watch Series 3

Smartwatch is a great gift for technology lovers.

It can store music or podcasts.

The user can answer the call and get notifications.

There is a retina display and a GPS, as well as the optical heart sensor.

Its design is flawless and it is a cool present for someone you love.

Looking for luxury gift for 30 year old man?

luxury gift for 30 year old man

Seiko Men’s Gold-Tone Dress Watch

If you are looking for a luxurious gift to give to someone you deeply care about, this breathtaking watch may be just the one.

It is water-resistant up to 30 meters and it is stunning.

However, it is not recommended for swimming.

It comes packed in an elegant box.

Let him make nice gin at home

xmas gift for 30 year old man

Homemade Gin Kit

Does your boyfriend like gin?

Well, if he does, give him this kit for making gin at home.

It looks really interesting and it will make a great set for home parties. 

It contains stainless steel funnel, steel strainer, and glass bottles, as well as the botanical blend.

It is truly unique.

Keep his beer cold with this gift

best gift ideas for 30 year old man

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Beer can only be tasty if it is cold.

This beer chiller is a very practical gift for your friend who likes to enjoy a beer or two but hates when it gets warm.

Its use is very simple – it just needs to be chilled in the freezer and put in the bottle.

This beer holster is a beauty

ideal gift for 30 year old man

Handmade Hide & Drink Cowboy Beer Holster

Beer Holster is a very practical and useful thing.

It is a great thing to have on barbeques.

Give it to someone who loves to prepare the meet, but somehow keeps knocking over his beer.

This way he will always know where is his beer without even thinking.

It is that simple.

Let’s personalize a bourbon oak barrel for him

good gift for a 30 year old man

American Premium Oak Aging Barrel

The engraved wood barrel is truly a cool gift for a person who loves to keep his liquor safe.

It can be used for storing rum, wine, beer, or tequila.

It can be used even for honey.

Simply make sure you provide the right information so it can be customized before the delivery.

These headphones are one of the best gifts for a 30 year old man

best gift for a 30 year old man

Meze 99 Classics Headphones

Listening to music comes naturally to most people and a day cannot be fulfilled without listening to favorite songs.

These headphones look really cool and they also have a small carrying pouch so they can be easily carried anywhere.

They are compatible with smartphones, which is truly great, in our opinion.

That’s one unique mug for him as a present

popular gift for 30 year old man

Goat Story Mug

If your boyfriend likes to be in touch with nature and his wild side, he will certainly love this horn-shaped mug.

It is very unique and eye-catching.

Nothing beats having coffee and enjoying the mix of fresh air and the smell of coffee in the morning.

It comes with 2 straps for easier carrying.

That’s a nice table toy to play with

Helicone – Executive Edition

We live in stressful times, that’s a fact.

If you have noticed that your boyfriend is under a lot of stress lately, give him this Helicone.

It will help him deal with the tension for sure.

It can be placed in the office, the library, living room, or the conference room.

This wall hook is one funny gift for 30 year old man

funny gift for 30 year old man

Middle Finger Hand Wall Hook

If you are looking for a funny or a teasing gift, this is a very unusual and unexpected gift you could give.

You will surprise him, guaranteed.

It is a middle finger hook that he can use at home.

It will make him laugh for sure.

The design is flawless.

The last to react and get ZAPPED!

fun gift for 30 year old man

Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

A shocking game is just as the name says – well… shocking.

It is a game for 4 players who want to have some fun.

It is perfect for relaxed evenings when you simply don’t want to go out.

Enjoy with your friends and surprise them with this gift. It is very entertaining.

Let’s get him a pop corn cart

gift suggestions for 30 year old male

Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart

Movie nights cannot be complete without popcorns.

This incredible popcorn maker is very interesting and resembles the ones from old movies.

It will help your family or friends bond and relax knowing that more and more popcorns are coming up.

If your boyfriend loves movies, this would be a perfect gift.

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