22 Best Gift For Hikers For Their Next Hiking Adventure (Him And Her)

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Hiking is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! Hikers like to explore the world around them and spend lots of time in nature and the Great Outdoors.

Since a lot of them carry their equipment and gear on their backs, it’s essential to get a gift for hikers that is functional so that they can bring it along with them when they go on their next adventure, and think of you every time that they use it.

Unique Hiking Gifts

If you want to avoid getting your hiker friend a generic gift, then have a look here at our wonderful and unusual gift for hikers selections. These are bound to put a smile on the face of any outdoorsman that will last for years to come.

Solar Outdoor Smartwatch

gift ideas for day hikers

Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical GPS Outdoor Smartwatch

If you’re looking to buy an adventure watch, look no further! This Instinct Garmin Outdoor Smartwatch is the creme de la creme of watches.

Because of its solar charging capabilities, it can provide unprecedented battery life to those that explore under the sun. Built to the U.S. military standard for thermal, shock, and water resistance (rated to 100 meters), so you know this is the toughest watch that there is.

Use GPS to renavigate a route you have done before, and take your watch swimming, running, climbing, or hiking! It can come along with you for any and all activities.

Metal Art Figurine

unique gifts for hikers

Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine

This handcrafted Backpacker is perfect for your boss, employee, favorite outdoorsman, hiker, or person who loves being out in nature.

The Backpacker figurine is great to use as a trophy or to accompany your business cards for a fun, eye-catching desk accessory. (The business cardholder may be purchased separately.) 

This gift can be proudly displayed in the home or office, and remind your special someone of a great moment spent outdoors in nature.

Adventure Picture Frame

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Vilight Engagement Wedding Gifts for Engaged Couples

This is an excellent gift for anyone who is looking to start a new adventure or journey, whether that be a physical journey, emotional journey, or a new stage in a relationship.

This adorable handmade string-art frame holds lovely photographs that can preserve amazing memories for many years to come!

Find a picture of you and your hiker friend on top of a beautiful mountain somewhere, and add it to the frame for the ultimate thoughtful gift.

Portable Espresso Maker

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WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

What a great gift for the coffee-lover who already has it all! Enable your hiker friend to be their own barista with this awesome travel espresso-maker mug.

This great gift is perfect if your friend or partner enjoys outdoor adventuring. They can bring their WACACO espresso maker up a mountain and take a break from the slopes with a steaming mug of delicious coffee.

WACACOs come in Autumn, Winter, and Spring colors, are easy to clean, and come with their own beautifully-designed cases.

Audio Sunglasses

what to get someone who likes hiking

Bose Frames – Audio Sunglasses

These Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect gift for the modern hiker who loves technology. Redesigned to be ultra-chic and luxurious, these sleek-looking sunglasses play perfect sound whilst looking great!

Using modern materials, these sunglasses are super lightweight, block out 99% of the sun’s rays, are shatter- and scratch-resistant, and are finished in a stylish glossy black. Add a soundtrack to your next hike with these excellent sunglasses speakers.

Your friend will love this gift!

Framed Mountain Canvas

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Signford Framed Canvas

This gorgeous artwork would look great on any adventurer’s wall. Its subtle and chic colors make it the perfect decorative choice for any setting, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bar.

A perfect view of the mountains will put a smile on any hiker’s face each day and will remind them of all of their glorious adventures.

Each print comes with an easy-to-use hanging toolkit, to ensure that your print is hung quickly and easily in the perfect spot.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

unique gift for hikers

Bose SoundLink Micro: Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass for a Bluetooth speaker its size, the Bose plays loud and clear outdoors for beach days or camping trips- a perfect gift for the adventurous and lively soul.

This speaker is waterproof from the inside, easily portable with a tear-proof strap, allows you to take calls, has a tough exterior that resists dents, cracks, and scratches, and gives up to 6 hours of playtime when it’s not plugged in.

This nifty little speaker also comes with pairing ability, so if you get one for yourself and one for your friend, they can double up for party mode!

Hiking Graphic Tee

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Take a Hike | Outdoor Nature Hiking Camping Graphic Tee

A Ronan Lynam original, this eye-catching print will be beloved by any hiker or outdoor explorer.

These are mid-weight shirts – a bit lighter than the thick gym class t-shirts, but not see-through, which creates a nice balance between comfort and durability, meaning that hikers and athletes can climb and workout without getting too hot and sweaty.

The tees are slightly tapered, so just check the measurement chart before you purchase- many people like to buy a size up than they normally do, to accommodate the slim fit.

Campfire Mug

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This is My Happy Place Enamel Campfire Mug

There’s nothing better after a long, hard hike than a nice warm cup of tea. These enamel cups are great to bring on camping and trekking trips, along with some condensed milk and your favorite brand of tea.

A great gift for anyone who believes that the mountains are their happy place.

Be careful when cleaning- make sure only to handwash as these mugs are not dishwasher-safe.

Personalized Antique Compass

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Stanley London Personalized Antique Compass

If you are looking for a unique and customizable gift for a hiker, then look no further! This is an exquisite gift that can proudly be displayed in any room in the house, or on a desktop- these compasses are great conversation starters.

Solid brass and wood speak of rugged freedom, and the compass symbolizes a whole world of possibility and choices.

Let your friend know that they would be lost without you with this sweet and thoughtful gift.

Hand Warmer and Charger

Celestron Elements 2-In-1 Hand Warmer and Charger

This is the perfect 2-in-1 outdoor tool for any intrepid explorers in the colder regions of the planet. The Celestron Elements provide warmth for cold hands and also act as a power bank for your other devices, which can come in extremely handy when you need GPS in the middle of the woods and your cellphone is about to go flat!

This nifty little gadget is water-resistant, dustproof, and drop-tested tough- ready for any excursion! It’ll provide 12 hours of heat on battery- enough for any long journey on foot.

Camping Lantern and Phone Charger

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LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and Phone Charger

This lightweight, inflatable, and portable lantern and charger is an amazing gift for hikers who love sustainable technology and efficiency. Its long battery life provides approximately 50 hours of light on Low mode, making this solar lantern awesome for camping, outdoor recreation, and emergencies.

It recharges in 12-14 hours of direct sunlight, so it can charge during the day while you hike, and then light up your campsite at night. In case of a cloudy day, there is an option to charge the lantern via USB.

This little lantern can conveniently flatten down and you can carabiner it to your backpack for ease of transportation, without taking up too much space.

It is totally waterproof and includes 5 different brightness settings.

Energy Bar Gift Basket

gift basket for hikers

Healthy Snack Bars Sampler Box

Any hiker will tell you that it is essential to bring along some lightweight snacks that are packed full of energy. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves spending every weekend outdoors and is always looking for the perfect delicious treats.

Choose from a number of differently-themed gift boxes such as the Variety Value Pack, the Great Healthy Gift Care Pack, and the sampler box.

You can also decide on a range of delicious flavors such as chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter, coconut, honey oat, and so many more!

Spoil your favorite hiker today!

Memories Picture Frame

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Pavilion Gift Company Pavilion-Memories Picture Frame

This lovely, personal gift is perfect for any sentimental hikers out there, or anyone who has accomplished something amazing on one of their outdoor adventures and wants to cherish that memory.

Find a beautiful photo depicting a precious moment, either of the two of you in nature, or a picture of your friend conquering one of their ultimate goals.

Stick it in the frame and wrap it up with a cute card and a sweet, thoughtful message and you will have the best gift for your dearest hiker pal.

Hiking Gifts for Him

Does your man love the great outdoors? Is he always either on an adventure or planning the next one? The gifts we have selected below are perfect for any man who considers himself to be an intrepid explorer or a rugged outdoorsman.

Mountain Graphic Apparel

Hiking gifts for men

Outdoor Adventure OffCamber Apparel

Who says you can’t look good whilst hiking or working out? Not anymore! This gorgeous adventure tee-shirt is comfortable and lightweight, so it feels comfy for the duration of a trek, and it is stylish to boot!

This great tee-shirt is super versatile, so can be worn for runs, hikes, team sport, barbeques, or just hanging out with your mates!

It’ll keep the sun from burning your skin, and won’t make you sweat but will provide some warmth in wind. This is just the perfect gift for anyone who likes to adventure outdoors.

Fitness Tracker

useful gifts for him

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

This is the ultimate gift for a super active friend! If your pal loves to hike, run, swim, and train, this fitness tracker will soon become their new best friend.

Tune in to your body with health metrics like breathing rate, heart rate, and sleep duration and quality. These stylish little wrist gadgets also track your position and speed when you go out trekking or running. Enjoy up to 5 days of battery without having to stop for a charge.

For the friend that never stops!

Men’s Hiking Hydration Backpack

christmas hiking gifts for him

Osprey Skarab 22 Men’s Hiking Hydration Backpack

This excellent gift is for the friend who truly excels in the realm of adventuring. This is the perfect “end of the world” backpack; it gets you ready for anything.

A large backpack, this model allows you to pack for several days’ trekking. It is equipped with a water drinking tube, allowing quick and easy access to water throughout any activity.

This state-of-the-art backpack is equipped with dual compression straps and trekking pole loop attachment points, perfect for any mountainous hike.

Outdoor Men Gift Gox

perfect gift for hikers

Boxzie – Outdoor Men Gifts

Surprise your guy this Christmas with this awesome Man Box! Beautifully packaged, this gift is ready to give! It’s perfect for any adventurer who enjoys the outdoors and doing manly things like making fires.

This kit has it all! Included are a jumbo jute fire-starting rope, a coffee grit man-soap, a deliciously soothing sandalwood candle, a Rambo knife and sheath, and a great mug, which can keep drinks hot or cold.

Hiking Gifts For Her

Do you know a super sporty, special woman who loves the Great Outdoors? Well, we have the best gift ideas for you! We’ve collected a great selection of gifts that would be ideal for any fit and active woman who isn’t afraid of an adventure.

Mountain Necklace

Hiking gifts for women

Boma Jewelry Sterling Silver Mountain Necklace

Brought to you from the exotic jungle mountains of Thailand, this handcrafted jewelry is made by artisans and silversmiths from quality sterling silver.

This gorgeous statement piece lets the world know that this lady loves adventure. Every weekend or spare afternoon that she gets she’s out on the trails, absorbing all of the beautiful nature around her.

This beautiful necklace is not only a beautiful gift but also a sweet reminder for her whenever she wears it, of your beautiful friendship.

Fitness Tracker For Her

useful hiking gifts for her

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition Fitness and Wellness Tracker

This special edition fitness tracker comes with a gold-plated stainless steel Parker Link bracelet strap, which means that this gift is not only highly functional, but it is eye-catching and fashionable, too!

Gift your friend the ability to tune into her body with health metrics like breathing rate, heart rate, and sleep duration and quality. She’ll also receive a cheeky little buzz whenever she reaches a fitness goal.

These stylish little wrist gadgets also track her position and speed when she goes out trekking or running.

Enjoy up to 5 days of battery without having to stop for a charge.

Hiking Hydration Backpack

christmas hiking gifts for her

Osprey Mira 22 Women’s Hiking Hydration Backpack

If your lady friend loves to spend time going on daring and exhilarating adventures, then this is the gift for her! This backpack will have her supported and prepared in any situation.

Each backpack is equipped with a water tube for quick and easy hydration. Need quick access to a snack or some suncream? There are a number of pockets all over the backpack, so your friend can easily reach around the bag to grab whatever she needs with ease. They each also have duel straps across the chest and the waist, ensuring ultimate support so that she does not strain her back.

Star Moon & Mountains Earrings

unique hiking gifts for her

Sterling Silver Star Moon & Mountains Earrings

There’s so much to love about these to-die-for sterling silver snowcap mountain earrings. The bright stars twinkle above the mountains in the winter season and the night sky takes you back to all of those gorgeous camping trips in the country.

Whenever your friend wears this special and thoughtful gift, she will be reminded of all of the beautiful adventures that the two of you have had together.

If she loves the chilly mountain air, the dark night skies, bright stars, and playing in the snow, then this is the perfect pair of earrings for your pal!

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