54 Best Gift For Husband This Christmas That He Will Find Unusual

gift for husband this Christmas
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There are lots of awesome gifts for your husband this Christmas that you can get for him.

If you are not sure what kind of Christmas gift could you give to your husband, take a look at these unique Christmas gift ideas that we have found.

I am sure that your darling would be thrilled to receive this gift.

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Best And Unique Gift For Husband This Christmas

The Christmas season is a time for families to come together and celebrate the best of this year. Get your husband a Christmas gift that will make him feel loved. Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for your husband.

Rifle Decanter

Gun Large Decanter Set Bullet Glasses

This gun is such a unique gift for your husband this coming Christmas.

Surprise your darling with this wonderful and unique gift!

It is a rifle gun decanter that will surely be the talk of every party.

Drinking whiskey has never been classier and more fun.

Every gift set comes with four whiskey glasses, the decanter, and 8 lead-free bullets.

It is a thrilling gift, there is no doubt about it!

Unique Table Lamp

Industrial Table Lamp

Lamps truly give an interesting look to the overall ambient and can be a nice decoration as well.

If your husband likes to have interesting items and decor, he will love this retro lamp that looks like a robot.

It is definitely a mood lifter.

It will put a smile on your husband’s face, guaranteed.

Initial Beer Mug

Glass Beer Pub Mug

Order a custom gift for your husband – a beer mug with his initials on it.

Every sip will be a true satisfaction since he will know that it is a gift from you.

Make sure you give it lots of love, hugs, and kisses to show him how much he means to you.

Floating Plant Pot

Floating Levitating Plant Pot

This floating pot is such a unique Christmas gift for your husband.

Nurturing plants has never been more exciting.

Have you ever even heard about the levitating plant pot?

It looks like it’s out of this world!

It looks nice, clean, elegant, and truly breathtaking.

It is a growing system with zero-gravity, so your husband can test his gardening skills in mid-air.

Exquisite beer stein

St. Michael The Archangel Heirloom Stein

St. Michael is the Archangel of Protection, so give this artistic item to your husband if he is religious.

The handle is in the form of the horn and the item itself displays the Archangel in all his glory.

It is a decorative item that has a note on the back that is very inspiring.

Gin Making Kit

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

There is no better gift than giving your husband the chance to make his drink just the way he likes it.

This gift kit contains twelve spices and that will make every man feel like the best bartender in the world!

It is very interesting and made with the utmost attention to detail.

Floating Helmet Of His Favourite Football Team

Levitating Football Helmet (Other Team Available)

If your home is filled with the items of the favorite team of your husband, then this levitating football helmet will be a perfect addition.

It has an electromagnetic stand and LED lighting that illuminates the helmet.

It can be set up pretty easily and placed anywhere in the house.

Beer Making Kit

American Pale Ale Make Your Own Beer Kit

Give your husband the opportunity to make his own beer with this interesting brewing kit.

It contains a grain steeping bag, yeast, grains, hops, dry malt extract, and a sanitizer.

It is everything that he needs for a tasty beer that he will enjoy.

It is a very thoughtful gift for sure.

Gun Whiskey Decanter

Gun Whiskey Decanter

Pour whiskey with style. Spy movies are pretty extraordinary and thrilling.

If your husband is a spy movie fan, then he will love this gift.

It is a drinking set with two gun-shaped decanters and eight glasses, a retail box, and a cowboy holster belt.

Make sure your husband pours the drinks with style by giving him this interesting present.

bullet Shape tumbler

Thermal Shot Gun Shell

This thermos looks like a bullet.

It is double insulated, so you can be sure that your husband will manage to keep his coffee warm and enjoy every sip of it.

It is a wonderful gift for Christmas, so make sure you wrap it up nicely and help him enjoy his coffee.

Hot Sauce Maker

Bunsters Hot Sauce Making Kit Gift

Men usually complain that no sauce is good enough or hot enough for them.

If your husband thinks the same, help him make his own sauce that he will love.

This kit contains all the things necessary for making the perfect blend.

There is no cooking, just mixing and shaking until the perfect formula is found.

Leather boots

Scout Men’s Chukka Boot

Being fashionable and trendy is fun and can significantly impact the confidence of a man.

Give these amazing boots to your husband and enjoy watching him walk proudly in them.

They are very comfortable and have antimicrobial shock-absorbing insoles.

They have a water-resistant seal.

Just make sure you pick the right size.

Unusual Shot Glass

The Original BenShot Shot Glass 

If you are looking for something cool and extraordinary, then you have found it.

This glass has a bullet stuck in it, making it look like it’s bullet-proof.

We are sure that your husband will be proud to have such a unique present.

He will be able to enjoy his favorite drink with style.

Unusual Sculpture

Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture

If your husband loves to collect decorative items to make his office nicer, then you should definitely consider getting him this present.

It is a very unusual sculpture made of natural wood and glass that comes in a very interesting shape.

It is a great present that he will love.

Thoughtful And Sentimental Christmas Gift For Husband

Gifts for husbands should be sentimental. They can include a collage of photos from the past year, a photo album, or an interactive map of the places he visited. These thoughtful gifts are going to make your husband’s heart melt.

Love Mug

Meaningful Love Mug

This mug is a meaningful gift for your husband on Christmas.

Romantic gifts keep the love fire in the marriage burning and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show your husband just how much he means to you.

This mug has a wonderful, heartwarming note on it that will melt your husband’s heart every time he sees it.

It is perfect for morning coffee.

If you are looking for a sweet gift for your husband, check out this romantic gift ideas for your husband

Husband Blanket

Microfiber Husband Day Blankets

Get cozy this Christmas season with this awesome gift! Your husband can wrap up warmly and keep you warm in his heart under this special blanket.

Now, if you ever need to be apart, your husband can snuggle into this cozy blanket and imagine that you are giving him a loving hug.

Hand Casting Kit

Pendle & Birdie Hand Casting Kit

Do you and your husband love to do fun activities together? Perhaps you both love being creative and getting a little dirty? This gift is the perfect thing for the two of you to do together!

This kit comes with step-by-step instructions that anyone could follow, so even if you have never worked with plaster molds before, this gift is for you! The kit comes with everything you will need from start to finish, including skin-safe materials and a fancy black stand to proudly display your completed project on.

Personalized Music Lyrics Cassettes

SANTANNA Personalized Music Song Lyrics Cassettes

Many couples who have been together for a while have one song that is particularly special to them. Maybe it is the song that was playing when they first met, when they had their first dance, the first song they saw in concert, or even just a song that they both really love. If this applies to you, look no further for the perfect gift!

This gift is sweet and sentimental at the same time! Not only will it show your husband that every moment that you’ve spent together is precious, but also that you remember the important milestones in your relationship and you want to celebrate them together. Customize the song, the message, the color of your art, and so much more!

Passionate Kiss Sculpture

Dreamseden Affectionate Couple Art Iron Sculpture

Looking for the perfect gift to represent the deep and special bond between you and your husband? This stylish and durable sculpture is a great Christmas gift for your man!

This cast-iron sculpture will last forever, just like your precious love! It is also lined with velvet underneath the base so that you can proudly display it anywhere in the house without making those unwanted scratches or nicks in your furniture.

Custom Moon Lamp

NSL Lighting Custom Moon Lamp

Are you unsure what to get your husband this year? This beautiful personalized moon lamp is the perfect balance between sentimental, aesthetically pleasing, and practical.

Send in any picture or message that you would like displayed, and soon your husband will be feeling over the moon with his new, special gift!

This product does take 5 days to be completed, and then a few more days for shipping, so make sure that you factor this in before ordering.

Heart Shape Box of Beef Jerky

Jerky Heart – Beef Jerky

A play on the classic box of chocolates, this unique and funny gift comes with 10 mouth-watering flavors of jerky to surprise and delight your man. Just like Forrest Gum says; “you never know what you’re gonna get!”

Watch your man smile as he opens up this box expecting to see the cliched heart-shaped chocolates, but then feeling joy and excitement when he realizes that Christmas just got a whole lot tastier!

Personalize Message In A Bottle

Personalize Message In A Bottle

We’ve all heard the fairytale stories of a stranded sailor writing a message in a bottle, hoping to find the one person who can save him. If you are looking for something that really shows your husband how you feel about him, this gift is the perfect romantic gesture to spoil him with this Christmas.

Show your husband that he is your savior when it seems like hope is lost and that there’s no one else you’d rather be stranded with on a desert island.

Fill in the Love Book Fill

Knock Knock – Fill in the Love Book Fill

This unique and thoughtful present is a great gift if you are looking for a way to express your love to your husband this Christmas. It is completely customizable, so you can choose to have any theme or message that you like!

Your book can contain funny jokes, memories that the two of you share together, sweet messages of love and commitment- or all three!

This is a gift that your husband will cherish for years to come and will act as a special memory that he can read through at any time, to be reminded of the warmth and love that you bring into his life.

Couple Game

The Ultimate Game for Couples

Do you long for some precious couple-time with your partner? This gift is a great way for the two of you to bond and reconnect as you spend time learning more about each other.

If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, never fear! This game can be played with other teams, so you can prove to everyone that you two are the ultimate couple goals this Christmas.

Move your way through a series of personal questions and challenges that will deepen your love and keep you laughing all night!

Engraved Bifold Wallet

Engraved Bifold Wallet

This super sweet gift will give your husband a reason to smile every time he opens up his wallet (and maybe remind him to buy you a gift while he’s at it!).

This faux-leather wallet is perfectly engraved to keep your message of love legible for years to come. It has many compartments for all of your husband’s notes and cards, as well as a space for a photograph of the two of you together.

Last Minute Gift For Husband This Christmas

The perfect last-minute Christmas gift for a husband can be a gift card to a restaurant he likes, funny mugs, a watch, or even something related to his hobby. Let’s see what you can get for your husband as a last-minute gift.

Jerky Bouquet

Carnivore Club Exotic Jerky Bouquet

Join the Carnivore Club this Christmas and indulge your husband with this fun twist on a romantic tradition. This jerky bouquet is the perfect gift!

It comes with twenty strips of jerky in four tantalizing flavors, so your husband can choose to share with his friends, or keep it all to himself! But he’ll definitely be the most popular guest at your Christmas party once he opens up this bad boy!

Oprah’s favorite Tea Set

VAHDAM World Tea Private Gift Set

Teas are very useful for our health.

If you wish to do something good for your husband, give him this gift set that contains six teas that come in a luxurious box.

He can use different flavors every day and simply enjoy the wonderful aroma and freshness of the herbs that it contains.

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Cocktail Travel Set

LEGACY – Picnic Cocktail Travel Set

Do you and your husband enjoy the Great Outdoors, but also like to indulge in a little luxury and comfort? This gift is perfect for any man who loves to be outside in calming nature.

Take your husband outside for a picnic under the stars and watch as he smiles in delight when you open up this classy and elegant travel set. No more boring picnics; this set really brings the party!

The set includes a gorgeous case as well as all of the best cocktail tools like picks, glasses, and measuring cups. If you want to make it even better, you can put together a little ham and cheese board to really make this picnic a special event.

Men’s Watch

Fossil Men Townsman Watch

How about an affordable watch for your husband?

A watch is a gift that most men appreciate.

It is a sign of power, masculinity and it is a very practical gift at the same time.

Fossil is one of the best watch brands that guarantee quality.

It has wonderful leader straps.

The watch is waterproof and the case is made of stainless steel.

Grilling Gift Crate

Stonewall Kitchen Grilling Gift Crate

Let’s get your husband a crate of grilling spices.

If your husband loves to prepare food for everyone and experiment with various spices, then this may be the perfect gift.

It contains chicken and pork rub, stonewall kitchen Texas rub, Maine Seafood Rub, Roasted Apple grille Sauce, and Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce.

It will surprise your husband for sure.

Oud Perfume

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Is your husband suave and confident? Does he know how to command a room? Eau de parfum is the perfect gift for a sophisticated man. Watch as he captures the attention of everyone around with this delicious scent.

With notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, cardamom, rosewood, and amber, this Eau de parfum creates a beautiful blend that will conjure up wistful memories of past adventures, as well as add to your husband’s air of mystery and intrigue.

Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bose Frames – Bluetooth Sunglasses

These Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect gift for the modern man who loves technology. Redesigned to be ultra-chic and luxurious, these sleek-looking sunglasses play perfect sound whilst looking great!

Using modern materials, these sunglasses are super lightweight, block out 99% of the sun’s rays, are shatter- and scratch-resistant, and are finished in a stylish glossy black. They’ll allow your husband to go about his busy day taking calls or listening to music, whilst also keeping his hands free for other important business.

Your husband will love this gift!

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

During the pandemic, the whole world learned what it was like to work in unusual places or to have to share a working space with their kids or spouse.

These Bose noise-canceling headphones are a welcome addition to the modern man’s arsenal. Easy to use with iPhone or Android, these Bluetooth headphones are quick to connect and provide quality sound.

This way, your husband can keep an eye on the kids, whilst also having a productive day. Why not spoil him? This Christmas just got a whole lot better!

Temperature Control Travel Mug

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

It’s back, and it’s better! This perfectly designed Ember mug is a fantastic gift for a coffee lover. Totally customizable, your husband can choose the exact temperature that he would like his drink to be, and he can keep it that way all day long with the new Ember charging coaster.

There’s no need for you to worry about safety because this mug can recognize when it is empty or not in use and will automatically enter sleep mode.

This travel smart mug allows you to control everything with your smartphone. Pair with the Ember app to set your temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more.

Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

What a great gift for the coffee-lover who already has it all! Allow your husband to be his own barista with this awesome travel espresso-maker mug.

This great gift is perfect if you and your husband enjoy outdoor adventuring around Christmas time. Bring your WACACO espresso maker up the mountain and take a break from the slopes with a steaming mug of delicious coffee as you marvel at the splendor of your view.

WACACOs come in Autumn, Winter, and Spring colors, are easy to clean, and come with their own beautifully-designed cases.

Men’s Skincare Gift Set

Lumin – The Complete Skincare Gift Set for Men

Are you still looking for a great gift for your man? You can’t go wrong with this incredible Lumin skincare range. It includes everything your husband could possibly need to keep his skin healthy and glowing from dawn ’til dusk.

Start the day with the perfect skincare routine of washing, hydrating, and moisturizing, and end off a long, hard day by exfoliating and getting rid of any of those unsightly wrinkles or dark circles with these reviving and healing oils.

These premium skincare products are the perfect gift for a husband who wants to look and feel good all day long.

Rare Black Coffee

perfect christmas gift for husband

Black Ivory Coffee – The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World

This gift is for all of the coffee-loving husbands out there! These precious handpicked coffee beans from Thailand are a great cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly alternative to Luwak coffee.

Treat your husband to the luxury of a rich and indulgent coffee experience of a lifetime! This rare coffee has gone through many processes to ensure that the final product is delicious and enjoyable, and at no cost to the environment. Allow your man to indulge without guilt this Christmas with this gift of exceptional Black Ivory coffee.

Caviar Gift Set

last minute christmas gift for your husband

OLMA Noble Caviar Gift Set

Looking for a way to show your husband that he is the cream of the crop this Christmas? Then look no further! This luxurious and decadent caviar set is a great gift for the two of you to enjoy together on a fancy and indulgent date night this festive season.

This premium gift set includes four jars of decadent caviar, French blinis, and Creme Fraiche for the ultimate luxury experience. Also included is a Mother of Pearl caviar spoon and a delightfully practical cooler bag.

Deluxe Fountain Pen

Parker 51 Fountain Pen

The Parker pen is a timeless classic. Why not spoil your husband with this modern take on the original “must-have” item?

The superior Parker craftsmanship is really shown here in the beautifully chiseled golden cap, the black resin barrel, the solid gold nib, and the comfortable, ergonomic shape.

Your husband will be the envy of his office this Christmas season with this fantastic and thoughtful gift.

Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

Is your husband constantly working out, or taking part in strenuous outdoor activities? Is he working towards some health and fitness goals? The Fitbit is an excellent gift for him this Christmas!

Your husband can use a GPS connection to track his pace and distance on any hike, swim, or run, and feel a buzz on his wrist when he reaches the target heart rate or extends his workout. He can also track his sleep cycles, monitor his temperature, and compare results to his personal baseline. He’ll love this amazing little gadget!

Outdoor Gift Box

Man Gift Box | Fun Outdoor Men Gifts

Surprise your guy this Christmas with this awesome Man Box! Beautifully packaged, this gift is ready to give! It’s perfect for any husband who enjoys the outdoors and doing manly things like making fires.

This kit has it all! Included are a jumbo jute fire-starting rope, a coffee grit man-soap, a deliciously soothing sandalwood candle, a Rambo knife and sheath, and a great mug, which can keep drinks hot or cold.

Christmas Gift For Husband Who Has Everything

It is hard to get a Christmas gift for your husband who has everything. But, a personalized Christmas gift is definitely something that he would love to get. Let’s check out what you can get for your husband who wants nothing.

Personalize Family Sign

Personalized Family Gather Signs

This is going to be such a sweet Christmas gift for your husband.

Family is truly the biggest treasure that anyone can have.

We built it and preserve it, we invest in our kids, and sometimes it is simply necessary to celebrate having such an exclusive club that we are a part of.

Give this customized gift to your husband and let him look at it proudly.

whiskey barrel Dispenser

Custom American Premium Oak Barrel

Every man has a secret stash of his favorite drinks somewhere in the house.

If your husband keeps talking about wanting to preserve bigger quantities of his favorite alcoholic beverage, then you should consider getting him this customized barrel.

It can be used for tequila, rum, beer, whiskey, and spirits.

Funny Men’s Underwear

Personalized Wife Face On Men’s Underwear

Let your husband know that you’re absolutely crazy about him with these hilarious novelty boxer shorts.

Easy to design, just click the “Customize Now” button and upload your image- we’ll do the rest!

Give your husband a laugh this Christmas with these comfortable, machine-washable, and funny underwear.

Personalized Nautical Name Art Decor Gift

Personalized Coastal Name Art Decor Gift

Does your husband hear the call of the ocean? Perhaps he grew up listening to crashing waves outside his bedroom (or wishes he did!)? This is the perfect gift for any man who loves the sea.

Search through a range of letters to create the perfect ocean art for your husband this Christmas. There are multiple different images for each letter to ensure no repeats within a name, so you can create a unique and thoughtful personalized gift for your main man.

Bracelet With Hidden Message

Personalize Bracelet With Hidden Message

There’s nothing that says romance like a secret love language between you and your partner. Send your love a secret code, or a thoughtful love letter by printing your own message on the inside of this stylish and gorgeous wristband.

Because it is made of genuine leather, this wristband is durable and will last for years to come! Give your man a smile every time he glances down and sees your precious gift, knowing that there is a secret message from you that only he knows is there.

Initial the magnetic clasp to make this gift extra personal and sentimental. Your husband will love this unique and thoughtful gift!

Personalized Bloody Mary Crate

Personalized Bloody Mary Crate

This Christmas indulge your man in a bloody good brunch with this amazing Bloody Mary crate! This is the ultimate gift because it can be (literally!) cracked open for any occasion. Watch and smile as your man uses the included crowbar to hack into his man crate. Can he beat the record 15 minutes to get it open?

This crate includes pepperoni straws, bacon rimshot, 2 personalized Collins glasses, 3 flavors of Demitri’s classic seasoning, and 6 cans of tomato juice.

Works as the perfect brunch kit, hangover cure, or classy picnic addition. What a fun way to celebrate with your husband this Christmas!

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

HEYSEE Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Your husband will love opening up this hilarious and fun gift this Christmas! It is guaranteed to make the whole family smile!

These custom bobbleheads are modeled from photographs that you submit, so you can give your husband a mini replica of yourself so that you are always near her. Your husband will love being reminded of you whenever he watches your sweet little head bobble on the dashboard as he goes about his day.

Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

3D Innovation – Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

Do you find yourself taking tons of cute couple photos, but then never looking at them again because they are lost amongst all the others in your photo folder? Well, with this magical 3D Crystal photo, you have the perfect way to proudly display all of your most special moments.

Choose a sentimental photograph from a wonderful day that you and your husband spent together, then immortalize it in sparkling crystal that will stand out in any room! Choose your LED light color settings and watch your husband’s joyous face light up every time he spots your thoughtful gift.

Personalize Desk Compass

Stanley London Engravable Round Executive Desk Compass

Looking for a gift that is both beautiful and meaningful? This customizable compass is an amazing gift for the festive season.

Add up to five lines of font, and decide if you want your message to be sweet, funny, sentimental, or romantic. Your text is engraved deeply into the metal to ensure that your precious message lasts a lifetime.

Classy and elegant, your husband can proudly display this thoughtful gift somewhere where he will see it often and be reminded of his lovely wife and the beautiful love that the two of you share.

Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

Not only are these funny novelty socks a cute and thoughtful gift, but they will also keep your husband cozy this Christmas time! Watch his face light up in a smile as he gazes in delight upon his funny customized Christmas socks!

Great for celebrations or just because! Wear them every day and give a laugh to those around you!

Make sure to handwash these socks after wearing them.

Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

Get cozy with your husband this Christmas over a bowl of fresh, hot popcorn in a unique, customizable bowl.

This ceramic bowl is dishwasher and microwave-friendly, which makes for easy use and cleaning every time!

Your husband will be so pleased that no one can steal his snacks anymore! Now his name is on the bowl he can feast to his heart’s content without having to share.

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