20 Unusual Gift For Knife Collector That Put Their Collection To Shame

gift for knife collector
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Looking for a gift for knife collector?

The tradition of making unique knives has always fascinated people around the world.

The details and the materials used, as well as the time spent to create one, make it truly valuable.

However, be careful when you give it to a friend.

If you are superstitious, don’t forget to attach one penny, to avoid having your friendship cut.

That’s a unique gift for knife collector

gift for knife collector

“Baby Blue” Damascus Handmade Folding Knife

This knife is so beautiful and mesmerizing that it will capture the attention of anyone who lays his eyes on it.

It resembles a feather and it is truly stunning.

If your dad or a friend likes to collect knives, he will definitely like to have this one as a part of the collection.

This knife looks so mean

unique gifts for knife collectors

Bald Eagle Gut Damascus Hunting Handmade Knife

If you are looking for a hunting knife that is so unique and like nothing you have ever seen before, this is it.

It has an eagle gut hook and the design is very beautiful.

It will be a wonderful surprise for sure.

Make sure you wrap it nicely and make someone happy. 

This is a good knife for skinning

gift ideas for knife collectors

Whole Earth Supply Tracker Knife

Looking for a gift that will be unique, practical, useful and quality made can sometimes be challenging.

However, this knife satisfies all those standards and it will make any hunter happy for sure.

It comes with a sheath made of buffalo leather.

It can also be a valuable tool for camping.

That’s a beauty

gift for a knife collector

Black Mamba Knives With Antler Handle

This is an awesome gift for a knife collector.

It is very sharp, so anyone you give it won’t have any problem with getting work done.

It comes with a leather sheath and every detail is made with great attention to detail.

It will be a great gift for your husband or dad.

How about a finger knife? That sounds weird

best gifts for knife collectors

Handmade Genuine Medieval Finger Knife

A Viking knife is a great choice for a Game of Thrones fan.

There is probably no person in the world who hasn’t heard about this series, so if you want to make someone who is in love with the series happy, give him this knife.

It can be used as an accessory and as a tool.

He is going to love this collectible

gifts for pocket knife collectors

John Wayne Trapper Pocket Knife Gift

Any John Wayne fan will love this gift.

It is a pocket knife that comes in a wonderful box with John’s image in it.

It is a valuable and unforgettable gift for your father or father in law.

It will remind them of the time when John Wayne’s movies were popular.

Is your dad a knife collector?

gift ideas for knife collector

Natural Smooth Bone Pocket Knife

If your dad’s birthday is coming up, give him this stunning gift.

Not only it is very practical and high-quality, but it is also a very heartwarming gift because it has a note written on it that says ” Daddy, you are my hero”.

It is a gift that he will love for sure.

Let’s get this for a knife collector birthday

birthday gift for knife collector

John Wayne American Legend Collectible Knife Replica

Any fan of Western movies knows about John Wayne.

He was the symbol of true values and honor.

This knife is made to celebrate this incredible man.

The handle is incredible and it has a hand-painted John Wayne sculpture on it.

It can be an incredible souvenir for a fan.

That’s one unusual gifts for pocket knife collectors

unusual gifts for pocket knife collectors

Ears with Knife Collectible Figurine

“The Garden of Early Delights” is a masterpiece made by Hieronymus Bosch.

Even though this was made a long time ago, it still inspires many art pieces and replicas, just like this one.

Give it to someone who would appreciate it and keep it a part of the collection.

It is a very unusual and effective gift.

Check out this beauty

birthday gift ideas for knife collectors

Colored Bone Bowie Knife

This is an incredible knife that has many gorgeous details on it, so the thrill is guaranteed when you give to your husband or your friend.

It is a gift that is durable that it won’t change for years to come.

It is well made and looks very artistic and appealing.

I think they will love this knife

birthday gift for a knife collector

Yakima Damascus Hunting Handmade Knife

The design of this knife is very appealing and it is a good choice for people who like to choose classic pieces.

It has a great grip and it is balanced well, so the satisfaction is guaranteed.

It can be a birthday gift.

Help your friend improve his knife collection with this wonderful present. 

This pocket knife has a unique texture

birthday gifts for pocket knife collectors

Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife

If your dad loves to go hunting, he will love this stunning pocket knife.

Its slip joint mechanism works flawlessly.

It is a very sharp and solid knife, very well made.

It can help your dad on his hunting trips or when he wants to go camping.

It is a thoughtful gift.

This small knife is pretty

birthday gift ideas for knife collector

Toferner Hand Forged Knife

Art lovers will find this unique knife incredible.

It is a hand-forged knife that is truly an exquisite gift that you can give to your friend, a brother, or your husband.

It is small, so it can fit the pocket.

It comes in a leather case making it a sweet present overall.

Let him collect this hunting knife

unusual gift ideas for knife collector

Tactical Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

This handmade Damascus knife is perfect for camping or hunting, but it can also be a part of the knife collection.

Its handle is made of wood and its design is extraordinaire.

The blade is Damascus Forged Steel.

The combination of the two makes one stunning knife that any knife lover will appreciate.

Check out the pattern on this knife

unusual gift ideas for knife collectors

Primitive Sequoia Knife

Condor tool and knife is very appealing, but also very practical as well.

The pattern on the blade is very interesting and eye-catching, while the handle lies very nicely in the hand making it easy to use.

Give it to someone who likes to go camping often and is in need of a good tool.

That’s one nice hunting knife

unusual gift for a knife collector

Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife

Buffalo horn is a work of art.

Its shape is a little bit curved and every detail is magnificent.

It is a piece that will make any knife lover proud.

It comes in a sheath made of cow brown leather.

It is a great present to give to someone you love.

Let’s add this knife to his collection

unusual gift for knife collector

Steel Knife Blue Wood Handle

Campers and fishermen will love this knife.

It can be used for disjointing, skinning, and cutting.

It is lightweight.

It is very appealing and it comes in a leather sheath, so it can be easily carried in a bag or a pocket.

It is a wonderful and valuable gift.

This handmade knife is awesome

christmas gift for knife collector

GCS Custom Handmade Black Micarta Knife

If you are looking for a durable gift that is made to last for a long time, then this knife is the right choice.

It looks excellent and it is very sharp, so it can truly be handy on the camping trips or when going hunting.

It will be an appreciated gift for sure.

There is something beautiful about this knife

unique christmas gifts for knife collectors

Toferner Knife Thor

This knife looks like you have turned back the clock and traveled to the past.

It looks like it has been used many times, but in fact, it is made to make one knife collector happy.

Give it as a present to a friend or your boyfriend, if they would appreciate a piece like this.

That’s one odd knife that I never have seen before

christmas gift ideas for knife collectors

Railroad Spike Knife

Each knife is an expression of art and nothing confirms it more than this knife.

It is a piece that you can give to your dad, so he can keep it in his collection, but it is a fully functional gift as well so it can be used for numerous tasks.

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