20 Best Gift Ideas For 85 Year Old Woman Who Has Everything

gift ideas for 85 year old woman
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It is an uphill struggle looking for gift ideas for 85 year old women as most of them already have everything in her life.

There isn’t a more niche and age-specific gift list than this. Crossing this milestone should be well-rewarded, but how on earth would you know what to give a person who either has or once had everything.

Let us join you in finding the perfect gift ideas for 85 year old grandma, wife or even your mother.

DIY Hand Casting Kits

gift ideas for 85 year old woman

Edinburgh Family Hand Casting Kit

The casting kit once again hits our list which is a testament to its appeal to mature folk. The casting kit celebrates the best people in your life and triggers treasured memories. The kit itself can cast the hands of 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults and 1 child.

It’s straightforward and allergen-free which is crucial for a person of this age. Set aside a rainy afternoon and bring it to granny’s place. Follow the 3-step instructions and cast a life-long memory. But that’s not it, keep reading to see the other 19 gift ideas for a 85 year old woman we have handpicked.

Retro Candy Gift Box

gift ideas for an 85 year old woman

Vintage Candy Co. 85th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box

Elderly life bleeds with restrictions and, unfortunately, a lot of them have to do with following a proper diet. Not anything extreme (most times), but sugar abstinence sure helps. However, sugar isn’t always the villain and shows certain health benefits to brain activity.

In line with this piece of good news, we’ve selected a Retro Candy Gift Box that is sure to trigger nostalgic memories of your grandma’s youth. It’s jam-packed with sweeties that won’t hurt her sugar levels and are a nice treat after a long day of knitting, reading the newspaper or watering the plants.

Heated Foot and Calf Massager

what to get an 85 year old woman for her birthday

Naipo Heated Foot and Calf Massager

We’ve grown with the idea that our grandparents are not as dextrous with tech as we are. More than that, they often present a huge headache in case they come in contact with tech. Nevertheless, good calf health is important and worth getting familiar with the six buttons this massager owns.

The Foot and Calf Massager, like the name would suggest, emulates a real foot massage. Your granny will be on the receiving end of very pleasant kneading tap and air compression buzz, that will relieve all the pain of old age. It’s easy to use and won’t take long to get the hang of!

Custom Initial Necklace From Greece

birthday gift ideas for 85 year old woman

Takis Pavlopoulos-Kiriakos Giannopoulos Custom Initial Necklace

Monogram medallions are popular with any generation, so there’s no reason to miss on this fine Golden disc. The neat thing about it is that it allows the buyer to customise it either by number, letter, or symbol and in 3 different types of Gold: 9k, 14k, 18k.

If your mom, grandma or wife is big on jewellery and relishes high-quality lace, then consider a personalised a dainty pendant that will be her keepsake of her beloved kids and grandkids.

Smart Digital Picture Frame

gift ideas for 80 year old woman who has everything

LOLA Smart Digital Picture Frame

The bygone era of photo albums is getting silently replace by the advanced and more practical digital frame. The 8-inch frame is able to display thousands of images thanks to the generous 8GB of internal memory plus an 10GB on the cloud.

Family members can send video and image files to it directly from their phones, so shouldn’t be always on site to adjust it for your granny. It syncs seamlessly with popular apps like Google Photos, DropBox, Instagram, and Facebook.

Check out this post if you are looking for practical gifts for grandma.

Mom/Grandma Necklace with Kids Birthstones

presents for 85 year old woman

Custom Mom/Grandma Necklace with Kids Birthstones

If your heart’s not completely set on the monogram pendant, then this flashier version might do. This colourful necklace is a cross between precious birthstones and 14k/18k Gold. If your granny’s spends most time on the zodiac newspaper column, then she may accept this gift with equal attention.

Unlike other zodiac necklaces which feature only one type of birthstone, this piece accommodates three different plates – one for your granny and the other two for those who hold a place in her heart most dearly. This is the perfect gift given by a daughter and a granddaughter who will accompany granny in each one of her elderly adventures.

3D Crystal Photo

personalize gift ideas for an 85 year old woman

Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

Here’s a memorable gift idea that haunts pretty much every gift list – a 3D Crystal Photo. Crystal photo impart a kind of a fascination effect: it’s not a figurine, but it’s not a picture at the same time. Their double nature surely brings delight to look at.

That is why it is so easy to charm and surprise your grandma, wife or mother with this some simple perosnalize gift. You can either use an old photo or make a new one to submit to the company which will craft the 3D photo in no time!

Cashmere Knitted Wrap Shawl

what to buy an 85 year old woman

Manio Cashmere 100% Cashmere Knitted Wrap Shawl

Dashing style doesn’t surrender under the sway of age. Whatever your age, we’ve been taught that clothing is about how you feel more than how look. But if you fear you’re not as fashion conscious or haven’t observed your granny’s style that much, then there’s no need to worry.

The Cashmere scarf is designed to fit any colour palette (not to mention it comes in various colours) and is a no-brainer if you’re pushed to the precipice by an upcoming birthday. The scarf is simple, smooth to the touch, and essential of any woman irrespectively of her age!

Smart Robot Mop

what is a good gift for an 85 year old woman

Everybot ‘Edge’ Autonomous Smart Robot Mop

This one goes into our useful birthday gift ideas for 85 year old woman category! We’ve already expressed our concerns about grandmas and technology, but if you’re drowning in work on the one side, and your grandma’s aching back won’t make cleaning easier for her then it’s time for a solution.

Introducing the Everybot ‘Edge’, a mop that cleans while hovering around your house. It’s dead silent at only 46dB and has a working time of 100 minutes on a single charge. The remote is even simpler than your grandma’s TV remote, so learning would be a breeze!

Sandwich Maker

gift ideas for 85 year old female

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Practical and highly sensible, a sandwich maker will make your granny’s snacks even better – which means this is more of a gift for you than for her. It’s easy to install and wipe after you’re done. The box also comes with a complementary sandwich cookbook which ought to lift any mysteries surrounding sandwich making.

Sandwiches are renowned for being quick and easy to make. However, there’re many time-consuming way to make a finger-licking sandwich. Give the Dual Sandwich a try and experience twice the sandwiches in half the time.

Chocolate Gift Box

what to buy for an 85 year old woman

Godiva Chocolatier Limited-Edition Holiday Chocolate Gift Box

A well-deserved spot for our beloved Godiva. There’s no afternoon tea or coffee without munching on Godiva’s excellent selection of Ganache, mint, and velvety dark chocolate. In the same light of the candy bundle for earlier, this box also comes in handy when blood sugar hits low levels.

For grandmas who can’t restrain their sweet tooth or for those have to stash some candy just in case, we’ve selected the cream of the crop. Your granny deserves only the finest pieces when she really needs them!

Handmade Slip On Wool Slippers

gift ideas for 85 year old lady

BureBure Ladies Slip On Wool Slippers

If you haven’t found the perfect grandma essential, then we have good news for you. BureBure’s exceptional and bold mule wool slippers match any elderly environment. The robust built and easy-to-clean design ensure your granny’s feet will stay warm for long!

Anyone who knows a granny must have a look at those. Comfortable slippers are not only a relief for arthritis, but also make walking for flat footed people a tad bit breezier.

Electric Heated Wearable Blanket Hoodie

what to gift an 85 year old woman

Venustas Heated Wearable Blanket Hoodie

As you progress through age your vascular system gets tired and lazy. Blood flow gets slow and every morning you wake up to cold limbs. To reinvigorate circulation and kick off the day right away, good ol’ granny needs a warm-up. It is a useful 85-year-old gift for your grandma.

The Blanket hoodie is created to bring safety and coziness in the cold months while allowing your granny to rock it anywhere she goes – kitchen, living room, backyard. On low settings this baby can last up to 11 hours, and 6-7 on medium. It’s machine washable and comes with other three accessories, including a waterproof bag!

Treat Her To Her Favourite Restaurant

gift ideas for 85 year old woman who has everything

No Amazon link for this one! Your grandma has been staying inside long enough! It’s time you take her to her favourite place she get’s so little of. But it’s not just about the heartfelt meals she’ll get to relive.

Number one complaint of old people is loneliness and how stingy on time their grandkids are. If you’ve heard that one before, it’s for an apologetic lunch or dinner date! Gas the car, put on fresh gear, and up you go.

Sentimental Figurine

what to give an 85 year old woman for christmas

Willow Tree with My Grandmother Figurine

Here’s something to adorn your granny’s shelf and not spoil her home decor. A willow figurine unlocks long forgotten memories of your grandma’s time of motherhood. Don’t get us wrong, grandmas still hand out advice whenever they see it, but at their prime they were flooded by troubled adolescents.

To help her retrospect the thrill of helping out her lost and confused children, a willow figurine portraying a mother giving the much needed guidance every child’s looking for!

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Funny T-Shirt

funny gift ideas for 85 year old lady

Old People Funny T-Shirt

You’re retired from work, not from life! Everyone likes the sight of an old person walking in a funny t-shirt. If your granny likes to be the centre of attention and heart of the company, then consider a witty t-shirt like this.

Believe it or not, old people enjoy laughter too! Laughter is the best anti-depressant and a shirt like this will definitely bring the attention your grandma has been missing! Let her live her sunset days in the wildest way she can envision.

Senior Pedal Exerciser

what to get an 85 year old woman

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

And we’re back at the conventional gift ideas for 85 year old woman. Once your granny is done having her calves massaged, it’s time for a quick workout. Logically, you get quite stagnant the older you get.

Everything becomes chore – walking, cooking, bathing. It’s easy for one at this age to slip into long episodes of laziness. In the colder months when staying active is crucial for maintaining good health and blood circulation. If your granny lives in the outskirts or the countryside, then think about a lightweight and compact pedal exerciser.

Plan A Weekend Trip

birthday gift ideas for an 85 year old woman

Right after you’re finished with the visit to her favourite restaurant, it’s time you load your car trunk and take her on a nice, unexpected holiday. Doesn’t have to be anything grand, but do try to cater it to her taste. Whether she’s more of a mountain or beach person is a good starting point and then slowly fine-tune the details that will make the trip shine.

For the elderly in particular, some appropriate suggestions entail – hot spring vacation, lake district, museum trips and much more. Waste no time and good weather!

Mug And Glasses Holder

christmas gift ideas for an 85 year old woman

Funny Mug And Glasses Holder

Kudos to your grandma if she’s still enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. Imagine: all your life you’ve enjoyed the taste of every meal or drink. Fast forward a few days later, your back is sore, limbs are feeble, and the doctor keeps telling you to cut down on guilty pleasures.

Contrary to what her doctor’s been telling her, she can still indulge a glass of wine every now and then, as wine has lots of proven health benefits. That is why this Glasses Holder celebrates two occasions: morning tea and late-night wine connoisseur-ing

Destination Cutting Board

what do you get an 85 year old woman for her birthday

Totally Bamboo State Destination Bamboo Board

Your state is a source of pride. Be proud to gaze over the mesmerising high and lowlands, marvel at the glorious heritage your ancestors have left. To celebrate your home state why not select a cutting board for this purpose.

Very rarely can the shape of a state be a template for something and be useful at the same time. However, a cutting board might… cut it. It’s a handy, practical, and quite a safe gift that won’t leave any confusion or mix feelings upon reception.

So that’s it. An unusual list for an unusual age group which claims to know everything, have done everything, and had it the roughest. If you haven’t found the perfect way to thank your sage for the many years of wonderful advice and care, then why not check Quokkadot for more gift ideas!

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