20 Amazing Gift Ideas For A Cowboy That Doesn’t Disappoint

gift ideas for a cowboy
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The rich history of the famous Wild, Wild West lives on. Cowboys live this heritage of western life in their music, lore, cattle herding, horse riding, ranching, food, and clothes.

Gifts for a cowboy revolves around this tradition. Here, we list down new and grand gift ideas for cowboys that they will absolutely love to receive on their Birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion.

Cowboy Hat

American Hat Makers Storm Leather Cowboy Hat

This cowboy hat is not your ordinary cowboy hat. Handcrafted and made from genuine leather. It gives a bold statement with the design overlaid with rattlesnake and alligator.

It gives a stylish hat that makes you stand out from the crowd. When you think of gift ideas for a cowboy, make this your number one choice.

Pistol Decanter Gift Set

christmas gifts for a cowboy
Pistol Gun Decanter Gift Set

A unique Christmas gift for a cowboy is this set – a pistol with an authentic cowboy pistol with four-shot glasses. Your visitors will be impressed by its wooden cork seal embellished with an engraved cowboy pattern.

Any person would love to have this in their bar or at home for friends to enjoy.

Cowboy Boot Bracelet

cowboy western gifts for her
Opalized Stone Draped Chain Cowboy Boot Bracelet

Fancy leather boots are a signature for cowboys in the west. Women wear theirs, fashionably with various embellishments. It comes in premium leather with decorative opal ornament.

One can wear it with nice-fitting jeans and cowboy shirts, or with a trendy, fitting dress. It is a perfect gift for a female cowboy for any occasion. 

Cowboy Toilet Seat

cowboy themed gifts
Western Cowhide Tooled Leather Horseshoe Star Toilet Seat

An unexpected gift of a cowboy toilet seat is a sure hit to his family! It is made it extraordinarily special for him. It is made of premium leather and with a horseshoe in the center.

The cowboy spirit is proud anywhere. It can be a decorative piece at home or a one-of-a-kind toilet seat. Either way, it will give immense pride and pleasure to your cowboy friend.

Personalized Cowboy Hat Holder

western cowboy gifts for dad
Western Decor – Personalized Cowboy Hat Holder

A hat holder is a must-have western cowboy gift for dad. It is a terrific way to hang cowboy hats. This customized hat holder makes your cowboy hat look fit and at home together.

Dad will appreciate a handy, comfy, and thoughtful gift coming from you.

Billfold Wallet

cowboy gifts for him
Leather Western Billfold Wallet for Men

A prosperous life for a cowboy starts with a lucky wallet. Great gift for men they will love to use. It is made of full-grain leather and can fit a handful of bills and receipts. Ruggedly handsome and manly, a gift not for your average Joe.

Jerky Ammo Gift Basket

best gifts for a cowboy
Man Crates – Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Western life is about food too! Barbecuing is a staple part of the get-together. They are lovers of meat. This bountiful load of goodies is for cowboy meat lovers.

Gratifying jerky gift pack has a bounty of beef and meat sticks, perfect for barbecue galore. It is a good gift for him and his family to bring them together.

Initial Belt Buckle

gifts for cowboy husband
Montana Silversmiths – Initial Silver Engraved Western Belt Buckle

One of the Western’s fashion accessories is an illustrious belt with his initial letter engraved on the buckle is an A-lister gift! This buckle brilliantly electroplates with gold and silver.

Its brilliance is easy to maintain with minimal care. Do you want him to appreciate your gift, give a lovely gift he will wear all the time? Give him an initial belt buckle. 

Personalized Ranch Sign

gifts for cowboy dad
Personalized Ranch Sign Rustic Wood Sign

Think of a gift that will be visible for anyone to see! We suggest a terrific personalized ranch sign for you. The gorgeous design is a sight to welcome anyone to your place.

Remember to make a distinct and long-lasting gift that establishes a legacy. A precious gift to have.

Leather Cowboy Beer Holster

christmas gifts for cowboy boyfriend
Hide & Drink – Leather Cowboy Buzy Beer Holster

Oh yes, let him carry his favorite beer everywhere. It comes in leather with a handy bottle grip – meant to hoist a bottle of beer while you juggle around doing your cowboy chores. A refreshingly enabling gift for a hardworking cowboy.

Cowboy Boot Wine Bottle Holder

gifts for cowboy lovers
Fancy Cowboy Boot Wine Bottle Holder

This unexpected wine bottle holder is a thing to behold and a pleasure to use. It is a perfect decor in your home and to use as a bottle holder.

See at the fanciful look of your friends when you serve them wine from this bottle holder. A choice gift for anyone you love to surprise.

Trespassers Wall Sign

gifts for cowboy boyfriend
Ebros Gift No Warning For Trespassers Wall Sign

No one will dare enter your property if they see an unwelcoming sign in front! The dual six-shooter guns prominently sculpted adds authority to the warning.

Either for serious or funny thoughts, this gift makes the burly one look stronger. It is exciting to have and fun to keep. Give him what he loves!

Personalized Boot Rack

birthday gifts for a cowboy boyfriend
The Heritage Forge – Persoanlzie Horseshoe Boot Rack

A cowboy and his boots say a lot! Take care that fancy cowboy boots give them an extra lift by placing them in a cozy place. You can customize this rack with your name or initials.

This boot rack adds an authentic western touch and keeps it exposed for easy access and use. Buy this for him, and his appreciation will show on his face.

Mini Boot Tequila Shot

gifts for the cowboy in your life
Mexican Boot Shot Glass – Mini Boot Tequila Shot

Have him and his friends have a tequila shot from a mini boot! A fun way to liven up any party or gathering is to take a drink from this brilliant container.

The set comes in three cowboy boot glasses spectacularly designed with an authentic cowboy theme. An instagrammable gift of tequila shot from a boot!

Cowboy Western Hat Pendant

gifts for a cowboy
Sterling Silver – Western Hat Charm Necklace

A charming gift idea is to give a lovely necklace. It is best for everyday wear for any occasion – it highlights the charisma of the western cowboy aura.

Carefree, happy, and confident. It comes in sterling silver and an immaculate gift box. Get the sweet smile of approval, give her this wonderful gift.

Saw Wall Decor

gifts for cowboy grandpa
Metal Art – Cowboy Riding Horse Wall Art

An elegant, one-of-a-kind piece of wall decor that would surely draw attention, adding beauty to any house. This art form is a made-to-order saw wall decor that features a cowboy riding a horse, or the design may vary depending on your story. The rustic feel of its design gives you a warm feeling of appreciation and love.

Cowboy Jacket

gifts for cowboy birthday party
Classyak Western Leather Jacket Brown with Fringes

A signature attire of the rugged western is the cowboy jacket. A jacket is flexible for men and women. You may accessorize it with a belt, boots, or hat. A staple piece of the attire of any cowboy.

It gives us a premium suede leather jacket with simple fringes. This gift idea is a sure win for any people at all times.

Rodeo Cowboy Statue

gifts for cowboy christmas
Veronese Design Bronzed Rodeo Cowboy Statue

A western house shows the warmth of the cowboy spirit. A homegrown love for cowboy relives with a decor that uplifts his mood.

This gift highlights a rodeo feeling with its 13 inches height. A fitting piece to welcome a guest. Anyone with a cowboy heart will appreciate this statue.

Cowboy Water Fountain

cowboy gifts for home
COWBOYOK Cowboy Water Fountain WIth LED Light

A cowboy water fountain is for the family. It can look striking at home or any office, giving a classic cowboy ambiance to any place.

It shows a design with a LED light water fountain. This gift of Hat boots water fountain gift will refresh and delight a lot of people.

Cowboy Wall Art

best gifts for cowboy boyfriend
All a Cowboy Needs Canvas Wall Art Print

A must-gift to give, a must-gift to have – a classic wall decor depicting a cowboy theme. It looks superb in any space. It is made of premium canvas and prevents fading. A magnificent color finish gives satisfaction and pride to the owner. This gift will undoubtedly level up your surroundings any time of the day.

Your country guy deserves the gift that suits his style and personality. Do not let an occasion pass to give him anything that comes to mind, check- out this list, and you will not be disappointed.

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