33 Best Gift Ideas For Firefighters on Every Occasion

gift ideas for firefighters
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‘Come on baby light my fire’, ‘burning love’, and many other poetic formulas have solidified love as an ardent, flame-like power that, just like actual fire, sweeps everything on its path.

Rarely can anyone benefit from actual fire though: it spreads quickly, emits poisonos fumes, and burns away the roofs of too many homes to count. That is why those who protect us from it are well-deserved the love and recognition for their service.

To celebrate a firefighter’s ‘burning love’ for his job, we’ve garnered a list of gift ideas for firefighters on every occasion including Christmas, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day and retirement.

Firefighter Globe Decanter 

gift for firefighters

Prestige Decanter – Firefighter 1000ml Globe Decanter

Starting off with this luxurious decanter, we’re reminded to ask whether firefighters have time to drink! He probably already has a decanter stashed in some cupboard but not one flashing the Maltese Flag.

The Maltese Flag is widely considered as the leading emblem of firefighters. Apart from the flag, is the fine-glass decanter itself embraced by a hand-crafted oak rest adding the needed vintage flavour decanters require! 

Firefighter Watch

best gift for firefighters

Citizen Men’s Thin Red Line Firefighter Watch

There’s the thin blue line of law enforcement, the white line of medical emergency, and the line this watch showcases: the thin red line showing solidarity with injured and fallen firefighters.

Give a firefighter a gift to keep him close to his teammates and help him remember those who once served next to him. A watch with only one purpose in mind: to compel courage and bravery in the face of danger. 

Firefighter Gift Set

gift box for firefighter

Firefighter Gift Set

Now this is for someone who’s in love with his job! Off duty, firefighters can’t be told apart from civilians. I mean, have you seen a firefighter with a firefighter-themed wallet? If you know someone who dabbles 24/7 in firefighter business, then a gift set may the right choice.

Gas mask bottle openers, red-line American flag patches and can koozies! With this type of gift box, any firefighter can add a small ‘firefighting’ touch to his home décor!

Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle

useful gift ideas for firefighters

TankH2O – Fire Extinguisher Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

A unique water bottle to begin with. A gift not just for firefighters if you’re asking me. Made of 18/8 stainless steel and non-toxic BPA-free plastic. It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and contains warmth for up 12.

Turning to the outer coating of the bottle the powder finish will give you solid grip; not to mention that it’s nice to touch. Give an up-and-coming firefighter a practical souvenir to keep him pumped of the upcoming excitement.

Fireman Sculpture

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Gifts & Decor – Men of Duty Civil Hero Fireman Sculpture

Up next there’s a gift most fitting for a retiring firefighter after long years of risk-infused service. Crafted out of high-quality resin the figurine has undergone a process called ‘bronze electroplating’ which gives the distinct bronze shine while keeping it lightweight.

Standing at 9.5” and oozing pride, the figurine serves as the closing chapter of a fireman’s career and uniformly celebrates all firefighters at once! Definitely a good retirement gift for firefighters.

Personalized Fireman Blanket

personalized gift ideas for firefighters

Personalized Name Unit Number Fireman Blanket

Keeping up with the home décor we have an awesome blanket coming in two types of fabrics. Choose between Sherpa or Fleece and start personalizing. The silky-smooth front will keep the print vibrant and machine washable while the silky-smooth backside makes it a cozy blanket to keep the firefighter warm. 

Firefighter Bird House

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Bella Hous Design – Firefighter Bird House

Weirdly enough, despite the numerous advancements in technology, textiles, and… aham… fashion, firefighter helmets have stayed more-or-less loyal to their original shape and form.

And while the helmet you’re seeing is a far cry from modern-day firefighter hats, its vintage look gives you a snippet of Firefighting’s courageous history. Oh, and it also keeps the birds happy in case you’re wondering.

This is a nice gift for the firefighter who just retires or as a housewarming gift.

Fireman Playing Cards Gift Set

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Fireman Playing Cards Gift Set

Remember this famous video? If yes, then you’re probably aware that firefighters also need to kill time as they wait for their next call to action.

Inside this elegantly crafted playing cards set a working fireman will uncover two decks of fireman-themed cards and a set of dice making it good gambling set fit for most games. It’s perfect for those long on-duty hours of urban peace and brigade boredom. 

Firefighter Carrying Child Statues

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Veronese – Resin Statues Firefighter Carrying Child

Firefighters have many responsibilities on their shoulders – among them is saving lives trapped inside the fires and burning debris they’re toiling to put down.

There are many ways to pay due respect to their courage – some applaud, others give flowers, but for the individual, a 11”-tall statuette of a firefighter carrying a child notes the amount of bravery of every firefighter even if he’s never even touched a baby in his life.

Definitely a great reminder that firefighter a hero.

Firefighter Straw Hat

unusual gift ideas for firefighters

Saint Florian Clothing – Firefighter Straw Hat

You liked the vintage bird feeder hat but want something for practical? Well, then, this charming straw hat styled after the very same model you saw seconds ago is your right choice.

There’s nothing much to talk about: removable chin cord, water resistant, features the Saint Florian cross that is, as we’ve already noted, customary to Fireman attire, and keeps shape well!

Just because Firemen deal with heat doesn’t mean they can stand it off-duty. Return the favour by giving a Fireman one of these! 

Personalized Firefighter Coasters

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Prestige Decanters – Personalized Firefighter Coasters

You would expect that people working in this ardent profession lo-o-o-o-ve ice-cold brews, and you wouldn’t be further from the truth. Firefighters know how chill (pun intended) whether that’s on or off duty.

For the off-duty hours, however, we’ve stopped on this set of 4 Fireman-themed coasters. On the Acacia wood you can engrave whatever the name of your recipient and make it a one-of-a-kind gift for their cooking space! 

Custom Firefighter Name Sign

customized gift ideas for firefighters

Pretty Perfect Studio – Custom Firefighter Name Sign

In the beginning we spoke of the significance the red line has for people of this profession. It’s not too long until we meet it again, but this time in a ready-to-hand canvas that hangs like an art piece from your wall.

If you think the art of firefighting isn’t given the deserved recognition then it’s time to change it with a 10×20, 12×36, 20×40, or even 20×60-inch piece of personalized canvas. Slap your firefighter friend’s name on it and have him or her look at it with pride every time they come back after a successful shift!

This is a unique personalized gift ideas for firefighter that you love.

Merman Firefighter Ornament

unique christmas firefighter gifts for her

December Diamonds – Merman Firefighter Ornament

This creature from the latest ‘Fantastic beasts and where to find them’ movie escapes me. It may seem weird at first, but firefighters are associated with water as much as with fire.

And although Christmas seems stationed in the distant future, it’s never too early to start browsing for tree toys! This one is specially designed for firefighter families who wish to add a personal touch to this year’s Christmas tree!

I believe this funny firefighter Christmas gift will bring a smile to their face.

Exotic Meat Gift Basket

gift basket ideas for firefighters

Mancrates – Exotic Meats Crate

Remember what I said about firefighter helmets and attire? Like you probably guessed, they are extremely durable. Made of vacuum-deposited and aluminized materials in fact! Since firefighters can’t risk getting glazed by those lethal flames neither their favorite meat snacks!

A crate to take on duty with you! This wooden chest contains 6 sensational flavours sealed in the most durable packaging imaginable: Smoked Biltong Beef, Elk, Buffalo, Venison, Wild Board Honey Bourbon, and Wild Boar Root Beer Habanero, plus 4 exotic blends of jerky sticks: Pheasant, Duck, Ostrich, and Elk! 

Firefighter Flasks

what is a good gift for a firefighter

Fire Alarm Flask – Firefighter Flasks

Don’t have time for happy hour? We got you covered! If you have followed the video link above, you would know by now that firefighting requires discipline and split-second attention.

That is why firefighters often miss out on nights out and can’t sneak out of their workspace as easily as you would before closing hours.

For firemen and firewomen who have little time to catch up after tiresome shifts, a firefighter-themed flask will do trick!

Fire Rescue Pendant Charm Necklace

Gifts for female firefighter

14k Yellow Gold Fire Rescue Pendant Charm Necklace

This one is saved for the ladies who conform to firefighting dress code even if it’s against their taste in fashion!

Made of 14k gold, this charming, Florian-shaped pendant is dedicated to the female firefighters who is in love with their profession but also conscious of what they do outside of their professional attire.

Firefighter Wooden Nutcracker

gift ideas for young firefighters

Clever Creations – Traditional Firefighter Wooden Nutcracker

Standing proudly at 14”, this silly-looking festive nutcracker will add a magical touch to your living room this Christmas.

It comes in four unique versions – Firefighter, Mariachi, Motorman, and Lumberjack – and highly durable in case someone tries to crack an actual nut with them.

Remember: they are decorative, which means you can only marvel at its meticulously hand-painted body! 

Firefighter Prayer Sign

unique gift ideas for firefighters

Pretty Perfect Studio – Firefighter Prayer Sign

In coming is an incredibly poignant and heart-warming prayer poem designed to fill all the stripes on the Firefighter flag except for the sacred red line splitting it in half.

It speaks of every fireman or firewoman’s fear during duty hours and prays for a keen mind and senses in cases of emergency. If you think someone’s losing their grip on professional purpose, bring back their sense of mission with this banner! 

Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

small gift ideas for firefighters

 Antique Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

Just like firefighter helmets, fire nozzles also have gone through years of evolution and advancements to boost efficiency and secure durability.

And since getting hold of an actual vintage nozzle is a challenging memorabilia item to find, we’ve chosen this replacement solution that fuses both practicality and sentimentality! 

Firefighter Pottery Mug

whats a good gift for a firefighter

Abbey Gift – Firefighter Pottery Mug

One thing clay and firefighters have in common is that both hold well under the pressure of heat only to be annealed when they escape it!

With this art piece of pottery, firemen and women can expect a durable and highly reliable mug to keep their beverages hot in those freezing nightshifts!  

Firefighter Grilling Spatula

gift ideas for retired firefighters

YouTheFan – Firefighter Grilling Spatula

It looks like we are going back and forth between fire and water. A great bundle with the Nozzle Bottle Opener from a few places ago, this spatula is an essential for grill chefs who are not just able to put out fire but can also dexterously control them as they cook tender and juicy steaks, burgers, and much more! 

Fire Truck Wind Chime

thank you gift ideas for firefighters

Ebros Gift – Fire Engine Truck Wind Chime

We’re now entering the final 9 items you can consider when buying a gift for a firefighter! At number 9 we have a Fire-Truck-themed wind chime that will impart gentle music every time a draft or breeze kicks in.

It’s a lovely piece to have at your cottage, villa, balcony, or front entrance and is also a subtle way to tell people this is a firefighter’s home! 

Firefighter Wine Bottle Holder

retirement gift ideas for firefighters

Upscale Innovations – Tabletop Firefighter Wine Bottle Holder

On the outside you may mistake for a Monopoly game piece but make no hasty mistakes.

If you look closely, you’ll see it’s securely caressing a bottle of wine! For firemen and women who would appreciate the bottle opener or grill spatula this gift is one of those tacit way to suggest your profession to guests without being too vocal about it! 

Firefighter Parking Sign

funny gift ideas for firefighters

Funny Firefighter Parking

People like to adorn their walls with all types of souvenirs – road signs, deer heads, singing fish – and this one may look like part of your home décor but in actuality it can serve the right purpose at the right time!

Having civilian cars parked at your place, for example, can be incredibly tedious if your brigade doesn’t have explicit parking warnings. The solution is this inexpensive sign that says clearly: Firefighter Parking Only. 

Personalized Firefighter Throw Pillow

what to get a retired firefighter

Personalized Firefighter Maltese Cross Throw Pillow

Back to home décor, aren’t we?! If you’ve been unsure about the preceding gifts – maybe they were too flashy or grand for your friend – then a simple personalized pillow will do the trick!

You get the chance to personalize it in case you don’t want something overly generic. But don’t click ‘Buy’ just yet, have a look at the other ultra-practical gift ideas we’ve come up with! 

Firefighters Padfolio

best gift ideas for firefighters

Firefighter Maltese Cross Padfolio

A place to keep your files and documents safe in your bag while tackling raging flames, saving precious lives, or maybe taking kittens off electrical poles. Believe it or not, firefighters also have to deal with admin work.

You haven’t worked it unless you’ve gone through several hours of filling reports. This leather padfolio is an excellent organisational tool to have ready in your office or fire truck to organise files and info on the go! 

Grill BBQ Gift Basket

father's day gift ideas for firefighters

The Pit Master – Backyard Grill BBQ Gift Basket

From grill spatula to chili sauces, things are getting hotter! No proper steak is safe to land on your plate without first being first bathed in some blend of hot sauce.

Choose between 6 extraordinary spice rubs like Honey Chipotle, Hot Dirty Bird, and many other alluring names that make everything taste better! 

Personalized Engraved Fireman Ballpoint

christmas gift ideas for firefighters

Hattricks – Personalized Engraved Fireman Ballpoint

You ever get annoyed when you see those fine parker pens which won’t let you personalize them! Having a pen that is both high quality and personalised can get a bit pricey, but with Hattrick’s pens!

Not only do they come in a soft-to-the-touch case but tend to look much more expensive than you’d expect. Show some care and attention to a friend or husband with a Firefighting-themed pen for those long-awaited promotion contracts.

Firefighter Hooded Sweat Shirt

what to get a firefighter for christmas

Erazor Bits – Firefighter Hooded Sweat Shirt

As the famous Bible verse goes: ‘When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.’ Whatever your qualification in Bible Studies, no one can deny how freakin’ cool it sounds!

Made to last and keep you courageous even when on off duty, this sweatshirt is designed to keep you warm in the late months of Autumn. Not to mention, it comes in many other variants such as: Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Veterans, Patriotic, EMS, and more!

Hot Sauce Making Kit

diy gift ideas for firefighters

Bunsters Hot Sauce Making Kit Gift

And lastly, this wouldn’t be a Quokkadot list if it didn’t include a hot sauce making kit! In three short steps you’ll have excellent BBQ dressing perfect for surprise guests and unexpected visitors!

So, you managed to pull through 33 gift ideas for firefighters but still can’t find what your looking for! No worries, the depths of Quokkadot are pretty much endless thanks to the tireless hours we put in researching and surveying people’s conceptions of the perfect gift. If you really can’t set your heart on anything, give a brief, anonymous description of your recipient and we’ll come back to you with the most bang-on suggestions!

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