43 Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom That She Really Wants

gift ideas for mom on christmas
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Are you looking for gift ideas for your mum on Christmas? Perhaps something that will express your love and let her know that you notice and appreciate her?

Look no further! We have a ton of Christmas gift ideas that will show your mother that you care about her and are grateful for everything that she has done for you.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Mom From Daughter or Son

The bond between a mother and her son or daughter is a very special one. Your mom will always love you unconditionally, and she loves to watch you grow and thrive.

Our role is to protect our mother and to make her proud, but at Christmas time this role should be to shower our mother with love and gifts! This Christmas, spoil your mom with gifts that are just as special and unique as she is!

Family Tree Birthstone Necklaces

great gift ideas for mom christmas

Treasure Trove – Family Tree Birthstone Necklaces

Looking for a gift that has special significance for you and your mother? This customizable Family Tree necklace allows you to create a perfect, meaningful gift.

Let your mum keep you near her heart with a family tree birthstone necklace that she can wear and cherish every day! This thoughtful gift is guaranteed to make her smile whenever she sees it, as it will remind her of her precious family throughout the day.

Mother Daughter Musical Figurine

christmas gift ideas for mom from daughter

Willow Tree Close To Me Musical Figure

Whether your mother is near or far away, she will always be in your heart, and this gift perfectly represents this sentiment.

This sculpture that plays beautiful music will make your mother smile as she remembers all of the wonderful memories that you two have together. Make her day this Christmas and treat her with this precious and sentimental gift.

Sentimental Elephant Statue

what are good christmas gifts for mom

CyanRain Elephant Statue

A mother’s love is eternal, and she will never leave your side. Celebrate all of the great memories with your mum by gifting her this exquisite golden elephant statue.

Whenever your mother sees it she will be flooded with warm memories of your childhood and the joy of watching her children grow up.

This little statue would look great on her mantle or bookshelf and it will always make her think of you.

Necklace For Mom From Son

christmas gift ideas for mom from son

Grace of Pearl – Necklace For Mom

This special necklace is a perfect gift for a son to give his mother for Christmas, as she can keep it close to her heart and be reminded of his love for her always.

Two hearts joined together to represent the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children will show your mother that you are always thinking of her and that you cherish her for all that she has done for you.

Poem Picture Frame

what is the best gift for mom

Poem Picture Frames

Show your mother that you care about her by buying her this poem picture frame. Each special prayer asks that God will watch over your mother and keep her safe, just as she has done for you for your whole life.

Choose a photograph of you and your mum to put in the frame, and watch a smile light up her face as she unwraps this thoughtful and meaningful gift on Christmas morning.

Mother Son Necklace

christmas gifts for mom from son

EFYTAL Mother Son Necklace

Show the most special woman in your life that the love you share is a strong bond that will never go away with this beautiful mother and son necklace.

Every time your mother wears this stunning necklace, she will know that you are thinking of her and that you will always be connected in your hearts.

Table Display Keepsake

what is the best gift for mom on christmas

The Grandparent Gift Co. – Table Display Frame

The heartfelt sentiment of this gift will make your mother feel loved and cherished, just like she deserves!

With a beautiful frame, this gift would look great next to your mum’s bed, or in her office, where she can look at it all of the time to be reminded of how much you love her.

Novelty Mug

unique gift ideas for mom christmas

Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug

This gorgeous and unique marbled mug is a great gift for your mom this Christmas! Each mug is handmade with love and comes beautifully wrapped and ready to be gifted!

Just imagine how proud and happy your mother will be every time that she takes a sip of coffee out of her classy Best Mom mug.

Hand-Painted Memory Box

christmas gift ideas for mom from toddler

Willow Tree Mother and Daughter – Sculpted Memory Box

For a gift that is both beautiful and useful, consider giving your mom this thoughtful memory box for Christmas! Now your mother will have a great place to keep all of the little trinkets that bring her sweet memories of the two of you.

This well-crafted jewelry box is perfect for your mom to keep next to her bed or on her dresser and will remind her every day that you are thinking of her and you love her.

Funny Scented Candle

funny christmas gift for mom

Aromaflare Funny Scented Candle

This gift could start a sibling war!

This Christmas, show your mum who her best kid is with this funny scented candle. Watch her smile as she unwraps this great gift, made from natural ingredients.

This candle is made with a mixture of soothing and relaxing flavors that will bring a calm and happy atmosphere into any home.

Mother and Son/Daughter Figurine

last minute Christmas gifts for mom

Hotme Mother and Daughter/Son Figurine

These sweet figurines can brighten up any room and will always be a reminder that the love between you and your mother will forever be strong and unbending, no matter what.

Your mother will love this gift for many years to come! It’s a great Christmas gift but can be a beautiful decoration all year round!

“MOM” Photo Frame

gift ideas for mom for christmas

ComboJoy Handmade “MOM” Photo Frame

This exquisite photo frame is a perfect expression of your love for your mom. The handcrafted board can be personalized with any pictures you like, making this the perfect sentimental gift for any mom who loves looking back on fond memories.

Show your mum how much you love her with this customizable gift, which can be updated as many times as she likes! Now, all of her precious memories can be kept nearby all of the time.

Keepsake Rock

gift ideas for my mom christmas

Sundrence Store – Engraved Keepsake Rock

This great gift is perfect for nature-loving mothers, as each rock has been handpicked from stunning rivers. Just like each of us, these rocks have their own story and they have been shaped by many years of sunshine and water.

Just like your mum is dependable and loyal, this rock represents her strength and adaptability.

Each rock comes beautifully packaged and ready to be given as a perfect Christmas present.


small Christmas gifts for mom

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum Spray

Sometimes the best things come in small packages!

Every mother loves a great perfume and this floral bouquet will be sure to turn heads whenever your special lady walks into the room.

A perfect gift for an elegant and classy woman who embraces her femininity, but also shows great strength and character.

The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World

whats a good gift for mom

Black Ivory Coffee – Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World

This gift is for all of the coffee-loving mothers out there! These precious handpicked coffee beans from Thailand are a great cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly alternative to Luwak coffee.

Treat your mother to the luxury of a rich and indulgent coffee experience of a lifetime! This rare coffee has gone through many processes to ensure that the final product is delicious and enjoyable, and at no cost to the environment. Allow your mother to indulge without guilt this Christmas, and gift her this exceptional Black Ivory coffee.

Christmas Gifts For Expecting or New Mom

Do you know someone who is expecting a baby soon? Perhaps someone who is very recently a new mom? Typically, expecting or new moms are not giving themselves enough care and attention because their baby has been taking up all of their time. It is so important that these moms get some love and pampering this Christmas. Here are the perfect gifts to make her feel great!

Personalized Birth Stone Necklace

christmas gift for new mom

Family Tree of Life Birthstone Necklace

This gorgeous and unique take on a Family Birthstone Necklace is the perfect gift for a new mother this year. Each stunning necklace is customized for mom and her family, and charms can be added as the family grows.

Take some time to choose a special design and show your special lady how much you care this Christmas.

Baby Handprint Footprint Kit

personalized Christmas gifts for new mom

Baby Handprint Footprint Ornament Keepsake Kit

New parents love to celebrate each beautiful milestone in their baby’s life, and this gift is perfect for those creative moms and dads of newborns!

This gift provides fun for the whole family! Each kit comes with many stamps, ribbons, and brushes so you can customize your cute prints and then display them proudly.

Pregnancy Gift Box

christmas gift for expecting mom

Pregnancy Gift Care Package

This gift is for all of the Badass Mamas out there! For each new mom stepping into her role as a mother and caregiver, this gift ensures that mom gets some care and love, too!

Each pregnancy care package contains gifts for relaxation, pampering, and indulgence! Mom will open up her gift to find cozy pink socks, delicious-smelling candles and soaps, and jewelry! All of the key ingredients for her to spend some “Me Time”, and relax are contained in this fun and exciting package!

Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit 

christmas gift ideas for new mom

Luna Bean – Deluxe Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit 

Do you ever feel that time passes by so quickly? One blink and babies are all grown up!

This fun and thoughtful gift is great for new mothers who want to be able to cherish each precious moment forever.

The molding gel is completely safe for newborn babies and doesn’t require baking. Follow the easy instructions to create molds of your baby’s hands, feet, and bottoms, with some extra for test runs.

Gift Box for Mother

gift ideas for new mom christmas

Silly Obsessions – Gift Box for Mother

Looking for a gift that will help your mother to feel pampered and relaxed? Spoil your mom this Christmas with a delightful gift basket. This gift really shows your mother that you care about her and want to pamper her. She will be so delighted with the cozy socks, delicious aroma candle, sterling silver pendant, and cosmetics accoutrements.

Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

cute gift ideas for new mom on christmas

Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

This gift is great for all of the new mothers out there! With this easy-to-use, baby-friendly kit, a mother can cherish the timeless beauty of her baby’s sweet handprints.

This thoughtful, personalized gift can then be displayed in a gorgeous wooden frame; perfect for a bedside table, a mantlepiece, or just about anywhere that your mother’s heart desires!

Newborn Keepsake

sentimental christmas gift for new mom

Baby Keepsake Box-Newborn Keepsake

What better way to proudly display each cherished moment in your baby’s life? This gift allows new parents to save each little keepsake and trinket forever.

This gift is every organized mom’s dream! Each draw and folder is labeled and can be initialed for every precious little baby in the family. This kit comes with labels and organizers for all occasions, and will help new moms to keep every memory and keepsake in a stylish organizer to display on any shelf.

New Mom Necklace

small christmas gift ideas for new mom

EFYTAL New Mom Necklace

A bond between a mother and her child is endless and unbreakable. This sweet Winnie-the-Pooh quote is bound to make your mother smile, and she will think of you whenever she wears this necklace.

Adorn your mother’s neck with this elegant and sentimental gift this Christmas! Every mom would love to have such a special reminder of those closest to their heart so close to their heart!

Thoughtful, Meaningful and Sentimental Christmas Gifts For Mom

Does your mom go absolutely out of her way to make sure that you are always happy and comfortable? Does she cherish all of your precious memories and keep sentimental trinkets near her always? Now is the time to show your mother that you appreciate everything that she does and that you cherish all of your precious moments, too. Have a look at these thoughtful gifts, and give your mother something meaningful and special this year.

Sentimental Blanket

meaningful christmas gift for mom

Throw Blanket to My Mom

Have you ever been far away from your mom, and all you’ve wanted is to give her a great, big hug? With this cute and thoughtful gift, your mom can feel a warm, snuggly hug from you everytime she wraps this special letter blanket around herself.

This gift is a beautiful way to send your mum some warmth and love this Christmas, and every day!

Fill In The Love Book

memorable christmas gift for mom

Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill in the Love Book

This amazing and unique gift can be anything you want it to be! You can fill in the gaps to describe your mom and your relationship, so you can make this book as honest, heartfelt and hilarious as you’d like!

This extremely personalized and thoughtful gift is great for Christmas and will provide laughs and smiles for your mother for years to come.

Best Mom Wine Glass

meaningful christmas gift ideas for mom

Yoda Best Mom Ever Wine Glass

This great gift is for all of those Star Wars moms out there! Make your mother laugh as she unwraps this funny and fun gift this Christmas. Not only does this gift say that you love your mom and know her well, but it is practical, too! She can sit back and relax with a nice full glass of wine, and watch Star Wars movies to her heart’s content!

For the perfect pampering, pair this gift with your mom’s favorite bottle of wine!

Useful and Practical Christmas Gifts For Mom

If your mom is one of those multi-tasking queens, always on the go and working hard to make everyone’s day better, then we have the perfect gift ideas for you! These gifts are not just thoughtful and sweet, but they are practical too! What’s not to love? Here are some gifts your mom can use all year-round!

Eye Massager With Heat

useful christmas gift ideas for mom

Breo Eye Massager With Heat

Ever worry that your mom is working too hard, and want to help her relax? This eye massager is a great Christmas gift for any mom who isn’t getting enough sleep. Help your mum get a full night of good sleep after being lulled into a blissful relaxation after using this heated eye-massager.

Sweet dreams, mama!

Bagel Cutter

useful christmas gift for mom

Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine

The kitchen is often described as the “heart of the home”, a place where the family can gather together and share a meal. This practical gift is great for moms who love their family time, and want to share stories and laughter with their loved ones over some perfectly-sliced bagels.

Easy and safe to use, this bagel slicer will save your mum time and effort, allowing her to enjoy her delicious toasted bagel without a worry.

Premium Dutch Oven

useful and Practical Christmas gifts for mom

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Dutch Oven

Every mother knows that Le Creuset is the crème de la crème of cooking pots, and what better gift for the best person you know? Other mothers will covet your mother’s fine-crafted cast iron oven! Your mother’s dishes will be the talk of the town!

Treat your mom to this safe and comfortable-to-use Dutch Oven this Christmas, and enjoy the delicious dishes that come out of it!

Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

This premium gift is great for moms who know how to bring the party!

It is safe to touch and easy to run on gas or wood; just one click and you’re ready to get cooking! This portable fire and stone pizza oven is an excellent Christmas gift for mothers who love the outdoors, and sharing delicious meals with their loved ones in a beautiful nature setting.

Smart Meat Thermometer

gift ideas for your mom on christmas

Yummly Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Have you ever ruined a meal because you were distracted by something and left the food on the stove for too long? Now you’ll never have to burn your steak again!

This is a great Christmas gift for a multi-tasking mom. This completely wireless thermometer can be controlled by your mother from 150 feet away, giving her time to attend to other tasks. When the meat is cooked to her liking, the thermometer will send a notification through an app on your mom’s smartphone or tablet, making the cooking process easy and risk-free!


christmas gift for your mom

Christian Dior J’adore For Women

This sensual and elegant fragrance will have your mum turning heads this Christmas! She will feel gorgeous, adored, and powerful when she wears this to-die-for scent on her skin.

Go ahead and treat her to this delicious perfume, like a classy and intriguing woman deserves.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

good gift ideas for mom christmas

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Now, this is a great little gadget that any mother would love to receive on Christmas! This handy heated mug will keep her tea or coffee to the exact temperature of her choosing all day long!

And there’s no need to worry about safety; this lovely Ember mug will turn on sleep mode automatically as soon as the mug is empty, or when it has not detected movement for two hours.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

best gift ideas for mom christmas

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro

This is an excellent Christmas present! Not only will your mother love it, but it will yield results that are delicious and enjoyed by the whole family!

This precision cooker guarantees a perfectly cooked meal every single night, no matter the recipe! It is powerful and sturdy enough for a professional kitchen, but also compact enough for a home chef. It also comes with access to thousands of recipes for anyone looking for some inspiration.

Cocktail and Margarita Maker

last minute christmas gift for mom

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Imagine your mum has had a long, hard day at work. When she comes home she just wants to relax. This cocktail and margarita machine is the perfect Christmas gift! Not only can you spend hours of fun making Christmas cocktails, but mum can enjoy it all year round!

Watch your mother smile in delight as she enjoys perfectly mixed and measured cocktails in seconds!

Rose Spa Gift Set

gift basket ideas for mom christmas

Bees And Apple Store – Rose Spa Gift Set

Delight your mother with this one-of-a-kind basket of relaxation this Christmas! This gift basket is the perfect kit to at-home pampering and relaxation. Run your mum a hot bath, fill it with fragrant salts, light a delicious candle, and let her nibble on a delicious bar of apple and beet dark chocolate as she soaks in the glorious smells of her soap and balm. She will love it!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for a gift for the mom who has everything, look no further! These gifts can be customized to show your mom that you pay attention to the small details and that you cherish all of your special moments. Check out these gifts that she will absolutely love.

Personalized Mom Mug

personalize Christmas gifts for mom from daughter

Personalized Mom Mug from Daughter

Show your mom how much you love and miss her every single day, with this thoughtful, personalized gift!

With just a few clicks you can customize your mug with names, hairstyles, beverages, colors and more! Your mum will love the effort that you have put into making this special and meaningful gift for her this Christmas.

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

unique christmas gift for mom

HEYSEE Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Your mum will love opening up this hilarious and fun gift this Christmas! It is guaranteed to make the whole family smile!

These custom bobbleheads are modeled from photographs that you submit, so you can give your mum a mini replica of yourself so that you are always near her. Your mum will love being reminded of you whenever she watches your sweet little head bobble on the dashboard as she goes about her day.

Personalized Name Necklace

christmas gift for mother in law who has everything

Personalized Classic Name Necklace

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift to surprise your mother with this Christmas. It is totally customizable, so you can choose the name, the chain, and the color of your necklace.

Every time your mother wears this necklace she’ll feel so glad to have a memory of you held so close to her heart.

Funny Personlaized Socks

cute christmas gift for mom

Custom Faces Print Crew Socks

These comfy, cozy socks will be a delightful gift for your mother this Christmas.

Designing and customizing the socks is easy! Just send along any photo of your mother, her dog, or even yourself, and the design team will take care of the rest, sending your mom a delightfully personal keepsake this Christmas!

Personalized 3D Crystal

christmas gift for mom that has everything

Personalized 3D Crystal Keepsake

Does your mother love to take lots of photos but is not sure how to display them for the best effect? This incredible gift preserves her beautiful memories in an elegant crystal 3D frame, which she can keep anywhere in her home and office so that she can always see you and keep you in her heart.

Capture every special moment or occasion, and celebrate them for years to come with these stunning crystal photograph engravings.

Personalized Custom Photo Picture

best christmas gift for your mom

Amlion Store – Personalized Custom Photo Picture

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mom this Christmas, look no further! This customizable photo reel key chain is the perfect gift for the sentimental mothers out there. Now, wherever she goes, she can bring her most cherished memories with her.

Choose the size and number of pictures to display and then add a special message for your mom to look at whenever she misses you.

Personalized Family Name Neckalce

what is a good gift for mom

MyNameNecklace Personalized Family Heart

Does your mother love family the best? Is she proud of all of her little angels? Does she like to keep you and your siblings close to her heart? Then this is the perfect gift! This unique and stunning necklace is an elegant yet sentimental gift to give your mother this Christmas. She’ll love it!

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