25 Best Gift Ideas For Your Redneck Boyfriend That Won’t Disappoint

gift ideas for redneck boyfriend
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Does your boyfriend like beer and trucks? What about shooting things, eating canned meat, and making moonshine?

Honey, it sounds like you’re dating a redneck! If you’re wondering what to give him as a gift then have a scroll through our selection, because we have the perfect gift ideas for redneck boyfriend to make that hillbilly happy.

Redneck Backscratcher – Top Gift Ideas For Redneck Boyfriend (Editor’s Pick)

Redneck Backscratcher

Could there be anything more redneck than scratching your back with what appears to be a common garden rake? Or anything more satisfying, come to think of it.

Not just another novelty gift to make your redneck chuckle, this back scratcher really hits the spot and will eliminate any itch immediately!

Hang this sign outside your redneck’s man cave to let him know that you respect his man space.

Personalized Drinking Horn

Alehorn – Handcrafted Viking Beer Cup

This is the perfect gift for a man who drinks like a Viking! Handmade from a solid piece of horn, this Viking horn drinking cup fits perfectly in your hand. It comes with a gorgeous display stand and has a classy brass rim around the edge.

Each drinking horn can be personalised with an engraving of any one line of your choosing, making this the ultimate thoughtful redneck gift!

Rifle Decanter

Limited Edition Rifle Whiskey Decanter

This amazing-looking rifle decanter is the ultimate addition to any redneck’s home. It’ll look right at home next to all of his real guns!

Each decanter comes with four premium glasses (handwash only, please!) and holds 1000ml.

Redneck Life Board Game

Redneck Life Board Game

Easy to learn, hilarious to play, and truly addictive, this funny game will have you and your boyfriend in stitches of laughter for hours on end. the winner is the one with the most teeth at the end of the game!

A roll of the dice decides what grade you finish at school, and determines which of the 11 fabulous careers you will have when you start the game, from Mullet Hairdresser to Monster Truck Driver!

Redneck Plunger

Redneck Plunger

After eating all that meat, any hirsute hillbilly will be glad to have this handheld gun plunger. It even makes shotgun sounds and stands upright just like a regular plunger!

Watch as he erupts into tears of laughter when your boyfriend unwraps this hilarious redneck gift.

Bug Gun

BUG-A-SALT Realtree Camo 3.0

Are you beginning to sense a theme here? That’s right! Rednecks love their guns!

The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire and fun way to enjoy a disgusting task, you can rid your house of those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it!

Be careful no to aim at humans! While it will not hurt anyone, it could cause problems if salt got into someone’s eyes.

Classic Belt Buckle

Montana Silversmiths Classic Oval Filigree Belt Buckle

Help him prove his patriotism with pride with this stunning Montana belt buckle. Made from German silver and polished bronze this eye-catching piece is sure to turn heads whenever your boyfriend walks into a room.

Funny Redneck Shirt

Funny Redneck Shirt

Every redneck loves a mullet! Why? Because it’s the perfect look for “business in the front and a party in the back”!

This hilarious tee depicts the average redneck in his natural mulleted state and is sure to bring a laugh to anyone who sees your boyfriend wearing it.

Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

Is your boyfriend a golf lover? Or perhaps he just likes to hit things at the driving range? Either way, he’ll love this funny novelty glass.

This handcrafted glass is made of the finest glass and a real golf ball! No one will ever steal your boyfriend’s drink again when he’s drinking out of this unique and thoughtful beer mug.


Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

If your boyfriend is a true redneck he probably spends a lot of time outside in the sunshine farming, shooting, driving, fishing or swimming. For all of those activities, he’ll need maximum, protection and shade from the sun.

Gift him with this perfect pair of polarised glasses for his next birthday!

Cowboy Hat

Stetson Men’s Seminole Gus Buffalo Felt Cowboy Hat

Is a redneck really a redneck if he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat? You bet your boots he’s not.

Help your boyfriend to complete his look with this elegant, stylish, and waterproof Stetson! The wide brim will protect him from all of the elements all of the time, making him a happy hillbilly.

Novelty Beer Belt

Novelty Beer Belt

This one is for the MAGA cap wearers out there! An easy snap-on belt keeps your sixpack nearby at all times so that you will never have to be without a beer.

This belt will make you the most popular man at the party and is great for all occasions; huntin’, shootin’, and fishin’!

Helmet Beer

Novelty Place Guzzler Drinking Beer Helmet

These novelty Guzzler hats are practically the uniform of the self-respecting redneck! Like we said above, no redneck should ever be too far away from a source of beer at any time, and we like the way that this company has used its head!

Perfect for tailgating, fraternity parties, house parties, or anyplace there’s drinking!

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Hunting Slingshot

Adjustable Stainless Hunting Laser Slingshot

This totally badass slingshot is so awesome that it even comes with a removable infrared sight flashlight, so even when the sun goes down your boyfriend can still keep shooting to his heart’s delight, finding all of his targets, even in the darkest night.

The comfortable grip is also designed for quick reloading and the triple high-velocity rubber bands ensure that your ammo will travel far and accurately.

Personalized Antler Name Art

Personalized Antler Name Art

Choose any name or word up to eleven letters to immortalize in majestic antler art, and then decide from a range of different sizes how best to display your proud purchase.

Any hunting rednecks will love this tribute to nature and the hillbilly lifestyle.

Denim Vest Jacket

CAMO COLL – Denim Vest Jacket

To complete the redneck look, this distressed denim vest is the great way to say “don’t mess with me”. Made of 95% cotton, this extremely comfy jacket will keep your redneck boyfriend looking great for decades!

The design is a slim fit to highlight your man’s excellent physique.

Quality Leather Wallet

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet

Choose from a range of different colours to find the quality leather wallet for your redneck boyfriend. Each wallet is expertly crafted in a special Norwegian tannery with functionality and style in mind. Two quick-access slots keep your daily cards right where you need them

Two quick-access slots keep your daily cards right where you need them, and a slim, textured pull-tab gives you easy access to additional stacked cards.

Funny Fanny Pack

Dad Bag Funny Fanny Pack

This hilarious beer belly gag gift will definitely get your redneck a hee-hawing with laughter!

Made of durable canvas and leather, this “dad bod” fanny pack is very comfortable and spacious, with a small inner zipper pocket for your redneck boyfriend’s wallet, keys, cards, money, cellphone, and headphones.

Truck Emblems

Redneck Edition Truck Emblems

Does your boyfriend have a big ol’ redneck truck parked out back? Then he’d almost certainly love some hilarious and oversized bling to hang from it, to ensure that everyone in the vicinity knows just what he’s all about.

Made with high-quality metal, this extremely durable sign would look great hanging by the driver’s side, or the tailgate of the truck.

Personalize Man Cave Sign

Personalize Man Cave Sign

Each man may not be an island, but he certainly needs to have a private and secluded space to himself to get some me-time and engage in some of his favourite at-home hillbilly activities.

Horse Saddle

Acerugs- Horse Saddle

If your redneck fancies himself a cowboy and likes to ride horses, then this stunning saddle would make a great redneck gift for him. Each brightly-coloured saddle is made from synthetic, hardy Cordura material, and has a very comfortable padded seat. Don’t worry! To ensure that the horse is comfortable too, every saddle has a soft fleece underside.

Personalized Hunting Knife

Personalized Hunting Knife

This minimal yet effective pocket knife will be a perfect gift for your redneck boyfriend, fiance, or husband who loves hunting (let’s face it, they all do).

Specialize this knife with one of 36 icons and add a personal touch to your text for the ultimate thoughtful gift.

Redneck Wind Chimes

Ohio Wholesale – Redneck Wind Chimes

Rednecks love a good porch hang for drinking beers and talking about not much at all, often with a couple of beers to hand.

Made from screen-printed wood, this hilarious wind chime will make any redneck laugh when he hears the cacophony that ensues as soon as the wind blows!

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

shop4ever Santa’s Favorite Ho Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

Wish your redneck man a happy Christmas with this classic and trashy ugly Christmas sweater. Pick from four striking colours to find the snug fit for your boyfriend.

Make sure to machine wash inside-out with cold water, and tumble dry on low to keep your sweater in tip-top condition.

Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree

Fairly Odd Novelties Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree Funny

Bring a little hilarity with your Christmas cheer this year, and gift your boyfriend with this wildly over-the-top toilet plunger.

This tree is sure to be a smash hit at any holiday party or secret Santa event, and you can hang some Christmas baubles from it for maximum jollity.

Found any nice gift for your redneck boyfriend?

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