20 Memorable Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Lost A Pet

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Lost A Pet
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A departed four-legged family member leaves as big of a hole as the death of a two-legged one would. Dogs, cats, horses, have stuck by our side for thousands of years and continue to reciprocate the love we wash them with (and most of the time return twice as much).

But when the time comes to bid a last adieu with one’s furry companion, the best way to (partially) fill that soaring gap is with a memorable present. If you have the misfortune to know someone in grief, take a look at our list of gift ideas for someone who has lost a pet.

Pet Collar Frame

a gift for someone who has lost a pet

KCRasan Pet Memorial Picture Frame

Other than chewed-on furniture and ripped drapes, dogs and cats bequeath us their only piece of clothing – a collar. In 5 elegant frame mats you can display your pet’s iconic accessory along with a picture of it! It’s understated and yet recognisable to anyone who passes by it.

No one can deny your pet’s collar harvests the lovely energy you once received, so why not seal it at the background of your treasured critter. 

Customized 3D Memorial Crystal Photo

personalized gift ideas for someone that lost a pet

Crystal Impressions – Customized 3D Crystal Photo

Pay your pet’s due homage with a crystalline 3D photo of them. Crystal 3D pictures have appeared in a more positive light in our lists before, but that doesn’t mean they can’t commemorate and celebrate your pet at once!

Choose between an array of sizes and templates that most suit your taste and home interior! But don’t set your heart just yet, keep flicking through the other personalized gift ideas for someone who has lost a pet.

Keepsake Box

what to get someone who just lost their dog

Willow Tree True – Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

If keeping items that openly manifest a pet’s bygone presence, then something more subtle like this Keepsake Box will hint of the fond memories you keep inside you!

Hand-painted and made of high-quality resin, this dainty box can encase any items of jewellery and or memorabilia you have! And just before approaching the box, you’ll get a faint flashback of your furry best friend. 

Dog Memorial Wind Chime

gift ideas for someone that lost a pet

KLAXAVEL Dog Memorial Gifts

It’s customary to place an offering at where your loved ones once resided. A bouquet or ring of flowers, candles, and even favourite snacks are some of the most popular choices, but a wind chime is a gentle reminder that will reverberate inside your living space.

Hang it above your pet’s bedding and think of them every time a gust of wind blows between the metal pipes! It is a such a unique pet memorial gifts.

Sympathy Picture Frame

gift for someone who has lost their pet

VILIGHT Dog and Cat Memorial Gifts

Prints on the carpet, prints on the couch, prints on the wall. If you haven’t slaved after your pet at least once, then you’ve either won the lottery or took care of an alien invader.

However, the paws mentioned here are of a more heartfelt nature – the permanent (paw) imprints our fur-babies manage to give us every other day. This package includes a frame with a poem reminding you of exactly that – the dwelling in your heart where your late critter lives in. 

Personalized Pet Memorial Wind Chime

personalized gift for person who lost a pet

ASTARIN Personalized Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Following the pet chime from literally moments, we have a personalised version of it. If you want a less-neutral edition of the chime, a personalised tag for your beloved pal will hang alongside the chime pipes.

You can request your pet’s Name, Birth/Death Date, and memorial message that will be voiced by the chime’s tune even after when better days arrive. 

Personalized Photo Necklace

gifts to give to someone who has lost a pet

Engraved Pet Necklace

Pretty much all of these gifts so far are meant to join your home furniture. But what if you can’t wait long hours until you reunite with the image of your dear critter?

Dig up the most iconic photo of your pet and turn it into a 925 Sterling Silver necklace. It’s goes well on any type of neck and the metal’s purity ensures zero allergies!

Pet Memorial Candle

what can i get someone who lost a pet

One Fur All – Pet Memorial Candle

Gearing once again to domestic ornaments, a pet-lover of a deceased fur-buddy will appreciate the delicate motto on this one. Made of 100% soy wax and 100% cotton wick, this organic candle gives off an organic fragrance with a burn time of 60 to 70 hours.

Every time you step into an episode of remembrance and lament, fetch the photo album and let the pungent fumes take you on a trip down memory lane. 

Personalized Forever Pet Memorial

gift ideas for someone who just lost a pet

Fox Valley – Personalized Forever Pet Memorial

If it’s not the park, then your backyard will be the main playground of your pawed roommate. If you, by any ill chance, know someone whose furry roommate had to move to a better lodging, this garden stone is an excellent expression of sympathy for someone with a recently vacated garden.

Custom Pet Nose Pendant Kit

gifts for someone that just lost a pet

Precious Metal Prints – Custom Silver Pet Nose Pendant Kit

A gift not so much aimed at the parents of a deceased pet, but rather for those who would wish to immortalise one of the most remarkable feline and canine features – their snouts.

It doesn’t take long before we adopt the habit of booping their cute little noses. But once that nose is forever gone, the pendant of your fur buddy will remain to be booped on your neck. 

Memorial Pet Bracelet Gift

small gift for someone who lost a pet

Pet Memorial Bracelet Gift

When you’re young, death and loss are the last things that occupy our thoughts. Life as a youngster is packed with adventure and vitality but can turn dark in a split second if a beloved pet goes down death row.

For young boys and girls who are coming in touch with mortality for the first time, this gift brings the appropriate comfort to get through the day and not miss on childhood.

Pet Memorial Stones

gift ideas for someone who has lost a pet cat

JSYS Pet Memorial Stones

Take the backyard stone and the wind chime, combine them and you get a heart-shaped miniature tombstone that reads a nostalgic message while it plays the song of the wind. Its presence will trigger fond memories of your furry one and keep your burning love alive for decades to come! 

Personalized Paw Print Necklace

best gift for someone who lost a pet

Danique Jewelry – Personalized Paw Print Necklace

Unlike the snout pendant from moments ago, this necklace matches the description of a grieving pet owner who wishes to carry a symbol of his 4-legged companion everywhere he or she goes!

Personalize it with your pet’s name and a short quote to your likening. You can choose from a handful of chains like 14k Cable Gold, Rose Gold, Oxidized Silver Satellite and five other metals!  

Brownies Gift Box

gift for someone that has lost a pet

Fairytale Brownies Thinking of You

Enough with the memorabilia! Here’s something to cheer any gloomy expression! A set of 36 hand-wrapped Belgian chocolates kept safely by a ‘Thinking of You’ craft box.

Leave a happy mark on someone’s life by cheering ‘em up for a day! Let them know that they’re not alone and have somebody to turn to! If you are looking for a pet loss gift basket you might want to consider this chocolate gift box.

Personalized Pet Memorial Blanket

personalized gift for someone that has lost a pet

Pawprints Left by You – Personalized Pet Memorial Blanket

Here’s not only a memorable but also a practical gift for an aching heart. A personalised blanket will do its best to mimic the warmth your cuddle buddy used to send you.

Wrap yourself as you reminisce the fond memories you have nurtured together! It’s ideal for one’s living room or to take on a trip! 

Dog Loss Figurine

Willow Tree Angel of Comfort

Can dogs go to heaven? Pope Francis assured us that dogs will patiently wait for their owners in the clouds, but in the meantime, they may want to keep the bond strong with this simple willow figurine. It will peacefully grace your bed nightstand and let you know your best friend is taken good care of! 

Cat Loss Figurine

what is a good gift for someone who has lost a pet

Willow Tree With Affection Angel

And here’s what to get someone who lost a cat. Same could be said of this feline version. Every animal has its own special place in the venue of non-being.

Custom Pet Photo Cuff Bracelet

what to get someone who has just lost a pet

Mignon and Mignon – Custom Pet Photo Cuff Bracelet

In the remaining top 3 gift ideas for someone who has lost a pet, we have this glamorous bracelet embellished with an etched portrait of your cherished pet. Its style is of any other trendy bracelet, but its heart-touching twist guarantees the recipient won’t think of taking it off!

Dog Remembrance Gift

what do you get someone who has lost a pet

Majestic Zen – Loss of Dog Memorial Gifts

From the abovementioned candles we arrive at this glass candle holder. Like all the products featured here, the candle holder, too, delivers some sentimental wording. Recipients can expect to be reminded of the incredible loyalty and faithfulness their pet has gifted them with.

If one doesn’t want to be reminded too often of their former buddy, then an understated knick-knack like the glass candle holder is ideal. 

Grave Marker Cross

gift for person who lost a pet

Orchid Valley – Grave Marker Cross

And finally, a proper way to pay tribute to your friend from another species. Some owners decide to cremate their pets while others may ‘entomb’ deep in the woods or, most logically, in the backyard. This Orchid Tombstone is designed to mark your pet’s resting place and honour its memory in due manner. 

A grim topic to say the least, we should never neglect someone’s loss – no matter its nature. These very niche gift ideas for someone who has lost a pet are handpicked and diligently selected by Quokkadot where you’re free to browse through gift ideas for literally any occasion. 

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