25 Best Gift Ideas For Veterinarians To Thank Them

Gift Ideas For Veterinarians
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Looking for gift ideas for veterinarians to show your gratitude? Veterinarians truly are angels with no wings! They look after our best friends; our sweet and cuddly pets!

If you know a wonderful veterinarian and you’d like to express your gratitude for all of the good that they do, we have the perfect selection of veterinarian gifts for you to choose from.

Veterinarian Mug – Best Gift Ideas For Veterinarians (Editor’s Pick)

Wampumtuk Veterinarian Nutritional Facts Funny Mug

This fun novelty mug is both a sweet and a practical gift. Perfect for use at the office, your vet friend will love filling this mug with their favourite hot beverage and happily sipping while they make their morning rounds.

Tell your vet what a great job they’re doing with this thoughtful gift!

Veterinary Wall Decor

Veterinary Wall Decor

This sweet sign is absolutely perfect to hang in the reception of your veterinarian’s office. It’s bound to make everyone smile when they come in, and it is sure to soothe a few worried minds as owners sit waiting anxiously for their beloved pooch to emerge.

Personalized Custom Cartoon

Personalised Custom Cartoon

If you’re looking for a great gift that you can make a little more personal, then look no further!

This fun sign shows off how kind and gentle your veterinarian is, and they can proudly display it in their reception area.

Heart Beat Dog Paw Bracelet

Heart Beat Dog Paw Bracelet

This gift is perfect for the more stylish veterinarians out there. Not only does it look great, but it is made from Stainless Steel, so it is hypo allergenic, doesn’t rust, change colour, or tarnish, and it is lead free and nickel free.

Show the world that your heart belongs to your pets with this gorgeous bangle.

Personalized Veterinarian Tumbler

Personalized Insulated Veterinarian Tumbler

Gift this awesome personalised mug to your favourite vet or medical professional, and you’ll make their day!

This mug is great for all kinds of drinks- it keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.

Find out your vet’s favourite colour, and complete this thoughtful gift with a box of their favourite tea.

Veterinary Pen Light

Inkstone Veterinary Engraved Pen Light

Not only will this pen look great on the pocket of any professional vet, but it is also multifunctional and very useful.

The tip of the pen has a flashlight in it, perfect for handy use when your friend needs to look down a kitten throat or into some adorable puppy eyes. It can also be used as a stylus for any touch-screen phone, for when your vet has his hands dirty from touching animals.

Great Veterinarian Coffee Mug

Great Veterinarian Coffee Mug

Another great mug to add to your friend’s collection! This fun mug will let everyone know that your vet is loved and appreciated. They will instantly feel more trusting and at ease, and this will help the animals to feel more at ease, too.

Perfect for any kind of beverage and dishwasher-safe.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship

This stunning gift is for those who share the spirit of friendship. This sculpture will immediately melt any animal lover’s heart when they see that sweet little puppy cradled in the arms of an angel.

Surprise your vet with this lovely desk-top decoration for their office.

Funny Vet Gift T-Shirt

Funny Vet Gift T-Shirt

This teeshirt is for the vets who like to have a laugh! This funny and slightly risqué tee will make anyone smile when your vet walks into the room, and it might even make his patients better behaved!

Made of cotton and polyester, these soft tees are still light and breathable, and they are machine-washable.

Temperature Control Travel Mug

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

This awesome Ember mug takes travel mugs to the next level! It keeps your drink at the exact temperature you prefer for up to 2 hours on a single charge.

Use your smartphone to pair your mug with the Ember App to set your temperature, customise presets, receive notifications, and more.

Puppy Figurine

Swarovski Puppy Figurine

This totally adorable little Swarovski pup is sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Who could resist those cute little googely eyes?

This classy little statuette is the perfect addition to any animal-lover’s collection, and will look great on your vet’s desk or reception area.

Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

These hilarious little cat butts are sure to elicit a hearty guffaw from anyone who enters your kitchen and lays eyes on them

Six different cat breeds are represented in this novelty gift. However, this gift is not just fun to look at! Magnets are always useful to have.

The fridge is the one place in the house that is guaranteed to get looked at every day, so it is purr-fect for displaying to-do lists, invitations, and important reminders- stuck on with a furry little cat butt!

Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

Cafés Granell Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee, and Luwak is the local Sumatran name for the Indonesian Jungle Cat that consumes and defecates Arabica coffee berries.

Could you think of a more exciting and exotic gift?

Wild Asian Palm Civets roam freely in the highlands of Indonesia, selecting only the best and ripest coffee berries.

Coffee beans are then washed and dried, pounded to remove the skin, and then roasted to perfection. Treat your vet to this lip-smacking delicacy!

Baby Turtle Figurine

Swarovski Baby Animals Shelly The Turtle

This adorable little Swarovski Shelly Turtle is sure to capture the heart of your animal-loving vet. As soon as they clap eyes on Shelly’s sweet little face, they will want to proudly display their new treasure on their desk for all of their patients and their owners to see.

Add some sparkles to someone’s day!

Campfire Coffee Mug

Andaz Press – Campfire Coffee Mug

Is your veterinarian an adventurer with a taste for the great outdoors? Then they’ll love these quaint little camping mugs!

Made from enamel, these cups can be bashed around in a backpack for an hours-long hike, and look good as new on the other side!

Easy to clean, and perfect for tying to the side of a pack before an adventure, treat your lovely vet with this great veterinarians gift.

Inspirational veterinarians T-Shirt

Inspirational Veterinarians T-Shirt

Everyone knows about the friendly rivalries within the medical profession, each PHD vying for his spot as the Doctor Supreme! One of the most contentious, of course, is the rivalry between the Medical Doctors and the Veterinarian Doctors.

Well, now you can help your friend to win the argument once and for all, with this cosy and sweet teeshirt.

Wine Tumbler

Wine Tumbler With Gift Box

This awesome gift is perfect for your absolutely super vet! After a long, busy day consulting dozens of different creatures, your vet deserves to unwind with an ice-cold, refreshing drink from a fun, novelty travel mug.

Both tumblers come with their own reusable metal straw and a straw cleaner.

Veterinarian Necklace

Grace of Pearl Veterinarian

This gorgeous piece of jewellery is timeless, and a simple pearl on a silver chain will always look magnificent with anything. If you know a classy and beautiful veterinarian, then this would be the nice veterinarians gift for them.

Plus, it has the added bonus of being beautifully presented and ready to gift, complete with a touching note!

Personalized Veterinarian Ornament

Personalized Veterinarian Ornament

If you are looking for something a little more personal, why not go for this customizable vet ornament?

This Christmas, express your thanks to all veterinarians for their hard work and dedication to their medical profession with this special veterinary ornament!

Talented in-house artists handwrite each personalisation to your exact specifications using custom paint pens, so you know that no one else will have one exactly like it.

Veterinarian Graduation Necklace

Veterinarian Graduation Necklace

This beautiful, medical-themed necklace is perfect for anyone who has recently graduated from veterinarian school.

The snake coiled around the pendant represents the Staff of Hermes, which has been used as the symbol for the US Public Health Service. The stethoscope represents the love and care that vets give to their patients.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

Shiatsu Neck Massager

Veterinarians see patients of various species every day! They have a busy day inspecting creatures of different shapes, sizes, and maladies. Often, they have to crane their neck to do so.

This amazing Shiatsu Massager is a thoughtful veterinarians gift to give someone who spends long periods on their feet every day.

24 rotating beads massage deep into your neck, releasing all of the tension while warming and supporting your neck at the same time.

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Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Hickory Farms Gourmet Food Gift Basket

This luxurious gift is the ultimate, sinfully delicious snack pack. Filled with a gourmet selection of cheeses such as Smoked Gouda, Harvest Cheddar, Jalapeño Cheddar, and Creamy Swiss.

All pair perfectly with the Hickory Farms Signature Beef Summer Sausage, and you can enjoy them on a golden, toasted cracker. Yum! Your vet will absolutely love it!

Electric Eye Massager

Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

This amazing eye massager uses incredible technology to massage you while you lie back and relax. The digital eye massager system comes with five massage modes for you to choose from.

While you are being massaged, you can also select vibration and heating for the ultimate relaxation sensation.

Veterinary Pendant Necklace

Veterinary Caduceus Pendant Necklace

This stunning pendant necklace would make a special and thoughtful gift for a veterinarian in your life.

The Caduceus, or Staff of Hermes, is represented in either silver or rose gold copper. It serves as a faithful reminder of the good work that vets do on a daily basis and serves as motivation on difficult days.

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