20 Useful Gift Ideas For Yogis That They Never Expect

gift ideas for yogis
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Looking for gift ideas for yogis? We all know someone who loves yoga and can’t stop talking about it.

Currently, there are 300 million yogis in the world! Guaranteed to please all of the calm, balance-seeking, chakra-aligning yogis in your life, we have a great list of gift ideas for yoga lovers.

Because yoga is more of a lifestyle than a hobby, we have compiled a set of gifts that will come in handy in all areas of a yogi’s life. All of these gifts are so good that you might find yourself wanting to try out this practice, too!

Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser for Pure Essential Oil

Help set the mood with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. A welcome friend in any yoga studio, it will help maintain a focused mind, promote a calm atmosphere, and diffuse all of your stresses away.

This amazing model of a diffuser is absolutely silent and doesn’t use water or plastic, so this is perfect for eco-conscious yogis who enjoy their quiet time.

Buddha Cat Figurine

unique christmas gifts for yogis

Whimsical Yoga Buddha Cat Figurine

This sweet, smiley little yoga cat is the perfect addition of positive vibes into any home practice space or studio.

This adorable meditating feline serves as a light reminder to all those who enter the space to smile gently to themselves before settling down into stillness and silence. The figurines come in a range of colors, so they will perfectly align with the mood of any room they’re in.

Meditation Pyramid

unique gifts for yogis

Copper Nubian Meditation Pyramid

We all learned over the pandemic that it is important for everyone to have some quiet time to themselves with space away from others. For yogis with a regular meditation schedule, it is wonderful to build a sacred, safe space to dedicate their practice to.

This stunning and easy-to-assemble copper meditation pyramid can be decorated with prayer flags, fairy lights, fabric, flowers, or whatever your yogi friend desires!

Big Size Yoga Joe

cool gifts for yogis

Big Meditation Yoga Joe

This one is for yogi friends who have a sense of humor. Everybody knows the classic G.I Joe, so this gift will especially appeal to the “make love, not war” yogis out there.

Yoga Joe is perfect for yoga studio receptions, to give practitioners a smile when they arrive, or even in the home. Wherever he goes, Yoga Joe is bound to bring a sense of zen.

Tone Therapy System

gifts for beginner yogis

Tone Therapy System

Most yogis say that their favorite part of their practice is lying down in Savasana at the end of class, indulging in a gentle body scan, and shutting their eyes and doing absolutely nothing, probably for the first time since they started the day.

With one push of a button, fill your room or studio with soothing tones to enhance your meditation practice.

Japanese Meditation Bell

gifts for a yogis

Sotto – Japanese Meditation Bell

Cherin Buddhist Bells are used worldwide for yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing by energy healers and other spiritual practitioners. This calming meditation bell creates soothing and relaxing tones that resonate deep within to reach the perfect meditative state.

Each bell comes with a wooden striker and a small cushion and is easily portable, so you can bring it along with you to yoga in the park, or on the beach, or anywhere!

Electric Vibrating Massage Ball

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Maxgia Store – Electric Vibrating Massage Ball

We all know yogi who has overexerted themselves on the mat because they simply cannot get enough yoga!

These light and easily transportable massage balls are the perfect size and shape for rolling underneath any aching muscles and they each have 5 different vibrational speeds, to ensure that each tender muscle is relaxed, leaving you feeling sleepy and glowing.

The battery gives up to 2 hours of bliss before needing a recharge.

Hamsa Hand Pendant

Best gifts for yoga lovers

Swarovski Symbolic Hamsa Hand Pendant

The Hamsa Hand is an image recognized and used as a sign of protection many times throughout history and is believed by Middle Easterners to provide defense against the evil eye and to bring good fortune to the wearer.

This stunning Swarovski Hamsa looks incredible and is also a sweet and thoughtful gift that will let your yogi friend know that you love them and wish nothing but good fortune for them whenever they look down and see it near their heart.

Yoga Dice

inexpensive gifts for yogis

Chronicle Books Store – Yoga Dice

This is an amazing and fun gift for any yogi looking to spice up their usual home routine, or for new yogis just starting out on their yoga journey and who don’t yet know how to sequence a class- or even all of the poses!

With thousands of possible combinations, these yoga dice are perfect for a fun and playful yoga session, which will include a mixture of standing, sitting, balancing, and twisting poses. There’s no way that you will ever have to be bored by the same old routine ever again!

Crystal Water Bottle

yoga gifts for yogis

VitaJuwel – Crystal Water Bottle

This glass bottle with a holistic blend of genuine crystals is the perfect companion to infuse your water with positive energy. It has a dome cap, meaning that your water will be infused with all of that amazing crystal energy without any possible toxins.

A lovingly picked selection of crystals includes glass, amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, rose quartz, and ocean chalcedony. Get ready to enjoy the perfect zen cocktail!

Yoga Mat

gifts for new yogis

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

AT 6mm thick, these Manduka mats are perfect for a dedicated yogi who has. practice on the go. These mats are the perfect mixture of comfort and support, and weight. They are light enough to bring with you to yoga in the park, or outside under the sun, or wherever your heart desires!

These mats are built to last a lifetime! Made with closed-cell technology material, these mats wick sweat and moisture, and are easy to disinfect and clean.

Gifts for New yogis

Do you know a recent convert to the alluring lifestyle of yoga? Perhaps a total beginner who is just curious about yoga and its benefits and effects on their life?

We have chosen a selection of great gifts for anyone who is still near the beginning of a beautiful new yoga journey, and we hope that you find the perfect one for your beloved yogi.

Fitness Snack Box

christmas gifts for yogis

High Protein Fitness Snack Box

This Bunny James Snack Box is the greatest gift for a person who is looking to match their diet to their new healthy lifestyle.

This luxury gift basket comes with a mouth-watering selection of delicious, healthy, low-sugar, and high-protein snacks, perfect between yoga classes or light meals to keep your energy up.

Includes yummy treats like nacho chips, cookies, nuts and seeds, energy bars, and more!

Gemstone Recharger

creative gifts for yogis

Galactikonsciousness – Copper Pyramid for Charging Gemstone

By combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, this Copper Charging Pyramid is a simple, yet powerful, energy tool that can be used for restoring positive energy to your beloved crystals. Simply place your crystals inside overnight and allow them to be filled with warm, humming, positive energy.

Not only does this great copper pyramid recharge your crystals, but it also looks great! It would be a perfect addition to any studio or home practice space.

Fitness and Activity Tracker

best christmas gifts for yogis

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

This gift is for the yogis who like to push their limits; always holding those boat or crow poses for just a little bit longer. These nifty little watches can be worn throughout any workout, and allow you to track your location, speed, duration, intensity, heart rate, and sleep cycles.

This wealth of knowledge is an enticing gift for any yoga practitioner who is hoping to learn more about the rhythms of their body, and its needs and movements.

Lightweight Yoga Mat Bag

gifts for yogis

Yoga Design Lab – The Yoga Mat Bag

This is a great gift for a yogi who likes to take yoga classes all around town, or who loves yoga so much that they need to bring their mat with them every time they visit the beach, or the park, or go on vacation.

Not only are these stylish mats beautiful to look at, but they are environmentally friendly, too! Each bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes with extra pocket space, so you can have easy access to everything that you need, be that yoga props or a healthy snack.

Yoga Blocks

best gifts for yogis

ALAMATA Cork Yoga Blocks

These Alamata yoga blocks are an excellent injection of either fun or focus into any yoga practice.

At first, it might seem weird and difficult to find your balance on these wonderfully designed half-moon blocks, but over time you will find that you stop wobbling and giggling, and achieve a deeper stretch as well as a deeper focus and better balance.

Yoga Bolster Pillow

good gifts for yogis

AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow

This gorgeous bolster is larger than the average yoga room bolster, ensuring the full comfort and support of any reclining yogi.

During a deliciously lengthy yin class, this bolster is the perfect mixture of soft comfort and firm support. Great for any twisted or supported poses.

Available in a range of different colors, this bolster is perfect for any occasion, on or off the mat!

Non Slip Socks

perfect gifts for yogis

Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks

Now that winter is drawing nearer we are finding it harder and harder to wrench ourselves out of bed and onto our yoga mats. These adorable-looking socks will keep your toes warm whilst not compromising the grip of your feet at all.

These colorful grippy socks are made of natural, durable, combed cotton, which means that they will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but give you generous stability and grip all year round!

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Christmas gift ideas for yogis

Theragun Prime – Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Gun

There is nothing better in the world than having someone rub your tired and aching muscles after a long and strenuous workout or yoga session.

Now, you don’t have to bribe your nearest friend into massaging you! This incredible deep tissue massage gun allows you to reach every sore muscle and blast it with the perfect good vibrations to have your whole body feeling fine!

Each massage gun lasts up to two hours on a battery charge, guaranteeing you at least two blissful, relaxing hours of deep tissue healing.

Yoga Relaxation Candle

Yoga Relaxation Candle

For all practitioners of yoga, it is important to create a safe, calm, and inviting atmosphere in which to flow and move. When a yogi enters that perfect state of quiet, awareness, and stillness of mind they are filled with calm and acceptance.

Promising to light up your life with more than 50 hours of warm light, this lovely candle is a great addition to any yoga lover’s home or studio.

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