21 Unusual Gifts For a Motorcycle Rider That They Don’t Expect

gifts for a motorcycle rider
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Motorcycling is a pastime full of variation, resulting in many interesting types of motorcycle riders.

This means that getting a perfect gift for the motorcycle rider could be a hassle.

But no worries! We’ve got you covered with our specially curated list of gifts for a motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle Name Art – Best Gifts For a Motorcycle Rider (Editor’s Pick)

perfect gift for a motorcycle rider

Personalized Motorcycle Name Art

This is one unique birthday gift for men who is a motorcycle riders.

Featuring its high-resolution pictorial of Harley Davidson, Indian and Honda, this motorcycle name art allows you to personalize it with the name of your choice. It is also a great house decor that will get him jumping up and down.

Funny Mug

funny gifts for motorcycle riders

Biker Mug I Don’t Snore

If your husband is a motorcycle rider who fancy some good laugh, this funny biker mug is definitely one perfect Christmas present for him.

Made from white ceramic, this traditional 11-ounce coffee mug features a funny imprinted design that says “I don’t snore, I dream. I’m a motorcycle”.

Equipped with a wide mouth and large C-handle, this lead-free mug is great for morning coffee or hot afternoon tea.

Personalized Motorcycle Sign

personalised motorcycle gifts

Personalized Motorcycle Sign

This sign is one perfect motorcycle birthday gift for your husband, especially if he is an exclusive cruiser rider.

Made from weatherproof aluminum, this handmade motorcycle sign has durable, long-lasting and vinyl lettering.

The best part, is you get to customize it with the words of your choice. Surprise your husband with his personal Harley sign now!

Wine Bottle Holder

motorcycle enthusiast gifts

BRUBAKER Wine Bottle Holder

This is another unique birthday gift for your husband who is both a motorcycle rider and a wine lover.

Taking the form of a motorcycle, this handpainted wine bottle holder can hold a wine bottle that has a diameter up to 3.35 inches and a width of a 28.7 inches. Your husband will definitely love it when you present it to him during his upcoming birthday.

Motorcycle Spinner Garden Stake

gift ideas for a motorcycle rider

Sunset Vista Designs Motorcycle Spinner Garden Stake

This is one cute birthday gift for your mother who is a motorcycle rider.

Stands at 38.75 inches tall, this motorcycle spinner garden stake features a kinetic wheel motorcycle spinner that is ready to set wonder in motion with just a little wind.

The adorable garden stake also comes in sections that are screwed together with an anchor stake for easy installation.

Present this cute-looking motorcycle spinner garden stake to your mother for her upcoming birthday now!

Brake Buckle Boot

gifts for a new motorcycle rider

Harley-Davidson Men’s Brake Buckle Boot

Whether if your father is a brand loyalist or an adventure motorcycle rider, this Harley-Davidson men’s brake buckle boot would be one perfect Christmas gift for him.

Made from high-quality leather and a full-length soft cushioned sock lining, this stylish-looking footwear has YKK locking inside zipper, logo metal eyelets, and fast lace hooks. It also features metal Harley-Davidson badging on the toes and heels of the boot, as well as Harley Bar & Shield V-Wing logo on the sides.

Any Harley fan would go crazy if he or she receives this comfortable footwear during Christmas.

Classic Picture Frame

motorcycle gifts for husband

Classic Harley Picture Frame

This Harley picture frame is one sweet wedding anniversary gift that your husband will appreciate.

As a motorcycle rider, your husband definitely takes a lot of photos every time he goes on a motorcycle trip. As such, this Harley picture frame will be one handy and perfect gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

By adding a photo of both of you on his favorite Harley ride, your husband will definitely feel your love to him through this sweet gift.

Motorcycle Desk Clock

motorcycle gifts for boyfriend

Metal Motorcycle Desk Clock

This desk clock is one cool gift for your husband who is a motorcycle rider.

Featuring its 3D retro industrial design, this stylish looking desk clock combines sleek design and the practicality of a clock perfectly. Unlike other decorative clocks, this motorcycle like desk clock features a quiet and smooth scanning quartz movement that tells the time accurately.

This cool desk clock can also double as a decorative piece on your husband’s office desk, allowing him to bring his passion to work as well.

BMW 1932 Classic Motorcycle Model

motorcycle xmas gifts

FringeKitt BMW 1932 Classic Motorcycle Model

Does your father love to collect motorcycle models? If yes, this motorcycle model is one perfect birthday gift for your father who is a motorcycle rider.

Comes in a tailed showcase, this 100% handmade FringeKitt BMW 1932 classic motorcycle model features custom paint and rustic finish that depicts real texture, shape, and details of the pre-European vintage bike.

Surprise this high-quality motorcycle model to your dad now and see him jumping in joy when he received it!

Motorcycle Leather Jacket

best gifts for a motorcycle rider

Milwaukee Leather Mens Motorcycle Jacket

The motorcycle jacket is a must-have item for an avid motorcycle rider. It represents their identity and their passion for this riding hobby. Thus, getting him a Milwaukee leather motorcycle jacket on his birthday would be perfect!

Featuring built-in air vents, mesh lining, and zip-out liner, this sleek-looking leather jacket is suitable for your him who rides every week despite the weather. It also has multiple pockets that allow him to store all his important items near him while he enjoys the speed and breeze.

Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm

motorcycle themed gifts

MoniMoto – Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm

This is one handy gift for motorcycle riders who own an expensive motorcycle.

Many motorcycle owners are concerned about their favorite rides being stolen, especially those expensive ones. Thus, this smart GPS tracker and alarm would be a perfect holiday gift for them.

Unlike normal GPS tracker and alarm, this battery-powered tech gift is equipped with a phone-call alert, where your phone will be called in less than 1 minute if any movement is detected. It is also wireless and dark in colour so thieves are less likely to spot them.

The best part? This motorcycle GPS tracker and alarm uses 3G and Ublox Celllocate technology that allows you to have a more accurate location with or without GPS signal.

Handmade Metal Wall Art

motorcycle rider gifts ideas

Handmade Metal Unique Wall Art

This is one unique birthday gift for your father who is an avid motorcycle rider.

Featuring its unique 3D crafts, this handmade metal unique wall art demonstrates the details of a motorcycle. This art piece also makes a perfect addition to your father’s motorcycle workshop.

Light up your father’s motorcycle workshop now with this unique wall art on his birthday now!

Handmade Wooden Tribal Statue

gifts for motorcycle couples

G6 Collection Handmade Wooden Tribal Statue

This is one funny motorcycle gift for couples who are avid motorcycle riders.

Hand-carved from teak wood, this wooden tribal statue features a couple riding on a motorcycle with one of the statues holding the waist of another. It would allow couples to reminisce the days that they go on rides together.

Best yet, this gift is personalized as each piece is unique in its color and shape due to the hand-finishing process.

Motorcycle Gloves With Mobile Touchscreen Fingertips

vintage motorcycle gifts

Denim & Leather Motorcycle Gloves

This is another handy birthday gift for your boyfriend who is an avid motorcycle rider.

Made from high-quality denim and leather, this premium motorcycle gloves are perforated and can protect your husband’s hands and fingers while he rides during the cool weather.

The best part? It has a mobile touchscreen fingertip feature that allows your husband to use his phone even though he is wearing hand gloves.

Bar & Shield Diamond Plate Neon Clock

good gifts for a motorcycle rider

Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Diamond Plate Neon Clock

This is one cool wedding anniversary gift that he will definitely love.

Featuring a custom tooled minute hand and chrome housing, this white and orange neon clock is embossed with a metal diamond plate face.

Operated on AA battery, this Harley-Davidson is one great addition to your house decor. It will also get your motorcycle-loving husband jumping up and down with joy.

Wall Motorcycle Sculpture

gifts to give a motorcycle rider

szy Metal Wall Motorcycle Sculpture

Does your father have a mini motorcycle bar in the house? If so, this is one great birthday gift for your father who is an avid motorcyclist.

Featuring its high-quality tinplate, this hand-made motorcycle sculpture adopts the industrial style and replicates the mottled traces of the years, allowing your father to reminisce his past as a motorcycle rider.

The metal wall motorcycle sculpture also comes with a back hook design that makes it easy for him to install. So get this tasteful sculpture now for your father and add a touch of colour to his motorcycle bar.

Cowhide Leather Steel Chain Wallet

motorcycle gifts for dad

Cowhide Leather Steel Chain Wallet

This chain wallet is one thoughtful gift to all motorcycle riders for it provides convenience to them.

Made with top-quality cowhide leather, this vintage-like chain wallet features a long, heavy and stainless steel chain that can clip to your biker jacket. Comes with multiple card slots, zippered pockets, and compartments, this wallet can keep your important document well organized and safe.

Fiberglass Motorcycle Helmet

father's day gifts motorcycle lover

TORC Unisex Retro Fiberglass Motorcycle Helmet

Besides biker jacket, the motorcycle helmet is also another important accessory that all riders would pay more attention to. Thus, TORC unisex motorcycle helmet would make a perfect gift to motorcycle riders.

Featuring its fiberglass tri-composite shell and front chin vents with metal mesh intake, this retro motorcycle helmet is anti-fog and anti-scratch shield, making it a safer option for riders. It also has a removable shield and faux suede liner.

This universal fit biking helmet is definitely one perfect holiday gift for all avid motorcycle riders.

Funny Helmet Cover

gifts for the motorcycle rider

Moto Loot Helmet Cover

Wanting to stand out with your unique gift to your friend who is an avid motorcycle rider? Why not consider this funny helmet cover?

Featuring a range of funny designs, this Moto Loot helmet cover is specially designed to fit most full-face motorcycle helmets and is easy to install with just a simple slip. Besides, it will also protect you from unwanted accidents by greatly increasing your visibility, especially at night.

Surprise your friend with this funny helmet cover and stand out from the birthday party now!

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

motorcycle related gifts

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

A Bluetooth communication system is a must-have item for motorcycle riders, especially when they are traveling in a group. Thus, it makes a great birthday gift to rides.

Featuring its audio multitasking technology, this sleek-looking Bluetooth communication system allows riders to communicate through a universal intercom that reaches up to 2 km while listening to music or GPS simultaneously.

It is also equipped with a hand-free voice command and Sena’s Advanced noise control to block out ambient noise, making the ride much smoother and safer.

Biker Garden Gnome

motorcycle figurines gifts

Design Toscano Axle Grease the Biker Garden Gnome

This is one bad-ass birthday present for your mother who is an avid motorcycle rider.

Hand-casting with real crushed stone and durable designer resin, this funny garden gnome features a gnome biker who sets off on his flaming motorcycle with a brew in his hand. Moreover, it is also topped with UV-resistant paint which makes its bright color long-lasting.

Get one for your mother on her upcoming birthday and set your lawn on fire with this bad-ass biker garden gnom now!

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