21 Gifts For a Tattoo Artist That Don’t Suck

Gifts For a Tattoo artist
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Wondering what’s a good gifts for a tattoo artist?

Tattoo artists love specific things and their attention is drawn towards unusual items.

Setting a goal to find a perfect gift for a friend who is a tattoo lover can be very challenging.

We have made a selection of the gifts we think would be the best fit.

Take a look and get inspired!

This figurine is such a cool gifts for a tattoo artist

gifts for a tattoo artist

Steampunk Plague Doctor Trinket Box Sculpture

If your friend is a fan of steampunk, then he or she will love this sculpture.

It looks very unusual, but every detail is so well made that it will be a perfect addition to the tattoo shop.

We are sure that it will inspire some cool tattoos in the future.

Looking for a gifts for female tattoo artists

gifts for female tattoo artists

Steampunk Stiletto Hill

If your friend is a strong woman who carries the world on her high heels and simply lifts your spirit every time you see her, then this gift is just what you need to get her.

It is a stiletto shoe with a small Ironopolis in it.

Every detail is mesmerizing.

That’s one beautiful clock for the tattoo artist

gift for tattoo artist boyfriend

Steampunk Hot Air Balloon with Clock Sculpture

Traveling by a hot air balloon used to be very exotic and reserved only for wealthy people.

This gift is made of bronze and the best part is that it has a clock.

Now you can give this amazing sculpture to your friend fascinated by steampunk and hot air balloons.

It is a fascinating gift.

Check out this awesome statue

presents for a tattoo artist

Hand Painted Steampunk Submarine Statue

This lovely statue can truly contribute to any space, especially if it is Steampunk themed.

It can give it the edge and reflect the style your friend loves.

It is very well painted and with incredible details.

We bet the reaction of your friend will be just as you hoped it would be!

Decorate their desk with this skeleton

gifts for your tattoo artist

Toperkin Skeleton Thinker

This piece is inspired by the “Thinker” made by Rodin.

However, if the classic version is simply not what your friend is quite interested in, this Skeleton Thinker may be just right.

Ever bone is made with such precision, it is truly astonishing.

It is made of brass, bronze or copper.

best gifts for a tattoo artist

Hand Painted Human Skull Sculpture

Some people enjoy collecting various skull sculptures and considering the unbelievable craftsmanship, it is really no wonder.

This piece is hand pained and it looks incredible.

It can be placed in the tattoo shop or anywhere in your friend’s home.

It is a wonderful gift for people who are interested in this type of art.

That’s a beautiful Aztec calendar wall art

gifts for the tattoo artist

Aztec Solar Calendar Wall Art

The Aztecs and their culture still attract the attention of many people around the world.

Their calendar is considered to be sacred, so giving it as a gift is a truly wonderful gesture.

It is solid and very detailed.

It comes with a little booklet that tells more about the calendar itself.

Not sure what to give a tattoo artist?

what to gift a tattoo artist

Invoking The Sacred Guardian Sculpture

Eagles fly higher than other birds and are the mightiest of them all.

It represents power and free spirit.

The Sacred Guardian Sculpture is perfect for open-minded people ready to embrace the divine and the unknown.

Tattoo artists like to be in touch with their inner spirit and this gift is a perfect fit.

gifts to buy a tattoo artist

Goddess Isis Egyptian Sculptural Table Lamp

People who are history lovers will find this gift impeccable.

It is a wonderful table lamp with the Egyptian Goddess Isis in the middle.

The Goddess is a symbol of medicine, magic, motherhood, fertility, and marriage.

It is hand-painted and has many incredible details on it.

It is practical and beautiful at the same time.

gifts to give a tattoo artist

Anubis Mask Egyptian Wall Sculpture

Anubis Mask is a symbol of the dead and the embalming.

This type of mask used to be worn by the priests in the past, but now it can be hung on your friend’s wall.

It is a unique and very special gift for people who enjoy the Egyptian symbolism and tattoos.

gifts to get a tattoo artist

Egyptian Hourglass Sand Timer

Egyptian art is quite impressive.

If your friend loves history and the Egyptian period, this hourglass with handpainted hieroglyphs is a truly great gift.

The sand runs in 5 minutes and it is very calming.

It is a truly wonderful and interesting gift that can complement your friend’s home decor.

Let’s get this unusual gift for the tattoo artist

gifts for aspiring tattoo artists

Faces of a Nightmare Gothic Wall Sculpture

Faces of a Nightmare is a work of art representing faces watching, judging and yelling.

The disapproval and the piercing look of this sculpture are made with such precision and dedication to details that it can be a great inspiration for the person doing tattoos.

It can be a wonderful decoration on your friend’s wall.

Let them make make their favourite drinks with this present

good gift for a tattoo artist

3D Skull Ice Cube Mold Tray

What can be cooler than having a drink with the ice cubes in the form of skulls?

Well, if your friend loves to have skulls in all sizes and all around him, help him be the coolest guy in the room.

It is a very special gift or a skull lover!

This is the most unique hat I have ever seen

best gift for a tattoo artist

Steampunk Metallic Top Hat

Costume parties are fun!

If your friend plans to dress up in the costume of a Time Traveller, it cannot be complete without a hat.

It looks really cool, clever and well made. Compliments are guaranteed.

It comes in three sizes, so make sure you choose the right one. The best part – it lights up!

Decorate their wall with a dragon

perfect gift for a tattoo artist

Head of the Beast Dragon Wall Sculpture

Dragons symbolize knowledge, wisdom, strength and supernatural power.

They also embody evil, untamed nature, and chaos.

They are a favorite motif for tattoos around the world.

If you want to help your friend unleash the creative force within him, then this gift may be the best choice for a gift.

Let them put some tattoo on Augustus Caesar

good presents for a tattoo artist

Augustus Caesar Primaporta Bust Statue

Augustus Caesar is known as the best Roman Emperor of all time.

His leading skills are known around the world.

He initiated the longest period of peace that lasted two centuries.

This bust statue will make happy any person passionate about history.

It can be even used for practicing tattoo skills.

Looking for an egyptian theme gift?

what is a good gift for a tattoo artist

Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust

African women are a symbol of strength, beauty, and endurance.

If you wish to give someone you love a valuable and a stunning gift, then this Nubian Kandake Sculptural Bust is the best gift you can give.

It is hand-painted and it can be a wonderful addition to any home.

This is such a beautiful Pegasus wall art

cool gifts for a tattoo artist

Wings of Fury Pegasus Horse Wall Sculpture

Pegasus represents free spirit and liberty, spiritual freedom and wisdom.

It is a very important symbol for people who wish to live outside of the rules given by society and living freely according to their own beliefs.

It is truly a magnificent and inspirational gift that will make your friend happy.


gifts ideas for a tattoo artist

Samurai Riding Horse Sculpture

Samurais were the elite warriors in Japan known for their skills, honor, code and the rank they had in the society.

Their martial art skills were astonishing, as well as their sense of loyalty.

This statue is made with great attention to detail and will amaze every lover of the Japanese culture.

I think that’s a nice gift for him

unusual gifts for the tattoo artist

Predator Inspired Recycled Metal Sculpture

This metal warrior figurine is so striking and interesting, that every person interested in details like these and unusual art will be in love with it.

It is inspired by the Predator from the movie Alien vs. Predator.

It is a piece of art that can be a great desk decoration.

Let’s get them a statue of this legend

gifts for your tattoo artist on christmas

Guan Yu Pure Copper Statue

Guan Yu is a symbol of loyalty, friendship, and justice.

It is believed that it can bring personal safety and protection to the owner.

If you wish to give something inspiring to your friend, then this statue will help you achieve your goal.

Every detail on it is striking and truly stunning.

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