25 Simple Gifts For Adult Son That He Will Found Useful

gifts for adult son
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Adulting can be a hard transition in life, and as parents, you may be worried. You can ease your son’s acceptance of adulthood by gifting him something appropriate.

Looking for the best gifts for adult son? Here is a list of ideas that you can choose from.

Futuristic Floating Pen – Best gifts for adult son (Editor’s Pick)

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Floating Pen

If you are searching for unique gifts for your adult son, try this futuristic floating pen. When the pen is on the stand, it stays in a nearly vertical position with only its tip touching the surface.

Not only does it look very cool, but it can also enhance your son’s inquisitive mind towards sciences and thus, keep his thinking sharp. 

Beer Dispenser

Fizzics – DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Your son is an adult now. He will grow to love drinking beer in one way or another.

Rather than letting him divulge this habit from different bars, you can give him this beer dispenser so that he can enjoy drinking at his place. It also serves as a reminder that indoors is still safer.

Beer Stein

HAUCOZE German Beer Stein Mug

This cool-looking beer stein mug is not only made intricately but it is also meant for promoting masculine vibes.

You can help your adult son increase his confidence by looking a bit manlier even in the little details. Aside from that, this can trigger to start off a collection of uniquely designed mugs.

Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer By Bevel

For men with a scruffy and thick beard, shaving can be a daily chore. Sometimes, it can be a burden as it consumes time in reducing the amount of facial hair just to look presentable to school, work or even on a date. This beard trimmer can be of great help in easing the constant demand for shaving.

Floating Shoe Display

Floating Shoe Display

Can’t get enough of gifts that float? Here’s another idea: how about a floating shoe display? Yes, the shoe appears to be floating within the confines of the display.

It adds levels of coolness to one’s room and can be one of the perfect Christmas gifts for your adult son.

Cowboy Beer Holster

Hide & Drink – Leather Cowboy Buzy Beer Holster

At a glance, the cowboy beer holster appears to be too quirky as a gift for an adult. However, if worn with style and confidence, it doesn’t look bad at all.

This can be seen as a portable bottle container but instead of water, a bottle of beer can fit in.

2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie

Quikflip 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie

A backpack and a hoodie are among the common go-to apparel of adult men when they are going somewhere either for work or school.

However, he doesn’t need to own many varieties since the said backpack and hoodie are reversible. Your son won’t worry at all about having a monochromatic fashion sense.

Chronograph Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Chronograph Men’s Watch

You can never go wrong with having a watch as a birthday gift for your adult son. A watch for men is perceived similarly to a purse for women.

Wearing a watch completes your son’s fashion ensemble and what better way to give him that opportunity than to gift him a chronograph watch.

Men’s Jacket

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

The jacket may seem like a safe choice for a gift, but you may underestimate its impact on your adult son’s usual days.

There can be rainy days during working weeks or school meetings. A single jacket can ease his burdens and reduce the sickly consequences of being exposed to bad weather.


Versace – Dylan Blue Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

A big part of being an adult is socializing with different groups of people. Not only the clothes can help your adult son attracts people for conversations, but having a pleasant smell encourages them to stay engaging.

Gifting him a bottle of cologne is a great idea and there are tons of scents to choose from.

Beef Jerky In A Crates

Slaughterhouse Crate by Man Crates 

Snacks can ease up the stress your son is facing during his transition into adulthood. Rather than tolerating his love for junk foods and the fast-food menu, you can gift him with beef jerky instead.

There are options wherein you can buy a crate of those so that he will have many to choose from.

Denim Jacket

Levi’s Men’s Big & Tall Trucker Jacket

As mentioned, gifting a jacket can be a common choice, but how about a jacket for casual wear like just going out on a date or meeting up with friends?

A denim jacket is a safe fashion choice. Whatever color combination of shirt and jeans that your son will wear, having a denim jacket solidifies his looks.

Moon Globe

MOVA – Moon Globe

If your son is someone with an interest in places beyond this world, then a moon globe might be a good gift for him.

What’s special in having a moon globe as an adult? It could serve as a reminder of the otherworldly dreams he used to have as a kid.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Wireless headphones and a hat may be a bit cumbersome as a gift set. There’s too much stuff to be packaged.

How about combining the best of both worlds? The Bluetooth beanie hat can be among the unusual gifts for your adult son, but it can be pretty convenient, especially in unfavorable weather.

Audio Sunglasses

Bose Frames Tenor – Audio Bluetooth Sunglasses

Don’t want a hat with speakers? That’s fine since there is another option. If you are still looking for unusual but cool gifts for your adult son, then these audio sunglasses may be the perfect fit.

This is appropriate if you want your son to immerse in music while doing his thing under the sunny weather.

Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco – Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Coffee is part of the adulting routine. However, making one on the go can be a hassle and that is why many opt for ordering in coffee shops.

If you don’t want your son to have that expensive habit, you can gift him a portable espresso maker. He can make coffee conveniently anywhere he wants.

Wireless Headphones

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Most men love blasting music while doing their work or activities. It helps them keep focus and eliminates distractions.

You want your son to have that opportunity, right? You can start by gifting him wireless headphones and see how far that focus of his will be taking him on the road to success.

Floating Speaker

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Headphones can become a disadvantage under prolonged use. Some studies suggest that the optimum usage period is around 2 hours.

You can help your son avoid having to resort to headphones all the time by giving him this floating speaker. Yes, another floating product but this time, it looks like from science fiction.

Slim Wallet

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

In these modern days, having loads of cash inside the wallet is impractical. Cards are the accepted norm and having a slim wallet reduces the bulging of one’s pocket.

Not only finance cards can fit inside a slim wallet, but your son’s license and business cards can also be stored orderly.

Portable Wireless Speaker

Beats Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker

If your son practices a minimalistic lifestyle, you can gift him this portable wireless speaker. There are no wires involved and he can connect any device from a considerable amount of distance. Not only that, the speaker can be very handy and therefore, he can bring it on any trip.

Knife Making Kit

Knife Making Kit

If your son is taking up an unusual hobby after watching contest shows about forging weapons, chances are that he will start a hobby about making knives.

This knife-making kit contains the necessary starter tools and handheld equipment to construct a sturdy knife. Having this kit might keep his aspirations going.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Aside from coffee, eating snacks is very important in adult life. With many activities that can bring stress, one can forget to eat on time.

This breakfast sandwich maker will surely help your son prepare snacks easily and on schedule. Furthermore, you also help him in avoiding junk foods.

Beer Making Kit

Craft A Brew Home Brewing Beer Starter Kit

If a single product is not enough for you, maybe a gift basket for your adult son can be. Beer making is a legit and even a profitable hobby if done right.

If you want to support his passion, gifting him this beer making kit is the way to go.

Portable Charcoal Grill

Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill

Raising a son to be a family man is a great triumph for the parents. With frequent family gatherings soon to come, maybe your son wants to host a few of them.

Gifting him a portable charcoal grill might help in making his food preparations easier, less time-consuming and more flexible.

Fitness & Health Tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Adulthood will always be a constant battle of maintaining physical fitness. It is easy to get fat but hard to lose weight. This fitness and health tracker can ease your adult son’s worries and can even help him plan his physical activities. He can also be aware of what he needs to work on.

Final Thought

Though your son may be an adult now and he is supposed to be on his own, it doesn’t hurt to give him gifts that can help his transition and also in the long run. Choose any of these gift ideas from above and enjoy the reaction of your son.

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