20 Unique Gifts For Airplane Lovers That Won’t Crash a Plane

gifts for airplane lovers
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Looking for a gifts for airplane lovers? Airplane lovers are a special kind of people.

They are in love with the aircraft. Honestly, who can blame them?

Flying high is such a unique feeling like nothing else in the world.

If you are not sure what kind of a gift could you buy for the airplane lover, we have gathered a few!

Airplane lover is going to love this gift

gifts for airplane lovers

Airplane Globe Bourbon Decanter

What do you think about getting someone you love this Globe Bourbon Decanter?

It is hand blown and has a C-130 Military Transport Aircraft inside.

It will leave a great impression for sure!

The base is made of wood and the glass has a world map on it.

The gift is absolutely wonderful.

Decorate their wall with this propeller

gifts for plane lovers

Stone & Beam Vintage Airplane Propeller

Giving someone you love this wonderfully made propeller as a gift will certainly remind him about the days when he used to fly often.

It is made of iron, but it is painted to look like it is made of wood.

It is a wonderful decoration that can complement vintage home decor.

That’s a very unique airplane gift

best gifts for airplane lovers

Gun Bullet Shell Air Force Jet Airplane

If your dad or a family member is a retired pilot, he will certainly appreciate this unusual gift made of shell casing shaped to look like a military aircraft. 

It looks stunning and it can be a wonderful addition to the airplane collection.

Its color is gold and it looks nice and shiny.

That’s a cool gift for airplane lovers

cool gifts for airplane lovers

 Metal Vintage Airplane Propeller Wall Clock

Airplane wall art cannot be sweeter than this.

It is very appealing and functional.

It has a fully functional clock in the middle.

It can be a wonderful addition to your son’s bedroom or a stunning gift to a friend or your dad fascinated by airplanes. It is a perfect retro gift. 

Airplane gift that defy physics

gifts for an airplane lover

Kinetic Balance Plane

Explaining physics to your boys has never been easier than this.

Give them this toy and enjoy a little peace and quiet while inspiring them to learn about the world.

It is made of stainless silver and it’s very shiny and polished.

Looking at it is very relaxing and enjoyable.

That’s a beautiful decoration for her desk

gift ideas for airplane lovers

Hadwin Small Airplane Globe

This small, beautiful globe can be a truly inspiring gift for someone who wants to travel the world.

It can be a wonderful addition to your friend’s library or the office.

We all need a reminder from time to time that we should explore the world and meet new people.

Let’s get this weather station for them on Christmas

christmas gifts for airplane lovers

Airplane Weather Station

Finding a perfect gift to your friend who is a pilot or airplane enthusiast has never been easier.

This Airplane Weather Station is so beautiful that your friend is going to love it, guaranteed.

It has a thermometer, a hygrometer, and a clock.

It has a glossy finish and is a perfect decorative piece.

Airplane lover is going to love this decoration

gifts for model airplane lovers

Vintage Metal Airplane Figurine

Metal Airplane Figurine Statue is a great decor to any room in the house.

Give it to someone who is in love with the aircraft and loves to collect these types of items.

It is a truly inspirational piece that will let your friend imagine flying to the new heights.

Hang a masterpiece in their living room

gift for airplane enthusiast

 Framed Canvas Wall Art

If your son is dreaming about being a pilot, then this Airplane Decor Picture may be just what you are looking for.

It can be placed above his bed and inspire him to fly high and chase his dreams.

It is a wonderful canvas that looks truly stunning and it is a special gift to give.

I think every airplane lover house should have this one

airplane gifts for pilots

Copper Weathervane With Garden Pole,

This Biplane Weathervane with Garden Pole can be a wonderful addition to your parents’ garden.

It is made of copper, which means that it will remain unchanged for years.

It shows directions and it is a truly gorgeous gift that will amaze them.

The plane is detailed and stunning.

That’s a nice airplane gift for her

airplane gifts for her

Flight Attendant Charm Earrings

Girls love to have interesting earrings and experiment with various styles.

If your friend is a flight attendant, she will love these earrings!

They look very classy and will attract attention.

It is an interesting gift for the October fest or any other occasion.

It is a beautiful gift for sure.

That’s a nice gift for female pilot

airplane gift ideas for her

Cute Gold Airplane Earrings

Give these nice earrings to your girlfriend or a sister is she is an airplane lover.

Not only it is an original gift, but it is also made to last.

It is certainly unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It will be a perfect choice if you are looking for something unusual.

That’s a nice airplane gift for a mechanic

airplane mechanic gift ideas

Model Airways Sopwith Camel WW1 Plane

Some people truly enjoy working on making plane models and if your husband, son, dad or a friend enjoy it too, then this may be the best kit you will find.

It will help them to work on their skills, but also to test their patience.

It is a truly wonderful gift.

Is the airplane lover a cheese lover as well?

unique gifts for airplane lovers

Marble Board With Knife

Pilots and aerospace engineers will be pleased with this gift, there is no doubt about that.

However, it is not limited only to them.

Anyone who likes to have unusual items for a party will find this marble board extraordinary.

Besides the airplanes on the side for the holders, the knife is very interesting too.

Check out this clock that looks like a jet engine

birthday gifts for airplane lovers

Jet Engine Turbine Fan Wall Clock

Jet Engine Turbine Fan Clock is truly a magnificent item that any airplane lover will be thrilled about.

It is silent, modern and stunning.

It can be placed anywhere in the house and contribute to the overall home decor.

The clock is truly unusual, like nothing else you’ve seen before.

Get this gift for the airplane lover who is a kids

airplane gift for boy

Biplane Shape Light

Decorating a room for kids is sometimes a challenging task, so if your friends are expecting a baby, give them this Light Biplane Shape Pendant.

It will look great and help them arrange it, so when their baby comes they will have an interesting nursery.

It is very nicely made.

This plane propeller fan is a nice airplane gift for your dad

airplane gifts for dad

Plane Propeller Ceiling Fan

An elegant ceiling fan is a perfect gift for your dad if he is an airplane lover.

It can truly make any room nicer.

The fan is controlled by remote control.

The fact that it is possible to change the speeds is spectacular.

It looks like it is made of real wood.

Check out this plane model

good gifts for airplane lovers

Airbus Voice-Activated LED Model

Airbus is very realistically made which will thrill any airplane lover.

It can be used as a decoration or a model for a project.

The best thing about it is that it can light up.

It is made of aluminum material and a solid wood base.

The landing gear is detachable.

Do they love lego?

gifts for aircraft lovers

LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal

Lego city airport is a perfect toy for young and older boys equally.

Kids love it, but it can be an anti-stress therapy for parents as well.

It is very realistically made, so give it to your kids for birthday and you will see pure happiness on their faces for sure.

That’s one fancy airplane gift

airplane gifts for him

Godinger Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe

Give this stunning item to your husband and let him enjoy surprising his friends with this unique set.

Not only there is a Whiskey Decanter with globe design, but 2 glasses as well.

The glasses can be placed on the wings, so it is a truly unusual way to serve drinks.

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